Iron Berry

  • I live in Chat
  • My occupation is Mourning Finnick's death.
  • I am Waiting to know how he really got those scars...
  • Iron Berry

    The Games ended long ago, and are now just a memory. A terrible subject learnt during History, something unthinkable. A...a touchy subject to say the least. You could call it a peace time - but does such thing exist? Peacetime suggests no war, no crime. It's true, there's much less than then, in the Everdeen Era, but there are still disgusting criminals out there. Descendants of the Bread and Circus regime, left alone because they did not murder or steal, they just helped the killers and the thieves.

    How strange I chose her to help. She isn't a saint, and her reasons are about as far from mine as possible. But I no longer care. We are here to play a game, we are here to bring justice. We are here to tell the tales of these Games.

    I hope the …

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