• Ishlishl

    Hello guys! Here's a list of who will play who in Catching Fire (movie) (and somes of Mockingjay) in my opnion.Ok,its not a good list,but i think some of the actors/singers in this list fit some Catching Fire characters.

    Alex Pettyfer

    Cloris Leachman

    Naya Rivera

    Amy Acker

    Devon Aoki

    John Billingsey

    Sophia Bush

    Denzel Washington

    Nicholas Brendon

    Katie Dickie

    Charles Divins

    Katie Hudson

    William Levy

    Alfre Woodard

    Reese Whiterspoon

    Rebecca Wisocky

    Amber Heard

    So,what do you think about this list? And there's someone who you think fits better a character? So comment!

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