So . . . due to the encouragement of other people I've decided to create . . . the 25th hunger games.

For those who don't remember the 25th hunger games were the first quater quell in which the districts had to vote the tributes into the games. For more info click here.

I'd like the normal info about tributes:

Name, age, district, skills, weaknesses, history, etc. I'd also like one other thing. Why they were picked to be sent to the games.


bold means part of career pack or other alliance. crossed out means they're sadly dead.

District Female Place Male Place User
1 Bascule Du Fey 6th Excel Rose 20th Prezziesnow9704:)!
2 Cahe Wolfe 16th Pine Tucker 4th Clove1001
3 Liliana Jones 3rd Crick Storm 23rd Rueflower
4 Julie Bishop 14th Noah Bishop 8th Skyandbray
5 Kathrina Loula 2nd Harris Jon 12th ~ilovepeeta~
6 Sutton Yates 10th River Rhodes 19th Wolverine1717
7 Cypress Beech 7th Plank Oak 11th Necterine 411
8 Cleo jones 13th Matthew little 15th tacosalad1127
9 Spring Howards 1st! Sam Jones 18th Brony12
10 Ardis Blaze 9th Drake Dust 22nd nate777
11 Blue Ghost 17th Sam Blah 24th Rueflower
12 Shania Deary 21st Herflex Nome

5th QuinnQuinn


I'd also like everyone to know that I'll be randomly choosing who dies. Like putting names on slips of paper and pulling them out of a hat so everyone's tributes will have and EQUAL chance of winning.

The (Not Really Reaping) Reapings

So . . . the reapings will be different this year. Everyone over the age of 12 will be given a small electronic device with a key pad. They'll type the name of the girl they want to send and then it'll be automatically tallied up and announced then the boy.

Bascule Du Fey's POV (D1)

I wait with the other teens my age waiting for the time when we could vote someone into the games. I look around and see Eliza the mayor's daughter. I catch her eye, point a single finger at her then draw my finger across my neck. She pales. I laugh since she's such an easy person to pick on. The escort literally bounces onto the stage with a too big smile and neon green hair. She smiles and says "Now it's time for everyone to write the name of the girl between the ages of 12 and 18 on the little electronic device that you've been given." She waves one around and I write Eliza's name. After a few minutes everyone has written the girl who they want to be sent to the games name. "Bascule Du Fey. It takes a few seconds for me to realize that I am Bascule Du Fey. Oh well. I hope they have hammers for me to throw. I climb up on the stage and the boy that's sent is some 12 year old. Excel Rose. But I know not to underestimate him. He's a fighter that's why he got voted in. I look at the mayor and I see something in his eyes. I'm not from 3 but I'm not brainless. He rigged it.

Pine Tucker's POV (D2)

I stumble onto the stage not believing that I'm in the games. HOW??? I look at the fellow tribute from my district, Cahe Woofe, and I know why she was voted in. She's a fighter. I've seen her punch a kid and he was in the hospital for a few months since he really pissed her off. She's also insanely smart. But why was I voted in?? I won't know unless I win which I plan on doing. Before I can do anything much I'm dragged off by some peacekeepers onto the train.

Crick Storm's POV (D3) [in case you haven't noticed I'm going in number order]

"Lilian Jones!" Our crazy escort, who must be over 40 years old and has wild pink hair, calls out! She's a smart headstrong fighter. She smiles as she climbs onto the stage. I remember that her family was killed in an accident. It's not that name that surprises me it and it's not the one I'm about to hear that surprises me: "Crick Storm!" I know why. People think I'm somewhat crazy and blood thirsty but that's ok. I think I am too. I literally run to the stage. I lock eyes with Lilian and I know she'll be a threat.

Julie Bishop's POV (D4)

"Julie Bishop!" I'm shocked but I manage to stumble onto the stage. I shake it off. Not really though. Everyone starts shouting and yelling. The escort seems incapable of forming real words and just opens and closes her mouth. Then I hear "PLEASE!!! VOTE FOR ME SO I CAN PROTECT MY SISTER!" Noah. My heart sinks. After a few minutes Noah is standing next to me and I'm leaning on him crying quietly. "Our tributes! Julie and Noah Bishop!!!" Few people applaud. Most people boo and someone even throws a shoe at out escort. We're hurried off the stage by the peacekeepers. But not before the shoe's pair hits our escort and she falls on her face with a squeal.

Harris Jon's POV (D5)

The mayor's daughter is standing on the stage next to me. She's quietly humming to herself and doesn't seem to care that much. Unlike me. I'll admit that I was beginning to tear up and some 18 year old began laughing. "The little loner's crying." It made me mad but there was nothing I could do about it I realized it was the mayor's other kid. "Hey. At least he doesn't suck him thumb and call for mommy when he sleeps!" The girl, Katrina for some reason comes to my aid. He got a round of laughter at that. "I don't suck my thumb!" He yelled. "That's right you hug your teddy bear AND suck your thumb."

Sutton Yates' POV (D6)

All I want to know is: what the hell am I doing on this stage?? Why did the people of district 6 VOTE me into the games. I wouldn't have minded if I'd been reaped but my own district voting me in! Then my world is turned even more around when River's name is called. I feel like I've been punched in the chest. River puts him arm around my shoulder and I look at him. The least that I'll do though is fight. I think I might have a chance. Might. might.

Cypress Beech's POV (D7)

My head begins filling with all the different ways I can kill the other tributes. Between me and Plank all of the other tributes don't really stand a chance. I'm not really suprised that we got voted in and neither is Plank. Everyone hates us and we hate them. :) I wish I had had time to beat up some more kids but I don't really care. I'll get to KILL people and I won't get in trouble! In fact it is wanted that I kill people. Oh ... this is going to be fun. I don't care that people start singing and laughing when we're taken away.

Matthew Little's POV (D8)

I don't really know the girl that got reaped but she seems pretty confident in herself but not cocky. I hope that I won't have to kill her. A plan begins to form in my head. But before I leave I have to go out with a bang. I begin singing "All the single ladies" as the peacekeepers drag me off of the stage and towards the train. Cleo sighs but I hear her quietly humming along.

Spring Howards' POV (D9)

My jerk of an ex-boyfriend got me voted into these stupid games since I realized he was a jerk and dumped him. If I make it through the game's I'll strangle him. The boy from our district was voted in since no one really likes him. I find that pretty sad that people voted him in since they didn't really think he could do anything. Almost as lame as being voted in by your jerk ex.

Drake Dust's POV (D10)

I'm not quite sure what I'm doing on this platform with Ardis. We were voted into the 25th hunger games. A "quarter quell" as President Snow calls it. I'm sure that Ardis will do well in the games. She'll at least have plenty of sponsors between her good looks and skills. But since these aren't a normal hunger games you never know. Just like how I'd never thought I'd be in the 25th hunger games. Some things you just can't expect.

Blue Ghost's POV (D11)

{C {C I'm not really too surprised I got voted in. I mean i'm just a crazy girl who claims she can talk to ghosts. Why not get rid of her. What really ticks me off is that a crippled boy got sent into the games. That is seriously not right. I tell him that i'm sorry that he's getting sent to the games. There's nothing else I can do. I wish there was.

Herflex Nome's POV (D12)

I stand next to a crying weeping nightmare. A.K.A. my district partner. Shania has been known for being overly dramatic but . . . whatever. I know that I'm going to sweep away these games. They are MINE. I mean I AM the best fighter. That's why I went around telling people to vote me and they did!!! My district partner is now I crying weeping kicking screaming nightmare as the peacekeepers take us to the train. I tell her to shut up.

Chariot Rides!!!!

District 1:

Bascule is wearing a long dress and Excel is wearing a tux. Their clothes are covered in diamonds. They look great but the audience has seen this before. Then their outfits literally explode. Diamonds fly everywhere and one hits Shania from District 12. She squeals. Bascule and Excel are still wearing the same clothes but minus the diamonds. Their clothes are now sparkling and the audience LOVES it.

District 2:

They are wearing the simple peacekeeper outfit. The audience goes back to looking at District 1 when their outfit begins turning different colors and fireworks begin shooting everywhere. No one's quite sure what fireworks have to do with District 2 but they love it.

District 3:

Liliana and Crick are wearing black jumpsuits covered in gears and wires. As their carriage begins to move they gears begin spinning and sparks start shooting from the wires. The audience considers it better than most of the other years. Liliana and Crick begin arguing about something and the gears begin to spin faster and more sparks begin shooting off of their clothes. The audience decides that it's one of the best outfits that District 3 has created.

District 4:

They are both wearing loose ocean colored shirts. Julia is wearing a flowing skirt, and Noah wears pants. The audience thinks they could have done better. Water begins shooting from the chariot and soaks the first few rows of the audience. They don't really appreciate it since it's a cold night.

District 5:

They're wearing glowing outfits. Kathrina wears a dress that seems to be made out of lights and Harris is wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt. The outfits seem to be giving off heat. Lots of heat which the people in the first few rows appreciate as their clothes are nearly dry by the time they've past them.

District 6:

The original design for District 6 was for them to be dressed as trains but the tributes refused. They ended up going out in outfits covered in tiny spinning wheels. The tributes don't hate or love it. The audience feels the same.

District 7:

As they come out the entire audience groans. Trees. Again. Suddenly Cypress and Plank take off their tree costumes revealing their brown jumpsuits and green hair. They each have a basket of different fruit. Cypress has peaches and Plank has oranges. They begin chucking them into the audience. The designers for District 7 are shocked and obviously had no idea this was going to happen. Besides getting fruit thrown at them (which hurt) they loved it.

District 8:

Cleo is wearing a short white dress and Matthew white pants and shirt. The clothes begin to change color and texture. District 8 is textiles after all. The crowd loves it and the colors continue changing and never repeat. The crowd loves it a little less when Matthew begins singing "All The Single Ladies" again. Cleo wacks him and he shuts up.

District 9:

Spring doesn't really appreaciate the fact that she looks like she rolled around in glue then in wheat but it could be worse. Her district partner could be singing "all the single ladies" or she could be covered in wheels. Sam was dressed like Spring but had pants instead of a skirt. She'd insisted that he could stand and he did. It involved him leaning on her a lot but he stood. They both smiled. The clothes really weren't that bad but . . . Spring couldn't help but keep looking at District 1 with their sparkly jumpsuits. The crowd is impressed with the fact that the boy in the wheelchair was standing up with the help of his district partner.

District 10:

Ardis had been pretty close to strangling her stylist, but she sucked it up and wore the cowprint dress. And cowboy boots. Ardis waved but didn't smile. She didn't care for them. The capitol was nothing. She just needed to take out the other tributes. Then she wouldn't have to wear cow clothes. She decided to smile and wave.

District 11:

The tributes are wearing green cotton pants and shirts. Blue has little fruit clips in her hair and the audience thinks that they look pretty good. Then Blue begins seeing ghosts of previous District 11 tributes and begins crying and sits down on the bottom of the carriage. The audience is confused but focus their attention on the District 12 chariot.

District 12:

Shania smiles and waves at the crowd above her. She doesn't really mind the coal miners outfit since they made it tighter for her than they usually are. She refused to wear the helmet but kept the pick over her shoulder. Her face still hurt a little from when the stupid District 1 tributes blew up their outfits and sent a diamond at her face. She at least got to keep the diamond. Smile and wave.


For every day of the games (I'm thinking there will be around 7) I'll ask two different questions. So question A and question B. I'll ask them at different times and who ever answers the question first will get to give any tribute a gift. Nothing to big, food a weapon etc. But if you get two or more questions right first then you can get bigger stuff.


the arena is a giant island representing the Capitol then 12 smaller islands representing each of the other districts. The interesting thing about the islands is that they are the shape of the number of the district that they are representing. For example there will be an island in the shape of a 4. But besides that there is nothing special about each island. The main Capitol island will be a forest along with the other islands.


Ladies and gentlemen. Let the 25th hunger games begin.

Day one

Julie Bishop's POV (D4)

I step into the tube and begin going up. The uniform this year is a boring black jumpsuit. It seems to be water resistant though. I hope that means we'll be on islands. It will give me an advantage. I reach the top. It's a forest. I see the gleaming cornucopia and what's in it. Backpacks. And weapons. It's about 30 yards away. I see the other tributes. I look for the careers since we've already decided we're going to ally. Except for my stupid overly protective brother. 60. 59. 58. BOOM!!! The boy from 9, no 11, the one in the wheelchair is dead? 56. 55.

Bascule Du Fey's POV (D1)

Well ... one down 22 to go? I guess he wanted it to be fast. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. I run towards the cornucopia and am glad that I'm the first there. I look for a hammer but I don't find one. I find one kind of weapon and one only. Maces. We're going to be bludgeoning each other to death. Nice.

Crick Storm's POV (D3)

Most people have a mace in their hand and either are fighting or running. I see the boy from 4 running off. I guess he isn't going to be a career. I grab a mace and a small red backpack when I see the boy from 10. I feel a burst of pain then nothing.

Lilianna Jones' POV (D3)

I was never close to my district partner but I'm not very happy. I hesitate for just a second before I hit the boy from 10. I hit him a few more times. I think his name was Drake? I see the whiney girl from 12 get hit by that girl from 1. I grab a green backpack and run towards the woods. Don't look back Lilianna. I'm going to have to put this aside. I'm a killer. Big deal.

Herflex Nome's POV (D12)

Shania's dead. Whatever. I grab two maces and a backpack and try to get the hell out of there. The boy from 1 comes at me. He swings and I dodge the mace and hit him on the forehead. He crumples and blood pools around him. I run. I keep running through the woods until the dirt turns to sand and the trees are gone. It's an island. And I see several more. I'm willing to bet there are 12 little islands. I'm glad I learned how to swim.

Bascule Du Fey (D1)

Hmm. My district partner's dead. I'll live without that little 12 year old. I do like maces though considering I got to whack that dramatic little girl from 12. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Four deaths during the blood bath plus the boy from 9. Five dead. With the other careers we look through all of the backpacks but don't find any other weapons. I don't care they're a lot like hammers. This will be fun.

DEATHS!!!!!! HA HA HA!!!!

24th-Sam Blah: went off plate too early

23rd-Crick Storm: bludgeoned by Drake Dust

22nd-Drake Dust: bludgeoned by Lilianna Jones

21st-Shania Deary: bludgeoned by Bascule Du Fey

20th-Excel Rose: bludgeoned by Herflex Nome.

Day TWO!!!

Sutton Yates' POV (D6)

River and I are on one of the littler islands. We both managed to grab a backpack and get out of the blood bath with a mace. I don't think I'll be using it if I can. In our backpacks we found a blanket, some food but no other weapons.

"Hey. I'm gonna see if I can see anyone from higher up." I tell River and begin climbing a tree. I get to the top (about 70 feet) and can see pratically the whole arena. One big island and 12 smaller. The other islands are in the shape of numbers: 1, 7, 10. The center one must be the capitol. BOOM!!! I look down and see River lying on the ground dead and the girl from 7 running away with her district partner with a bloody mace in her hand. I begin climbing down.

Sam Jones' POV (D9)

The careers allow me to join their alliance. Good. They've picked the cornucopia clean and didn't find anything but maces. They did find a lot of food though. The girl from 4 (Julie? Julia?) and the girl from 2 (Cahe) are arguing about how to hold the mace so that you can cause the most damage. Then the girl from 1 (Bascule?) grabs one and shows them how to hold it. I think she's the one that loves hammers. Then a silver parachute lands on the girl from 4. She opens it and is thrilled to find that it holds a dozen throwing knives.

"Why don't you test them?" Pine asks. She smiles and turns towards me. BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathrina Loula's POV (D5)

I've strapped myself into my sleeping bag. There were two deaths today. I watch the sky and see the boy from 6 and the boy from 9. That means there have been nine deaths. 14 more will die. Hopefully not me.


19th-River Rhodes: Bludgeoned by Cypress Beech

18th-Sam Jones: hit by knife from Julie Bishop


Julie Bishop is the only tribute with a long range weapon! You can give your tribute a weapon by being the first to answer one of my questions!!!

Day Three!!!!

Noah Bishop's POV (D4)

I wake up to seeing a beautiful sight-a trident. I nearly begin dancing but realize I'm in the hunger games. No dancing. I was so happy when I'd found out I could do some swimming in this arena. I look around for a while and see the crazy girl from 11 who claims she "talks to ghosts" HA!

Blue Ghost's POV (D11)

I see the ghosts of all of the different tributes from district 11 that have died in the previous games. And Sam. I spent the majority of the night talking to him and appologizing that I couldn't help him. He said that he got what he wanted. A quick painless death that he got to choose. I see a trident hurdeling at me then nothing. BOOM!!!!

Cleo Jones' POV (D8)

I walk with Matthew as he quietly sings "Mean" by Taylor Swift since I almost strangled him for singing "All the Single Ladies" he seems to be directing the song at me. Oh well. I can't help but hum along and hope he doesn't change to Justin Bieber. Then I hear talking. I hear Matthew shut up which was nice. I see the four of them. Careers. My eyes lock with Matthew and he charges before I can do anything. He hits the girl from 2. He caught them by surprise but there's four. No three. BOOM!!! The girl from 4 throws a knife him and I manage to keep in my scream. I want to kill her so badly but run. I hear his cannon BOOM!!! I realize that I did care about silly singing Matthew. I don't mind when a tear or two slips down my cheek. I'll miss him.

Cypress Beech's POV (D7)

Three more dead. That means... um . . . like nine dead! I munch on the berries that Plank gave me. I feel an urge to hurt or kill someone cause that's always fun and I haven't been able to do that since we got taken here. Oh well . . .

Spring Howard's POV (D9)

I sit in the tree and know that due to the amount of cannons that have gone off there are 15 tributes left. I'm on one of the smaller islands doing pretty well living off of plants and the food that I've found on the island. I hear a rustling and see a ... holy crap! WTF is that??? A fluffy hamster? You're kidding me. I think for a while as it runs around. I go up to it and see it has fangs! I bludgeon it.

DEATHS!!!!!!! MWAA HA! HA! (I can kill your tributes with a few words!!!!)

17th-Blue Ghost: impaled by trident due to Noah Bishop

16th-Cahe Wolfe: bludgeoned by Matthew Little

15th-Matthew Little: hit by knife from Julie Bishop


The two Bishop siblings have long range weapons!!! And there are evil hamsters and other mutts around. If you check often then you can get a sponsor gift for your tributes. And I WILL be doing a feast on the . . . oh 6th or 7th day. I plan on having 9 or 10 days! I'd LOVE to know how I'm doing since these are my first games. If you think they're good let me know and then I'll make another!

HUGS, KISSES, and lots of DEATH:

Anneliese a.k.a. Annie a.k.a. the awesome one a.k.a. her royal highness a.k.a. queen of the universe aka Iluvgale 07:28, January 1, 2012 (UTC)

Day Four!!!!!!!

Spring Howard's POV (D9)

That little hamster was REALLY yummy. I had some berries and found a nice little pond. I pack up camp and begin looking around a little. I killed some small animals and found a new place to camp. At one point there were a few tributes but I decide to leave them alone. I'll wait until I can get a knife. Oooh. Another little hamster! YUM!

Pine Tucker's POV (D2)

After Cahe was killed and Julie killed the boy from 9, the one that would sing, I could have sworn I heard a muffled scream then someone running away. I wanted to go after whoever it was SO badly but Julie and Bascule told me it wasn't worth it. I'm going to find the person. I'm willing to bet it's the girl from 9. Chloe? No. Cleo. She's dead.

Plank Oak's POV (D7)

I wake up as a tree falls a few inches from my head. I jump up and look around. Believe me if nothing else that will wake you up in the morning. I see Cypress hacking at a tree with an axe with a crazy grin. "I got a sponser gift!!!" The tree falls. Okay... I find a dead squirrel in the tree. Actually three.

Harris Jon's POV (D5)

Hmm ... no deaths. That's nice. Not really since that means there are more people that will have to be killed if I want to go back home. Then I hear the announcer. I remember who she is. Woman. Early 20's. Anneliese something.



Julie Bishop's POV (D4)

I immediately sit up. There are other islands??? Oh. My. God. How did I not know that??? I'm sure my brother already knew that. That's probably why we've seen so few people. I'm going to find my brother and kill him.

Kathrina Loula's POV (D5)

I need to get off of this island first thing tomorrow. I hear something behind me a yank out my mace. Someone stumbles out of the bushes and collaspes. It's my district partner, Harris Jon. He has a gash across his chest as if some wild animal or mutt scratched him. I don't know what to do. I know I won't kill him though.


No deaths. Boring day.


Tomorrow I will be sinking the little islands because:

1. I can


2. I want to.

Since the islands will be sinking tomorrow, and I plan to drown a tribute or two, I decided to let all of the tributes live another day. But remember!!!! I will kill 14 more tributes in the next week or so. Oh and ~ilovepeeta~ I'd advise using your sponser gift to save Harris. He's dying. OUCH.

HUGS, KISSES, and lots of DEATH!!!!

Anneliese a.k.a. Annie a.k.a. the awesome one a.k.a. her royal highness a.k.a. queen of the universe aka Iluvgale 03:12, January 3, 2012 (UTC)

Day Five

Kathrina Loula's POV (D5)

I pour the medicine in his mouth and see his eyelids flutter. He moans but almost immediately his cuts heal. I leave him to heal and think about the fact that he hates swimming. Then how did he get on this island. I find a backpack in the bush he crawled out of. There's some sort of floatation device. Nice.

Pine Tucker's POV (D2)

BOOM!!! About 20 feet away I see Julie fall on her face with an axe in her head. The girl from 7 pulls it out and runs. I turn to Bascule.

"Alliance is over. Go." She says. I very well could just kill her. But I just watch her walk away. I decide to find the girl that killed Cahe. The girl from 9. I think her name was Cleo. For almost four hours I look around and I finally find her. I take one of the knives that Julie owned and sneak up behind her. She turns around.

"My district partner killed your district partner. I understand that perfectly. You want me dead. But may I just say..." She begun singing "But all you are is mean. And I liar. And pathetic. And alone in life and mean. And mean. And mean. And some day I'll be livin' in a big ol city. And all you're ever gonna be is mean. Some day I'll be big enough so you can't hit me. And all you're gonna be is mean. Why you gotta be so mean. I'm done." I stand there completely completely confused.

"uh . . . Sparks Fly is SO much better. Mean is SO last year. Actually "The One That Got Away" is the best!" I cover my hand with my mouth.

"Make it fast." She said and I stab her. BOOM!!! I begin humming then singing. "In another life . . . I would make you stay. So I don't have to say you were the one that got away. The o-o-o-o-o-one. The o-o-o-o-o-one. The o-o-o-o-o-one. The one that got away." I dance to it.

Ardis Blaze's POV (D9)

You know. It's nice having a guy working for you. I managed to talk the boy from 4 into an "alliance". Our alliance means that I tell him to do stuff then he does it. Well ... not totally I do some stuff. I'm good with plants so I find all the plants that we need and since I found some wire in my backpack I set up some snares. The two of us decide to set off to the big island. He's a much better swimmer than I am but we got the the big island in a few minutes.



Harris Jon's POV (D5)

I swear. The head gamemaker talked for more than five minutes about each of the previous games. That was like two and a half hours. I was so close to screaming and so was Kathrina.

"HARRIS!!! Get off your lazy (word accidentaly deleted) off the ground and get the H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICK over here." Kathrina cried. I sigh. The girl might have saved my life but she could not cuss at ME!

"I'm staying on this island!!!!" I scream.

"AUGH!!! STUPID IDIOT!!! HAVE FUN FREAKING DYING!!!!" She grabs everything. Both the backpacks and stuffs all of the things and begins running. She doesn't look back.

"I WILL!!!" I'm not quite sure why I choose to stay on the island. I didn't want to be a part of these games anymore I guess. I hear rather loud cuss words. She's surprisingly loud and well . . . has some pretty colorful language for the daughter of the mayor. A few minutes later I feel shaking. I walk to the edge of the beach. The water level begins rising and I see the other islands sinking. The water keeps rising and soon the islands are gone. Suddenly a whirl pool swallows me up. I'm thrown around until my head hits a rock. BOOM!!!!



HUGS, KISSES, and lots of DEATH!!!

Anneliese a.k.a. Annie a.k.a. the awesome one a.k.a. her royal highness a.k.a. queen of the universe aka Iluvgale 04:04, January 4, 2012 (UTC)

DEATHS!!!! MWAA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!

14th-Julie Bishop: axed by Cypress Beech

13th-Cleo Joes: stabbed by Pine Oak

12th-Harris Jon: hit head on rock and drowned X(

Day Six

Bascule Du Fey's POV (D1)

"This is too easy" I think to myself as I sneak up behind the pair from 7. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (why not make it loud?) Boy from 7 is DEAD! SUCKER!

"That's what you get you stupid tree hugger!" I scream then regret it when I see the girl from 7's axe in the ground next to her and I realize why there are tree's on the ground. I run. "SUCKER!!!"

Sutton Yate's POV (D6)

I don't really care what happens to me anymore . . . River's dead. If I make it through these games I don't think I'll actually keep living. So either way I die in my opinion. I hear someone cussing quite loudly. I don't bother to move. It's the girl from 5. She looks kinda pissed. And not very happy. "Stupid idiot. Got what he deserved. Drowning. What a little (*beeeeeep*)! Augh! And I saved his life!" She continued cussing and stormed away. I could have killed her quite easily too.

Noah Bishop's POV (D4)

My sister's dead!!!! I was crying all night until Ardis threatened to leave. I bucked up. We saw the girl from six just sitting around. I remember her district partner got killed several days ago. She looks up and sees us. She has tears in her eyes and I can tell that she's in pain. Not physically but mentally. "Please." I throw my trident and before it hits I can see the barest hint of a smile. "River . . ." BOOM!!!!

Herflex Nome's POV (D12)

Holy crap. Only 9 more tributes!!! VICTORY DANCE!!!! I begin singing.

"BO-YAH! WHO'S A WINNER? I'M A WINNER? WHO'S A GENIUS? I'M A GENIUS! UH-HUH! OH-YAH! IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I remeber my birthday's in a few months. oh well. I go back to my singing.


11th- Plank Oak: bludgeoned by Bascule DuFey

10th- Sutton Yates: impaled with trident by Noah Bishop

Day Seven!!!

Liliana Jones' POV (D3)

I got a lovely sponser gift!!! I GOT A BOW! WITH WIRE WRAPPED AROUND IT! I LOVE IT! With the animals helping me and now I have this bow with the wire around it! I can shoot people then zap them since I somehow can conduct electricity with my eyes. I'm not sure why but I do know that it's why my family is dead. And that's why I need to win. For them.

Noah Bishop's POV (D4)

"Justin Beiber!" Ardis screams.

"Rebecca Black!" I scream back even higher pitched.


"IT'S FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY! EVERYBODY'S LOOKING FORWARD TO THE WEEK END!" Another bird falls out of the tree. The ground begins shaking!!!!! "AAAAAHHHH!!!!"

I grab my trident but it's no good considering the ground opens up and I fall in. Then Ardis.


Bascule Du Fey's POV (D1)

I know the girl from 7 will be looking for me. The ground begins shaking. I almost fall but regain my balance. Two cannons. Um..... I think that means there's..... 6 tributes left? NO! 8! NO! 10. WAIT! 8. Yes. 8. Seven of us will die. Great. I somehow reached the edge of the island. I sit down. I swing my mace around. I REALIZE SOMETHING! THIS LITTLE PIECE OF INFOMATION COULD CHANGE THE ENTIRE GAMES! There's only 7 tributes left!!!!

"Hello (instert word here that rhymes with witch but instead of a "w" there's a "b")." I prepare to fight. She's not too agile. We just circle each other for a while before she lets out a bloodcurling shreik.

There's a tidal wave coming. And a big one too...... We try running but it's no good. Right before the wave hits us I see the girl from 3 fire an arrow into the water. It seems to be full of electricity. ZAP!!!! BOOM! BOOM!

My POV (Capitol)

Well..... I hope you all know NOT to sing Friday or Justin Beiber or I will create yet another, earthquake which will lead to a tidal wave. We sadly lost four tributes. Aw.... how very not sad!!! There's only FIVE of you left I believe. NOW! You all need to stop where you are!!!! HEY! WHAT'S YOUR FACE??? PINE TUCKER!!!! STOP!!!! JEEZ!!!! I HAVE ALL THE POWER IN THE WORLD AND CAN KILL YOU RIGHT NOW IF I WANT TO!!! Which I kinda do! NOW! BACK TO WHERE I WAS! RIGHT! OKAY. SO THERE WILL BE A SPONSER GIFT COMING FOR YOU RIGHT.... NOW! PRESS THE LITTLE BLACK BUTTON IN THE NEXT FEW SECONDS OR IT WILL BLOW UP! BYE!!!

Kathrina Loula's POV (D5)

Geez... we have a seriously crazy gamemaker. The sponser gift was a little black ball with a button. I didn't do anything. It began to flash and make weird noises so I pressed it. Suddenly I was at the cornucopia in a glass cylinder and had a strange feeling of de-javu. The other tributes also showed up. None of them had supplies or weapons. I believe that they once did since the boy from 2 was cussing like there was no tomorrow. Suddenly we each had our weapon of choice.

Herflex Nome's POV (D12)

District 12 almost never does this good. But well... you know. I'm like a NINJA!!! That's why I've done this good! I'm like a killing machine!!!!

"MWAHAHAHAHAH!!! WAIT!!! WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE A WEAPON BUT ME????" I scream. This is NOT FAIR! Oh wait... I prefer hand to hand combat! Right!

The glass cylinders open and the boy from 2 throws his spear and it's coming right at ME!!!!


Spring Howard's POV (D9)

Okay... Spring you can do this. I have a dozen throwing knives. The boy from 2 no longer has his spear and he managed to disarm the girl from 5. Her mace lies next to her a few inches away. The boy, Pine I believe his name is, tackles Kathrina? The girl from 3 shoots an arrow into his back. His back arches and then he goes limp. BOOM!!!! Lilianna, I believe her name is, walks towards Kathrina. Kathrina suddenly grabs the mace and turns towards me. I drop all but two of my knives. I throw one and it hits Lilianna. BOOM!!!! The other hits Kathrina in the stomache and she doubles over. She looks at me and I know that look.

"Please." She's in pain and I grab one of my knives and slit her throat. BOOM!!!

My POV (Capitol)



Spring Howard's POV (D9) VICTOR

Oh god. That was an awful song. The hovercrafts carry the bodies of the four tributes that just died. I begin crying. I'm going home. And the first thing I am going to do is slap that jack@$$ of an ex-boyfriend of mine for putting me into these games.


9th-Noah Bishop: fell into crack

8th-Ardis Blaze: fell into crack

7th-Cypress Beech: electrocuted by Liliana Jones

6th-Bascule DuFey: electrocuted by Liliana Jones

5th-Herflex Nome: impaled with spear by Pine Tucker

4th-Pine Tucker: shot with arrow by Liliana Jones

3rd-Liliana Jones: hit with knife from Spring Howard

2nd-Kathrina Loula: throat slit by Spring Howard

CONGRATULATIONS SPRING HOWARD WINNER OF ILUVGALE'S 25TH HUNGER GAMES (even though they're the first one's she wrote!!!)

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