Alright, so I haven't been updating recently... (*Oh really, self? I hadn't noticed!* Oh stop being so damn sarcastic, me!) Ahem, right... I had a sudden and unwelcome influx of homework, specifically from my Math teacher. He decided to cram for the CST (state testing), thus torturing his poor, overwhelmed students. I being one of those. Anyways, considering I have had a massive amount of homework for the past two months and probably the last two months and then state testing this week... On top of that I have to prepare my cosplay for the Anime Expo this coming summer, which is in three months. I have only the least important of things pertaining to the completion of my outfit and need to work harder in it. I'm not abandoning this AT ALL. I guess what I'm trying to get across here is that, while I may not update a lot, I DO plan to complete this. You have my word. (Also, I'll try to add a few things now and then when I have time but you probably shouldn't get your hopes up!)

Hola, soy genial!

Well, it's about high time I posted this up, don't cha think? I'm gonna make this a full Game. Yes, that means pictures, Reapings, chariot rides, interviews, and everything in between. If I can't manage it, I'll cut some things off. Just a warning though. I have overloads of homework every night and especially on weekend. You shouldn't expect me to update often. Maybe one day per week. Maybe none at all, depending on my teachers. Now that that's all said and done, if you still want to join my little game, be my guest. Reservations are for as long as I deem them to be. I would put 'May the odds be ever in your favor' but that's far to overused. Oh... I just did, didn't I? Opps?

Quarter Quell

It took me awhile to think of this but I figured out what to do. You see, during lunch my friend gave me an energy drink called Monster. Horrid stuff, by the way. I don't suggest you drink it. So my 5th period is Science and that class is always boring. i figured the drink could get me through it. Apparently energy drinks don't like me because instead of waking me up, it PUT ME TO SLEEP! But anyways, during my short, refreshing nap (in which I missed the official instructions of a project), it struck me. This year, there will be NO FEMALE TRIBUTES. You heard me. AN ALL MALE HUNGER GAME! This way I don't have to deal with romances. Well, unless, you make your tributes swing that way but...

Submitting Your Tributes

I needs lots of info so...:






Chosen or Volunteered

If volunteered, why?

Reaping reaction






Preferred Weapon




(Added Bonus-- Optional)

Interview Outfit

Reaping Outfit

Chariot Outfit

One Interview Quote

Preferred Death

Anything else I missed?


District 1

Male: Bobieee Lolz

Male: DumDeDum PeeFaceOhididntseeyahthereee

District 2

Male: Armour Gran

Male: Rasco Tee

District 3

Male: Fredrick Kelt

Male: Kurt Bregita

District 4

Male: Wasser Stagnant

Male: Trounder Corelp

District 5

Male: Fox Shade

Male: North Elms

District 6

Male: Sasha Rekon

Male: Clerihew Kenna

District 7

Male: Kevin O'Conner

Male: Fido Fiderson

District 8

Male: Daniel Patterson

Male: Chance Barkley

District 9

Male: Sam Jones

Male: Matt Rock

District 10

Male: Robbie "Rose" Daniels

Male: Tony Blairright

District 11

Male: Ryan Fielder

Male: Micheal Day

District 12

Male: Birch Saunders

Male: Hawthorne Addams


The arena is one big mountain, which is barren and rocky on one side and is covered by a dense forest on the other. The cornucopia is in the middle of the forest, which is filled with mutts, tracker jackers, and other lurking dangers. The Cornucopia is only accessible by night, when it gets so dark you can barely even see your hand in front of your face. The entire mountain is riddled with small caves and such. The higher up the mountain, the more resources and danger you’ll find. In the caves high up, small feasts and supplies will be hidden. However, they’ll be guarded by vicious wolf and mountain lion mutts. There will also be poisonous food, caves that are actually traps, freezing rain, and hidden land mines.

Quarter Quell Twist #2 (Didn't think I'd let you off easy, did you?)

After the Final 8 interviews, a little surprise will be unleashed on our finalist. Animal mutts will disappear and coming in to replace them will be... human mutts. And not just any human mutts. They will be family members, close friends, anyone who has ever been close to their hearts. (*Note* Actual people won't be mutated. They will be lab created! Oh and even the dead won't escape. Their memories will be used too!)


Every tribute starts with $500 and gets $100 dollars evry day they survive.


Blowgun $10

Small Vial of Poison $10

Large Vial of Poison $15

(Blunt Edge) Dagger $15

Darts (20) $15

Poison Darts (20) $20

Arrows $25

Small Set of Daggers (5) $25

Medium Set of Daggers (10) $30

Large Set of Daggers (25) $45

Poison Arrows (30) $60

Short sword $65

Long sword $80

Battle axe $110

Spiked Club $110

Flail/Whip $115

Mace $115

Spiked Mace $125

Spear $130

Javelin $130

Trident $130

Scythe $175

Katana $200

Gravity Hammer $250


Guns (The amount it will cost, depends on the type) $3000-5050

Ammunition-30 bullets (The amount it will cost, depends on the type) $2000-4050


Container $5

Crackers (5) $10

Jerky (5) $10

Chunk of Cheese $10

2 Pieces of Bread $15

Backpack $25

Full Bottle of Water $25

Rope $25

Half Gallon of Water $40

Small Crate of Apples (5) $40

Large Crate of Apples (9) $50

Large Basket of Bread (10) $55

Bandages $55

Thin Blanket $60

Thick Blanket $65

Warm Set of Clothing $70

Regular Sleeping Bag $100

Thermal Sleeping Bag $130

Tent $165

Iodine $175

Capitol Meal $200

Burn Medicine $210

Other Medicine- Depending on what medicine is necessary, the prices will range from $300-850


Note (It can’t say anything about any other tribute’s location or strategy!) $25

Helmet $200

Binoculars $200

Night Vision Goggles $250

Shield $250

Body Armor $350

Anything else you guys want to add, just tell me in the comment section! Cool?



The new escort, Chrysanthium "Chrys" Lattice, tottered off her chair in dangerously high heels. She probably wore them to make up for her obvious lack of height. Her skin, which was a bright, shimmering gold, was painful to the eyes. She shot the camera and townspeople a supposedly charming smile, showing off little diamonds set in her teeth. She grabbed a name and cleared her throat. This being her first Reaping (and in a Career district, no less!) she wanted to make sure she had everyone's attention. "The first, lucky boy is..." She paused, staring into the crowd expectantly as if expecting drumroll, and then continued. "Luke Williams!" A confiedent boy strode onto the stage with a winning smile. Then, quite suddenly, he was literally pushed into the crowd. "What the...?" He roared. A small, boy with hair as golden as the escort's skin stood on the stage. "I'm... Life is so... It's to boring! I volunteer! Is... Is that okay?' He asked meekly. Luke clambered back onto the satge and began to laugh. "Is this some joke? Move kid, before you get too hurt." The boy frowned and repeated himself with a little more confiedence. "I, Bobbieee Lolz, volunteer for Luke What'shisname!" Luke stared, flabbergasted, as he was carted off the stage by Peacekeepers. "Right...," Chrys began, obviously thrown off. "Our next tribute is... DumDeDum PeeFaceOhididntseeyahtereee...?" All of a sudden a sense of foreboding and fear spread through here as she stared expectantly into the crowd of boys. "AAWWWW SNAP!" An awkward looking boy came up from behind her and yelled in her ear. She jumped about a foot into the air and began to quiver and tetter. "TIMBER!" Someone in the crowd shouted, even if this wasn't District 7. But surely enough, Chrys tumbled into Travis Reynolds, the mentor, who in turn, jumped up, dropped Chrys, and crashed into the mayor. It was like dominos as people after people fell onto each other. Peacekeepers rushed onto the stage to put a stop to the chaos and tripped over DumDeDum's body. In the end, Chrys started bawling her eyes out as the begining of her career ended.


After the fiasco that was District 1's Reapings, District 2's was fairly normal. Or as normal as sending young people of to their deaths could be. Especially if said young people VOLUNTEER for said fate. So was the fate of one Armour Grant as Benjamin Gold's name was called. "I volunteer!" He called out immediately. Several others near him closed their mouths and scowled at their missed oppurtunity. On his way to the stage, he was intercepted by Star, his girlfriend. Usually she had a composed demenor but now tears gathered at the edges of her eyes and threatened to spill. But she was determined to appear strong and smirked at him. "Make sure to come back home alive, loser! It would SUCH a pain to have to find a new boyfriend." Then she drew him in for a fierce kiss. "Don't get yourself killed. You hear me, idiot? I'll miss you." She whispered so no one but him could hear. she disappeared behind a wall of people as he made his way next to the escort. The escort wiped a tear away from her eye and choked out the next name. "Rasco Tee!" A boy ambled his way up to the stage. Rasco's hands were in his pockets and he whistled a jaunty tune. he paused, shrugged and said, "Eh, what the hell?" He extended his hand, which was gripped tightly by Armour. "Is that supposed to be scary?" He teased. Armour gave a wide, feral grin. "No. It's just a little warning. I plan to come home, well and alive." Rasco returned the handshake and smile. "Good luck."


An eccentric looking mentor twirled onto the stage. He obviously had picked up the Capitol style at some point. He grinned at the camera, showing dazzling white teeth. It made many girls swoon (despite his light red skin) and many men glare suspiciously at the slightly dangerous undertone. The escort, a woman with cat ears, purred lowly as he winked at her. She snapped out of her daze, flustered and bright red under the tan fur on her face. “Our first tribute is… Kurt Bregita!” She smiled with pointed teeth, looking at the mentor through the corner of her eyes. A boy with glossy black hair which made most woman jealous maneuvered his way quietly to the stage, keeping a wary eye on the two people near him. While he kept a cold, very icy demeanor, it was all a façade. Inside he was silently stewing indignantly. This was ridiculous! Why him out of everyone else? He was still fuming when the escort yelled out the next name. “Fredric Kelt! Come on up!” Frederic walks slowly up, an incredulous expression on his face. He can hear his family sobbing, his father hold his mother back. He refuses to look at them. He had to appear strong. Now was not the time to break down and cry. No, plenty of time for that later. Somewhere were he could be alone and not afraid that someone would see him. He glared at the camera and crowd, daring anyone to laugh at him as one lone tear slipped down his cheek.


Praxis Mogul was nearly knocked down as the mentor came running into her seat. The mentor, Yin Satire, smiled mockingly as Praxis’ frown. “I’m sorry.” She said in a sickingly, sweet voice. “I didn’t make you wait long, did I?” Praxis’ scowled deepened Yin winked at the crowd, which caused a ripple of laughter to erupt, and motioned for Praxis to continue. He sighed and grabbed a name. “Wasser Stagnant...?” A scream ripped the air and a blonde boy from the 17 section jumped up and ran to the stage. Everyone was absolutely shocked when he drew a knife out from seemingly no where. Wasser advanced, lunged, and pinned Praxis down with an insane grin. “You idiots!” Yin yelled at the Peacekeepers. “DO SOMETHING!” A young Peacekeeper took out his gun and aimed at Wasser. Another older, more experienced Peacekeeper knocked the gun out of his hands. If the trainee shot the tribute, he’d might as well have signed his death warrant. Yin stomped towards them and ripped a stun gun from the side of their belt. Praxis now had a thin stream of blood running don his throat and a horrified expression as Wasser told him exactly what he planned to do to him. “Sorry, kid,” Yin muttered and shot the gun, stunning Wasser. Praxis stood up and a pressed the handkerchief Yin gave him to his neck. “Yes…,” He said in a shaky voice. “Well, okay. Our next… tribute is… Trounder Corelp…” A small sob rang out from the 16 section. Immediately the area from where it came from cleared, the other boys avoiding the pale kid in the middle. He was bright red and had a large stain on the front of his shorts. A young girl ran up to Trounder. “Are you okay? Oh… This must be so embarrassing for you!” She whispered worriedly. He tried to step away but let out another cry as liquid hit the pavement. The other boys were torn between laughing or giving disgusted looks at Trounder. “Just… Could you go away, Sandy? You aren’t really helping,” He muttered while trying his best not to move an inch. Sandy shook her head. “Don’t be like that. Your parents and I were afraid something like this might happen. We brought you extra shorts.” She motioned towards his family, who rush forward and surround him with a large blanket. Sandy hands him the shorts, which he hesitantly accepts and puts on. His family steps back ans Sandy gives him a quick peck on the cheek before he goes on stage.


The day was overcast, matching the gloom of the families who had young boys. The escort, Gravitas Deist, was oblivious to the depressing atmosphere and smiled happily to the crowd and camera. “Everyone ready!?’ He shouted. When no objections occurred, he continued. “Good, good! I bet we’re all well and excited to find out who are lucky boys are this year!” He continued rambling about how great the Hunger Games were. Meanwhile everyone was steadily becoming angrier. “Get on with it!” Someone finally yelled. Shouts of agreement rose from the crowd. Gravitas was miffed at the crowd’s uncalled for (to him) reaction. ‘Well, if you’re going to be that way…,” He said, contemptuously. “Our first tribute is James Valerian!” A twelve year old boy made his way to the stage. Everyone was deadly quiet, especially as James was suddenly bombarded with three younger kids. “Please, Jamie! You can’t leave!” The youngest of the three sobbed while clutching onto James legs. It pained the crowd but more so an attractive boy in the 16 section. He would not, could not, let this sick excuse of entertainment rip yet another family apart. “I volunteer!” His voice was loud and clear. It rang throughout the quiet square. He shut his eyes and his fists curled into balls. “Go… Go back with your family, kid.” He opened his eyes as he was tackled by James. “Thank you so much!” Fox Shade nodded, pried James off of him, and went up to the stage. “Well, we have a nice, healthy boy so far! Let’s pick out the next one!” Gravitas laughed. Everyone glared at him but it didn’t seem to affect him. “Brian Usurp!” A crippled boy moved to the stage from the 14 section. He grimaced and hoped someone able bodied felt bad enough to volunteer for him. He was halfway to the stage when a 17 year old boy pushed him to the ground. He left Brian on the ground and went up the stage. “Hey, what the hell’s your problem!?” Brian yelled after him. The guy didn’t answer and instead gave his name to Gravitas. “North Elms. I volunteer.”


Curded Fodder was exactly as her name suggested. Spoiled beyond belief and the perfect stereotype of the typical Capitol citizen’s appearance. Her skin was purple and shined as the glitter embedded in her skin hit the sun. She had a pointed face, which she thought to be beautiful. She wore eccentric clothing that matched her fiery red hair. She made her way across the stage, shooting apparently sultry looks at the citizens of D6 and the camera. Curded made a show of choosing a name and reading it, making exaggerated moves and facial expressions. “Before I read this year’s lucky boys, I just have to say this,” She said in a snobbish, nasally voice. “It’s so marvelous to see all of you again! And in such great health too!” Curded, having been exposed to the true Capitol treatment towards the Districts, said all this in a mocking tone. She smiled evilly at the crowd, who glowered at her. “Well now that we’ve gotten formalities out of the way! Marshal Fischer!” A twitchy 12 year old boy walked forward, crying with every step. Marshal tripped on the stage and made to grab for Curded. She quickly stepped back, letting him fall. To cover up her obvious distaste towards these common people, she quickly read out, “Sasha Rekon!” Sasha took his time walking to the stage, his trench coat swishing behind him. He wore a stony expression as he stood next to Curded. She was just about to start some masked taunting when a well built boy stepped up. “I volunteer for Marshal! My name is Clerihew Kenna,” He said with confidence. He puffed out his chest with pride as his girlfriend, Soraya, stared adoringly at him. He walked up to the stage, making sure to look all macho the entire time. “Well, well, well. I suppose that unlike last year we actually have some capable tributes!” She sneered. Curded grasped both boys by the shoulders, digging her sharp nails in, and carted them away from the stage.


Everyone gathered about the stage. Unlike the other districts, the mood in 7 was considerably brighter. I mean, sure two boys were going to suffer. But the families with daughters couldn’t help but cheer the fact that at least one of their children had at least one more year. The teenage boys were milling about, fidgeting and nervously trying to strike up conversations amongst each other. All but one boy who stood alone, singled out at the back of the possible tributes. All of a sudden a dark, ominous cloud rolled over, covering everything in a shadow. Rains starting pour down, shocking everyone. A crack of lightening flashed, illuminating everything. The escort starts to panic at the fact that their aqua green hair would get ruined. He quickly makes his way to the Reaping ball and reached out his hand to pick a name. Thunder crashed in front of the freighted Capitol-ist(?) as if in warning. He quickly backs off, staring at the singed wood in front of him. Everyone waits expectantly as the rain and wind pick up. All of a sudden a large ball of thunder crashes down in the 14 section. All the boys scatter, except one. Bits of rock joined the rain, pelting the poor crowd. Once the smoke had cleared everyone gaped in awe. The boy, Kevin O’Conner, apparently hadn’t died. Instead he was standing in the middle of a crater with large words etched around him. Him, it spelled out. Someone rushed him to the stage. Once reaching the podium, he broke out into large, wheezing sons. The escort, getting over his initial surprise, cautiously made his way to the Reaping ball. Hesitantly, as if afraid he would get fried, he picked a name and moved away quickly. “Um… Our next tribute is… Fido Fiderson!” He did a dance, which had most girls swooning (;D) and then grabbed a bottle from seemingly nowhere and took a long drink. He threw the bottle into the crowd, where girls tore at one another to get it.






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