As most of you now know we're starting a Sponsor-a-Tribute program. This program will basically be that an older user (that has to fit certain guidelines) will "mentor" or just like help out a new user. They'll basically just show them the ropes of the wiki (ie: how to make games, what they should edit, how to make tributes, answer any questions, etc.)

Qualifications (may change)

  • Been on for 2 months or longer
  • Have 100+ edits
  • Have 30+ mainspace edits
  • Must be responsible and be trusted by other users
  • Also must be on chat often (4+ times a week)

How to apply

Apply in the comments saying that you want to be a mentor and then if three people approve (in the comments) then you'll become a mentor.


If you want to be a "mentor" please tell me and I'll see if the other users think that you'll be a good "mentor"

Those who are approved by others will be put onto a chart and will just be assigned to the new users who want to be mentored.

Name mentoring right now? any other notes
TheHungarianGames yes also a chat mod
Iluvgale yes admin
The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo yes chat mod
ViniciusDeAssis1999 yes
Justafox yes chat mod
Rainbow Shifter nope
Wesolini yes
Fluffeh Kitteh nope
Annamisasa yes chat mod
~PopTart~ yes
TheMysteriousGeek nope
Tiki tooki nope
~ilovepeeta~ nope chat mod

How to be mentored

If you've just joined the wiki then please just write in the comments that you wish to be mentored and we'll just assign someone to be your mentor. Basically your mentor will just be a friend to you and can help you with any problems or questions that you have (:

New user Are they being mentored? Mentor Additional details
Raven HG yes Poptart wants to be mentored in making games
Fairlyodd566 yes RainbowShifter
FoxfaceFan32825 yes TheBoyWith...
AvraKotRadum yes Vinicius
ImmaPerson:D yes Anna
YoungGuy5 yes Wesolini
KNKHungerGames yes Justafox
Clove should have Won yes Iluvgale

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