Video one

Well... I've decided that since I can, and I've done it before a whiles back, I'm gonna do this again. Okay guys, I'm going to video myself and in that video I will say whatever you guys want me to say. Try to keep it appropriate. I'll either make this video today or tomorrow so everything that you want in it has to be commented by then.

And just so you guys know. I'm a horrible singer. Someone told me that my singing was the worse thing they had ever heard a coupe weeks ago.

Well... here it is. I'm gonna regret this forever.

Video two

So I decided that this was really fun and it was something that entertained everyone without any fights happening. So I'm gonna make another video but this time, I want you guys to ask me questions. I'll answer any question honestly. So ask away!

Well here is the next video my devote fans!

And as I said in the video about the photo rule here it is.

Video three

Well... I obviously find this very fun. So I want to try a different type of video. I'm going to pic several topics and discuss then during the video. Please vote on what you want the topics to be. I'll talk about 2-4 of the topics that get the most votes.

<poll> What should I discuss in my next video? Hunger Games ships Why I'm so in love with Harry Potter My feelings about sexism/racism/homophobia What's wrong with society Why Doctor Who is amazing How to get people to hate you The art of fangirling </poll>

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