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    The Circus Games

    January 10, 2012 by Ilovegaleandpeeta

    Ok so these games will be written by ~ilovepeeta~(me), iluvgale, and Peetasucks. We decided that we would make a circus games were the arena is a huge circus tent. There will also be clown mutts, and crazy monkey mutts, and anything else we can think of along the way. We decided that the games will be 9 days long. Peetasucks will write the first three days. ~ilovepeeta~ will write the next 3 and iluvgale will write the last three. We all have a different type of writing that we are good at, like Peetasucks with the funny parts, ~ilovepeeta~ with the sentimental parts, and iluvgale with the killing and twists, so there will be a little bit of everything. Hope you enjoy! =D

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