• Innocentkiller

    Many people have an idea of the video game being based on the books. But really, we've all read them a million and one times, haven't we? With a familiar plot line, the game would be boring; It should be new, interesting and scary! So what will the game (hint, hint) be like?

    Now, I always like to make my own character when playing a game, and i think that would be great in this game. We could be Katniss or Peeta or Gale if we wanted, but we could be ourselves or some made up random person too. And make it third-person. Whats the point of having a character we can't see?

    Also, the ability to choose your home district would be great. AND, I REALLY don't want for the district to just be a number that doesn't exactly effect you much, it should b…

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