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  • I was born on March 25
  • My occupation is school
  • I am female
  • Iluvjoshhutcherson16


    September 21, 2012 by Iluvjoshhutcherson16

    what do u like better the book or the movie comment

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  • Iluvjoshhutcherson16


    May 19, 2012 by Iluvjoshhutcherson16

    well i just finished mockingjay and i have to say it was really depressing i read it in 7 days i couldnt be away from that book! but now im done and im even more sad what will i do without them? maybe i will just reread the series.

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  • Iluvjoshhutcherson16

    Recently I have read alot of the Mockingjay so im going to write a poem that lives somewhere around the hunger games.

    Arena Clock

    Tik tok says the clock

    Time sinks in your stomach like a rock

    It slowly elapses

    Although thats when your life collapses

    Its when the the hovercraft comes to pick your body up

    Your emotions erupt

    Because you know you have won

    Althogh thats when the pressure of death feels like a ton.

    Becoming The Bird

    She wants me to become the Mockingjay

    Its a serious game I have to play

    Cant put a toe out of line

    Because if I do Snows's body wont be mine

    Gale will die

    If Peeta goes I will cry

    I will be the Mockinjay

    And thats all im allowed to say

    Run From ......

    Run from cato run from clove

    For the beautiful bow and arrow I dove

    Although i really m…

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  • Iluvjoshhutcherson16

    Will there be a 79th Hunger Games? So far there has been 76, but will Katniss be able to stop the capitol from cerating a 77th, 78th, 79th? Will that be about the time when Katniss says enough is enough and fufill her title an Mockinjay? She has already promised but has she really embraced that challenge? We all know Katniss Everdeen can fight but is she choosing not to? What will happen to Peeta, Gale, Prim, her Mother in the end? Well it all goes down in Mockinjay!

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  • Iluvjoshhutcherson16

    Hi I found out where the district locations of the hunger games are, take a look!

    • Remember the districts are large, so for example District 12 is not just in Virginia.

    Starting with our favorite District 12!

    District 12- Virginia

    District 11- Arkansas

    District 10- South Dakota

    District 9- Kansas

    District 8- Wisconsin

    District 7- Monntana

    District 6- Illinois

    District 5- Wyoming

    District 4- Lousiana

    District 3- New Mexico

    District 2- Nebraska

    District 1- Utah

    THE Capitol- Nevada

    • District 13!!!!!- Pennsylvania
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