I've came up with an idea of a hunger games video game.


The single player story is about Haymitch Abernathy's experience in the 50th annual hunger games (2nd Quarter Quell). It would show his relationships with the other tributes including his distric partner Maysilee Donner. The singleplayer will also include cutscenes pertaining to the story. 


The singleplayer will start off with with Haymitch either at home getting ready for the reaping or already at the reaping already. 

The reaping

During the reaping, the distric twelve escort plays the video about the hunger games and then starts to to pick the tributes. She goes to the female tribute jar and picks a paper. She reads out, "Maysilee Donner." Then a girl, Maysilee Donner, walks up looking strong but with a slight fear in her eyes. The escort then goes to the male tribute jar and grabs a piece of paper. She reads out, "Haymitch Abernathy." As this happens the camera zooms into Haymitch and begins to view in his point of view. You, Haymitch, begins to walk up and your vision begins to blur as if you're about to tear up. The escort begins to say,"Ladies and gentlemen, the district twelve tributes for the 50th annual hunger games," as the screen goes black and the hunger games logo slowly appears.

Train ride 

The train ride shows a bond with Haymitch and Maysilee. Since there has never been a mentor for district twelve, Haymitch and Maysilee taught each other different tips.Chariot RidesHaymitch and Maysilee both wore a cheesy miner outfit.


The middle is the story of Haymitch and his struggles in the games (which are determined by the player). The middle is completely itneractive (except for cutscenes of major events). For the middle to still go with the story, It will contain quests for you to complete (for example, Find Maysilee and ally he, or, Take ____ from the cornucopia)   It will also contain a hunger, thirst, body temp and current health status, e.g., stomache ache, blood poisoning, etc.


The end will contain the last parts of the games like,maysilee's death and the last fight, and Haymitch being crown victor/ interviewed about being victor and it fades black.



The multiplayer lets you battle out in a hunger games type arena. One game in multiplayer last for about 30 mins- 3 hours


There are different types of arenas and each arena is render differently.

Arena Types

The arenas differ in type. The types include (more arenas can be added from updates) :


The tundra consists of steep mountains, polar bears, shrubs with berries, snow, and low temperatures. The tributes playing in a tundra arena have a risk of dying from hypothermia. 


The volcano is an island andhas no wild life and plant life except muttations. It's climate vary.


The grasslands contain many wild life, plantlife and muttations. It has small trees and shrubs, and a flat terrain. The temperature is between high and mid. Its weather is always sunny which can cause the tribute to die from exhaustion. 

Tribute Health Status

The tribute has a system called the Tribute Health System. This system shows your tributes current health status, i.g., broken bones, illnesses, diseases, body temp, hunger, thirst, and mental stability. The health status has different effects varying from current health.

Leveling System

The leveling system is system that rewards the player for being better by increasing their level. The higher the level, the higher the chance you get a sponsor gift, the better the sponsor gift, and the higher level the traits/skills of your tribute are. Also, when your level gets higher, you get to play with people with the range of your level.


The tribute is a character you get to play against other peoples tributes in arenas. A tribute is randomly placed in a district and different districts have higher level traits and skills. When a tribute of yours dies it is disabled for 6 hours.  The game comes with 5 tributes for you but you can buy more tributes. You can also pay to change your tributes district.A tribute's appearance, traits, and skills can be customized. The appearances that can be customized are its gender, hair, body figure, skin color, clothing, and facial features. The traits that can be customizable are stamina, intelect, strength, endurance, steath, and speech. The skills a tribute can have are, bow and arrow, sword, dagger, knife, axe, farm, mine, hunt, sabotage, and fish. ImKyleV (talk) 03:25, July 5, 2013 (UTC)

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