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    These are the 41st Hunger Games! There will be on chariot rides, interviews or training scores. You can sign up with a maximum of 2 tributes per user using this template:

    • Name:
    • Age:
    • Gender:
    • District:
    • Personality:
    • Preffered Weapon:

    Also, users can not sponsor tributes they did not create during the games. :3

    District Name Preffered Weapon User
    District 1 Male

    District 1 Female

    District 2 Male Draco Adams Sword Cato rocks!
    District 2 Female Ellie Twist Bow and Arrows Cato rocks!

    District 3 Male

    District 3 Female

    District 4 Male

    District 4 Female

    District 5 Male

    District 5 Female Katelynn Huxley Throwing knives SkyTimeGirl
    District 6 Male

    District 6 Female Olympia Willings Physical strength SkyTimeGirl
    District 7 Male

    District 7 Female

    District 8 Male

    District 8 Fem…

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