The HG Movie

Be honest. When they first announced that there was to be an HG movie, who let let out an excited squeal? Who couldn't stop grinning? Who was literally bouncing from excitement? Who started laughing manically? Okay maybe that last one was just me. Now who's getting disappointed because they didn't choose your dream Katniss? Gale? Peeta? Any other character? Who's getting frustrated at how the directors aren't really considering what the fans might like? Who's getting angry that Suzanne Collins has actually approved of all this? Come on, tell me the truth.

My Opinion

I am no longer excited. I am... I AM DISAPPOINT! >:[ That is what I am. While before I might have quivered in anticipation I now tremble in outrage. But then again I have anger management issues. I just really wish they got this movie over and done with. I also really don't like how more and more Twilight fans started flocking over to be part of the HG fanbase as soon as they heard that the movie was going to be "the next Twilight." Not that I have anything wrong with Twilight fans but whatever.

Random Thing I Feel Like Adding

Go this link==>

You see that troll humanoid female? I am cosplaying her for AnimeExpo this summer. Her name is Vriska Serket. It has been very difficult so far and still need:




Grey body paint

Blue eyeliner


Horns (Which are actually half way done)
  • This is Karkat as a 'baby'.
  • This is chibi Sollux eating ice cream.
  • This is Gamzee... With a mustache and some Mexican 'apparel'.
  • This is Vriska... Being Vriska.

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