Ok so these games will be written by ~ilovepeeta~(me), iluvgale, and Peetasucks. We decided that we would make a circus games were the arena is a huge circus tent. There will also be clown mutts, and crazy monkey mutts, and anything else we can think of along the way. We decided that the games will be 9 days long. Peetasucks will write the first three days. ~ilovepeeta~ will write the next 3 and iluvgale will write the last three. We all have a different type of writing that we are good at, like Peetasucks with the funny parts, ~ilovepeeta~ with the sentimental parts, and iluvgale with the killing and twists, so there will be a little bit of everything. Hope you enjoy! =D


District Boy Tribute Place Girl Tribute Place User
1 Slate Obsidian Jewel Shine Necterine411
2 Stuart Hummes Geneive Terrion Prezziesnow
3 Joe Grenwism Anna Grenwism Rockman117
4 Logan Blue Misty Blue Nate777
5 Leena Moon Jake Ice Moon Beam
7 Jax Piney Cb123
8 Odysseus Cirque Rebecca Ashcroft Anon...
9 Toad Omack Jennette Birch QuinnQuinn
10 Josh Powers Summer Denim Everdeen
11 Conifer Eos Metazoa Capitag K.E.A.P
12 Aaron Winters Lilac Coalburner Rockman117


Jewel Shine's POV (D1)

Okay.... this is a fail proof plan. I volunteer for these games, kick @$$ and win the games. Then next year Slate will volunteer, kick @$$ and win. Our escort has wild lime green hair. He's new.

"Mariss-" He begins. I take a deep breath.

"I VOLUNTEER!!!! I VOLUNTEER!!!! I VOLUNTEER!!! I VOLUNTEER!!! GET OUT OF MY WAY! I VOLUNTEER!!!!" I hear the escort sigh. I shove people out of the way and climb onto the stage. I smile. The escort pulls a name out of the ball. I scream when I hear it.

"SLATE OBSIDION!!!" Our plan just backfired. I scream not caring about the fact that I'm being broadcasted to the entire world.


Stuart Hummes' POV (D2)

The girl that got reaped was small and hopeless looking. The girl that volunteered to take her place had purple hair, pale skin, and evil looking eyes. I've seen her around. Enjoys hurting people. Once killed someone since they hurt someone in her family.

I hear a name called and it takes a while to process. It's "Stuart Hummes!!!" I'm not totally sure what that means.

"Yah!!! Here!" I shout like when we have a substitute for school.

"Uh, get on the stage!"

"Right!" I shout and smile. I skip to the stage while singing "Tomorrow!" "The.... sun'll come out tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow! They'll be sun!"


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