Many people have an idea of the video game being based on the books. But really, we've all read them a million and one times, haven't we? With a familiar plot line, the game would be boring; It should be new, interesting and scary! So what will the game (hint, hint) be like?

Now, I always like to make my own character when playing a game, and i think that would be great in this game. We could be Katniss or Peeta or Gale if we wanted, but we could be ourselves or some made up random person too. And make it third-person. Whats the point of having a character we can't see?

Also, the ability to choose your home district would be great. AND, I REALLY don't want for the district to just be a number that doesn't exactly effect you much, it should be a place that you would actually WANT to fight and possibly die to honor. You should be able to live the years when you could be chosen for the games, choosing whether to train for the games and become a career tribute, hunt to keep your family alive or work jobs to develop your survival skills. This would defiantly make you want to win more, as you have people you actually know and have met to fight for. I'm not bothered about the speed of the time, i just want to live those years. Also, please randomize the number of sibling and the ability to put your name in more then once. I want to cry when my sibling's name is read out  or pray that I wont get chosen so we can have extra food. 

Now The Reaping. The year your picked in should be randomized, so that we aren't picked the first year defiantly, otherwise it would be boring as we'd already know whats going to happen. Suspense would defiantly scare me a lot more then career tributes and with a set year, all that suspense would be gone. Also, let us pick our outfits for the reaping. I really don't want to wear the same thing as Katniss or Prim every year.

Please include the events leading up to the games. Im talking about the whole thing: the train ride, the tribute parade, the training, the interviews, all of it! The decisions we make during these stages should affect things outside and inside the games. For example, if we wanted to be all moody when the train pulls up at the station in the Capitol instead of waving, that would affect the amount of sposors we get. I'm going to go into a bit more detail about these events. 

The train ride should be a chance to get to know our mentor, fellow tribute or Effie (please, please make the announcer Effie! She's hilarous!) and develop freindships that will affect how they treat  us.

For the Tribute Parade, I'd like to be able to pick what we wear. I know that in the book tributes don't have a say in what they weat at all, but this could be used to affect sponsors. Also, we could be able to interact by waving or holding hands with our fellow tribiute like Peeta and Katniss do. Again, affecting our sponsors.

The training will be very important. Time speed should be very slow so we have time to do lots of different stations. This way if we worked on our survial skills by working certsin jobs during the period of our time in our home district, we could work on our combat skills in training, or vice versa. We could also use this time to make alliences or rivalries between the other 23 tributes. 

Then the interview. We should, once again, be able to choose what to wear, for the same reason.We should be able to watch the other interviews so we can see how our friends/enimies fare with the public. For our interview, we should be asked random questions and we have to pick our awnser, which would affect how the public and petnioal sponsor see us.

Finally, for the final examination in front of the gamemakers, we should be able to pick what we do, so they know wether to help us or not. We should be shown our and the other tributes scores.

Now for the actuall games. Unlike the parade and the interview, the game outfits should be randomized. The final countdown should be long enough for us to scout out the area and have a look in the cornocopica; so we know wether to go for it or not. When the countdown is done, we should have the choice to either run for the loot and weapons, or run off into the woods and survive.Cannon fire should be loud enough for us to hear, but not to loud to damage our hearing right at the start of the games.The AI tributes should be very smart, and all have very detailed personalities, so killing them off isn't like killing minions in games like Black Ops, but distinct, and somewhat haunting. And allow them to hunt us, so we know we're never truly safe.And don't give us the ones from the books. Please randomize them.

As for surviving, we should have certain skills that we have either learnt during training or at home, or gradually learn during our time in the arena. For example, if you were a little stupid and spent all your time focusing on comabt, you could gradually learn certain survival skills, like tree climbing, fire making, finding water and identifing berries. But some, like knots and  camoflauge, are no longer availble to learn if you forget to do them during training or at home. This adds a lot more careful thinking into the game as you have to think what will be best for you in the long run.

Disaters should be based on how you present yourself to the Gamemakers and where you are. For example, if you show off your really strong and impress them, then your more likely to have them kill a few off for you. Or, if you don't impress them and wander close to the edge, they might put you in life or death situation. And include lots of differnet creative disasters. Also, put in random tracker- jacker nests.

Food wise, there should be very limited ways to get it and it should be generally very limited. We should be able to hunt for meat and find berries. But the only other ways should be to get it from the cornocopia or feast and sponnsors.

The feast for the 6 or something remaining tributes should be very simalr to the one described in the book. For example, if your injured the pack could contain a bandage or medicene. But, unless your teamed up with them, your fellow tribute is after the pack too, as they need something drastically too. So its a race between the both of you, bearing in mind  another tribute not from you district may take the pack to weaken you.

Injuries shouldn't heal unless your given medicene from sponsors or the feast.

The rate at which you are given sponsor gifts should be affected on how the public sees you, which is affected by your performance in the events leading up to the games AND your performance so far in the games. They could be nessicary survival tools like a knife or water or food, or a note of warning if a certain tribute is after you. 

You should also be able to interact with the audience in the districts. For example, if an allie dies and you try to save them, you could throw a rebellion symbol, which would gain you popularity with the home audience (espically the district your allie is from) but cost your popularity with the gamemakers. Sponsors won't be affected because they wont know what it means.Or, if you were to kill a tribute brutally, you would gain popularity with the gamemakers and capitol audience for putting on a good show, but you would lose populartity with the district the tribute is from.

As for the arena, there should be either randomly generated ones so its differnt every time, or a big selection of them which are choosen at random.

If you were to win (you should be able to die and lose), it shouldn't just be Yay you won, game over. We should be able to savour our victory, go on the tour around the districts. I think that would be good as if we were able to play as off spring - im not sure if that is a good idea though-, we would automatically have less/more popularity with certin groups.

There are a few small other things too. The siblings should have very detailed personalities. A wide range of weaoponryu would be nice so we can't learn them all, so we will always have a disadvantage. This is a quick list of a few skills that should definetly be implenmented: fire making, knot tying, knowledge (basiclly identifying berries, plants, inscets and traps) swordplay, charisma, water finding,climbing, camoflauge (the stuff Peeta's good at) throwing, polearms, shooting. Mentors should be randomized with differnt skill they specialize in, so if your mentor is an experty in throwing and polearms, you would learn that skill quicker. And mine-blowing graphics.

I know this may be very picky, but i know if these guidlines are followed this game would be amazing. I f you agree with what i've said, tweet the link for this blog to Lionsgate or on their facebook so they will check it out and consider making the game to these guidlines! If you think there is any ideas that could be added on, then dont be afraid to comment them below. Just dont hate.

I really hope this is the kind of game we get as it would be focused more on survival as you can have other people kill others off for you. but you could be a career tribute if you wanted.

Remmeber to tweet! Thanks for reading this very long list! BYEEEEEE

Jess :D

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