Okay guys, most everyone who has been active lately knows that lately we've been getting hit with massive numbers of trolls. Now, I know that what they say makes you mad, or annoyed, or both. But here's the thing, if you respond to them, keep pushing them, they'll just push back. So, what you guys need to do is just IGNORE them. I know that it hurts to see the hurtful things that they post about you and/or your friends, but you just need to ignore them. Bringing yourself into the fight, insulting them back, will get you no where. Whenever a new one comes on, let me or any of the other admins (or even staff if you need to) know and we'll ban them and take care of it. If there's a chat mod on at the time (which there should be) let them kickban them for the time being and then just ignore any messages or blog posts they create. 

It's only through ignoring them that they're going to finally stop. Either that or until they use up every IP in the world. Whichever comes first. You guys can decide which one will be faster. 

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