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  • Ireland?

    My name is Jen Corpez and I am from District Seven.

    My family was one of the most friendly in District Seven. I used to work in the forest with my father until the reaping. It was my last reaping and I would be 19 in a few months. I pulled my screaming twelve year old sister to the reaping. I tried my best to calm her dowm but she wouldn't stop. After saying; "If you don't shut up, the Peacekeepers will take you away and gas you." she eventually quietened down. I squeezed my eyes when they pricked my finger, of course I had had this done to me seven times before, but that didn't mean it was less painful. I kissed my sister on the head as the escort, Mr Dynamite, took the stage. His name made me sick. How could someone live with the fact they ar…

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