Well... I out of no where decided that I wanted to write Annie Cresta's game. I don't know, I just randomly decided that I wanted to write these.

So these will be written first person from the view of Annie. I will need people to submit tributes from all of the different districts besides District 4. I won't need escorts or mentors though. Just the basic info which will be:

Name, district, weapon(s), skill(s), and weakness(es). A brief description of them would be appreciated. Nothing much, I don't need a lunaii or anything, just something simple. Say you were describing Cato: over 6 foot, blonde hair, blue eyes, muscular and good looking.

It would be greatly appriciated if you were to submit TWO tributes from the SAME district. You have to know that NONE OF THEM WILL LIVE. These are the games that Annie Cresta wins.

Distict Male Place User Female Place User
1 Ryder Colt


Brooke Xena HKTLovesGlimmer


Josh Micheals Flowers101 Anastasia Phoenix 14 Flowers101
3 Kevin Potter 13 ~ilovepeeta~ Sherli Dewl 24 ~ilovepeeta~
4 Calder Jameson NONE Annie Cresta NONE
5 Allan Raye Wesolini Rose Greyser 19 Wesolini
6 Daren Rollo EvilhariboMadness September Rollo 20 EvilhariboMadness
7 Fraiser Daniels 15 HKTLovesGlimmer Jasmine Xenia HKTLovesGlimmer
8 Raven Emerald 16 RavenRT Galina Kitova 22 Andy1854
9 Durko Fillony SuperTomato Allianna Whittle 17 Mysims
10 Pillani Violo 18 FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Leena Vertech FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
11 Jaxon Keller 21 SlappingSquirrels Arizona Wiess SlappingSquirrels
12 Coal Evans 23 FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Fire Nickson FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne

The Reaping

I walk down the beach, hand in hand with Finnick. The waves crash along the shore and flow over our feet. The Reaping starts in 30 minutes. I think about the 6 slips of paper that have Annie Cresta written in careful hand writing. Finnick never let me enter my name extra times. At first it was because he was my best friend, now, it's something different.

I look into his eyes and I smile. I hear the Peacekeepers starting to sort those between the ages of 12 and 18. "You'll be fine Annie, they're not going to pick you. It'll be alright." Finnick squeezes my hand. I look at him and smile. As we get nearer I know I have to let go of his hand. I let go and wander towards the front of the girl's section, with the rest of the 17 year olds. The older you are, the more likely you are to be reaped. That's why they have the older possible tributes in the front.

This year we have a new escort, no longer the old woman with so much make-up she didn't even look human. Now it's a man, probably about mid twenties. He wears bright makeup and strangely, a green wig. The Mayor, a nice man in his mid-thirties, comes up to introduce our new escort. His name is Hayden Jonsen.

Hayden walks up to the microphone. "Welcome everyone! It's time to pick one young man and women to represent district 4 in the 70th anual hunger games! As usual, LADIES FIRST!" Hayden walks over to the large glass ball that I know has my name written on it six times. He reaches in and after a few seconds of swirling his hand around he pulls out a single slip.

"Annie Cresta!"

I tense up slightly but I hold my head high and the crowd parts. The odds of me being picked may not have been high, but they were still there. As I ascend the stairs onto the Reaping platform I glance at Finnick and see the fear in his eyes. "What's your name dear?" Hayden asks. "Annie. And I'm not your 'dear'" I snap. "Of course not" Hayden smiles. "Now, time to pick the male representative for District 4!" He walks over to the large glass ball containing thousands of slips. Behind the outlying districts, District 4 takes the most tessaae. You would think that being a Career district and having fishing as our industry we'd be set for food. But somethings, like wheat, don't grow well in saltwater and sand. "Calder Jameson!" I a pit of horror beginning to form in my stomach. Besides Finmick, Calder is my best friend. We lock eyes as he climbs onto the podium. We shake hands and are then taken off into seperate rooms to say goodbye to our district. My parents walk in through the door and I don't hesitate before I hug them. "Annie, we all know that you're strong. You can win this sweetie. You're trained for this." My mom says. "I know mom." and they spend the next few minutes telling me what I should do while in the arena. Less than 30 minutes later we're speeding off to the Capitol in a train. They expect it will take a little less than a day. In a day I will be pampered for less than a week then thrown into an arena to fight to the death. And if I can't come out then Calder will.

The Train ride

I sit in the soft velvet seats talking to Finnick and Mags. Hayden is checking himself out in a mirror and making kissing faces at himself.

"So... how long have you and Finnick been together?" Calder asks. I am at a loss for words and begin babbling about how we're not dating. He gives me a "are-you-kidding-me" look.

"We-we're NOT dating Calder." I insist looking at Finnick.

"You need to work on your lying skills Annie. It's really obvious that you two are togeeeeeeeeeeether" Calder rolls his eyes.

"Does the great Finnick Odair not have anything to contribute to this conversation?" I ask.

"Uh... no. I don't think so." Finnick shakes his head. "How much you wanna bet I can hit the escort with a cookie?"

The train ride doesn't get too much more exciting and I manage to not strangle Hayden despite the fact that he spends almost the entire time checking himself out.

"LOOK!" Calder gasps pointing outside. The gleaming capitol. In less than I week I'll be fighting for my life for their entertainment. "It's so much different than four." The train keeps going until we pull into the station.

"There's so many people. All here to see who their next form of entertainment's going to be. It's SICK!" I gasp. But I'm a career. I can win these. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. And then I do something that will change my life. I step off the train and into the capitol.

The Capitol

Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands even? All here to see their newest haul of entertainment. All screaming and cheering. As the five of us begin walking to where ever it is that we meet our stylists, people are screaming Finnick's name. People of all ages are fainting and screaming. All trying to get a look at the famous Finnick Odair. I smile and wave to the crowd. No one said I had to like the Hunger Games. I just have to play them. The games are beginning. I hear someone in the distinct capitol accent scream "HAPPY HUNGER GAMES!" Happy Hunger Games indeed.

I meet my prep team. One is in his early 20's. The only alteration he's had is his shock blue hair. His name is Perseus. The next is probably in her late 20's. Pink swirls and painted or tattooed onto her skin and her sea green hair is in dozens of little braids. She introduces herself as Diana. The last is middle aged woman named Minerva. She has no altercations to her appearance in any way. For a capitol citizen that old to have no altercations is almost nonexistant.

"You're the new girl from 4! You must know Finnick! What's he like?" Diana demands.

"We're here to make her look pretty, not get the latest gossip." Minerva chatsizes Diana.

"I hear that there might be a crab back up! Please tell me this isn't true! I absolutetly LOVE crab!" Perseus looks like he's walked into a fashion shop.

"I don't think there's going to be a crab back up. As-as far as I know there's no crab back up." I manage and my prep team starts working. Waxing off almost all the hair on my body. Washing the salt I hadn't gotten out of my hair before. But when they try to get rid of the calluses on my hands I refuse.

"It takes FOREVER to get good calluses that are no longer blisters okay? It takes WEEKS. I don't have that time!" I insist and the calluses stay.

My stylist is more... Capitolish than my prep team. Anemone is in her late 20's with pale blue skin, bright pink hair, silver tattooes, and heavy makeup.

"OH GOOD LORD! LOOK AT YOUR HANDS!" She cries. "What!? What are these... THINGS? Omg! What was the prep team thinking!!!!"

"They're called calluses. And they're staying." I insist.

"Fine. It's you who wants the sponsers." Anemone snaps.

I'm dressed in a flowing blue and green dress that looks like flowing water when I move. Calder is dressed in a suit made of the same fabric.

Being the 4th district, we're the 4th to go out. The district 1 tributes are wearing jeweled outfits that makes them look like they're sparkling. They honestly look like idiots. But so is the capitol so they love them. District two is wearing... it looks like battle armour. District three is wearing black jumpsuits that is covered with spinning gears.

"Smile and wave. No matter how you feel. Make them think you like them" I remember Finnick's words. I take a deep breath and force a smile on my face. I begin waving at the Capitol crowd, smiling, and even catch a white rose thrown at me. The perfectly trained horses continue down the strech until we reach the end where President Snow waits on a podium up in the crowds.

"TRIBUTES! Tributes! We welcome you. We salute your courage and your sacrifice. And we wish you Happy Hunger Games. And may the odds be ever in your favour!" The Capitol citizens begin cheering and screaming. I keep smiling and waving.

Note from annie

I don't care about the capitol. I have no inspiration. I'm going straight to the games.

Day one

I feel the tracker being inserted into my skin and I'm unfrozen. Within a few minutes I'll be fighting for my life. Anemone talks to me about the tribute outfit. It consists of a short sleve shirt and pants. Both black. I don't really hear her telling me about what I should and shouldn't do.

"Now get into the tube." Anemone tells me and I do. It begins rising and I begin breathing heavily. I'm raised to the top and look around. 60... 59...58... it's warm and sunny... 53...52...51... almost like home... 49...48...47... the arena is divided into different sections.... 42...41...40... almost like the 50th Hunger Games... a large dam in one section.... 37...36...35... grassy hills.... 32...31...30... a forest... 28...27...26... a barren wasteland... 21...20...19... the four meet at the cornucopia. 15...14...13... I can win.... 10...9...8... Happy Hunger Games 6...5...4... and may the odds be ever in your favor... 3...2...1...

The gong goes off and I jump off my platform and run to the cornucopia. Out of the corner of my eye I see the wild red hair of the girl from 2. I reach the cornucopia and grab the nearest weapon. Knives. I turn around a throw one at the girl from 3. It hits her in the neck. I turn and see the boy from 12 get impaled by a spear. I drop the knives and grab a net. I throw it on the girl from 8. She screams and Calder stabs her with a sword. The blood bath isn't ending quite yet. The boy from 1 decapitates the boy from 11 then stabs the girl from 6. His district partner flicks the blood from her whip that she used to stun the boy from 5. She brings down her knife. Calder stands over the dead body of the boy from 10 and the girl from 9 is next to the boy from 8.

Anastasia, the girl from 2, builds a fire at the base of the cornucopia as the rest of us move the supplies around around. The career alliance consists of District 1, 2, and 4. Sometimes it varies. I pick out a few knives, a spear, and a bow and arrow. The boy from 1 throws a trident at the cornucopia and laughs when it loudly clangs off. We hear the cannons begin to go off. 10 dead.

A few hours later we're watching the faces of the dead tributes being projected into the sky. We set up a night guard and me and Calder are put on first shift. Anastasia wakes up and tells us she just has to go pee.

"I'll be right back." she insists. No more than two minutes later I hear a loud shrill female scream and then the cannon goes off. The other careers wake up.

"WHO WAS THAT? WHO WAS THAT?" Ryder demands. "WHERE IS ANASTASIA?" Right then the hovercraft picks up a body. The beautiful red hair of Anastasia Phoenix is noticable even during the dark. And at a close distance, the bloody gory mess her body has become is also visable. We all grab weapons and go running off into the woods.

The boy from 3 is running around wailing with a bloody sword in his hand. When he sees us he becomes hysterical and goes running off. We chase him for a few minutes and end up back at the cornucopia. He flings himself onto one of the deactivated mines and begins screaming.

"TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE ME!" He wails and begins jumping up and down on the plate. "JUST KILL ME! KILL ME YOU NO GOOD LITTLE..." and he begins wailing and screaming.

We all look at each other, not quite sure what to do. The boy from 3 jumps off his plate and goes running back into the woods. I hear Brooke sigh as the boy from 3 runs into a tree as he flees. He falls over and begins digging at the ground.

"I SHALL BURY MY OWN GRAVE!" He shrieks right before a trident impales his skull. I turn around and Ryder simply shrugs as the cannon goes off.

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