Okay. So these will be a USER GAME written by yours truely, iluvgale!!! Now I'm sure that you're wondering what the title means. Well each tribute/user has to have some element of crazy in them. Most of you know the tribute Xander Ranch (necterine411's trib) who sacrafices other tributes to mutts. That would be an acceptable "crazy" element. But.... two user/tribs can't have the same "crazy". Your crazy could be pretty much anything but, don't make it lame! I want CRAZY tributes!!!!!! I know what you're all thinking: "Why can't iluvgale do a regular game?" Yes I know, I have a game where the only weapons were maces, a game that lasted 1 day, a game in a candy world, and now a game full of crazy users. I don't like to do normal stuff, so there's your answer.

Here's what I'll need......

All the normal tribute stuff [Name, Age, District, Weapon(s), Skill(s), Weakness(es), History, Reaped/volunteered (optional but makes reapings easier), and CRAZY element in you (remeber this is a USER GAME)]


1 Anon (Anon) 15 Kwankwan44 (Ben) 12
2 Rose Hathaway 15 THGR (Sean)
3 Everdeen(Janelle) 16 Movie (Frankie) 12
4 Moon Beam Mikalmt (Michael) 12
5 Team Peeta-Anna (Anna) Luke1998 (Luke) 13
6 ~ilovepeeta~ (leslie) 13 KEAP (Daniel)
7 Clove1999(Ariana) 13 Nate777 (Nate) 14
8 S.C.K. (Lea) 12
9 Necterine411 (Katherine) 13
10 Foxface911
11 Tris Prior
12 QuinnQuinn
13 peetasucks (helen) 13



This is mainly for me so I can remember everyone's "CRAZY"

D1 Female: I can drift off into outer space at times (aka, my little bubble) and if someone says something in a 5 metre radius, I jump out of the bubble. I talk to myself as well.


D2 Female: I sometimes talk about something and then completely change the subject mid-sentence :P

D2 Male

D3 Female: I am sooo crazy, that I make the others go even more crazy than they already are, that they dieee. I have ear splitting screams that make you bleed and I also.. I cut down random trees and tell everyone where I am, start fires everywhere, and after I kill someone, I will lift them up and use them as a bat to bonk my own head, and maybe others. I also stay quiet for a while, then... when they least expect it... I yell: BAMMMM!!! And my spazziness causes earthquakes (yah..... not quite sure how that's gonna work ou't)

D3 Male: I start to start at something and completly zone out. You can't get me to pay attention until some ones yells, says my name, or a loud sound happens

D4 Female: Have OCD. Like, everything must be clean and stuff, like I don't like germs. I'll completely spazz if like something goes wrong. Like if there's a plan, and it fails, I'll get really physco cause everything must be perfect and stuff.

D4 Male: Has many alter egoes that he occaisonally switches to... I'm trying to finish it on my profile.

D5 Female

D5 Male: When he sees trees. He goes mad, and he tries to eat the other tributes

D6 Female

D6 Male

D7 Female: I am like Annie. Crazy and can block things out.

D7 Male: When ever someone say the nmber 9 l go insaine and start to beat up the person who said the 9. And sometime in the middle of the night l wake up and stare at people who are sleeping for a long time then strangle them.

D8 Female: Wild, very screamy. scared of a lot of things, LOVES Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black, something which EVERYONE HATES I REALLY LOVE JB AND REBECCA BLACK

D8 Male

D9 Female: Always has to be on time. I I set a certain time to go somewhere/hunt for tribs/leave my camp I will flip out if I din't leave on time and start killing everything and everyone around me for a couple of minutes. So if I ally with someone, they better be punctual.

D9 Male

D10 Female

D10 Male

D11 Female

D11 Male

D12 Female: when I look at someone for more then 5 seconds giant bananas come out of my ears and meteors fall out of the sky.

D12 Male

D13 Female

D13 Male


The idea came to me while I was cleaning out my pool so......

Everyday the arena will be different. It's part of the whole crazy games. I'm not quite sure how many days there will be but I have ideas for what it will be. One day it might be pretty pink princess land. The next a barren desert, the next a forest, the next mountains, the next candy land, the next well..... hell. I think you get the picture!


Anon's POV

"IIIIIIIIITTTT'S THE REAPINGS! YAY! THE REAPINGS YAY!!!!! EVERYBODY'S GONNA DIE!!!!" I begin singing my song to the tune of timmy time!!! I'm in my own little bubble singing my own version of Timmy Time when a jerk face breaks my bubble!!!!! It's okay.... I only scream loud enough for HALF of district 4 to hear me. The escort is pulling a name out of the girl's glass ball.

"I.... VOLUTEER!!!!!!!" I scream before his hand has picked up a piece of paper. I push my way up to the stage. I give an evil laugh. I smile and take a dramatic bow. They love me!!!!!! A name is pulled from the boy's glass ball. I run over to read it for the escort. Our escort looks a little tired.

"IIIIIITTTTT'S BEEEENNNNNN!!!!!!!!" I shout having grabbed the paper from our escort.

"NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" He screams. "NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" He continues doing this. I go back to singing my song.

Rose's POV

"Whhhooooo!!!!! These games are MINE!!!!!" I scream to no one is particular. "OHMYGOD!!!! IT'S A FLUFFY-I'm thirsty, does anyone have any.... HE'S FREAKING HOT!!!! WHAT'S HIS NAME????" I continue to talk and change the subject whenever I want. I'm wait with the rest of the kiddies my age. Wait-what is that on the train??? OH MY GOSH!!!! IT'S A CASE OF FIREWHISKEY!!!!! I'm going to volunteer!!!!!!!! The escort is talking and talking and talking.... OH GOOD LORD VOLDEMORT!!!!! I can't take it anymore!!!!!!!!! YES!!!! She's calling the name.... it's: "I VOLUNTEER!!!!" wait... I didn't say that!!!!! It's another girl!!!! NOO!!!!! I run to the stage and punch her in the face. She passes out.

"Oooopppsie daisy!!!! I guess I'll have to go for her...." I smile. The escort is going SO SLOW!!!!! I begin screaming at him. And maybe I use the elder swear... she immediately picks the boy name and it's Jason. No one volunteers... never mind.... cross that. About 100 people volunteer. One pushes his way to the front. His name is Sean. I don't care. Once we're on the train I find the case of firewhiskey and by the time we got to the Capitol... let's not talk about that........

Frankie's POV

The female for our district is crazy. She decides to give a very moving speech.

"DYLAN!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?! WELL... YOU STUPID UGLY NERD, I ATE YOUR LUNCH ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!!! AND... LAUREN!!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!! I REALLY TRUELY HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE A JERK FACE!!!!!!!!! AND MR. JORGENSON!!!!!!!! I DON'T CARE ABOUT GEOMETRY! OR THAT STUPID BOOK ABOUT THAT STUPID GUY WRITEN BY THAT STUPID AUTHOR!!!!!!!!!!" She screams some more about how she's gonna cut down trees and start fires. She's dragged away.

"Frankie! Frankie!! Frankie!!! FRANKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET UP HERE!!!!!!" My bubble is popped and I stumble to the stage. Oh yay! A nice long road trip with a crazy district partner!!!

Chariot Rides...

Yes... I'll get back to the reapings. I just REALLY WANNA DO THE CHARIOT RIDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will be told from my perspective, the head gamemaker.

MY POV.... (Capitol)

These have to be THE FUNNIEST chariot rides ever. The boy from 1 is screaming: "I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIEEE!!!! I DON'T WANNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! DON'T MAKE ME GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and the girl is singing some song about a little lamb going to school with his friends and having adventures and having such a lot of fun! They're wearing..... diamond dresses. Both of them.

The girl from two is screaming random things and drinking firewhiskey. What is she wearing??? I think that that's a.... I'm honestly not sure what she's wearing. That might be a quittich uniform.....

The girl from 4 and the boy from 6 are having a slight disagreement:




"I'M GONNA RIP APART YOUR LIMBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

They then both got off of their chariots and began having a cat fight. IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! Then the girl from 6 tried to break it off but she tripped over her dress.




"SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!"

I love these tribbies!!!!!!!!


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