• ImKyleV

    Hunger Games Idea

    July 10, 2013 by ImKyleV

    I've came up with an idea of a hunger games video game.

    The single player story is about Haymitch Abernathy's experience in the 50th annual hunger games (2nd Quarter Quell). It would show his relationships with the other tributes including his distric partner Maysilee Donner. The singleplayer will also include cutscenes pertaining to the story. 

    The singleplayer will start off with with Haymitch either at home getting ready for the reaping or already at the reaping already. 

    During the reaping, the distric twelve escort plays the video about the hunger games and then starts to to pick the tributes. She goes to the female tribute jar and picks a paper. She reads out, "Maysilee Donner." Then a girl, Maysilee Donner, walks up looking strong but …

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