And so it begins...

''Ello! What's up, guys? So, yeah, you've might have seen my blog asking for your opinions... So a majority (in fact I'm pretty sure all, which is pretty awesome) said that I should do my own Hunger Games... But, yeah, I'm still a total newb (noob) at this sort of thing and it's been a long while since i've written anything. So just to clarify, I'm not sure that when (if) I start these Games, I'll be able to update it often. I always have an overload of homework on all days of the week (including weekends). However, spring break is coming soon, along with some extra school holidays, and then sweet, sweet summer. So, I'll try my best! OKAY! Now enough rambling! This is a quick, first-come-first-serve sort of thing! I'll need at least 10 of you to help me (I don't know why I chose the number 10! DON'T QUESTION MEH!).


1) You need to have an account!

2) You need to have been a member for at least a month!

3) I won't say that you need to have done your own Game before because that would be hypocritcal of me. However, you have to have at least made 6 tributes! Maybe less, if it is a special situation and I agree with you!

4) You have to be AT LEAST semiliterate! Also a never ending water fall of imagination juice! (The best kind of juice! :D)


1) TeamPeetaForever

2) TotalDramaRox97

3) Firecatcher3

4) Fidofiderson

5) Mockingjay5

6) Elviaalova

7) Purplexmuffin

8) Earth12

9) Racmany

10) Brony12

11) *I'm putting an extra space because I promised someone a space. Then I forgot cuz I'm a totally idiot...* Panther12

Make sure to leave me your email, facebook, or stuff like that! Do any of you have a DeviantArt? Later, I'll chose a Head Gamemaker. It'll be random so people who get to be gamemakers, don't feel offended if you aren't chosen or anything.

Okay! I understand that many don't want to reveal their emails. Privacy issues, you know? So I'll post my email up. Just don't try to cyberstalk me or send me spam. Because, really? That is so not awesome. People who were chosen as Gamemakers can email me, telling me who their usernames and from there we'll start off. Cool?


So... Umm... Yeah... I have all my Gamemakers, which is really awesome. But, guys, can you give me a while to get everything together? I might or might not make it a Quarter Quell, so I have to give that some thought. Then I have my homework, Student Council projects, and lots of tests... I promise that I'm making my own Game but it might take a while. So if you don't want to be a Gamemaker anymore I understand... Oh and by the way? Have you guys heard the recent HG movie news? No? Weel, they've chosen Peeta and Gale! Can you guess who they are? Peeta: Josh Hutcherson (Or whatever his last name is...) Gale: Liam Hender-something. Believe, you'll be disappointed...

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