Hello everyone. Lightning here. How was your day? Good? Terrible? Mine was okay. Well, no matter how it was it's about to get hectic. I am starting the 1st Annual Hunger Games. But first, I'll need your tributes. Two tributes from each of the twelve districts. One female. One male. Please include their District Number, Name, Age (between the ages of 12 and 18), Appearence, Skills/Strategies, and Background (optional). I would ask you to please refrain from reserving tributes unless absolutely neccessary!

May the odds be ever in your favor and...

Let the Reaping begin!

thumb|300px|right|Music For Reaping Day

Reaping (Tributes)

District 1: PurplexMuffin

F: Iris Bloodsworthy (16)

M: Skyer Greengrass (17)

District 2: DMaddoxx

F: Kailey Raine (17)

M: 'Ellieus Quake (15)

District 3: EffieLuna

F: 'Elixer "Lexi" Strong (16)

M: Steel Plate (17)

District 4: MnkyGrlsj

F: Oceana Blowfish (17)

M: Fisher Shark (12)

District 5: Renaetyler

F: Renae Tyler (16)

M: Tristin Olfin (15)

District 6: Firecatcher3 :)

F: Kedzie Woods (15)

M: Talon Faust (17)

District 7: Julian Espinoza

F: Sedra Alsypse (12)

M: Stronton Melich (17)

District 8: Anon....

F: Silk Denim (14)

M: Xavier Thread (15)

District 9: EffieLuna

F: Karli Tweed (14)

M: Ryan Die (16)

District 10: Jabberjay78

F: Angel Wisp (14)

M: Pheonix Gold (15)

District 11: iWant Seddie 2 Happen98769

F: Lily Palms (13)

M: Birch Pinegrass (14)

District 12: Newgirl101

F: Alice Redfield (15)

M: Arizona Evergreen (18)

Chariot Rides

thumb|300px|rightTo speed things up, I'll just be adding the music for the next couple events. Don't worry, I'll write the actual games!

Use your imagination to view the Chariot Rides!


I used a number generator. Sorry if you're not happy with the numbers. Trust me, I'm not either, but I'm eager tothumb|right|300px|The Music That Plays When The Tributes Are Training/In Front Of The Gamemakers get the games started. :/

Iris Bloodsworthy - 7

Skyer Greengrass - 10

Kailey Raine - 9

Ellieus Quake - 7

Lexi Strong - 8

Steel Plate - 5

Oceana Blowfish - 11

Fisher Shark - 5

Renae Tyler - 10

Tristin Olfin - 4

Kedzie Woods - 8

Talon Faust - 6

Sedra Alsypse - 7

Stronton Melich - 9

Silk Denim - 8

Xavier Thread - 9

Karli Tweed - 5

Ryan Die - 11

Angel Wisp - 5

Pheonix Gold - 2

Lily Palms - 4

Birch Pinegrass - 8

Alice Redfield - 11

Arizona Evergreen - 6

The Games

The tributes sit anxiously next to their sylists. Wiping sweaty palms on khaki pants and chewing lips and nails.

Five Minutes Until Launch

A female robotic voice rings out. Careers smile their sickly, dark smiles. Tributes who have lived in poverty all their lives take deep breaths. A screech signals that the clear elevator tubes have arrived.

thumb|300px|right|Waiting Please Do Not Step Onto The Elevators Until Notified

A few tributes grasp hands with their stylists. Others rock back and forth subtly.

Three Minutes Until Launch

Quivering in fear. Nerve-wracking moments pass. Squeezing stylists hands.

Thirty Seconds Until Launch. Please Board Your Elevators.

Careers hop eagerly onto the metal plates. Others are slower. Reluctantly letting go of the one person who helped or hurt them during the Chariot Rides and Interviews.

Clear, thick glass cuts the Tributes off from safety and life.


The robotic voice starts to laugh a cruel, mocking laugh. The Careers drop their smiles. Others bang and on the glass. Some drop to their knees and beg to be let out. Stylists tilt their heads in confusion. They don't hear what the Tributes are hearing.

Have fun dying. I will personally make sure none of you make it out. And that's a promise! *Laughter*

The words echo in the Tributes minds. No One Is Making It Out. But that's not possible. Yet again, they never heard the robotic voice before...

The elevators rise to show a huge, endless field of golden wheat. It seemed to stretch on forever.

Have Fun

The voice hissed in their ears. Everyone shivered.


Instead of the booming voice of Claudis Templesmith announcing the beginning of the Games. A British Voice declared:

Let The Games Begin! ==thumb|300px|right

The BloodBath== thumb|300px|right|The Game Has ChangedIf Your Character doesn't seem like themselves, I was too lazy to read bios. *Shrugs* Sorry. :/ But I DO have amazing music to play.



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