Recently I have read alot of the Mockingjay so im going to write a poem that lives somewhere around the hunger games.

Arena Clock

Tik tok says the clock

Time sinks in your stomach like a rock

It slowly elapses

Although thats when your life collapses

Its when the the hovercraft comes to pick your body up

Your emotions erupt

Because you know you have won

Althogh thats when the pressure of death feels like a ton.

Becoming The Bird

She wants me to become the Mockingjay

Its a serious game I have to play

Cant put a toe out of line

Because if I do Snows's body wont be mine

Gale will die

If Peeta goes I will cry

I will be the Mockinjay

And thats all im allowed to say

Run From ......

Run from cato run from clove

For the beautiful bow and arrow I dove

Although i really missed

And at that time I was very pissed

Nothing but my pack

Im scared for Peeta so I look back

He has gone to the cornicopia and made some friends

In my head I thought thats where his life ends

With them he ran away

Its the hunger games that he will have to play

And brewing inside me is anger and wrath

Thats when I see the huge bloodbath

Gross and pooling

And at this time I know the audience is drooling

Im playing a very dangerous game

By the end of this everyone will know my name!

Thanks for reading leave comments! Hope you enjoyed!

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