Okay... So I had the idea that I'd do a "party". So in it all the users that want to do this will have a "date" with one of the characters from the book of your choice. And each character can only have ONE DATE. So that means Peeta is first come first serve. And Gale is MY DATE. So just tell me in the comments who you want as your date. And ...

File:Butterbeerk & Firewhiskey.png


This is who is going with who....

Necterine411 + Finnick

~ilovepeeta~ + Peeta (what a shock)

Rose Hathaway + Cato

Everdeen + Thresh

Moon Beam + Haymitch

Julian Espinoza + Johanna

Team Peeta Anna + Gloss

QuinnQuinn + Marvel

Luke1998 + Delly

Mikalmt + Katniss

Peetasucks + Darius

Primrose33 + President Snow

TDR97 + Prim

Brony12 + Glimmer

Rockman117 + Foxface

Zach Freeney + Annie

FinnickOdairismyhere + Serena Crane

Starwarsspartan + Madge

KwanKwan44 + Rue

KEAP + Cashmere

MrandMrsPeetaMellark + Cinna

Foxface911 + Flauvis


iluvgale + Gale

People who are going on their own... DX




You should all be getting your invitations soon...


With your permission, I'm gonna make a little text thing-y that says that you went to my part with whoever you went with. If you want one let me know and the color. One color please.


Leave any ideas that you have in the comments.

The pre-PAR-TAY

Anneliese's POV

"And then... he said that he didn't know if it was gonna work!" Katniss gushed.

"Uh-huh" I said without looking away from my book.

"And then he stormed out of the house!" Katniss wailed.

"Uh-huh" I replied.

"And I screamed at him Katniss burried her face in her hands.

"Uh-huh" Of course in my opinion sparkly vampires getting zapped by a guy who can turn into a mouse is great but Katniss began sobbing.

"And then......" She lost it. I set down The Goblet of Firef and gave her a tissue.

"Stay here." I said and handed her a cookie. Baked by moi. Not Peeta.

"GALE!" I yelled across the street. A few second later Gale was standing outside of his house.

"WHAT?!?!? IT'S LIKE.... 5:00 in the morning." He complained

"It's 5:02. Katniss and Peeta are having some problems and we're going to throw a par-tay on Saturday." I decided.

"Okay... as long as you do all the cooking and cleaning." He replied.

"You have to get the meat!!! And we're doing it at my house cause it's bigger!!!" I run back into my house. Katniss was still crying.

"KATNISS!!!" I shouted.

"Whaaaaaat???" She wailed.


"A par-tay?" She smiled. See I have great ideas.

"YAH!!! I'm gonna go send out the invites!!!!! Everyone has to bring a date!!! Me and Gale are going together!!! I need to send invites!!!!!!!" I run around. This is gonna be the best par-tay ever!!!!

Finnick's POV

My iPhone 5 began playing the ring tone for when Anneliese called. She custom made it and I couldn't figure out how to change it: "OMG!!!! FINNICK!!!! IT'S ANNELIESE!!!! PICK! UP! THE! PHONE!!!!" That was her ring tone. And I did pick up the phone.

"OMGfinnickwe'rehavingapartysincekatnissandpeetaareinoneofthoseawkwardstages. Andforsomereasonmeandgaledecidedtothrowapar-tay!!!!" She gushed.

"Since Peeta and Katniss are temporarily broken up you and Gale decided to throw a par-tay?" I asked.

"Yah! How did you figure out what I said? I'm impressed!" She could talk insanely fast.

"So.... you need to bring a date!!! Bring Annie!!!"

"We're ALSO in that awkward break up stage" I muttered

"Oh... well, find a date by the 24th!!!!" She hung up.

Gee... she's always so helpful.

Necterine411's POV

OMG.... that's Finnick's ring tone on my phone. "Sexy and I know!!! Aaaah! Girl look at tha-"

"Hello Finnick!" I make my voice VERY cheerful even though I was just about to start eating my Honey Nut Cheerios.

"Hey Necterine. Did you hear about Anneliese and Gale's par-tay???" He asked.

"Yah... I think I did." It was THE BIGGEST news this morning.

"Well... we all need to bring dates and since me and Annie aren't together right now do you wanna go with me?" I nearly fainted.

"Uhhhhhh...." My mouth hung open stupidly. "YES! Yes, I would love to go to the par-tay with you!!!" I nearly began hyperventilating

"I'll see you on Saturday then." He hung up. I began hyperventilate.

Rockman's POV

"CAAAAAAAAAAAAVEMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!" There is one person I know that can scream that loud and calls me that.

"What do you want Anneliese?" I turn around.

"Me and Gale are throwing a par-tay... and you're invited. His idea. Not mine." She smiled. She was a little crazy in my opinion I mean who wears shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops in february????

"Thanks.... I think." I stared at the ground.

"And you need to bring a date. Oh!!! There's Anna!!!! Bye! Good luck finding a date caveman!!!" She ran off towards Anna.

"Gee... you're helpful." I muttered. Anneliese began running after KEAP in her high heeled flip flops, I guess she told Anna already. "OH!!! CAVEMAN!!!! BUTTERBEER AND FIREWHISKEY IS PROVIDED!!!!" Anneliese added rather loudly. I turned around and literally ran into foxface. She looked pissed off.

"Hi-i-i-iiiiii Foxface." I said.

"Hello ... Rockman." She replied.

"You know... You're pretty." OMG what was I doing.

"Thanks?" I looked as awkward as I felt.

"Um... do you wanna go to Anneliese and Gale's par-tay with me?" I asked.

"Not really. But if it gets me into the par-tay then, yes." She responded. It was lame. But I had a date. And a text reading: "CONGRATS CAVEMAN!!!!"

Leslie (ilovepeeta)'s POV

"LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESLIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" I turned around and saw Anneliese running toward me pulling someone along. Peeta???? "LESLIE! LESLIE! LESLIE!!!!" I'll admit that she runs pretty fast in VERY un-practical shoes.

"What Anneliese? I though you and GALE were planning a par-tay." I WAS staring at Peeta when I said this but... he's SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!!

"We are! And I've been running around District 12 telling all the people that we don't hate about the par-tay. And guess what?? Caveman got a date!!! Go figure." She laughed. "Now... the reason Peeta is here is because he has a VERY IMPORTATNT question for you." She nudged him forward. "Ask."

"Leslie..." He looked at Anneliese and she gave him a killer evil eye. "Do you um... wanna go to Anneliese and Gale's par-tay with me???" Anneliese smiled and nodded behind Peeta.

"YES!!!!" I shrieked happily. I get to go to the years craziest and biggest par-tay with Peeta Mellark!!!!!!! EEEEAAAAKKK!!!!



"Yes KEAP... I'm supplying all of the butterbeer and firewhiskey." She replied for the 100 millionth time.

"YES!!! I'M COMING!!!" I shouted.

"Oh... but you need a date." She said for the first time and went chasing after Marvel.

"Hello KEAP..." I unfortunately recognized the voice.

"Hello Cashmere." I replied.

"So... you're also going to the par-tay huh?" She didn't wait for me to reply. "Well... Me and my brother are too!!! My brother already knows who he's going with, but I didn't until about 15 second ago. YOU'RE going with me. Or... I'll get my brother to slit your throat. I could... but I don't want to break a nail." She gave me a cold smile and flounced off.

"So... you and Cashmere!! How fun!!!" Anneliese laughed. "HAYMITCH!!!!! FIREWHISKEY AND BUTTERBEER!!!!" The last three words caught his attention and she began running. "See you on Saturday!!! HAYMITCH!!!!"

Helen (peetasucks)'s POV

"So... Saturday. At your place. And we need a date?" I asked Anneliese.

"Yup!!! And you need a date!" She added happily.

"GALE!!!!" I shriek happily.

"Ha... Ha... Ha... No. Gale is MY date. It's Anneliese and Gale's par-tay." She said matter-of-factly.

"WHAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!" I cried shocked. "YOU STOLE MY MAN!!!!"

"maybe... But he was never yours to begin with!!!!" She laughed. "DARIUS!!!! How are you???"

"Hello Anneliese! I have a question for Helen though..." he trailed off awkwardly. "Ask away!!" she said.

"Helen do you wanna go to the par-tay with me???? PLEASE?????" he got onto his knees and began begging me to go to the par-tay with him. I just stood there. Anneliese stood behind Darius and smiled and mouthed "Say yes!!!!"

"Uhhhhh yes????" I managed. He began jumping up and down happily.

"Well... That was awkwardly exciting... BYE!!!!"

Marvel's POV

I can do this. WHOO!!!!!

"Okay man!! You got this!!!!" Cato was my temporary therapist. "Just go on over there and ask her to the par-tay!!!!" He shoved me. I GOT THIS!!!

I walked up behind QuinnQuinn who is talking to Rose. They're standing so that Rose can see me but QuinnQuinn can't. I walk up behind her.

"Is there someone behind me???" QuinnQuinn asked nervously. Rose nodded. "Who?" she asked in an awkward whisper. Rose motioned for her to turn around and she did.

"Hello QuinnQuinn." I realized that she was really short. Or maybe I'm just tall... Or maybe both...

"I'm gonna go talk to... Cato... CATO!!!" Rose went running after him with a bottle of butterbeer in her hand.

"So... I was wondering if you um... Wanted to go to Anneliese and Gale's par-tay with me??" I asked.

"Yes I want to go. Geez... What took you so long to ask??"

Rose's POV

Well.... if that whole thing between Marvel and Quinn wasn't awkward I don't know what is. I chug my butterbeer and see Anneliese arguing with Haymitch.

"Hey Cato." I smile.

"Hey Rose. Do you know if Quinn said yes to Marvel???" I look over and seeing how Marvel is giving Quinn a piggyback ride I have an answer.

"Well.... I'll take that as a YES." Cato says as Quinn begins laughing and screaming. {C}"Hey Cato... Wanna go to the par-tay with me???" I ask without thinking.

"Uh.........................................................................................." He seemed incapable of forming a real word which I hoped was a good thing. "I mean.................................... yes. Yes I DO want to go to the par-tay with you."

"YAY!!!!! Anneliese is supplying the butterbeer and firewhiskey which is even better!!!!!" I began jumping up and down.

"I suppose you want a piggy back ride too????" He asked.

"Yes please."

Haymitch's POV

"UNLIMITED BUTTERBEER AND FIREWHISKEY Haymitch. Just CONSIDER that. CONSIDER IT." Anneliese said. Unlimited butterbeer and firewhiskey WAS pretty tempting.

"Yah..... but who am I supposed to go with??? Effie rejected me... and so did..... um..... that girl that likes butterbeer a lot....." I couldn't remember the name.

"Rose?" She asks. I nod. "I'm pretty darn sure that she's going with Cato." She said.

"What..... what makes you say that." She tilted her head to the right. o.O Rose and Cato were making out.

"You could ask.... MOONEH!!!!" She smiled.

"Who???" I asked stupidly.

"Moon Beam. She's really nice and can chug a bottle of butterbeer in 12.45 seconds. I can in 9.67 of course."

"Hmmm... that's only 3.12 seconds slower than me....." I see Moon Beam across the street drinking butterbeer with Everdeen.



"YES!!! That was easy enough." I smile. Anneliese rolled her eyes and walked away.

Anna's POV

"Sure... I'll go to the par-tay with you Thresh." Everdeen said. It was a strange match. The loud crazy girl and the quiet calm guy. Go figure.

"Well.... that was excedingly awkward." I say after Thresh left.

"It was sweet...." Everdeen argued.


"Who are you gonna go with Anna??? I know that Finnick is going with Necterine." I pretend to vomit at her name.

"I'm going with Gloss." I say matter-of-factly.

"You asked him?" Everdeen seemed shocked looking at Gloss about 10 feet away.


"Whatever you say!!!!! As long as you don't make me dance with Katniss."

"See... I'm going with Gloss."

Luke's POV

"Delly... Even though I think that you look like an Oompa-Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate factory do you want to go to Annelise's par-tay with me???" Aren't I charming???

"Ohhh.... that's like THE SWEETEST thing ever. Of course I'll go with you!!!!" Delly smiled.

"Okay... I'll see you at the par-tay. But you aren't allowed to eat all the food or else someone will probably kill you and it won't be very pretty." I said matter-of-factly.

"I won't eat ALL the food!!!!" Delly exclaimed offended.

THE ACTUAL PAR-TAY (not a party, par-tay!!!!)

Annelise's POV

I just want to make something clear. This is how my name is pronouced: Anna-Lee-Suh. Good.

BAM! BAM! BAM!!!! I go running down the stairs to open the door. It's Mikalmt with.... his "crew

"Don't worry everyone!!! THE SEXY DJ IS HERE!!!! Wait... where is everyone???" Mikalmt asked.

"You're over 3 hours early." I sighed.

"Well... that give me PLENTY of time to set up my stuff!!!" Mikalmt walked inside and his "crew" followed him. "I'm gonna DJ for you. I have a bunch of songs already chosen an- WHAT IS THAT???"

"That is a chocolate fountain." I said and he already had a cup filling up with chocolate. "MIKALMT!!!"

"What do you want anneliese???" Actually it came out as "wkaht dhu yhou whahnt enneleese???" since he was drinking the chocolate already.

"Never mind. I have like... fifty something steaks to cook. And Gale REFUSES to cook."

Clove1001's POV



"Of course you can come clove!!!!" I run over to the chocolate fountain and stick a cup into it.


"Clove??? Are you wearing polar bear pajama pants???" Anneliese asks.

"Uh... YES!!! OMG!!!! YOU HAVE A POOL!!!! AND A ROCK SLIDE!!!! AND!!!" My eyes widen and my jaw drops. "A DIVING BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!" I run outside and go and sit on the diving board drinking my chocolate.


Johanna's POV

I ring the doorbell. There is already music blasting impossibly loud and lots of screaming. I ring the doorbell again. Julian tells me to just wait. Anneliese flings the door open. She's wearing a short bright pink dress.

"Come it. Warning... Mikalmt is the DJ. And the par-tay is getting crazy. And it started like 15 minutes ago." Anneliese let us in. There were streamers, balloons, food, and people everywhere.

"Now... we're doing karaoke.... And it's Rose's turn now." Anneliese sighed.

"NOW!!! THIS IS A SONG WRITTEN BY ME!!! AND MY SISTAH FRIEND ANNELIESE WILL BE PLAYING PIANO WHILE I SING!!! TAKE IT AWAY!!!" She took a long drink out of a bottle of firewhiskey as did Anneliese.

"Let's go Rose!!!"

Kwankwan's POV


"You're awesome, you're funny (even more so than Finnick)

You outshine everyone with your godliness

Your brawn is mine to desire, and your hair too!!!!!

What I mean to say is: I LOVE YOU!!!"

It's quiet except for anneliese playing on the piano and Cato cheering rose on.

"You're fierce, you're my strong man!

And to others, you'd seem tough,

But, you've got a soft spot for your dearest Rose!!!

And you'll never hit my thorn!!!!!!

And know my feelings come true!!!!!!!!

What I mean to say is: I LOVE YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!!!"

(lyrics written by Rose Hathaway all rights reserved)

Mopping's POV

There is a crazy par-tay at Anneliese's house. I walk inside. o.O

My sister is kissing Cato. I almost drop the bottle of butterbeer I grabbed.

"MOPPING!!!!" Anneliese grabbed my arm and began pulling me away from Rose who had seen me.

"Anneliese... what the heck was that back there???" I ask concerned.

"NOTHING!!! Drinking contest?" She asked.

"YOU'RE ON!!!!" I shout. I lost. As usual. As Anneliese raised her bottle in victory she dropped it. I see where she's looking. At Mikalmt and Katniss. o.O

President Snow's POV

What a (not so) exciting party. That girl sung a horrible song about Cato, there was a drinking contest, someone in polarbear pajama pants in flirting with guys while on the diving board.

"MIKALMT?!?!?! YOU'RE GOING WITH KATNIIIIIIIIIIIIISS????" Anneliese shrieked. How overly dramatic.

"DON'T HURT ME!!!! I'M YOUR MASTER!!!!!" That Mikalmt boy hid behind Finnick. They began screaming at each other until that girl who sung about Cato calmed her down.

"Let's dance!!!" Primrose sugessted.

"Let's not."

Julian's POV

Even though Johanna isn't really paying attention, the par-tay is still fun!!!!!! The food is good. I think I've had like.... 15 bottles of Coke, and I don't know how much chocolate.

"Hey! Having fun???" Finnick yelled over the noise.

"YAH!!!" I shout back before Necterine pulls Finnick away.

"Is that the PRESIDENT???" I ask Johanna.

"Yes!!! Come on!!!! Let's dance!!!" She shouts and we do.


Annelise should have more par-tays. I've 70 something firewhiskey's. That.... has.... got... to... be... a reeeeeeeeeecord. Hee-hee.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Moon Beam. That's a peeeeeeeeeeeerty name....." I feel dizzy.

"Go AWAY KEAP!!!!" She slaps me.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Glimmer. That's a peeeeeeeeeeeeeeerty name....." I don't get slapped by Glimmer. Instead I get punched by Brony.

"Ooooowie... my head feels funny...... someone geeeeeeeeeeet me a buttabeer!!!!" I manage to stand up. Then I get punched by Haymitch "Do NOT flirt with Moon!!!! Or I WILL punch you!!!!" He says and I laugh cause he has a funnay sense of humor.

Rose's POV

"Rose!!!! What the heck were you doing???" Protective older brother.

"What do you think???" I snap.

"Should I go get you two a butterbeer or chocolate??" Cato asks.


"NO!" Mopping shouts at the same time as me.

"Go get me some chocolate Cato." I say.

"He's part of this arguement too!!!" Mopping argued.

"NO!!! THIS IS BETWEEN YOU AND ME!!!!" I shout at Cato goes to get me some chocolate.

"Weeeeell then!!!" Mopping said.

"I'm not a baby anymore!!!"

"Yes you are!!!!"


"HEY GUYS!!!!!!! THIS IS MY THEEEEEEEEEEME SONG!!!!" Mikalmt screams into the microphone. Oh no.

Moon Beam's POV

KEAP is such an idiot!!!!! Thankfully Haymitch was there to save my life!!!!!!

"HEY GUYS!!!!!! THIS IS MY THEEEEEEEEEEME SONG!!!!" Mikalmt screams into the microphone. Anneliese runs onto the stage and tries to get him away from all the music stuff. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?????" Gale, laughing pulls her away.

"LET'S GO!!! COME ON BRONY!!! GET UP HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Brony runs onto the stage. Their theme song is "Sexy and I Know it". Durning their four minutes or so Mikalmt begins showing off his "abs". I found it highly amusing. KEAP stumbled onto the stage still conscious despite being punched twice while drunk. He begins singing "YMCA" while "Sexy and I Know It" is still playing.

"IT'S FUN TO PLAY AT THE YMCA!!!!!!! IT'S FUN TO PLAY AT THE YMCA!!!" He even does the hand motions. "YOUNG MAN, YOUNG MAN!!!! Um.... uh.... YMCA!!!!!! IT'S FUN TO PLAY AT THE YMCA!!!!" Mikalmt is furious. KEAP is pushed off the stage and Mikalmt and Brony go back to their song. After it's over Haymitch gets onto the stage. And gets down on one knee. o.O and says, or rather shouts:



Kwankwan's POV

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!" Moon screamed and hugged Haymitch. Wow... she can scream loud. Mikalmt changed the song to "Love Story". He began to sing until he got a shoe thrown at him. By MOI.

"OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Helen begins screaming like a little five year old. NOT SHOCKING. She's screaming about someone dead... everyone runs outside. Lying on her face is... CASHMERE.

"WHO KILLED HER?!?!? WHO KILLED HER?!?!?! TELL ME!!!!! WAS IT YOU KEAP???? WAS IT?" Gloss began screaming in KEAP's face. I'm pretty sure he didn't hear ONE BIT of it he was so drunk.

"I DIDN'T KILL ANYONE!!!!" KEAP screamed.

"SOMEONE KILLED HER!!!!! WAS IT YOU KATNISS???" Gloss got into Katniss' face but Peeta punched him.

"Actually... if we all calmed down... that would be nice." Finnick said. He and Anneliese were kneeling down by Cashmere's body.

"CALM DOWN??? MY SISTER IS DEAD!!!" Gloss screamed at Anneliese who just blinked.

"She's actually just passed out." Anneliese said. Gloss ran over to his sister.

"Cashmere??? Can you hear me??? Are you okay???" Gloss looked on the verge of tears.

"I... I'm good." Cashmere blinked. She looked at Zach Feeney and starwarsspartan. "They attacked me!!!!!" Gloss took out his sword and killed both of them.

"Well... um..." Anneliese seemed strangely calm. "Darius... I'll let you sort this out. You're a peacekeeper." She patted him on the back and everyone went back to the par-tay.

For a while it was 100% normal. Until KEAP went up to me and HUGGED me. I shriek and slap him in the face. He stumbled off.

"Weeeeell... if that wasn't awkward I don't want to know what it!!!" Anneliese handed me a butterbeer.

Oblivion's POV

Owieeeeeeeeeeee... my head hurts....

"OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!" I hear someone scream. I think it's Peeta. I can't really see anything. It's all fuzzy. Everything is fuzzy...

"My heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeead hurts...." I wail. Everyone is surrounding me. Someone helps me get up. I'm handed a cup of chocolate which I inhale. I'm given another cup of chocolate which I also inhale. Not really. I see that the two guys who attacked us are very dead. YAY!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I got chocolate on my polar bear pajama pants!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Everdeen's POV

I chug a firewhiskey. I don't even know where Thresh is. That's ok. I walk past KEAP. I walk back. I ruffle his hair and pinch his cheeks. OMG!!!!! COOKIES!!!!!!

I go running toward the table that has the cookies. I begin shoving them into my mouth. I see the chocolate fountain. I run over there and begin drinking some of the chocolate out of a cup. I'M HYPER!!!!!!!!!!!! Mikalmt begins playing the perfect song for a conga. I run over to Thresh, who has magically appeared out of no where, and tell him my plan. Within a minute everyone is a part of the conga line, with me at the front. I break off of the conga line and everyone goes into a circle around me!!!!!!!!

I drink some more chocolate.

Leslie's POV

Moonbeam face.

Shouldn't Peeta be looking at ME when we're dancing not KATNISS???? AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"MOONBEAM FACE!!!!!" I scream. No one even looks at me due to the rather loud arguement between Moon and KEAP. This is what happened:

KEAP: pinches moon

Moon: pinches KEAP

KEAP: pokes moon

Moon: pokes KEAP

KEAP: pokes moon

Moon: slaps KEAP

KEAP: slaps Moon

Moon: slaps KEAP

KEAP: slaps Moon

Then they began having a total cat fight slapping each other's hands. With their eyes closed. It went on for like 3 minutes.

KEAP: aaaaaahhhhh!!! I broke a nail!!!!!

Oblivion: punches KEAP in the face

KEAP: falls over

Oblivion: SUCKER!!!!!!

Helen's POV

It's okay that Darius SUCKS at dancing. I suck too. I found a DEAD BODY today. Well technically she was just passed out... but CLOSE ENOUGH!!!!! "Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay guys!!!!!! We're doing Just Dance!!!!!" Gale shouts.

"OH! OH! OH!!!!" I begin screaming. "I'M IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I shove my way to the front. Anneliese had evidently gotten Beetee to wire her Wii so that as many people could play and wanted. So... there were like 20 or 30 people playing at once.

Yah... um, Annie won for "California Girls" but..... at it turns out, Darius is really good. But, after like 4 hours of it, almost everyone had won a game. Anneliese kicked butt at "Kung-fu Fighting" but got a little too into it and ended up breaking KEAP's nose. I begin to drink chocolate.

Katniss and Peeta are looking at each other across the room. I can tell that they don't really want to be apart. I decide that I know how to get them back together.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I jump on top of Peeta. I plan to like totally attack him and make Katniss be all worried about him. He immediately pushes me off. I forgot how strong he was.

"Helen... let's go get some soda." Darius helps me off of the ground. Mikalmt turns the music back on.

Finnick's POV

HA HA HA!!!!! WHO WON THE MOST ROUNDS OF JUST DANCE (Just Dance 2, Just Dance 3, and Just Dance Summer Party)?!?!?! ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did particularily well on "dynamite". I would have probably won "Kung Fu Fighting" if Anneliese hadn't broken KEAP's nose. I had to fix it.


KEAP has asked to not be in these anymore which means I'm killing him off. ANY IDEAS????


SHOULD ILUVGALE WRITE ANOTHER PAR-TAY AFTER THIS ONE??? NO!!! YES!!!! She shouldn't even finish these

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