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  • Iluvgale

    Chat closed

    September 8, 2013 by Iluvgale

    Due to the utterly ridiculous amount of fighting going on in chat, and the wiki in general, lately chat is being closed for at least half a week. If when we open it again the fighting continues it will be closed for at least another month. You guys had all better get your act together in that time.

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  • Iluvgale

    Chat fights

    September 6, 2013 by Iluvgale

    Okay guys, if you've been on chat for like an hour these last two weeks you'll notice there's been a TON of fighting. Which is really annoying. Most of you explode over one little comment, can't agree on a stupid opinion, or blow things out of proportion on a single insult. All of this has to stop. It's so annoying to those who just want to chat without seeing people fighting over every little petty opinion.

    Now, I realize that sometimes chat mods get roped into the fighting while trying to stop it. So, chat mods, once fighting starts, immediately tell them to stop, and if they don't, kick them. If they want to complain about that, show them this blog and tell them to come complain to me.

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  • Iluvgale

    I know that you're all teenagers (or some of you may be older) and I know that with being a teenager comes swearing. I know this just as well as the next teenager. But in blogs and comments you need to cut out the swearing and any of the other inappropriate talk. As much fun as it may be to have swearing in your blog, it just needs to be taken out. The same applies to the comments. If you guys make blogs and/or comments that include swearing I'm going to have to ask you to either change it and/or remove the swearing. If you guys can't do that, then I'm just letting you know that I will delete things if I have to. The same applies to all of the inappropriate talk. 

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  • Iluvgale

    On the Topic of Trolls

    August 20, 2013 by Iluvgale

    Okay guys, most everyone who has been active lately knows that lately we've been getting hit with massive numbers of trolls. Now, I know that what they say makes you mad, or annoyed, or both. But here's the thing, if you respond to them, keep pushing them, they'll just push back. So, what you guys need to do is just IGNORE them. I know that it hurts to see the hurtful things that they post about you and/or your friends, but you just need to ignore them. Bringing yourself into the fight, insulting them back, will get you no where. Whenever a new one comes on, let me or any of the other admins (or even staff if you need to) know and we'll ban them and take care of it. If there's a chat mod on at the time (which there should be) let them kick…

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  • Iluvgale

    Well... I have made the choice to make another game, which I really truly hope to finish. Now, this is going to be not really based on the Hunger Games. There will simply be however many people want to be in it, and there will be a sort of an arena which I still need to figure out. So it'll be somewhat like a Hunger Game but without the set rules.

    It will be also be different in the aspect of the point of these "games". Like the title says it's "a matter of survival not slaughter". So whoever remains after a given amount of time (I'm thinking two weeks) will live no matter if they all live or they all die. Now, I'm sure you're just thinking "well... the just need to group together and make sure they eat and get water right?" Here's when the…

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