Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour.


There will be two males and two females from each district. Just put the basic info such as






and that's it.

Also you MUST ENTER TWO TRIBUTES FROM THE SAME DISTRICT. And for now only two tributes (EDIT: two districts is fine now)










Phunk Pink




Noah Everest


Chloe Madison




Kyler Leston


Ashlyn Aislin




Summanus Chrome


Timber Fable




Daniel Fray


Sarah Renswick




Leo Haidley


Krystal Magnet




Troy Costas


Marissa Clearwater




Havelock LaComal


Magdalena Bridgeport




Codi Marshi


Chiara Yami




Harris Jon














Amethyst Moon




Court Morgan


Zanna Vinland








Raven HG


David Lyones


Sleena Michaels




Velour Coudre


Calico Chamois


The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo


Jason Darna


Paige Lilith


Fluffeh Kitteh


Calder Viziso


Rocksie Nari Sparkle




Carbo Ferrum


Mylene Valente




Jones Brille


Jessie Sherman




Ben Witover


Mondi Bakerman




Fabeae Vicia


Arelia Night


The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo


Scout Thompson


Mya Kim




Ignis Carbo


Melanoi Jet


The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

Random notes

I'll get at least one POV from each of the characters

During the reapings they'll be one girl and one boy POV for each district

During the Chariot rides it will be the other girl and boy's POV

The death order/victor will be from a random generator so everyone has an EQUAL chance of winning

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favour.

The Reapings

District 1

Phunk Pink's POV

Okay so like since I'm 14 and TOTALLY ready to win these games I'm gonna volunteer. Cause I'm a career. I'm just better than everyone else.

"HAPPY HUNGER GAMES! AND MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOUR!" The escort smiles. "Now, this year is very special. This year we will have twice as many tributes! That mean they'll be a total of-"

"THAT MEANS THEY'LL BE 36 TRIBUTES!" Someone yells. I roll my eyes. Stupid idiot.

"NO! THEY'LL BE 46 TRIBUTES! DUH!" Someone else yells.

"That means they'll be a total of 48 tributes." The escort finishes.

I smile thinking about how I will get to kill twice as many tributes. I can bring honour and pride to my district.

"Ladies first!" The escort smiles and walks over to the glass bowl filled with strips of paper. He pulls one out and peels off the small black piece of tape "Sparkle Rose!" He announces and one of the 18 year olds begins walking up.

"I VOLUNTEER! I VOLUNTEER!" I scream and push my way forward. I climb onto the stage.

"Well... it looks like district one has a volunteer! Let's all clap for our volunteer!" He smiles. A few people bother to clap. Most of them are those who bet on how old the tributes will be and have just made money. The escort goes to pick another female name out of the glass ball.

"Chloe Madison!" He says. Chloe is one of the girls my age. And although some people think she's "pretty" everyone knows she's not. Chloe smiles as she climbs onto the stage.

"Now! Time for the boys!"

Noah Everest's POV

I don't really want to volunteer for Chloe. But I will anyways. I'm a career. I can win.

"Jason Noels!" The escort reads off the slip of paper.

"THAT'S ME! MOVE! MOVE!" Someone shouts. "G-man" as he calls himself. Like Phunk pink who only wears pink, G-Man will only wear green.

"I. Am G-Man!" He yells at the escort who tells him to go stant next to the other tributes. The escort then picks another name out of the bowl and before he can open it I shout "I VOLUNTEER!"

I climb onto the stage and the escort has us all shake hands.

"You know. Pink is WAY better than green." Phunk tells G-Man.

"GREEN IS BETTER THAN PINK!" G-Man yells and Phunk tackles G-Man. The escort begins screaming like a little girl but by the time the Peace keepers seperate the two Phunk has bitten G-Man's arm and G-Man has dislocated her shoulder. Both are hysterically screaming at each other as we climb onto the train. Our escort faints before he can reach the train.

District 2

Ashlyn Aislin's POV

"Ashylyn get up!" My mom yells from downstairs.

"DON'T YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO! MOTHER!" I scream and kick off my sheets. I'm sick and tired of this place called "home". I'd rather go into the hunger games. I could win. I would win. People were always bullying me. Now look where that's gotten them. I storm downstairs and eat breakfast. A few hours later we head to the reapings.

One of the 18 year olds almost runs into me. I believe his name is Summanus.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!?!" I scream at him.

"Well... someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed little girl." He laughs and as he turns away I jump onto his back. We begin fighting but before I can kill him the peacekeepers pull us apart and direct us to our age groups.

"HAPPY HUNGER GAMES!" The escort smiles and the potential tributes begin cheering. We've all been preparing our entire lives for this. "Now this year there is a special twist. Instead of the normal 24 tributes, there will be 48 tributes. Now, ladies first!" She walks over to the large glass ball and pulls out a slip of paper. Before she can even finish the name multiple people volunteer. The escort looks around before she chooses one of the 17 year olds.?

"Ahh. You dear! Come up here! You shall be the first female tribute representing district 2. What's your name dear?" She asks.

"My name's Timber Fable." She smiles. I've seen her. She's very good with an axe. I think she used to live in District 7 before moving.

"Now one more girl!" The escort pulls out another slip of paper and before she can read it again multiple people volunteer. Including me. The escort picks an 18 year old girl.

"NO!" I scream. I run forward and grab the girl's arm. She tries to pull it away but before she can I break her wrist. She screams and I let her arm go.

"Happy Hunger Games." I snarl and climb onto the stage.

Summanus Chrome's POV

Ashlyn Aislin. I'd seen her in training several times, but being two years younger I never got to know her, or her name. She's very good in hand-to-hand combat. But she has a temper and once she begins acting on that temper she's easy to beat.

"Now, for the boys!" The escort announces. She walks over to the large glass bowl. I know that this year, for some reason, there are hardly any boys willing to volunteer.I know I'm one of very few. She pulls a slip of paper out of the bowl and opens it.


"I VOLUNTEER! I VOLUTEER!" I shout. I'm the only one volunteering.

"Ah, what's your name?" The escort asks kindly.

"Summanus Chrome." I tell her.

"Well Happy Hunger Games Mister Chrome." She says then walks back to the glass bowl and pulls another name out. She reads the name. It's a 12 year old. It's silent. "Well... come on up dear."?

"Wait!" I turn and see Kyler Leston moving forward. He's stupid and careless, but incredibly kind. "I volunteer for the boy." He says and walks onto the stage in place of the 12 year old who he helps get down from the stage. Ashlyn glares at him and I remember that she has constantly bullied him.

"Happy Hunger Games!" The escort smiles. "Now how about you all shake hands."

District 3

Sarah Renswick's POV

"Two girls and two boys from each district will compete this year." I think through my head as I stand on the stage with three other teenagers from District 3. I think back to how less than an hour ago I was like everyone else. When I wasn't going to be fighting for my life against 47 other tributes.

One hour earlier...

I walk towards the center of the District. "It's reapin' day." As the owner of the orphanage says. Both my parents and my baby sister starved to 7 years ago. I was placed into the orphanage.

"Welcome! Happy Hunger Games! It's time to select the tributes to represent District Three in the 4665108518511th Annual Hunger Games. This year it's a little different. Two girls and two boys from each district will compete this year." The escort says. Everyone begins talking in murmured whispers. 

"Now, I believe I shall start with the girls." She says walking over to the large glass bowl filling with slips of paper. She swirls her hand around before pulling one out.

"Krystal Magnet!" She reads. I recognize her as she walks up to the stage. No volunteers, no surprise. This isn't a career district. Krystal is a year younger than me. She's pretty and is handy with a bow. She at least has a chance. The escort walks back to the bowl and pulls another slip of paper out.

"Sarah Renswick!" She read. I feel my stomach drop as I try to remember how to breathe. I walk forward towards the stage hoping that someone will volunteer. Of course, no one will. This is the Hunger Games. And this is District three. We don't fight, we have to out smart them. That's the only chance I have.

Leo Haidley's POV

I don't really know either of the girls that were picked. The second one though, I remember that her entire family starved to death a long time ago.

Two girls and two boys. The two girls have been picked. Now it's just to see who the two boys will be. I'm towards the back of the enclosed area for potential tributes, the oldest (with the highest chance of being picked) are at the front. As I turn around I see people betting with each other. How old will the tributes be? Will anyone volunteer?

"Now! It's time to pick the two boys that will be representing District Three this year. Maybe they'll bring pride to our District!" The escort smiles. At that time, one of the previous Victors (whose name fails me) decides to stumble onto the stage. Although drunken and stumbling around, he manages to find the microphone.

"Right... Happy death Games! You'll probably all die. But, hey! You'll be bringin' the pride to our District eh?" He almost falls off the stage. The escort, holding a slip of paper in her hand, tries to get the microphone back. "And why did you say OUR district. You don't even live here. I think. I don't even know..." He smiles drunkenly.

"Sir. Please just let me do my job." She's close enough to the microphone for it to pick up her voice.

"Oh right, here I'll do it for you!" He grabs the slip of paper out of her hands. "Alright... Where is LEO HAIDLEY?! Ged up here." I begin to walk towards the stage. Shocked that I was chosen. But still okay. If I could rewire the mines, I could have a chance. I remember that once, a VERY VERY long time ago someone did that. Since then several more tributes from District three have done that. 

"GET UP HERE BOY!" He shouts as I climb onto the stage. The escort begins walking over to the glass ball to pick out another name. "Hey. Don't exhaust yourself." He says and walks over to the glass ball. Instead of picking a name out, he pushes the glass ball over and it shatters. Slips of paper flutter everywhere. He grabs one in the air, crumpling it in the process. He opens it up and clears his throat. 

"Daniel Fray! Get up here!" Daniel Fray moved here from District 2 last year. Not only is he quite cocky, but he's also arrogant and good at making people like him.

"Yeah well... Happy Hunger Games losers. You're all gonna die. Now shake hands even though you'll all be killing each other in a week"

District 4

Marissa Clearwater's POV

"Happy Hunger Games! Now this year there will be two girls and two boys representing each district!" I zone out the escort, it's not hard with his boring voice. I have decided that this year I'm going to volunteer. I know that I have a high chance of winning. A very high chance. I'm not cocky, but still confident. I have a very wide set of skills which will ultimately keep me alive.

"Ah... ladies first then!" The escort walks over the glass bowl and picks out two slips of paper. She opens the first one.

"Ahem... Annie Cres-" She's cut off by several people volunteering. Me being one of them. "Ahh... You dear!" She points to me. I walk up towards the stage. "What's your name?"

"Marissa Clearwater." I say. And move over to where the escort points me. I stand there thinking about the possible arenas that it could be. An old city? Grassy hills? A forest? Floating islands? Volcanic ruins? All have happened before. I think about the possible strategies. Should I show everyone how strong I am? Or should I let it be a surprise once I get into the Arena. I know that I'll go with the careers. Being smart and cool headed is a big advantage. 


"I volunteer!" I look and see that Magdalena Bridgeport has volunteered. I roll my eyes. A complete flirt. Oh great. And I know then that I am gonna win these games. There's no way I'm gonna let this little flirt beat me.

Havelock LaComal's POV

Magdalena is the same age as me so I've trained with her. She's a flirt and good with some weapons but once it comes to physical strength she's useless. I see that Troy Costas is attempting to flirt with one of the female peacekeepers.

"Heeeeeeeey. Hey. My name's Costas. Troy Costas." He winks at a couple of 14 year old girls who all scream. "Heeey. You're really hot for a peacekeeper. Wanna touch my muscles?" He asks and the 14 year olds scream. One of them tries to climb over the ropes seperating the girls and the boys. She almost makes it to the boy's section when two of the peacekeepers grab her. 


"I love you too!" He winks and she faints. "So... you hottie peacekeeper. Wanna like... go out?" The peacekeeper turns around and punches him in the nose. "OH MY NOSE!"

"Alright! Time for the boys!" The escort says and walks over to the bowl filled with all the boy's names. She pulls two out and walks back to the microphone. "Peet-" 

"I volunteer!" Multiple people scream. She picks a 17 year old who begins walking up to the stage. But before he can get on there Troy walks up to the stage and pushes him off.

"My name is Troy Costas. I'm volunteering." He smiles and half the girls begin booing him and the other half begin screaming. The escort opens the next slip of paper.

"I VOLUNTEER!" I scream. 

"Hmm... ah. How about you dear!" She points to me. I run up onto the stage. This is gonna be fun. For some reason the song "Sexy and I Know It" comes on. Half the girls who are all in love with Troy all begin screaming as he rips his shirt off and begins dancing. 

District 5

Chiara Yami's POV

"Two boys and two girls will be selected from each district to compete this year." The escort says. "Now. Does anyone have any concerns about this? No? Alright!"

"Why exactly are we sending twice the amount of tributes?" A girl named Kathrina asks.

"OMG. Like just because you're the mayor's daughter, doesn't like mean anyone wants to her what you have to say. Maybe the Capitol just wants to thin out the stupid a little. I mean like you're totally not popular and you have like no followers. So just like... die in a hole or something." I say and my loyal followers all laugh.

"Well... if the capitol wants to thin out the stupid they'd be taking you and all your 'loyal followers' right to the games."

"Ooooh. Yeah. I'm sooooooooo scared of you!" I laugh.

"Alright then, time for the girls!" The escort walks over the glass ball. "Now... the first female tribute for District Five is going to be... Kathrina Loula!"


"YES!" "OMG CHIARA YOU'RE SO SMART!" "WOW!" my followers begin falling at my feet. 

"Well... I am the most popular girl!" I pretend to act modest.

"Now... the second female to represent District 5 is... Chiara Yami!" The escort announces.

"OMG. Like who stole my name?" I ask. "Wow... you must really be stupid."

"No one stole your name dear. That's you. You're the second female tribute." The escort says.

"NO! NO! THIS ISN'T FAIR. I'M LIKE WAY TOO PRETTY AND SMART AND POPULAR!" I scream. "YOU! VOLUNTEER FOR ME! YOU'RE ALL MY FOLLOWERS!" I begin screaming and the peacekeepers have to carry me onto the stage.

"Karma." Kathrina says smiling.

Harris Jones' POV

Chiara is still screaming and crying when the escort walks over to pick out the boy's name.

I think about my foster family and how different they are from her. My parents are the kindest people in the world. My birth parents didn't want me so when I was born they put me out on the streets wrapped in a blanket. These kind people who could hardly feed themselves took in a little baby they had no relation to.

Kathrina, despite being the mayor's daughter, is also a good person. She often gives her lunch to those from the poorer part of town. And she usually has enough food for at least 10 people. Almost all of which she hands out. So as rich people go, she's not all that bad. 

"Ahem... Harris Jones!" I feel ask if there is no air in my lungs. I hear a woman scream and I know it's my mother. 

"HARRIS!" I hear her screaming. Then someone trying to calm her down. My father. I take a deep breath and walk up towards the stage. 

"Alright. Now for the second male to represent District 5!" The escort smiles and she walks over to the glass ball. 

"Ahem... Codi Marshi!" Codi is yet another popular teen from District 5. As he walks up towards the stage he's still flirting with some of the girls. One of the girls blows him a kiss and he almost trips over his feet as he flashes her a smile.

District 6

Cassandra's POV

(Author's note: since there was no info for cassandra I'm gonna make her a nut job)


"Watch where you're going!" A girl tells me.

"I DO WHAT I WANT! DON'T YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" I scream then begin laughing. For some reason 5 years ago I was put into the district 6 mental hospital. Ever since I'm only let out on reaping day. They say I'm a threat to myself and others.

I see some girl that I recognize making out with her boyfriend.


"Where have you been? Amethyst and Tyler are always making out." Someone tells me.

"OH GOD IT BURNS!" I scream.

time lapse----------------------------------------

"Now there will be two boys and two girls from each district" the escort says.


"The first girl is-" I cut the escort off

"i VOLUNTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!" I scream as I run onto the stage pushing people out of my way.

"Alright. Now the second female tribute will be... Amethyst Moon." She reads. That's the girl that was being PDA-y with her boyfriend. She climbs onto the stage but before the escort can do anything Amethyst passes out.


(Another author's note: I forgot the name of ranger's male tribute so once I get it I will write the male reaping)

District 7

Zanna's POV

"Oops!" A girl says as she accidently bumps into me. I don't say anything. 

"Sorry. I'm just kinda  klutz. I'm all thumbs and have two left feet! Good thing I can swing an axe huh?" She laughs and I smile a little.

"Well... uh I'm sorry to hold you up. Bye!" She laughs and goes off to join her friends. As nice as she was, someone like that wouldn't make it through the blood bath. 

"Two girls and two boys from each district" The escort says smiling.

Why doesn't this surprise me. The game makers will do anything to keep the capitol happy. And what makes the capitol happy? Dead tributes. So why is anyone surprised the capitol wants 24 more dead tributes?

"Now time for the girls!" The escort says. "Lilian Gardes!" 

The kind girl that I talked to begins making her way to the stage. I think for a few seconds and then make up my mind.

"I volunteer." I say. Not shouting, but rather just loud enough for the escort to hear.

"Thank you. I hope you win. Good luck." Lilian tells me.

"Eagle!" The escort reads the second name. 

Hawk's POV

Now that my sister has been reaped, I decide to volunteer. 

"The first male to represent District seven will be-"

"I VOLUNTEER!" I yell and I run up towards the stage.

"Alright... what's your name?"

"CAW! CAW!" I scream into the microphone. The escort looks quite shocked.

"Alright then. Now the second tribute will be... Court Morgan!" Court is a very sneaky person. He runs around insisting that he's a ninja. Of course he's no match to my hawkish mad skills. And whenever I scream "CAW CAW!" all the girls practically fall over themselves. 

Court jumps onto the stage and does a dive roll. In the process of doing that dive roll he knees himself in the eye. "OH SWEET MOTHER OF-"

"CAW CAW! CAW CAW!" I scream cutting him off. 

"And your name is?" The escort asks.

"My name's Court Morgan." 

"Happy Hunger Games!" The escort says and lead us towards the train.


"I'm pretty sure that's not how the song goes." Court says.


District 8

Sleena's POV

I stand with the rest of the 14 year olds, in the center so the peacekeepers can't see me, and knit. I know that if they catch me they'll probably take away my scarf. I listen to the escort talk about how there's going to be more tributes this year. I check how long my scarf is. Eh... not long enough. 

"Hey girl! What are you doing?" One of the peace keepers demands.

"Who me? Uh... nothing. I'm just minding my own business." I lie trying to hide my needles behind my back. The peacekeeper sees them and tries to take them away.


(Author's note: I have to go do stuff so I'll finish the rest tomorrow. I PROMISE! Unless something out of no where comes up and I like die.)

"Give me the needles!" The peacekeeper orders.


"The first girl to represent district 8 will be... Sleena Michaels!" The escort reads.

"THAT'S ME!" I scream. And before the peacekeep can think I grab my needles and run onto the stage. 

"The second girl will be... Calico Chamois!" 

"OMG! There is no way I'm getting on the stage with her. Besides, any movement might disturb my makeup!" Calico screams. The peacekeepers end up having to carry her onto the stage.


Her makeup doesn't look any different than before.

Velour Coudre's POV

People like Calico honestly disgust me. If they would spend a single day like the not so fortunate people, it either would change their lives or have absolutely no impact. 

My life has never been easy. I never went to school. We were simply to poor for me to be spending time at school. I've been working 4 jobs for as long as I can remember. 

Every year I've thought about volunteering, but I never could bring myself to it. As much as I've wanted to get out of this life, I never was brave enough to do anything about it. 

"Well... time for the boys..." The escort says. She walks over to the glass ball and picks out a slip of paper. 

"Velour Coudre!" The escort reads. Shock runs through my body. This is my last year, I'm not supposed to get picked. I think about how many times my name is in there. How many times I took Tessera. My name is in there at least 100 times. Of course it was picked. I shake off what I'me feeling as I climb onto the stage.

"Ah... just stand right over there." She says and I walk over to where she points.

"Now the second male tribute will be... David Lyones!" David begins walking towards the stage. Before he can climb the stairs he begins sobbing hysterically. Calico looks disgusted and Seelna is laughing. I walk over and help  him up the stairs.

"HAPPY HUNGER GAMES LOSER!" someone in the crowd yells.

District 9

Paige Lilith

Being blind sucks. Trust me on this. But after spending my entire life blind I wouldn't say I'm used to it, but rather I've adapted. My other senses are all increased. It's not always a good thing though. I mean I don't think that having a good sense of hearing is going to help you when you fall into a wheat field. I spent two hours wandering around until someone found me. 

"Now there will be two girls and two boys from each district this year!" The escort says in his stupid accent. 

"Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor." I hear someone say mockingly.

"Pardon?" The escort asks.

"What? Pft I didn't say anything. You've got the wrong guy man. I'm totes innocent. I mean this is an old and sacred tradition! Why would I ever make fun of who I am. Of who WE are?" I recognize the voice, Jason Darna. He's funny but he tends to really care for certain people. 

"Well... It's good that you have such pride in this beautiful country of ours." The escort says. "Now... the first girl to represent district nine will be... Rocksie Nari Sparkle."

I assume that she walks up towards the stage.

"Alright dear, just stand over there until I pick the other tributes." The escort says.

"Don't tell me what to do! I'm my own unique individual." She complains.

"Now that you've been reaped you do as I tell you." The escort says annoyed.


"Now the second girl will be... Paige Lilith." I gasp but push myself towards the general direction of the stage. I find the steps and climb up them. I guess I miss a step and I shriek as I fall off the stage. 

Calder Viziso's POV

I hardly feel bad as I laugh at the girl who fell off the stage. I mean, yeah it kinda sucks, but I mean that's her problem not mine. Besides she'd be an easy person to kill.

And since they're twice as many tributes (which means a lot more deaths) I'm gonna volunteer. I mean twice as many tributes means that I'm two times more likely to win. Or something like that.

(Author's note: not feeling any inspiration so I'm gonna take a homework break and finish them in a few hours)

"Now... For the boys!" The escort says. Due to the fact that I am better than everyone else, I am going to volunteer. I mean I was born and raised in District 1 I trained my entire life. And here, I randomly choose kids to beat up. My personal favorite is chucking them into fields of wheat.

"Ahem... The first boy to represent District 9 will be Peter Johnson" (hee hee hee if you got that refernce I love you)

That Peter dude begins walking onto the stage. I run after him and tackle him.

"I VOLUNTEER!!!!!!!" I scream. "PICK ME PICK ME! OH OH OH! I RAISED MY HAND FIRST!" I begin waving my hand around. I shove that Percy Jackson, or whatever his name is, out of my way. I run onto the stage.

"I WIN! I AM THE CHAMPION! I AM THE CHAMPION!" I sing as the escort goes to pick the next name.

"Jason Darna!" Some fourteen year old walks up towards the stage.

"HAPPY HUNGER GAMES! And may the odds be ever in your favour!"


District 10

Mylene Valente's POV

"Two boys and two girls." I think about the different reasons why the capitol would want twice as many tributes. The only reason I could think of is that they're the capitol and they do as they please. And more tributes pleases them.

"Like, howdy y'all. Would y'all like to just step this way y'all." I hear. Jessie Sherman is a stupid idiot. She tries talking with some "southern accent" that she heard in some old movie. 

"Now the first girl is Mylene Valente!" I gasp and beging walking up to the stage. 

"Now the second girl will be... Paris Hilton!" Paris begins complaining about how the polls may have been rigged.

"Oh why don't you just shut up and go." Some guy says. Paris begins to walk away. She suddenly turns and tackles the guy. He begins screaming as she pulls him hair. Suddenly several other people begin fighting each other. In less than 5 minutes all the teens are fighting. The Peacekeepers aren't sure what to do so they just stand to the side. Most of the parents are taking pictures. 

"Uh... will you just grab a girl and two guys?" The escort asks one of the peacekeepers. He walks off the stage and grabs the nearest girl, Jessie.

Carbo Ferrum

There's some 14 year on my back trying to strangle me. I flip him over and scream. Some other 17 year old jump on me. I run around yelling.

All around me I see teens beating each other up. Two girls are pulling each others hair, two twelve year olds are screaming on the top of their lungs, and two 18 year olds are making out. 

A girl and a guy are playing some form of Rock Paper Sissors where whenever you loose the other person gets to smack you. 

Some girl tackles me right after I get the 17 year old off of me. She has a knife. She raises it and I scream like a baby. When she stabs me I realize it's plastic and I haven't really been stabbed. 

Another 17 year old guy tackles me and I run around with him hanging onto my back. I almost run into a peace keeper who tells the two of us to get on the stage.


District 11

Mondi Bakerman

I hop around on my one leg. I mean I didn't totally mean to strangle the Peacekeeper. I didn't even kill him. Only 1% of me wanted to kill him. Or 2 or 3. Possibly 5. 10% tops. But what would you have done if your dad was arrested for no reason

Well he may or may not have gotten into a bar fight. But so as it turns out Peacekeepers don't take well to being almost strangled. I was stabbed in the leg and I ended up losing it. I'm completely over it.

Kinda. Not really.

"There will be two girls and boys from each district! So that means twice the chance of someone bringing pride to our District!" The escort smiles.

"Now... The first girl to represent district eleven will be... Arelia Night!" A very pretty 15 year old begins walking forward. I think she moved from District seven when she was 10 or 11. Ever since her mom has helped cleaned one of the previous victors' house.

"Well... And I don't mean to be rude or anything. But really having twice the amount of tributes doesn't increase the odds of district 11 winning. It really, if anything, lowers it. Well... Actually it depends on how you look at it. The odds of me winning go down. But the odds of someone from district 11 winning stay exactly the same." Arelia explains.

"Now the second girl tribute to represent District 11 will be... Mondi Bakerman." I feel like I'm gonna vomit. I make my way up to the stage.

Fabeae Vicia's POV

I try to think about the different ways i can make fruit picking more efficient. Its hard for the workers to carry around ladders, and even harder for them to climb the fragile trees. The quickest and easiest way would be to cut down the trees. But of course that would require the new growth of those trees.

"Now it is time to choose the two boys that will represent district 11." The escort walks to the glass ball. I think about how it could be more efficiently mixed if it was a rotating glass cylinder.

"Jerry Witover!" The escort reads. A 12 year olds begins walking forward. His brother, Ben, begins shouting.

"I VOLUNTEER!" He yells and tells his brother to go back.

"Well then, now... The second male tribute will be... Fabeae Vicia!" The escort reads.

"I volunteer!" I hear several people yell. I continue walking until I'm on the stage.

"I don't know if you noticed but you had several volunteers." The escort says.

"I know. But this is how the game works. I'm not going to let anyone die for me."

District 12

Mya Kim's POV

The night before the reapings I have bad dreams. When I wake up I can't remember them though. I just have this feeling in my gut that something's wrong. It's a feeling I can't describe.

I push this feeling away and get out of bed. I get ready like any other day. I hear the whistle signaling the end of the mining day. Today is the only day when they get out early. The only other exception, as far as I remember, was when President Dolores Umbridge (it was either her or fudge) was sworn into office.

When I hold out my hand for the Peacekeeper too draw blood I get that feeling again. That feeling that the world will never be the same. I flinch as my finger is pricked. The Peacekeeper presses my finger onto the piece of paper, and I try to shrug this feeling away.

I see a girl from the Merchant section soothing a 12 year old girl from the Seam.

"Hey. Don't worry sweetie. It'll be alright. Your name is in there just once. I mean last year my name was in there several times and it didn't get picked. Just don't worry."

Melanoi Jet is a rich girl from a high up family. For some reason she never liked anyone from the merchant section. She always preferred hanging out with those from the Seam.

time lapse-------------------------------------------

"Now... The first girl that will be representing District 12 will be... Melanoi Jet!" The escort says. Melanoi begins making her way up to the stage dismissing the several people who volunteer for her.

"Now the second tribute will be..." I get the same feeling as before "Mya Kim!" I guess that's what the feeling was.

Ignis Carbo's POV

I think about that stupid girl. Melanoi Jet. She had people willing to volunteer for her. She turned them down. Her royal highness. Thinking that she is so great. Or rather quite the opposite. That she was just some lowly person from the Seam.

Emotional weakness. Who needs love or friends. I've lived with very little of both and look how I am. Who cares if I have almost no friends. I don't need them to win. In four years I'll be just as good as any of the careers. In fact, I'll be better than all of them.

"Now the first male tribute from district 12 will be... Scout Thompson." A boy a year younger than me walks onto the stage.

"Now the second male tribute for district 12 will be..." I expect that it's going to be some pathetic 18 year old from the Seam. Someone who has so little money that their name is in the bowl several dozen times. "Ignis Carbo!" As shocked as I am. I shake it off.

So what if I'm not completely trained. I could still win. I've had more training than any of these idiots. I walk onto the stage and see that the other guy, Scott or whatever his name is, is crying.


The Arena

Okay guys so vote on what you want the arena to be.

<poll> What do you want the arena to be? An icy snowy arena A forest A desert A city Or a war zone that occasionally rains bombs/bullets </poll>

The Chariot Rides

So I'll be doing two POVs from each district. It will be the two that didn't have a POV during the reapings. And I decided that because I can each district will have some song playing as their chariot goes out. It'll be a fairly known song (call me maybe, sexy and I know it, friday, gangnam style, and baby will all be used). 

District 1

Song: Friday  by Rebecca Black

G-man's POV (pre-chariot rides)

We're all dressed in super glitterly clothes. Of course we all got the choose what color. So I naturally picked green. Phunk picked some god awful pink color. Chloe is in an acceptable red and Noah is in blue. 

"IT NEEDS TO BE MORE PINK!" Phunk screams at the prep team. She grabs the spray bottle of hair color dye stuff and sprays a bunch in her hair. Her hair turns a shade of pink darker. She grabs a different can and begins spraying her hair with it. Soon enough her hair is fifty shades of pink. 

"I WANT HAIR SPRAY!" I scream. And soon my hair is fifty shades of green. 

I look over and see that Chloe and Noah are making out.


I add into the screaming and when Phunks distracted I try to spray her hair green. She sees me and tackles me.

"DON'T YOU THINK I WON'T BITE YOU! I WILL BITE YOU!" she screams. The prep teams and stylists begins screaming about broken nails and messed up hair. 

Chloe's POV

We stand on the chariot. Me and Phunk in dresses, G-Man and Noah in suits. G-Mand and Phunk refused to stand by each other so me and Noah are in the center. We smile and wave at the crowd. 


"What the hell is this?" Phunk demands.

"SEVEN AM WAKIN IN THE MORNING!" I scream as I recognize the song. Some girl from the capitol wrote this song and it became a huge hit. Everyone hates it but everyone knows the lyrics.


"IT'S FRIDAY! FRIDAY! GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY!" The capitol all begins singing.

"SITTIN' IN THE FRONT SEAT! SOMETHING IN THE BACK SEAT!" Phunk and Noah keep singing and being interactive with the crowd smiling and waving.

"What the hell..." I mutter and begin singing along.

"FRIDAY! FRIDAY! GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY! EVERYBODY'S LOOKING FORWARD TO THE WEEKEND! WEEKEND!" I sing along. Me, Noah, and Phunk begin doing the can-can in the chariot for no reason. 

District 2

Song:Firework by Katy Perry

Kyler Leston's POV (pre-chariot rides)

We're all wearing differnt versions of the Peacekeeper outfit. For Ashlyn and Timber they're wearing white dresses that resemble the peackeeper outfit. Me and  Summanus are in some weird form of a suit. 

"And here are the Peacekeeper helmets." One of the stylist has several Peacekeeper helmets.

"Are you kidding me?" Ashlyn demands. "DO YOU THINK I'M GOING TO WEAR THAT?!"

"Well... its a part of your outfit." One of the other stylists says.


"Well... I don't care if you care!" Our escort yells. She grabs one of the helmets from the stylist and jabs it onto Ashlyn's head. 

Ashlyn screams on the top of her lungs getting all of the other district to look at her. The District one tributes look at us horrified before their chariot begins going out. 

Ashlyn yanks the helmet off and throws it at me. I dodge the helmet and it hits one of the prep team people. I hear music begining to play. "FRIIIIIIIIIIDAY! FRIIIIIIIIIIDAY! GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY!"

"What the hell?" Asylyn looks at our stylists one last time before we are sent out on the chariot. Without the helmets.

Timber Fable's POV

"WAIT! What are we-" The chariot starts moving and I steady myself so I don't fall. I begin to smile and to wave. A sponsor, whether one or one hundred, could make the difference between life and death. And you have to make people like you.

"God... this is stupid." Ashlyn mutters and makes a point of stomping on a rose that she catches. Suddenly music begins to play.

"DO YOU EVER FEEL, LIKE A PLASTIC BAG? DRIFTING THROUGH THE WIND, WANTING TO START AGAIN?" Oh god... this is another Capitol singer. She's actually not all that bad compared to some of the others.

And then it starts. Fireworks begin going off. Now I wouldn't have any problem with that. Except the fireworks are coming from our outfits. Ashlyn and I begin screaming hysterically. But the more we panic the more begin going off. In less than a minute all four of us are freaking out and screaming. Ashlyn screams something about desperate time and desperate measures and begins taking her dress off. 

Summanus and Kyler both begin yelling at the same time. In a desperate act Kyler pushes Ashlyn off of the slow moving chariot. She immediatally begins screaming and swearing but the capitol seems to be happy. This doesn't mean we don't stop screaming and freaking out due to our clothes. 

District 3

Song: White and Nerdy by Weird Al Yankovic

Daniel Fray's POV (pre-chariot rides)

I flex my arms as I look into the mirror. This is a hideous outfit but I still make it look sexy. From what I can tell they're playing different songs for each district. Our song is obviously going to be "Sexy  and I know it" 

I begin to think of the different dances I could do. I'm sure they would all appreciate it if I jumped into the crowd... But these capitol people might just faint away and I don't want to hurt myself. I just turn back to looking at myself in the mirror.

"It's so hard being the most attractive person in the city..." I sigh and although the other tributes look at me confused and some what disgusted I know they secretly agree with the fact that I'm a piece of sexy man meat. 

"Why do we have to wear these catsuit things?" One of the girl tributes who's name I can't be bothered to remember asks. 

"Because I'm a sexy piece of man meat and it makes me look hot." I say.

"We're wearing black jumpsuits covered in lights." She rolls her eyes.

"Sexy piece of man meat." I reply simply. "Besides our song is obviously going to be that 'to sexy for my shirt', or whatever it's called, or Sexy and I Know it. I'm gonna make this pathetic district look good." I say as we climb into our chariot. 

Krystal Magnet's POV

"Now remember. I'm the sexy piece of man meat. So just don't do anything. All anyone cares about is moi. So just stand there. And don't do anything." Daniel says as we get into the chariot. He's still convinced that District 3 is pathetic District. 

We begin to wave as our chariot begins going out. Soon some song begins to play. And it does not have the word sexy in it. It's by an extremely weird Capitol citizen. People think it's about District 3 due to the fact it's called White and Nerdy. 

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEW! WHAT IS THIS?" Daniel demands. "SEXY AND I KNOW IT!" he protests.

I see Leo roll his eyes and begin to tinker with Daniel's lights. Of course he's to busy to notice. Before we're half way around I see a spark. Leo taps several wires and another spark. This time it catches onto the jumpsuit. Slowly it begins to spread. The Capitol citizens begin screaming. Daniel, being incredibly dense, doesn't realize.

"See... I told you I was a sexy piece of man meat." 

"You're on fire..." Sarah tells him. Daniel begins screaming like a little girl. 


"STOP DROP AND ROLL!" I scream. He jumps out of the chariot and begins rolling around on the ground.


author note

due to the fact that I'm me and highly lazy I'm gonna finish the chariot rides AFTER the games. Which I am starting.

The Games

Well the arena is going to be...

AN ICY WASTELAND! Purely because I like it. It will be the normal stuff... the cornucopia in the center and the 48 tributes all an equal distance away. Then in the cornucopia will be... WEAPONS! and some supplies to of course. But so expect a VERY bloody bloodbath. And remember  there is gonna be a HUGE plot twist. This plot twist will be announced at the end of day 1

The Games Day One: The Bloodbath

Eagle's POV

The tribute outfit this year is a thin, but very warm, jacket. It's reversable with a black side and a white side. Then simple black pants. 

"Okay now get in the tube." My stylist, who for some reason doesn't like me, tells me. It may slightly have to due  to the fact that I bit her when  she insisted that I stop singing. The prep team also began keeping their distance and invested  in these magical inventions called earplugs.

As I walk into the tube the stylist begins clapping. As soon as it's closed, she loses it.


Calico Chamois's POV

I'm raised up from the tube into the arena. The first thing that hits me is the cold. The arena is just some giant popsicle. Oh god... when it snows it can ruin my makeup. Or if  I fell...

60...59...58... I begin to worry.

"HEY PRINCESS AFRAID YOUR MAKE UP WILL GET RUINED?" Some peasant asks. I ignore her.

To calm myself I take out my make up and begin  touching up.

Noah Everest's POV

I look around for Chloe. She's eight or nine tributes to  my right. I know that's she's going to run  for the cornucopia. All of the careers have already talked about our alliance. We plan to stay together or at least the first week or two. We have no clue how long these games are going to last though. 


Ignis Carbo's POV

I look at the 47 other tributes who will all be dead  in a matter of weeks. Maybe even less... you can never really know...

I see it before I see it... One of the tributes loses his balance. BOOM! The mine goes off and kills one of the boys from 5. I laugh. One of the girls from his district screams. These people won't make it through the bloodbath I think. The countdown still goes.


Chloe Madison's  POV

One dead. Fourty-six more will die. I will be one of them. Noah won't. He has to live.


I see several throwing axes and a bow. I get ready to jump


Mondi Bakerman's  POV

I jump off of the whatever-the-hell-these-are-called and begin  jumping away. I see one of the girls from 4 throw an axe into the  back of one of the boys from 3. In return Ben throws a spear at her, it hits her in the chest. Someone hits a girl from 6. I trip and see one of the boys from 4 looming over me  with a trident in his hand.

Troy Costas's POV

I stab the girl with one leg. Out of the corner of my eye I see one of the tributes running away. A boy from 6 I believe. I pull the trident out of the girl and throw it at him. He falls down and I  see one  of the girls from 8 stop to stab him in  the face with a sword. One of the boys from 9 throws a knife and it hits her in the neck. He runs to her and decapitates her. 

Court Morgan's POV

I grab a sword from the cornucopia. I see  a girl from 12 fall over with  a dart in her neck. The smaller boy from 1 comes at me with a spear. I don't  really hesitate before I run towards him and stab him in the chest. 

The older  boy from 1 bludgeons one of the boys from 10 and one of the District one girls  notices her dead district partner. She screams. One of the District  4 males snaps  the neck of a girl from 5. I see "G-man" stab a boy from 11 with his knife. 

"Hey G-man!" One of the guys from 4 laughs. He stands over one of the girls from 3 with a whip in his hand. 

"How about you let me take care of this one?" He asks. Right before G-Man can bring down his spear, Troy is suddenly impaled by an arrow. 

Ashlyn Aislyn's POV

I stab the boy from 6 and turn around to see a girl from 7 coming at me with knives. I brace myself then jump on her. I slam her head on the ice several times then jump up. I see the little blind girl hiding being some frozen bushes. I laugh but before I can do anything one of her district partners comes at me with a sword. By the way his hands shake I can tell he's scared.

"Please... why don't you just leave to toys to the big kids?" I laugh. He seems to lower it a little and I laugh. Before he can do anything I punch him in the nose. 

"OH GOD!" He screams. I whirl around and plunge my knife into the stomach of the fleeing girl from 10. I yank it out and kick the boy from 9. He lets out a loud high pitched scream. If he were to get out of these games he's never having kids. I slice my knife in an ark and the snow is splattered with  blood. Before I know what's happening there's an axe in the head of the girl from 9.

Velour Coudre's POV

The girl from 3 hits a boy from 10. She's overcome by the boy from 1 who slams her head into the icy ground several times. One of the boys from 2 comes at me and before thinking I shoot an arrow at him. The boy from 3 spears the boy from 12.

"Well... you've got some skill..." The girl from 2 drops from a frozen tree. I raise my cross bow.

"Please... don't even bother." I turn around and see her district partner. I drop the bow but keep an arrow in my hand.

"Good boy..." she says but I jump out and stab her in the throat. Then... nothing

Magdalena Bridgeport's POV

"Well... I would love to stay and chat but..." I stab the boy from 7. "I've got more pressing matters."

One of his female district partners come at me. I laugh but before I can hit her with a knife G-Man breaks her neck. He's nicked slightly on the arm by the knife. Suddenly he begins shaking. Then his skin begins to almost bubble. Then turn green. In less than 30 seconds he's turned into a 9 foot tall green monster.

"G-MAN ANGRY! G-MAN SMASH!" I scream and begin running towards the cornucopia.

Phunk Pink's POV

I hear someone screaming and when I turn around I see some giant 9 foot tall monster. It smashes the two remaining tributes from district 5. 

The other careers all begin to charge the monster. It picked up Chloe by her feet and smashes her into the cornucopia. While they're distracted I see a girl starting to run away. I run after her with a knife in hand. I kick her knees from behind and she falls. I slit her throat before she can scream.

The boy from 7 and the girl from 6 are rolling around fighting each other. One gets a hold of a rock and the other has a knife. The girl stabs the boy, but before he dies he smashes her head in. 

Arelia Night's POV

I throw an axe in the back of the head of the girl from 4. The other careers are busy trying to fight the thing that one of the tributes has turned into. They begin trying to back it into the cornucopia. 

"HOW THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KILL THIS?" The boy from 2 yells at the girl from 1.

"I DON'T KNOW!" She screams and throws an axe at it. It leaves a scratch but not much more. I hear snow crunching and turn around to see the boy from 8. Despite being tall he doesn't seem to strong. I throw a knife at him but only hit him in the shoulder. He staggers and I take that opportunity and jump on his back. I use my scarf, my district token, and wrap it around his neck. He struggles but soon he gives up. 

Summanus Chrome's POV

"So you have no idea what to do?" I ask Phunk.

"NO!" She screams. "HE'S NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE!" I whirl around to see two tributes from 12 trying to get some supplies while we're distracted. I tackle the girl and Ashlyn whips the guy in the face. I shove him into the cornucopia where he's quickly smashed by G-Man. Phunk finishes off the girl. 

"On THREE everyone throw as many weapons as possible at once!" Daniel says.

"WAIT!" Ashlyn screams. She runs over to the girl from 8. The girl from 11 kills the girl from 10. I spear the guy from 11. Ashlyn kills the girl from 11 as she grabs the girl from 8.

Daniel Fray's POV

I don't quite understand what Ashlyn's doing but we keep throwing weapons at the G-Man monster. But as soon as  he's hurt he just heals himself. 

"Okay as soon as a push her in throw as many weapons at him as possible." She says. We all grab weapons and she pushes the girl in. This distracts G-man for just  a few seconds but in that time he's hit by enough weapons to bring down anything. 

Havelock LaComal's POV

"Well..." Phunk says.

"Happy Hunger Games." Daniel snarls as he tackles me. I kick him in his family jewels and I see Summanus wince. Phunk tackles Ashlyn. Summanus pulls Ashlyn off of Phunk and decapitates her. Phunk slides on the ice and slices at Summanus's legs. He falls over and I bring my sword down on him. 

Phunk  stares at me breathing heavy. She drops the broken  knife and picks up a whip. She snaps it several times.  We begin to circle each other. 46 tributes dead in the bloodbath. She lashes out and catches my hand. I yell and slice her her. I manage to cut her arm. She throws a knife at me at it hits in my shoulder. I fall and a feel a sharp pain go up my tail bone. She cracks the whip. I feel the heat of the whip as it hits me. I scream. Phunk drops the whip and picks up a mace.

"Well...let's just end this." She tosses the mace over her shoulder and instead grabs a sword. Just as she runs and swings at my neck I throw a knife. The last thing I see is that my aim is true.

The victor

The canons begin to go off. One for each of the fallen tributes. In the end there are 48 canons. 48 fallen tributes. 48 teenagers who died for the entertainment and entertaining the Capitol. The entire game didn't even last an hour. And there was no victor that year.

Happy Hunger Games.

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