Well... some of you REALLY old users may remember this. But me and Skyandbray (old user who doesn't come on anymore) created a colab game. And it was this idea but it ultimately failed cause he was lazy. But so I decided that I would write these games.

How it goes

So  I'm sure most of you can seen or read the famous Charlie and the  Chocolate factory. Well... the arena is going to be like the inside of Willy Wonka's factory. Everything will be edible. Candy grass, chocolate rivers and  everything. 


The mutts will be 

  • Oompa Loompas
  • Giant gummy bears
  • Monster Peeps

Other dangers

Cotton candy quick sand

some of the candy will be poisonous


So I'm sure you all know  the drill.







and personality

Two tributes per person. Same or  different district.

District Name Place Cause of death User
1F Arisha Kyoke Mrs.finnickodair
1M Saw Wire Manner me456
2F Macayla Rhodes 24th stabbed in chest Mrs.finnickodair
2M Phantom 23rd Knife to stomach ShadowStarters
3F Mauve Callahan Drewloveskuinn
3M Einsdatamore Elec 19th Gummy bear mutt Wiressfan21
4F Blair Demetria HGClatoLover
4M Luxus Ryabov Smurfmaster
5F Allana Darkbloom 20th Gummy bear mutt NommyZombies
5M Veto Magnate 22nd Decapitated Ryan
6F Samantha Hellens 18th Careers
6M Axl Lockhart 21st Stabbed with sword
7F Amy Thyst 16th Careers Hello im cat lady
7M Khair Ochre Ryan

Nia Xexelia

8M Nero Pows Wiressfan21
9F Rosie Quarts Hello im cat lady
9M Manner Krueger 23rd Knife to back Manner me456
10F Max McKinley ~poptart~
10M Darsen Mask Manner me456
11F Odessa Roehr Lily!
11M Lineo Matthews 17th Careers ViniciusDeAssis1999
12F Crinletto Springea ViniciusDeAssis1999
12M Mark Matthews Ducky35

The Games

As I said in the comments, I plan for these games to last 7-10 days. They will actually have a victor unlike my previous game. 

Day One

Manner Krueger's POV

The plate begins to rise and I begin to think of what on earth the arena might be. A forest? Desert? A ruined city. But what it actually is, is way beyond shocked. I look around and all the tributes seem to be quite shocked at the arena. No one expected this. Even the careers seem to be quite shocked.


Axl Lockhart's POV

The arena is beyond shocking. It's a world of candy. I mean, I have nothing wrong with that. I'm a growing boy. I gotta eat, and well, I've never really had all that much to eat. Being the oldest of 7 and with two parents who did a pretty bad job, I'd give most my food to my younger siblings. They needed it more. I look around. A river of chocolate, fields of candy grass, all the plants are candy too. A forest of lollipops and candy canes. 


Mark Matthews's POV

The careers have all gotten over their surprise of the arena, well at least they're trying to act like they have. The district 2 girl, more so than the others, seems to be quite shocked. I try to think about my plan for the bloodbath, last night I decided that I would run in quickly and get some food. Though now, I'm not so sure if I do need food. The arena is basically all food, but I can't know whether or not that food is safe to eat. I decide to go for the cornucopia and pray for the best.


Macayla Rhodes's POV

I don't bother trying to hide the shock on my face. The arena is a world of candy. I look towards the cornucopia, which appears to be chocolate, and see the wide variety of weapons. It's not that I don't think I can win, which I do know that I can, it's just that I don't know how an arena so different will affect people. I mean, the non-career tributes won't be starving to death, or be weakened due to lack of food. I guess it's just a nice little challenge.


Rosie Quartz's POV


The gong goes off and I jump off my pedestal. To my surprise I see the girl from 2 being stabbed. Then to my right, I see Manner fall over with a knife in his back. I don't hesitate before I start running. I hesitate for the slightest second then jump into the chocolate river. I pull myself onto the candy grass and turn to look behind me. I see people fighting and dying. I don't hesitate before running.

Veto Magnate's POV

I grab a near by knife by the handle. I realize how bad of an idea it was to think that running into the bloodbath was a good idea. I grab a backpack and begin to run. Before I can get out of the fighting, I'm distracted by the District 6 boy and District 4 girl sword fighting. The girl obviously knows what she's doing I realize as she slashes at his legs.  These people have been training for most of their life, and what have I been doing? Forming a gang and thinking that I was the toughest person out there. The boy from 2 comes at me with a scyth in his hand. I instinctively throw the knife at him and by miracle, it hits him in the stomach. He flinches as the blade burries itself in him but it doesn't stop him for bringing the scyth down at my neck.

Odessa Roehr's POV

The boy from 2 dies shortly after he kills the boy from 5. And soon after them the boy from 6 is finished off by the girl from 4. Out of no where I giant red gummy bear climbs out of the chocolate river. I scream as I fall back wards. The gummy bear smashes the girl from 5 and the boy from 3 before the careers take it out. I take that time to run as fast as I can into the candy forest. I keep running not even considering to go to the cornucopia. It's a death trap and I know it.

Crinletto Springea's POV

The careers easily take out another three tributes. I consider going into the candy village, but rather decide to take my chances in the forest. If there are any animals (whether or not they'll be like the gummy bears I don't know). I just have to take the chance that there won't be any wild animals. I adjust the back pack that I managed to grab and continue to run. By the time that it's dark I'm at the edge of the forest. Several pink and blue quick sand pits have shown up and a little chocolate wolf died after eating some of the candy. I haven't dared to eat anything besides the small amount of food in my backpack (which also contains a flask full of water and some knives). Suddenly I hear a crack and I turn around. Four little men stand there. They're different though. Their skin orange and their hair green. They would fit in with the Capitol.

"What are you?" I ask.

"The Oompa Loompas." One tells me as they take out weapons. The last thing I hear before fading into nothing is them singing a song.

Day two

So far we have had 9 casualties. That means that there are still 14 more to come. The mutts have been introduced and are a huge threat to the tributes. And unknown to them none of the food can be assured to be safe.

Khair Orche's POV

I sit with the other four careers, our pack lost almost 30% of its members yesterday. The pair from two both somehow managed to die during the bloodbath. Now it just leaves me with both from 1 and 4. 

The girl from one is eating the head of a dead gummy bear mutt.

"Would you stop eating that?" Saw demands.

"Why should I? It tastes good." She keeps on eating it. I think her name is Arisha.

"I'm going to search the Cornucopia for some more knives." Blair says standing up. She grabs an apple out of a near by bags and munches on it while walking.

"So... seven. Any siblings?" Arisha asks ripping off the bear's ear with her teeth.'

"Yes. Ten of them." I say quietly thinking of how they're all dead.

"What happened to them?" She asks.

"They all died of starvation or during the games." I say as she tosses the head to the side and begins hacking at a nearby candy tree with her sword.

"Well... that sucks for them." She laughs. 

BOOM! Blair comes running out of the Cornucopia.

"Who was-" Blair stops mid sentence as we see the body rising. It's close enough that we can tell it's a girl but not close enough to see who.

"Let's go." Saw says and I grab the sword next to me.

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