The Basics

Well... I have made the choice to make another game, which I really truly hope to finish. Now, this is going to be not really based on the Hunger Games. There will simply be however many people want to be in it, and there will be a sort of an arena which I still need to figure out. So it'll be somewhat like a Hunger Game but without the set rules.

It will be also be different in the aspect of the point of these "games". Like the title says it's "a matter of survival not slaughter". So whoever remains after a given amount of time (I'm thinking two weeks) will live no matter if they all live or they all die. Now, I'm sure you're just thinking "well... the just need to group together and make sure they eat and get water right?" Here's when the very uh... annie-like part kicks in. The arena will be filled with traps and other horrid nightmares that will prevent many of our competitors from surviving. 

The "arena"

So, I've decided that each day the "arena" will change and will be based on a different "theme". If you want an example one day will be pirates and another will be Hogwarts.


Basically, just tell me that you want to join and I'll put you down. 

Note: The numbers below are solely so I can plug in numbers on to generate who's gonna die next. These numbers are NOT the order you die in


  1. Annie (I almost forgot to put myself, I'm not gonna live though...)
  2. KEAP
  3. Zach
  4. Justin
  5. Liza
  6. Jay
  7. Callam
  8. Dustin
  9. Joan
  10. Kaeghan
  11. Dani
  12. Ryan
  13. Mia
  14. Wes
  15. Erlend
  16. Berry
  17. Anna
  18. Alice
  19. Jaron
  20. Kiki
  21. Jade
  22. Caylin
  23. Oli
  24. Emma
  25. Claudia
  26. Sam

(hehehe I added the last six people anyways, be flattered)

Day Zero

Pitch black surrounded the unconscious teenagers who were sprawled on the floor in various uncomfortable looking positions. The harsh glare of floodlights suddenly filled the room along with the blaring of alarms. At different speeds the inhabitants of the empty room realized that they weren't where they were when they went to sleep.

Most people began talking at once in separate groups, the only shared discussion was the rather loud rude swearing coming from Annie.

"I think this might be an alien thing"

"There are no such things as aliens"

"There could be..."

"I'm telling you guys, dream within a dream. This is Inception."

"If anything it would be the Matrix as we're all having the same dream like thing."


"Hello... children." A voice started. "You've all been selected to play... what you could almost call a game. A diabolic game, but a game none the less."

"Who are you?" Dani demanded.

"Isn't it obvious?" Annie asked, sarcasm dripping from her word. "We're faced with the great and almighty Zeus. All hail our lord and savior. Maybe we should make sacrifices. I nominate Colin."

"Why me?"

"You're the first name that came to my mind."

"Now children, it's best not to fight among yourselves if you wish to survive." The voice continued but was interrupted once more by the clamour of twenty-some teenagers as they began wondering out loud what he could possibly mean by the word 'survive'."If it is possible, I would like to continue without further, interruption. Now, each day you will be tested in a different, what would you call it, ah yes, arena. Each of these arenas will have a theme to it. Most of these themes will be quite familiar to you. These arenas will however, be filled with horrid nightmares, the monsters under your beds, what you would dismiss as mere fiction, and all, very real. The rules of the game are simple. Rule Number One; I will provide you with anything you might need to have a chance."

At these words, each corner of the room filled with supplies. One with food and water. One with weapons. One with clothing. And the last with things that you might find in the comforts of your home: blankets, pillows, flashlights, and other such things.

"Rule Number Two is far simpler; survive. The prize of winning this game, whether it be all of you or none of you is also simple; your life. There is one more undefined rule, not so much a rule but rather the guidelines of this game of mine. Everyday at six in the morning, a veil just like this will appear."

At these words, a shimmering purple wall replaced one of the walls then disappeared after everyone got a good enough glance.

"You must all pass through the veil, if not, well... instead of stepping through the veil, you shall more or less be thrown through the veil. I've heard this is most uncomfortable. Now, stepping through this veil will bring whoever is still alive to the day's arena. There, you will remain for 18 hours until 10:00 PM when this veil will return again. If you have all become separated, a veil will appear for each group and/or person. Simple enough?"

"Simple my ass..." someone muttered.

"Now, it is a little past 11 PM, meaning you have another seven hours until you face the first of 14 days. I would suggest you get rest. I shall waken you all at 5:00 AM and you will all have time to get ready and prepare for your first day. Don't be fooled if it seems easy enough at first. Each day will get harder and harder. Good luck."

Author's note: 

Let me know if you want to die, if not I'll just add you into the random generator for death order! Thanks! Also if there's a specific way you want to die, let me know and I'll try to work it in.

Day One

As promised, at five the next morning, the competitors of the "diabolical game" were awakened the same way they were the previous night. Mumbled conversations about how it's some "ungodly hour" and snippets about "murdering that asshole" replaced some of the silence that filled the room containing over two dozen tired teenagers. A breakfast buffet was magically set up on one side of the room which was surrounded by everyone (with the exception of Kiki) like a hoard of starved zombies.


Which teenagers in the morning more or less are. A few minutes later, their stomachs full, they set themselves upon the clothes. 

"SKINNY JEANS!" A loud high pitched voice shrieked. The said voice belonging to no other than Callam who had discovered skinny jeans in several rather bright colors. 

Fifteen minutes later everyone was completely dressed. It was then that they finally noticed the pile of black packs leaning against one of the walls. Each had white lettering spelling someone's name. They all claimed their own while wondering what it was for. 

"Well... I hope you're all having a good morning." The voice began.

"And I hope you burn in hell. But we can't all get what we want." Annie replied.

"You have language problems young lady." The voice continued.

"It's taken you that long to notice that?" KEAP asked.

"Now, you all have a backpack which I have kindly had labeled. I would suggest that in the next half hour you fill it. Once again, at 6 AM the veil will appear and you will arrive in the first arena for 18 hours."

At this, they began loading their backpacks with the various weapons, despite not knowing how to use most any of them. Most people filled theirs with obvious glee noted moreso in several people such as Zach who was trying to stuff several dozen arrows into his backpack, Callam who was stabbing spears through the bottom of his backpack, Justin who was strapping sheathed swords onto his waist, Jay who seemed to manage to get two dozen knives into his backpack before nicking one of his fingers, and Annie who had gleefully thrown eight or nine guns into her bag along with dozens of full magazines and even more extra bullets.  

They then began throwing in wrapped food and bottles of drinks into their backpacks which somehow managed to remain weighing less than five pounds.

"You guys ready?" Jade asked as the shimmering purple veil appeared. She was met with a handful of half hearted 'yeah's and 'I guess's. They stepped through the veil.

"Ohmygod..." Wes gasped.

"More or less, yeah, that sums it up." Joan agreed.

"It's a giant candyland..." Emma managed to say.

"Ew. You can't possibly expect me to walk among that... Do you?" Kiki asked panicked. 

Shocked expressions held the faces of all the teenagers as they wondered what exactly could be so horrible that one of the rules of this game was merely "survive". Once again, all Jay could contribute to the conversation was a single word; "Pie..." as he eyed a giant one twenty feet to his right.

"Um... maybe we should split up? Cover more ground?" Liza suggested.

"We can meet back in two hours at that huge chocolate fountain in like two hours?" Anna suggested and they split into two groups. Annie, KEAP, Zach, Justin, Liza, Colin, Jay, Callam, Dustin, Kiki, Kaeghan, and Jaron in group one, the rest making up group two.

"Have you guys noticed how good I look in these skinny jeans?" Callam asked.

"Why are you wearing skinny jeans?" Jaron questioned.

"Because. They're a fashion statement." Callam stated as if that was the most natural thing ever. Which to him it was. "I mean look at these. They're bright green skinny jeans!"

"I don't think guys are supposed to be wearing bright green skinny jeans..." Jaron said trailing off.

"Well... if my opinion counts for anything..." Annie said trying to keep a straight face. "I think you look damn sexy."

"Really Annie?" Colin asked.

"Yeah... totally." Annie said struggling to not start laughing and tearing up a little in the process. "Damn straight."

"I think that maybe we should go into the candy cane forest... could be something interesting there..." Kaeghan suggested trying to get back to the point of their exploration.

"I say we go scavenge for pies." Jay suggested inching closer to a cookie cake pie 30 feet away.

"If we let you eat the pie, will you get back on topic Jay?" Liza asked.

"YES! I SWEAR!" Jay is just about crying at this point.

"By all means, go get the pie then..." Liza sighed.

"Do you really think that's a good idea darling?" Colin asked.

"Yeah... He'll be fine." Zach said as Jay picked up the pie and begun running back. 

"It's about as good of an idea as giving me-OHMYGOD. Do I spy a GALLON TUB OF COOKIES AND CREAM ICE CREAM?!?!?!" Dustin shrieked.

"Can I? Can I please?" He practically begged.

"Because we could totally stop you right?" Annie asked sarcastically. "Just go. Anyone else who wants something go now." With that Callam went running off to claim a tub of mint chip ice cream with some random flake things on top along side of Dustin who claimed his ice cream. In less than five minutes Liza had a chocolate cake with chocolate chip cookies on the top, Colin was eating chocolate chip cookies with candied bacon in it, Annie had found lemon bars, KEAP found a vanilla bean frap fountain and had filled a giant cup with it, Zach had done the same with a vanilla milkshake fountain, Justin was alternating between eating chocolate chip scones and cinnamon rolls, Jaron was eating some sort of cake, Kaeghan some cookies, and Kiki had pulled some strawberries out of here backpack.

The group began walking while eating their various snacks. Kiki began turning different shades of green until KEAP finally noticed.

"Are you alright?" KEAP asked.

"I think I might vomit up my strawberries. There is so much unhealthy going on right now. I think I can feel the unhealthy seeping into my pores." She turned another shade of green.

"Hey. I should write a book called Fifty Shades of Green." Annie joked which led a round of sex jokes, most of them being remarkably bad.

"Is that a pudding river?" Zach asked.

"I think it's a pudding pond..." Justin replied sounding slightly confused. 

"What the hell is that?" Annie practically shrieked.

"That, is a sour gummy worm rising out of the pudding pond Annie." Colin said prompting Annie to let out a string of swear words.

"Exactly." KEAP sighed.

The second group had also at one point gotten quite distracted as several members of the group fell under the influence that they wanted to swim in the chocolate river.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Anna protested.

"It's a great idea Anna." Erlend argued back.

"We split up so that we could cover more ground. We're meeting the other group in an hour and a half."

"If you let us go in the chocolate river, we'll be making sure that it's not hazardous or a danger to any of us. The more you know right?" Joan asked.

"Fine. Go for like five minutes." Anna said causing Erlend, Joan, Wes and Oli to go running to the river.

Ten minutes later, everyone was covered in chocolate as the river jumpers didn't actually believe it would get deeper than two feet. It did.

"I hate you all." Dani muttered wringing chocolate out of her hair.

"I don't know, it was kinda fun..." Emma said trailing off.

"But would you really want to do that again?" Mia asked.

"NO!" Several people all shouted at once.

"Well... I had fun." Wes said.

"Great. At least one of us did." Ryan muttered.

"Yeah... uhm... I hate to break up this little party, but uh, what is that?" Alice asked pointed to several creatures, a couple feet tall, emerging from the lollipop forest to their left. 

"It looks like it's... brown... and big." Berry said. 

"MAYBE IT'S A GRIZZLY BEAR!" Erlend shouted. 

"Are you kidding me? We're in the middle of Candyland. You think it's gonna be a grizzly bear?" Dani demanded.

"You never know." Erlend replied.

"That one kind of looks like a weird colored ant..." Mia said pointing at one.

"And that one looks like... a grasshopper." Caylin said pointing at another one.

"That one looks like a worm, oh crap." Oli said.

"What?" Half the group nearly shouted at once.

"I know what they are." He replied.

"And that is...?" Joan asked trailing off.

"They're chocolate covered bugs."

Group one recovered from the shock of the sour gummy worm coming from the pond in a couple of seconds. It wasn't too big, only about 18 inches long and 3 inches in diameter (about 45 and 5 centimeters). 

"Should I just like... shoot it? It's just like hoovering there..." Annie trailed off.

"If you shoot it can I eat it?" Dustin asked eating another giant spoon of ice cream.

"Sure Dustin. You can eat the questionable giant floating sour gummy worm and in no way will I stop you. Sounds like a great plan." Annie said sarcastically pulling a gun out of her backpack.

"The last slice of this pie says that you can't hit that thing." Jay said while stuffing half of that said slice of pie in his mouth. 

"You're on." Annie said then emptied her magazine into the worm and then going to pick it up. "Suck it Jay. Catch." She said throwing it at Dustin's face who ripped off the part that had been shot and stuck the other half in his ice cream.

"Oh.... this is so good!" Dustin practically moaned as some of the ice cream leaked out the corner of his mouth. "I am so happy right now."

"And I think I am once again going to be sick..." Kiki managed to say as she turned a pale green.

"And well... I hate to break it to you guys, but there's kinda more of those things...." Colin said pointing. True enough, about 30 or 40 more of the oversized Sour Gummy Worms were rising from the pudding pond.

"This ought to be fun..." Kaeghan said. "Do we have a specific plan?"

"Uh... yeah. Of course I have a plan. Jeez." Annie rolled her eyes. "Just kill them."

With those inspirational words of wisdom they went at the worms. There were several horrid attempts at war calls that sounded more like dying animals than anything intimidating. Justin began swinging his sword around his head like he was trying to get rid of an annoying fly. Jay took half a dozen knives before he hit a worm less than 2 feet away from him. Callam stabbed one multiple times with a spear. Dustin and Jay had both managed to kill one and were eating them while hacking at their second. Zach was shooting arrows at a group of the worms while Liza and Colin were actually working together on another group. Marlene and Jaron were both going at their worms with swords. KEAP, however, was repeated hitting a worm that already had several bullet wounds in it with a toothbrush. Annie was shooting at the new worms rising from the pond when one suddenly hit her in the chest flinging her into a tree.

"Oh.... son of a..."

"KEEP IT PG ANNIE!" Justin shouted.

"PG my ass... Oh this hurts way more than it look in the movies. Oh they make it look so damn unpainful in the movies. THIS IS NOT UNPAINFUL!" Annie continued to swear for a couple more seconds until managing to stand up and begin shooting again leaning on the tree. A couple minutes later all the Sour Gummy Worms were dead, and Kiki had stopped shrieking about "unhealthy", "gross", and "sugar". Everyone else was snacking on the dead worms as they ventured into the Candy Cane Forest.

Several members of group two began shrieking when they realized that they were facing a bunch of oversized chocolate covered bugs.

"I'm going to die. This is it. Oh god. Bugs. I don't like bugs. We're all going to die." Dani began to panic at the sight of the bugs.

"Maybe we could run?" Wes suggested but once he finished some of the bugs began to fly. "Or we could not run..."

Their fight ended up being mostly the same as the other group's fight. Except for the fact that none of them began eating the defeated enemies. Or that the enemies were several times bigger. Oh and there was also the fact that they were chocolate covered bugs, not over sized sour gummy worms that just kinda flopped around.

"This is your fault Alice." Oli said picking a cockroach leg out of his hair.

"How is this my fault?" Alice demanded.

"You noticed them first. Therefore I have decided that it is naturally your fault." Oli reasoned.

"That doesn't make sense, but this is coming from you so I won't question it." Alice said.

"We should start headed to the giant chocolate fountain so we can meet the other group." Anna said.

With that, they began to journey back to the oversized chocolate fountain. On the way however, several members of the group decided that after passing several, a specific lollipop forest needed to be 'searched for science'.

"There is no science in the lollipops." Ryan insisted.

"There could be... You never know." Erlend protested.

"I really don't think that oversized lollipops do have any science to them Erlend." Caylin said. "They're just proportioned bigger."

"But, what if there is something different?" Berry asked. "We could be missing on a HUGE scientific discovery! You could be preventing cancer from being cured!"

"We're not stopping cancer from being cured guys..." Jade said.

"IT MUST BE SEARCHED FOR SCIENCE!" Berry yelled and went running into the forest with Erlend soon behind him.

"Great. Now we're searching for science."

"GO GO GO GO GO DORA!" Dustin practically shrieked.

"Dustin." Colin said.

"GO GO GO GO GO DORA!" Dustin repeated even louder.

"Dustin." Liza tried a little louder.

"GO GO GO GO GO DORA!" Dustin screamed.


"Can you find the angry teenager?" Dustin asked Justin.

"I would suggest running." Justin said noting Annie's slightly red face.

"Okay, so we need to meet back up at the chocolate fountain." Colin said. "And I don't know where that is."

"Who do we ask when we don't know where to go?" Dustin asked no one in particular. "THE MAP!"

"Oh joy. The map." Kiki said unenthusiastically. The air was filled with conversations about "stupid children's show", "annie's gonna kill him" and "please shut up". Except for Callam who was too busy checking himself out in a melted sugar lake. 

"Do you guys know how to check the map to find the chocolate fountain?" Dustin asked.

"No Dustin, I don't." Zach sighed.


"Someone shut him up before Annie murders him." KEAP said contemplating killing him himself.

For the next five minutes as they walked Dustin continued to ask "Do YOU see the chocolate fountain?" and people began to walk further away from him. After six minutes Jay had picked up another two pies and was halfway done with the first. Seven minutes in Colin, Liza, and Sam were all attempting to calm Annie down.

"Do you see the chocolate fountain Annie?" Dustin asked for the god knows what-th time.

"YES! AND I'M GOING TO STICK IT SOMEPLACE WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE!" She shrieked and practically jumped on Dustin attempting to put him into necklock as Dustin yanked on her hair.

"Oh praise jesus." Callam sighed as they spotted the other group less than 50 feet away. 

"Should we do something about them?" Jaron asked looking at Annie and Dustin  who both had firm grips on each other's hair.

"They'll sort it out I'm sure." Liza said as they began to walk to the other group.

"You're all covered in chocolate. Do I want to know why?" KEAP asked.

"Some of them wanted to swim in the chocolate river." Anna said.

"Then they almost drowned so we had to get them." Dani finished.

"You have a giant lollipop stuck on your back Berry..." Justin said pointing.

"They also discovered a lollipop forest which had to be 'searched for science'." Alice sighed. "What about you guys?"

"I believe that this amount of chocolate, is making me sick... so I'm gonna go walk over there for a while..." Kiki said then practically ran in the opposite direction.

"We ate desserts and then got attacked by giant Sour Gummy Worms. What about you guys? You get attacked by anything?" Sam asked.

"We got attacked by several feet long chocolate covered insects." Joan said looking slightly traumatized. "It was not fun. Even though I threw knives at them. Wire is not a great weapon against giant cockroaches."

"What's going on with those two?" Jade asked looking at Annie and Dustin who appeared to be standing next to each other both in necklock.



"Dora happened." Colin sighed. "So, we have another god knows how many hours here. What should we do now?"

"Candy war!" Erlend yelled as the chocolate fountain suddenly exploded and six foot gummy bears crawled out of it.


"Maybe we should actually run this time?" Wes suggested.

"Yeah. Good idea." Claudia said and with that they began all running in no apparent direction with several of them screaming. 

"If it bleeds you can kill it!" Callam yelled while trying to check himself out in the reflections of the lollipop forest.

"This isn't an episode of Supernatural Callam!" Liza cried out. "And besides, I don't think those bleed. But you can try." Several weapons hit the gummy bear in the next couple of seconds and they all simply went through.

"OHMYGOD WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!" Berry screamed as they spotted a house made out of what appeared to be candy.

"Go inside there!" Someone yelled over the rest of the indistict screaming and swearing.

"NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! Walking in there is like a death sentence by sugar!" Kiki insisted before getting dragged in by Colin. "NO! I won't go in!"

"I'm your father! Do as you're told!" Colin said.

"ON THE INTERNET!" Kiki screeched. "I am too young to die! There is nothing but sugar in there! I won-" She was cut off as she was pushed into the house.

Now... a long while later because Annie doesn't feel like writing and REALLY wants to get to day two because she really freaking likes pirates it was almost 10 PM. During the time that Annie refuses to write they had to convince that unless she ate it, the candy would have no effect on her, there was an attempted game of Duck, Duck, Goose, some screaming, random naps, and a lot of cabin fever.

"Okay guys, it's almost 10 PM. Callam, why are you still staring at yourself in that mirror? It's been like two hours since it was discovered in an attempt to find another way out of this cabin." Anna said.

"What? This face is too beautiful to not always have someone looking at it." Callam insisted.

"Oh look, there's the veil." Ryan said pointing outside. "Outside of the house of course."

"There are still killer Gummy Bears that can't be killed outside." Mia said.

"Maybe if we cut off their heads..." Justin suggested.

"One had like half an arsenal in it and it didn't even stumble." KEAP said.

"Set them on fire." Annie said simply dropping another book in her 'finished' pile. "What? They're pretty much pure sugar and that melts. So we just need something flammable like alcohol or gasoline and something to ignite the fire." Five minutes they were running outside dumping anything that they thought would be flammable on the gummy bears then throwing enough matches to make any pyromaniac excited.

"Okay, through the veil people!" Alice said as she was pushed through by a screaming Erlend followed by Justin whose hair seems to be partially ignited.



So, here's a list of the arenas besides tomorrow's Pirate day. Let me know if there's a certain day you want to die on/live until or any specific injuries.

demented fairy tales

Camp Half-Blood

Lord of The Rings

American Horror Story

Werewolves and Vampires

Doctor Who



Game of Thrones

Walking Dead

demented Superheroes

Day Two

Fast-forward through the boring as hell part where pissed off teenagers wake up earlier than they ever have, eat food, pack, and Callam discovers skinny jeans in another weird color. Then they all go climbing through the purple veil, I know, so goddamn exciting.

The couple of people who had fallen picked themselves up and they all began looking around.

"Are we on a dock?" Jaron asked.

"Does it look like we're on a dock?" Annie asked.


"Then yes."

"So, we're gonna be on a boat? Doesn't sound that scary..." Alice said as they looked around at the boats and the people around them staring at their strange clothing.

"What time period is this even?" Zach asked.

"I don't know... not recent. I mean look at those clothes... It looks like they just popped out of Pirate of the Caribean." Kaeghan said.


"You alright Annie?" Justin asked concerned.

"You sound like a pregnant lady in labor." KEAP noted.

"I feel like a pregnant lady in labor!" Annie shrieked jumping up and screaming something about pirates.

"Well then, since Annie is freaking out about pirates, do you think that we should go somewhere?" Anna asked.

"None of you are going anywhere." The group turned to see a group of pirates all pointing weapons at them. "We've been given orders by a man to take you all aboard our ship."

"Ohmygod, I get to be a pirate for a day!"

They were all dragged along the pirate ship except for Annie who was practically jumping around asking the pirates questions and poking their clothes until one rather intimidating pirate grabbed her hands.

"Listen to me child. You need to learn to keep your hands to yourself. We are pirates, not your little dolls you get to play dress up with." He said.


"Alright, you all have free range of the ship. If you think you shouldn't touch it. Don't touch it. And do something about that one." The Captain said pointing at Annie.

For the next several hours a couple of the teenagers explored the ship, several found an empty room to lounge in, and a good number were still occasionally vomiting over the side of the ship.

"This place is so much fun. There's like three different floors besides the deck, and there's hammocks, and there's like a dining mess hall thing. And there's this dingy little room for like a medics office. And do you know what they have in there?" Annie asked a horribly seasick KEAP.


"THERE ARE SAWS TO HACK OFF THE LIMBS OF PEOPLE! ISN'T THAT COOL!" Annie was jumping up and down like a five year old on a sugar high.

"Go away you horrible person..." KEAP said as he leaned over the side of the boat and vomited.

"Annie. Let's go look at this really exciting medical room again okay?" Liza said dragging Annie away from the sick teenagers as Colin trailed behind them. 

Another couple of hours passed when another ship came into view. The crew and Captain began running around the boat yelling about prepping the canons and arming themselves.

"What are they talking about?" Justin yelled.

"Uh... I don't know." Zach replied right as the other ship fired a canon at their ship.

"I think they're talking about firing canons at each other and brutally murdering each other." Jay said.

"Oh. Should we like go inside then?" Wes asked.

"I think it'll be pretty safe up here." Dustin said right as a cannon ball exploded into the wall next to them. "But, you can never be too safe."

Kiki and Caylin began also running below deck when they almost ran into the group of guys also running below deck. Kiki screamed as Dustin accidently almost shot her which caused Dustin to scream. 

Ryan and Dani were hiding behind a barrel as the pirates of both ships continued to shoot at each other.

"I do not see why Annie likes pirates so much!" Dani yelled as several cannons went off at once. To the left of them Liza was screaming at Annie to get back below deck.

"COLIN! TELL ANNIE TO GET BELOW DECK!" Liza yelled trying to pull Annie back inside the cabin as Annie screamed something that sounded like "living the dream".

"Just let me." Colin said and picked up Annie who attempted to get free.

"Let me go! You're no match for me! I'm a pirate now okay! I'm-"

"You're like a foot shorter than him Annie and he's probably twice as strong as you. So buck up and deal with it. You want to be a pirate? You can sew up all the hurt people after okay?" Liza said pushing Colin and the struggling Annie back inside.

A cannon ball hit the deck causing large splinters to go flying in all directions. A particularily large one hit Claudia in the chest and she collapsed on the deck, a crimson pool of blood staining the deck. Mia and Alice, who were standing near by both began screaming as they too ran below deck. 

Annie seemed to have snapped out of her pirate phase as she ran out on deck to help Zach and Wes carry a wounded Justin below deck. A shard of wood was embedded in his left arm causing him to scream horrifically. 

"JAY! GET BACK!" Kaeghan yelled at Jay who was leaning over a cannon. The cannon went off and Jay's face disappeared into a cloud of black smoke. He collapsed onto the deck, hands clamped onto his face. The only indication that he was alive was his horrid screaming. Joan ran out and helped to drag Jay below deck where the rest of the teenagers were.

"Still sure you want to be a pirate Annie?" Anna asked.

"Well... it's certainly more exciting than I thought..."

As Annie finished her sentence a mass amount of yelling was going on above deck. The teenagers could make out a couple of the words and managed to put together that they were firing back on the other ship.

"What are we going to do about Jay and Justin?" Liza asked.

"It's not like there's any sanitation here." Dani snapped.

"What do you expect us to do? Just patch em up?" Caylin asked.

"Yeah. That's what we're gonna do." Annie said moving to where the still yelling Justin was propped up against the wall. "Alright. We're gonna get you into the sick bay." 

KEAP and Colin got Justin on his feet and began walking him in the direction of what was apparently called the sick bay.

"Come on Jay." Alice said leading him behind the trio.

Suddenly, without warning, a cannon ball went flying through the hull of the ship and a wall took the damage. While most everyone was a solid 10 yards away, a large chunk of the wood had flown out and took Jaron's head off. His head hit the ground as his body crumpled along side it, the two pools of blood mixing into one. 

Multiple people began screaming, and a couple more were vomiting. 


"Let's just get into the sick bay, it's in the center of the ship, we'll be safer there." Ryan said.

The group of remaining teens partly ran, partly stumbled, and partly were dragged up and down flights of stairs and through hallways until they found the apparent sick bay.

"Okay uhm... so I got first aid certified through Girl Scouts so I think I can legally do some of this." Annie said uncertainly.

"So what should we do?" Liza asked.

"Uh, someone go find the food place, uhm the galley is what I think they call it, and find the strongest alcohol there. Someone find relatively clean cloth and begin tearing it into strips. And someone boil water. Let's get Jay and Justin onto the beds."

Anna and Alice ran off to start with the water while Kiki and Caylin volunteered to find the sheets. A few minutes later Wes and Erlend were back with the alcohol and Jay and Justin had been moved onto the beds. The other four all came in with the things they'd been instructed to get.

"Use the water and the sheets to try and clean up Jay. Be very careful though." Annie said grabbing the alcohol from Erlend.

"You know, people usually get sued when they're drunk and begin operating on people..." Dani said trailing off.

"Good thing it's not for me." Annie said as Jade and Kaeghan began cleaning up Jay's face. She began opening and closing cabinets until she found a hunk of leather. "Bite down on this, cause you're about to be in a world of pain." She said to Justin right as a little parachute seemed to come out of the ceiling. Colin picked it up.

"It's a syringe." He said. "Maybe it's pain meds?" He suggested.

"Well... I sure as hell hope they are." Annie said as she grabbed it and stabbed it into Justin's arm. At her instruction Zach and Oli helped Annie pull out the shard of wood in Justin's arm, who and since passed out. Annie then began pouring the alcohol over the wound before realizing that the arm had to go.

"His arm is way messed up and not only that, it's bleeding like crazy so the wound is gonna need to be cauterized. The arm has to be cut of. Who wants the honors?" Annie asked as most everyone turned pale.

"Good thing you're first aid certified right Annie?" KEAP asked looking slightly green handing Annie someone's sword.

"I don't expressly remember being taught this part. It was like a three hour class. And when he asks, I did not cut off his arm okay? It fell off on its own." Annie said. "Here goes nothing." She bit her lip then brought the sword down on his arm. Hysterical screaming erupted from most everyone and a few people proceeded to pass out.

Next thing they knew, they were in the room they had arrived in only forty-eight hours earlier.

Author's Note

Any new(er) members who want to be in this, or really anyone, just let me know and I'll write you in

EDIT: Since it's been like a year since I started this, people have obviously become inactive that were once active, so I'm gonna write them off and write new people in

Day Three

The group of teenagers looked around and noticed that  good amount of people were missing, and by that I mean that like half of the people were gone. Poof. MIA. Or playing hide-and-seek without telling everyone.

"OHMYGOD! WHERE IS KIKI?" Dani screamed. This resulted in Caylin beginning to scream soon to be joined by Alice and Mia.

Erland took a look at Justin, who was in fact missing half an arm, and began screaming. 

"OHMYGOD ANNIE! YOU ACTUALLY CUT OFF HIS ARM. DO YOU THINK HE'S GONNA SUE YOU? OH DEAR LORD I THINK I'M GONNA BE SICK!" He turned some weird shade of green that Oli was pretty sure wasn't natural. He went over and turned him around so he didn't have to look at Justin.

"If he asks. I did not do that okay?" Annie said also looking slightly pale. "And I've decided that Pirates really aren't all that great."

"Hello Children." The voice suddenly said. It was met by a string of swearing from several people, a couple others loudly demanding to know where everyone else was, and others just screaming.

"SHUT UP!" The voice demanded and the talking and screaming died off. "Now, as it turns out there was a slight, malfuction in the device that takes you to these other worlds and well, it kinda forgot a couple of you. So I'm sure that they're probably fine. I doubt anything happened to them. Actually, they're probably dead but let's pretend that the glass is half full right?"

"Let me get this right, you LOST about half of us and we're just supposed to assume that they're fine?" Ryan asked.

"Well... when you put it that way. Here, I'll replace them." The voice said.

Suddenly another group of teenagers appeared in the room which promted another round of screaming and freaking out.

Next thing anyone knew, they were lying on the ground next to one of the other teenagers with no one else in sight.

Dani and Oli (Frozen)

"Oh god, that hurt. I think I need crutches." Oli moaned as he pushed himself off the ground.

"I'm sure you're fine." Dani said as she made Oli help her stand up. "Oh, the weather is really nice here."

"It's like below 0 degrees." Oli said jumping up and down to stay warm.

"Yeah, and I just said that the weather is really nice. Because it's cold." Dani said looking around. "Ohmygod. Is that what I think it is?" Dani asked pointing to a castle in the distance.

Oli began screaming like a little girl, "OHMYGOD THIS IS ARENDALE. WE ARE IN FROZEN! WE ARE IN FROZEN." He began jumping up and down continuing the whole "little girl" thing.

"Dani. Dani. Dani." Oli said excitedly. "Do you want to build a snowman?"

Dani sighed and also began singing the song. Halfway through the song the ground began rumbling. The next thing they knew a giant snowman about fifty feet tall rose up out of the ground.

"Ohmygod! No! I do not want to build a snow man!" Dani began screaming and the two of them began running.

Annie and Colin (Peter Pan)

"Oh god." Annie moan as she pushed Colin off her legs. "Why do you weigh so much? And why did you HAVE to fall on ME? Why couldn't you have fallen on someone else?"

"It's not my fault I'm over six feet tall. That means I'm gonna weight more than you." Colin said brushing dirt off of him.

"Wait. The past tense of sleep is slept, so why isn't the past tense of fall fallt?" Annie asked as she waved her hands around gesturing for Colin to help her stand up.

"I really don't know Annie. And I couldn't have fallen on anyone else since no one else is here." He said looking around.

"Lame excuse, but whatever." Annie said also looking around. "Oh sweet mother Mary, baby Jesus, and all things holy. What the hell is that smell?"

"Mother Mary, baby Jesus, and all things holy?" Colin asked giving her a weird look. "And I think it smells like fish."

"Oh god. Are we at a beach again? Last time it kinda screwed things up for me. I don't like pirates anymore. And if I see another pirate I swear I'm gonna...." Annie trailed off as she bumped into a really tall, really buff... pirate.

"Awwww, damn it."

Justin and Erlend (Little Red Riding Hood)

When Justin pushing himself up he felt.... slightly.... different. Which is why he looked down. Which was a mistake. Upon seeing that half of an arm was kind of not there, he began to scream. Like a toddler who didn't get the candy they wanted. But in a higher pitch. More like the time someone managed to convince Annie it was a good idea to climb a really tall tree. And she got stuck. After she climbed all the way to the top.

His screaming prompted Erlend to begin screaming. So there were basically two teenage guys, one missing most of an arm, screaming in the middle of the woods.

"Ohmygod! What the hell happened to my arm?" Justin screamed at Erlend.

"Uh. Uh. Uh." Erlend tried to put together a coherent sentence.

"I'm going to die. This is how I'm going to die. I think I feel faint. It's the blood loss. I'm going to faint due to loosing too much blood." Justin clutched the nearest tree. "I'm starting to see double. I think I see a light. This is how it ends..." Justin wailed as he lost his grip on the tree.

"Your arm... um..." Erlend tried to come up with something good.

"Just tell me!" Justin screamed.

"Uh... apieceofwoodhityourarmanditwasinfectedandanniecutitoff" Erlend said without breathing.

"Can you repeat that?" Justin said confused.

"A cannon ball hit it off." Erlend said.

"Oh. Huh?" Justin said as he turned around. "Did you guys give me any pain meds?"

"No were we supposed to?" Erlend asked.

"I just wanted to know whether that giant wolf was a hallucination or not..."

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