Prolouge (President Ridd's PoV)

I couldn’t believe it the Capitol had actually destroyed District 13. I didn’t want 13 to ever be destroyed because I knew what the plan was once District13 was destroyed. The Hunger Games and I could have stopped them. I could have stopped all the pain and suffering that will most likely be followed right from the beginning but I was the coward who couldn’t stand up to the other government officials. I am a respected figure to all the districts all of them respect what I do but after I announce these Death Games all of Panem will hate me. Like they rightfully should I hate myself for doing this.

I was nervous on what would happen after. Would there be another up rise or will they be cowards like me and hide? No I can’t worry about that now I have more important things to worry about. I look down at my clothes nervously I am dressed in my usual tight black gown, which I am told makes my pale skin look white. I can see the dark etchings of my lacy tattoo near my eyes clearly out of the corner of my eye and my green hair has become awfully overgrown. I look down at my watch and think that the broadcast should start soon and I look over at Jim Mills, the host of a very popular show in the Capitol. He's decked out in a bright yellow pinstripe suit. His skin is dyed the usual magenta. His deep blue lipstick is smudged. The cameras are about to turn on and I step away from them and take one more glance at the picture of the ruined Justice Building of District 13 before I disappear out of site of the cameras.

"It's happened, people. District 13 has finally collapsed. The Dark Days are over. Now, President Ridds would like to make a special announcement..." I am still out of site of the camera and I am fully ready to go out there and read them my speech on how District 13 had saved his life during a battle but decide against because then it would lead to the revelation of District 13 still being alive. I go out into the cameras view and look out at the huge crowd of Capitol citizens clapping for me and then I get to the podium and pull out a piece of paper with the speech that people wrote for me and I clear my throat then look out to the crowd. "'Due to the Dark Days,'" I read, "'I am issuing that two children from each district - one boy and one girl - must fight to the death to show that each district must bow down against the Capitol.'" I pause as I imagine many mothers gasping and then hugging their children tightly and then starting to sob and it brings tears to my eyes but I hide them and then I clear my throat again and continue. "'Every year,'" I continued, "'twenty-four children shall be in an arena, killing each other, trying to survive. These children shall be between the ages of...'" I choked and started crying in front of all of them to see but I manned up and continued. "Twelve and eighteen, if your name is drawn, then a person may volunteer to take your place. The names of these games shall be called the Hunger Games.'" The Capitol audience is stunned no applauded or anything and Peacekeepers come onto the stage and roughly make me fall down to my knees. The Gamemaker then comes out of the shadows and onto the stage. “Any last words before we kill you Mr. President?” The Gamemaker asks holding a knife onto my heart.

“District 13 saved my life and I praise them for that.” I say before The Gamemaker stabs the knife into his heart killing him instantly and then the Peacekeepers grab my dead body by the arms and hang me just below the flag for District 13 that still stands proudly to this day as a reminder that no one can defeat the Capitol.

Tribute Form






Weapon: (One or two)

Strength: (Besides weapon, up till four, atleast two)

Weaknesses: (Atleast two)

Fears: (Atleast one)




Reaction when reaped: (Optional)

Private session:

Strategy for bloodbath/games:

Token: (Optional)

The Tributes

Name District/Age-Group Age Gender Weapon Strengths Weaknesses Fears Personality Strategy Appearence
Arianna Mae

District: 1

Age-group: 17 years old

17 Female Archery and spears Speed and Strength Swimming Swimming Sweet, Funny, sadastic, kind and ruthless Kill as many people then stay with the Careears with all supplies and weapons Long blonde hair with a slight curl, green eyes and slightly tanned skin
Dasma Rath

District: 1

Age-group: 17 years old

17 Male Sword or Axe Physical Strength, aim and long term intelligence His personality often clashes with others around him and when he's adrenaline powered, he'll often act without thinking. N/A Cold, Arrogant, Cocky and a flirt. Kill with the careers for as long as possible. Tall, slightly muscular, short brown hair, slightly stanned skin and brown eyes.
Becca Kenwell

District: 2

Age-Group: 15 years old

15 Female Knives running and climbing swimming and strength drowning in water caring, athletic and funny team up with the rest of the careers. strong, healthy, brawny and fit. She has dark hair she is 5'4,"
Wren Hayes

District: 2

Age-Group: 18 years old

18 Male Swords, knifes and snares Strengths, running, hiding and killing short tempered N/A Cocky, Sweet, Sadistic and humorous Join the Careers Ruffled dark blonde hair, tanned skin and an evil smirk
Ruby Hyrglass

District: 3

Age-Group: 16 years old

16 Female Throwing axe Intelligence, Honest and somwhat brave. Is scared of losing her life, isn't always alert and not overly strong N/A Sweet, Kind, friendly and shy At the Cornucopia, grab a pack and a weapon and flee. Wait out the other tributes and avoid contact- only killing when absoloutley needed. N/A

Breeze Mere

District: 3

Age-Group: 15 years old

15 Male Dagger and throwing knives N/A N/A N/A Caring, sweet,nice. Get away from the Cornipcopia and allie anyone that earns her trust

Brunette hair, Gold eyes, pale skin, skinny

Imogene Odana

District: 4

Age-Group: 17 years old

17 Female Bow and arrows and knives She has a great aim and is super fast She hates being away from her family and doesn't know how to climb in a tree Spiders, family members who die Shy, when she knows you she will be kind Run to the cornucopia, grab a weapon. Ally with Antero and the careers. Leave after killing a few careers with Antero blonde hair, blue eyes and vey slender
Antero Lisin

District: 4

Age-Group: 17 years old

17 Male Trident and sword Swimming, fishing, makings nets climbing trees, missing the smell of the ocean, archery Needles and crushed to dead Kind, helpful, trustful Grab some weapons. Ally with Imogene, join the careers with her. Leave the careers after a few nights because he has to win. strong, and a looker he had curly bronze hair, his green eyes bright and dangerous.
Illuminate Sensorium

District: 5

Age-group: 14- 15

15 Female Metalwhip and Bull whip She has a powerful arm and is a great runner. Very nimble. Very intelligent. Unable to swim Aquaphobia She is very quiet, likes to be in her own company. She has few friends but those who she calls her friends know all about her. Ally her district partner None Provided

Daniels Xena

District: 5

Age- group: 16 years old

16 Male Spear and Mace N/A N/A N/A Smart, sneaky, elusive, emotionless. Get away from everyone

Blackish- Purplish hair, green eyes, pale skin, skinny.

Amanda Hawks

District: 6

Age-group: 16

16 Female swords,spears, knives,strength,make poison to tip her throwing knives with, in case at one point she doesn’t get a death blow right away. She can make killer human and animal traps. She knows the basics of first-aid. Strong, good build, Can stand a variety of climates. She can swim well after practicing in the creek behind her, and josh’s house. She has great hearing. Can sprint very fast. clever, smart, knows when things are dangerous, great instincts, has a bit of a temper, but usually can control it if she has too. She gets down on herself if she makes a mistake. Not a great climber. Not a long distance runner. N/A Is very funny, and likable. Is a good leader. She is pretty social and likes to be with others, but can recognize untrustworthy people. Her best friend is Josh Eagleye. He is like a big brother to him, but maybe something more. If she gets in a life or death situation she will be ruthless, and rely on impulse to get her out alive. Grab a good set of throwing knives, and get with the group of careers, and protect yourself and them. Although let the other careers do most of the killing, just to make sure that she doesn't get hurt in the process. Smooth, straight dirty blonde hair. Blueish eyes, sometimes with gold or green in them. 5 foot 6in, for games, will wear hair in a pony tail. fair skinned

Amazon Parfum

District: 6

Age-group: 18

18 Male Throwing knives N/A N/A N/A

No emotions, mysterious, invisible.

Be invisible

Brown shaggy hair, orange eyes, skinny, kind of scrawny.

Yesenia Root

District: 7

Age-group: 14 years old

14 Female Throwing Axes,Axe,Throwing Knifes Climbing,Fast,Agility,Hand-Hand Combat Swimming,She is to loyal, Blood,Dead People Sweet,Smart,Nice,Makes people smile When the Gong Rings! Run's get Backpack and Axes Throwing knife then Run into woods Strawberry Blonde Hair(To Shoulders),A little freckles,Blue crystal eyes
Quin Ley

District: 7

Age-Group: 17 years old

17 Male Axe Axe throwing doesnt know how to swim Coldness A good sport,but sometimes he has a break down Get the careers to let his district partner join in the alliance. Tall,black hair,Handsome,has a deep voice
Samara Emett

District: 8

Age-Group: 14 years old

14 Female Bowie knife and wires Fast and climbing Forgetful and Clumsy Eerie figures Creative, Brave, Clumsy, Artistic, Forgetful, Wierd Hide, and stalk loner tributes and try kill them in their sleep. Tries to avoid being caught. 5'4, shoulder length brown hair, light skin, hazel eyes, freckles

Josh Eagleye

District: 8

Age-Group: 17

17 Male Josh is amazing with a sword or spear. His actions with then are fluid, and swift. He is also good with knives, but cannot throw them well. He is ok with a bow and arrow but not the best, and does not trust it. He is good at hand to hand combat, and pins or corners people easily. He also can make a type of armor that can reduce, or stop the penetration of arrows. It is made from tough grasses that are weaved. (He showed this to Amanda) He is not good at using electronic weapons, and stays away from them. He also is more likly to fight a enemy than to run. He can also fish pretty well, after catching fish in a creek behind his house. He is smart and cunning. He can make almost anyone believe anything (except Amanda, who knows him too well) He is funny, and likable, and pretty hansome. He is very strong, tall, with a good build. He is a fast runner with stamina. He would not leave Amanda for anything, not even to save himself. He gets angry when mistakes are made. He is not the best climber or swimmer. Can stand a variety of climates N/A Josh is funny and likable. He is clever, and nice, until you get on his bad side. If you get on his bad side, he is ruthless. He is pretty calm and cool otherwise. He is also brave, and would do anything to help Amanda. He can also rally people easily, and earn trust easily. He will sprint to the supplies, and get a sword and a spear or two. Then he will find Amanda and the other careers. He will kill any tributes that give him a good chance. Then he will set up base operations with the other careers. Short dirty blonde hair, blue green eyes, 5 foot 11in. Strong muscular build.
Lilac Infinity

District: 9

Age-Group: 17

17 Female Bow and throwing knives swimming and plants not a fast thinker spiders nice and charming To be announced later Small with purple and blonde hair
Henry Ricktor

District: 9

Age-Group: 16 years old

17 Male

He is a sword and spear throwing master, and wont use any other weapons. He can hunt and make traps.

She can track humans and animals, and can hunt. She knows some wild plants, and first aid. She can also climb, and is a good sprinter. She is not a good swimmer, or long distance runner.

Hailey is a straight shooter, She works well with animals, and understands them. She is a good leader, and can direct people.

N/A Hailey is strong, and tough. she is not sneaky, or sly. She likes to be upfront with people. She will confront people if needed. She is generally nice, and not vicious. she does not want to kill people, but if it comes down to it, she will. Kill people from afar Straight blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'5"

Myristal Haze

District 10

Age-Group: 14

14 Female Halbred N/A N/A N/A

Alluring, seems innocent at first and her beauty makes people fall for her, and then she turns aggressive.

Lure boys in with her beauty then torture them to death Bleach Blonde hair, Dark brown eyes, tan, thin, sexy, good looking, attractive in all senses of the word.
Mark Bull

District: 10

Age-Group: 16 years old

16 Male knives and bull whip and spear fast and strong and quick handed claustrophobic/ water not being able to do somthing None Given get a bullwhip or knife and run like hell to the pasture of forest where he is most comforatable, possibly alliances. None Given
Asha Caprice

District: 11

Age-group: 16 years old

16 Female Spear and Bow Running, Climbing, Somewhat strong Swimming, Hieghts Spiders, unknown creatures Nice, shy, unpredictable, dosen't play around in seriousness, determined, bold straight long black hair, which she normally pulls back into a long braid, olive skin, and gray eyes. She is small in stature and thin for her age as she was generally malnourished because of her district's poverty.
Crizz Chaster

District: 11

Age-group: 16

16 Male sword running climbing N/A He has a certain degree of honor and dignity. He also shows a side of kindness and he is vengeful to occupy a portion of the arena and to seldom leave its boundaries. dark brown skin and dark hair. He has strange golden brown eyes. He is tall and has muscles like an ox.
Oliva Fire

District: 12

Age-group: 16 years old

16 Female Knives, spears Swimming, running Climbing, strength Spiders Nice, caring, quiet, sweet, loving, a little flirty

Strategy for bloodbath/games: Bloodbath: Runs into the woods and climbs up a tree

Games: Finds a trustworthy ally, and sticks with them until the final six or seven

Pale skin, green eyes and black hair
Mark Coals

District: 12

Age-group: 16

16 Male Bow and arrows, throwing knives Running, jumping, hiding Snakes, girls Death funny, sweat, nice, Get with the careers Coal black hair and eyes, tan skin, muscular, abbs

District 1 Reapings

The Reaping: Arianna Mae's PoV

That announcement this morning was weird. What could possibly be wrong? I thought. Whatever it is, it probably won't affect me. I looked through my closet and pulled out a t-shirt riddled with holes and a pair of old, stained jeans. Then I pulled up shiny blonde hair into a ponytail. I ran to the other side of town to my best friend Milo's. Gregory and Jacob were already there, laughing at Milo's rendition of the president's speech. I had to admit, he pulled off President Ridd's nasal-y voice really well.

"Hey, Arianna," Jacob said, "Today is your day to pick what we do."

"Yeah, where are we going?" Gregory asked.

"I was thinking something along the lines of messing with the Peacekeepers. They should be fun today, what with what the president was saying and all."

"Good choice," they agreed.

We climbed up the big tree on the east side of the square and made our way out on the branch that hung over the platform where the Peacekeepers carried out whippings. But the post that they tied the criminals to wasn't there. Instead, there were two huge crystalline bowls that were full of tiny sheets of paper. Next to them were four chairs. On the other side of the bowls stood a podium, we all exchanged a confused glance. Then, eight Peacekeepers walked up to the platform. This was getting too weird, even for me. As far as I knew, that was all of the Peacekeepers of District One had. They all stood an exact distance from each other around the whole platform, but there was a big gap up front where it looked like two more of them could stand. I started grabbing the nuts that hung from the tree ready to toss them and hit each of them square in the forehead when two more Peacekeepers walked up. One was with Mayor Fleet, the other with an abnormally tall woman next to him. She had Capitol written all over her. She had ridiculously long, pin straight pink hair that reached the back of her knees and was wearing a short, shiny orange dress that was way too tight. Freak, Gregory let out a wolf whistle and I cracked up.

"There!" shouted a Peacekeeper pointing at us. I threw an acorn and hit him right in the nose. A whole new mob-maybe ten more or so-came running at us from the west end of the square, I knew the fun was over when they pulled out guns. We ran like squirrels through the tree. I climbed higher and jumped to the roof of the butcher's. I kept hopping roofs until I reached my house.

"Where have you been, young lady?" my stepmom growled. I hated her. It didn't matter to me that because of her, we weren't living on the poor side of the district. I didn't care that we ate well because she was rich. I love my dad, don't get me wrong, but Regan Hemming, for one is too young to even act like my mom. And, she's a bitch.

"Get your butt up those stairs this instant!" she screeched. "You must look your best for whatever is to happen in the square, I can't have you representing my name like that! Oh my God! Thirteen minutes!"

There wasn't much I could do in thirteen minutes, so I wound up leaving the house in one of Regan's dresses. It was a midnight blue number with spaghetti straps that crossed in the back. The back laced up and Regan tied it so tightly that I had trouble breathing. The bottom was cut so that some parts were longer than others and ribbons hung down. Then Regan raked through my hair and left it hang down my back. She did it purposely, too. She knows I hate my hair down. I grabbed my diamond heart necklace that Milo had given to me. He said his father had given it to his mother before they passed away. Sure, the chain was rusty, but I loved it. The day he gave it to me, he said, "Something pretty, to match your personality." That was one of the best days I could remember. My twin brother, James walked in then.

"Time to go," he said. I leapt up and ran. Just outside the square, I met up with Milo, Greg, and Jake. They were wearing what they had been wearing this morning there were the Lucky ones. Milo bent down and ripped one of the ribbons off the bottom of my dress. Regan would kill me for that.

"What are you—" I started to say, but he cut me off. He pulled up my hair and tied it with the ribbon.

"Oh, thanks," I said. He just nodded. We walked in silence for another minute, then Milo said, "This isn't good. Something terrible is going to go down." Finally, we reached the square and were greeted by two Peacekeepers who separated us. Boys went to the right, girls to the left.

The clock tower rang, signaling that it was 12:00 and the whole square went quiet. Mayor Fleet walked up to the podium.

"Good afternoon, District One," he began. "The speech I am about to give you has been sent to me directly from President Ridds in the Capitol. So, without further adieu," he cleared his throat and began.

After the collapse of previous civilization, Panem rose from the ashes in a land once known as North America. This previous civilization was brought down by snow storms in the north. Most people froze to death, and if the cold did not kill them, then they perished from starvation. In the west, earthquakes swallowed the land and anyone left standing on it. To the south, one hurricane after another drowned the places people called home. Droughts in the middle of this once shining country caused food shortages everywhere. These droughts dried up so much of the land that only a small spark caused rampant fires. With all of this happening, those who survived the disasters were left to fight for sustenance. An all out war broke loose. Friends killed friends. Brothers murdered brothers. Peace and prosperity came to those left alive as our shining nation of Panem began to form. First, the Capitol was built at the heart of the old country. Those who knew how to survive told the Capitol how to move on. A man from a place called Appalachia, for example, founded the land we know as District Twelve. This man taught survivors how to mine coal. They became the residents of District Twelve. But in thanks for the man's help in setting up one of the first industries of Panem, he lived the rest of his days in the Capitol. All was running smoothly in Panem until the Dark Days. The districts of Panem rose up against the Capitol for reasons that are unclear. But Panem was—and is—strong. The Capitol defeated twelve districts and obliterated District Thirteen. The Capitol then wrote up The Treaty of Treason. The Treaty of Treason was formed to set new rules upon the districts and ensure that another rebellion never occur upon the soils of Panem. One week from today will be the one year anniversary of the end of the Dark Days. In remembrance of the past, we now have The Hunger Games. The rules of The Hunger Games are easy. Each district will send two tributes, a male and a female to participate in The Games. These Tributes will be aged twelve to eighteen. Each year, every citizen in this age group will have a slip of paper with their name on it added to the bowl. For example, a twelve year old will have their name in once, a thirteen year old twice. The exception is this. Now, tesserae are only available to twelve to eighteen year olds. For each tesserae that you sign up for, your name will be added to the bowl once. Tesserae are cumulative. For this year, all tesserae that adults have signed up for will go to the oldest eligible child. Each tribute will be allowed a token of remembrance from their district. The Hunger Games will be a televised festival that will consist of The Reaping, Opening Ceremonies, Training Scores, Tribute Interviews, The Games, and finally The Victory Tour. The Victor of The Hunger Games will go home and live lavishly for the rest of their days. As another perk to winning, once a month, the district of the winner will be given food, among other things. Only one tribute will make it home. And now, our District One Escort, Adonia Turner.

Only one will make it back? I thought as Mayor Fleet walked back to the row of chairs. Adonia skipped to the podium. She was the lady in the orange dress from earlier. I got a closer look at her now her eyes were a stunning shade of purple.

"And now ladies and gentlemen, the Reaping, may the odds everbe in your favor," she smiled.

I finally figured out what the mayor had meant. Twenty-three kids were going to die. And the Capitol sees this as a game? Sick. I was only pulled out of my head when I heard my name.

"Arianna Mae!" Adonia smiled. "Please come up here."

Sixteen years old, and I was given a death sentence.

The Reaping: Dasma Rath's Pov

The mayor had just finished his speech and I was speechless. A few around me gasped. One guy who look around my age even fainted. Could it have been this morning that I was throwing knives with Hector? Was it yesterday that I bought Katriana's birthday present? Would I see little Diamond again? What about my twin, Jesmina? Yes. I would. I had to. Mom can't care for my dad all by herself. I bring home the money for his medication.

I didn't hear Adonia call the girl's name, but when I saw her, I was pretty sure it was Arianna. She had an early birthday, so even though she was a year younger than me, we were in the same classes. It's a strange feeling, knowing that you will have to watch someone you know, or at least kind of know kill and be killed for some painted person's entertainment.

"Dasma Rath? Dasma, please come up to the platform"

It's a stranger feeling knowing you may be the one to kill her. And then, I may die myself.

District 2 Reapings

The Reaping: Becca Kenwell's PoV

Mom and Dad were fighting. Again. Whenever that happened, it meant I was in charge. But it would be a much more difficult job today because of what happened earlier with the message from the president. Everyone had to be in the square at noon. I thought it would be a big deal event, so I dressed in my best outfit, a simple sleeveless black dress and my favorite necklace. It was from the only friend I had ever known. A boy I once knew who was shipped off to District Twelve. He said the wolf reminded him of me because the wolf's hair is the same color as my own. I brushed out my short hair. It was cut choppy, but I did it myself and really liked the way it turned out. Satisfied with the way I looked, I walked to the other end of town to the Averys looking for Ethan. Ethan was my little brother. His best friend was Capri Avery. "Oh, Becca," said Mrs. Avery, "I was just about to send Ethan home, we need to get ready for whatever the president planned." "That's exactly why I'm here, Rita. Let's go, twerp," I laughed. Ethan ran over to me with a homemade bow in hand and a pouch slung around his shoulder filled with what I assumed to be arrows. It was pretty impressive I have to say, especially for an eight year old. He said Capri's older brother taught them how to make and shoot it. On the way home, he showed me how to use it. Fairly straight forward, Load arrow, Pull string, Release. Determined to get the hang of it, I shot at every tree on the way home. I hit most of them. When we got home, Mom and Dad were still fighting. I dressed Ethan in slacks and polo. Then, I went to my little sister, Grace's room. She was playing with a doll she had gotten for her twelfth birthday. It had blue eyes, like us. "Gracie boo," I said from the doorway. "You like dress up, right?" She smiled. Grace used to be really outgoing, but she hasn't spoken much since Evan died. Evan was our brother and Ethan's twin. And, it was my fault he died. I craved my parent's attention, but they fought too much to notice me, so I would do dangerous things in hopes of getting even bad attention. My favorite thing used to be sneaking into the woods outside of the district. There was an old abandoned house that was right on the electric fence that encircled our district. A big tree grew on the other side. One of its limbs just reached a second story window. One day I convinced Evan to go with me. That day, we were caught. The Peacekeepers beat him up. They beat a five year old to death. "Well let's play!" She skipped to her closet and pulled out a cute dress, snowy white with cap sleeves and all different colored polka-dots. We walked to the square leaving Mom and Dad to fight in the kitchen. When they whisked Ethan off to the boy's side, I'd have no way to protect him. As we stood tentatively, a voice came from behind us. "I'll take care of him," the voice said. He was a big guy, built like a truck. The phrase if looks could kill ran through my head. He had the palest skin of anyone I'd ever met, short brown hair and gray eyes. If it weren't for how red his face was, you would have thought that he had never been outside. Despite how intimidating he looked, I trusted him. "Be good, Ethan," was the last thing I said to my brother. With that, Grace and I entered the square.

The Reaping: Wren Hayes's PoV

My family was pretty nervous about what the president had said that morning. Even me, the brave one, But, life would continue, I mean, right? So I went like I had done every morning since God knows when to fencing practice. I loved fencing and was really good at it too. Both of my older brothers, Zach and Matt had tried fencing, too, but they didn't like being beaten, especially by their baby brother. I met my best friends there. I dueled Dylan while Xavier and Erik dueled each other. Erik was the only one left not worried by the president's speech. We left our fencing school with an hour to get ready for the square. At home, my parents were already set to go. They sat fidgeting in the living room. Four more people were there, too. My brother, Zach stood with his fiancée, Kit and Matt, the oldest sat cross-legged by the chair where his heavily pregnant wife, Ren. We only gathered like this for holidays.

"Let us off after the president's speech at work earlier," said Matt. "Rumor has it that they are going to kill a boy and a girl, but no one knows why." Ren was visibly upset about this, she's a teacher, so that means one of her students could die. Zach eyed me carefully.

"Be careful, bud, you hear me? You're in the age range. Don't do anything even slightly stupid." I knew earlier he had said 12 to 18 year olds, but now I was even more scared. I nodded once and went up to get dressed. A simple green dress shirt and black trousers would do. I went back downstairs and we walked together to the square. I said my goodbyes as they all walked around the barricades to where those outside the age range were told to stand. I took a deep breath and was just about ready to go in when I saw a girl and what must have been her siblings. She was scared. As I walked closer, I knew why. She couldn't take care of her brother once in the square.

"I'll take care of him," I said. She looked me over as if to see if she could trust me. She never said a word, but nodded her head yes.

"Be good, Ethan," she said and she walked into the square with her sister.

I gave the boy my hand and he accepted it readily. "So your name's Ethan?" I asked.

"Yes, and those were my big sisters, Raven and Grace," he said. "Raven takes care of us because our parents fight all the time. I don't even think they are here."

Well, this kid sure was open. "I'm Wren. I have two older brothers. We are both the babies in the family."

He smiled and went on and on about his sisters and his best friend and anything else he could think of until the mayor walked up to the podium on the stage.

Mayor Gart talked about the rebellion that ended last year. It sent a shiver up my spine remembering everyone who died. Dylan, Erik and Xavier lost their older brothers. Zach fought, but he made it home. Matt didn't. He was married and couldn't even think about leaving Ren alone. Then the mayor went on about a new festival we would have to remember the Dark Days. But it didn't seem festive. Twenty-four kids would fight. Only one would come home. I was in shock. Zach was right. Then he called a woman up to speak.

"Good afternoon, District Two! MY name is Amelia Feletee and I will be your tribute's escort!" she said. She had a terribly affected Capitol voice that, under other circumstances would be funny. The skin on her face was pale white and stretched to the limits. It gave her a starved look. She had crazy purple hair and wore insane make up in shades of blue and purple with tints of silver. "Well, let's see who our female tribute is!" She fished a slip of paper out of a big glass bowl and read the name.

“Becca Kenwell! Please come up to the stage!"

It was the boy's sister. I knew at that moment that I would take care of him and his other sister. And I would have, if she hadn't called Jeremy Pace. Jeremy was my ex-girlfriend's brother. He was only twelve and was deaf in his left ear. He wouldn't survive the first day in the arena, where as I would stand a chance, being eighteen and able to wield a sword.

"May I take his place?" I shouted. Everyone went quiet.

"Come up here young man," said Amelia. I took Ethan with me and spotted Dylan.

"Dylan, take care of this boy. His sister is up there. Oh and he has another sister over there."

He knew exactly what I was doing and if it were the right person, he probably would have done the same thing.

"After deliberating with The Hunger Games Council, we see no reason why volunteering shouldn't be allowed," said Amelia. "What is your name, sir?"

"Wren Hayes,"

District 3 Reapings

Reapings: Ruby Hyrglass's PoV

"Ruby, time to get up"

"ugh it's too early," I open my eyes to find my father looking down at me. He has the same dark brown hair and brown eyes as me; we are very similar.

"It's not early, it's twelve; the reaping is in two hours!" He replies.

"Oh I forgot; why did you not wake me earlier!" I say slightly annoyed.

"Aw don't be like that Ruby" He says with a silly fake frown on his face. He picks me up and carry's me in his arms downstairs which makes me scream but laugh at the same time.

He puts me down when we reach the kitchen downstairs and we both sit down at the kitchen table. My mother is already sitting down waiting for us. My sister Katie who is nineteen walks in and sits down, she lets out a huge yawn. She must have just woken up; which explains why her blonde hair is all over the place. My brother Thomas who is eleven also walks in and looks just like Katie does; his blonde hair all over the place. He looks like my mother who has blonde hair and blue eyes; and Katie is a mix of both our parents with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. We all talk and laugh like we do every morning and then the awkward conversation about the reaping comes up.

"You scared for the reaping Ruby?" asks Thomas, not fully understanding what it's about.

"Not really" I lie, obviously I'm nervous, and who wouldn't be.

"Please let me choose your outfit and do your hair and make-up, please, please, please!" Katie begs I don't see why she wants to; it's not like I'm going to cooperate with it all.

"Fine" I say.

We walk upstairs and I sit in my room waiting for Katie. She comes in fifteen minutes later looking immaculate like always, completely different to earlier this morning. She is holding a baby blue halter neck dress, which I have to admit is beautiful.

"I am not wearing a dress!" I protest. I hate wearing dresses, you can hardly move in one and I remember when I was younger I had to wear one to a wedding and I tripped and made a massive fool of myself. It put me off wearing them from then on.

"Oh but you would look so pretty!" She says trying to convince me. "Just this one time,"

"Ok you get your way," I say looking annoyed.

"Yay thank you," she says clapping her hands happily.

I put on the dress and she ties the back up for me. She then tells me to sit down so she can do my hair and make-up. She brushes my hair and it comes just below my shoulders. She leaves it hanging loose but pins part of it back with a pin to match my dress. She puts a little mascara on my eyes and puts some light pink lipstick on me too. When she's finally finished she gives me some black ballerina flats to wear and drags me over to a mirror to see myself. We both stand in front of the mirror just staring at me.

"You look so beautiful; I wish I looked like you" She says quietly.

"You're joking, why would you want to look like me?" I say confused.

"You have no idea how pretty you actually are do you?"

I don't reply, I just stare at myself. It doesn't even look like me. I actually look like a normal girl. The blue dress goes nicely with my pale skin. It hovers just over my knee and compliments my slender figure.

"Thanks Katie"

"You're welcome Ruby, now come on or you'll be late for the reaping."

Reaping: Breeze Mere's PoV

I lay in bed thinking about what today has to come. Today is the reaping and today is where two innocent kids just like me will be sent into a fight to the death. To be honest I find it pretty stupid and illogical because sending 24 children to their death is not going to stop people from hating the president and the capitol. But hey-ho; if that's how they want to be,

I look across the room at my older brother Bane; he is still sleeping soundly and seems to show no signs of waking up any time soon. I always wonder how he can be so lazy but so smart. He's so different from my older sister Kenzie; she's eighteen and only three years older than Bane but she's always on the go and constantly thinking about a new idea. Kenzie works with both my parents at the districts main power plant. My parents have very high ranked jobs and Kenzie has just started out and yet we still haven't much money. Don't get me wrong; we can survive easily, but to support all the family Bane now has to get a job there too. I would as well, but I am only twelve so I'm way too young; and power plants are dangerous, I should know.

I climb out of my bunk bed I share with my younger sister Jaylin who is 8. She is also sound asleep; I don't see why not, she doesn't have to worry about the reaping. Like I guessed, Kenzie's bed is empty; she probably got bored doing nothing as she doesn't have to go to work today because of the reaping. Everyone gets the day off today including my parents. It will be nice having them round for a few hours. I quietly creep out of my room trying not to wake anyone and walk down stairs. My parents sit in our small living area with Kenzie. They are all talking about an experiment in the power plant. Even when they're not in work there talking about work, I sit on an empty chair and they don't even seem to notice I've come in. I try to listen intently to their conversation but I will never be able to understand what their talking about. I'm not thatsmart.

"Hi Breeze I didn't even realize you had woken up," says my mother in a calm, sweet voice.

"Are you nervous for today?" Kenzie asks, I can tell by the look on her face she is.

"Kind of," I say, my voice is barely audible.

"Well don't you worry about it, you'll be fine," Adds my father.

I just look down and don't say another word. I prefer to stay quiet, it stops me from saying something stupid or something I will regret.

"Well, I better go get ready for the reaping and you should too Breeze," Kenzie says.

"Wake your lazy brother and sister while you're there too," my father laughs jokingly, his bright white teeth standing out against his dark skin.

I laugh too and run up the stairs to wake up Bane and Jaylin. All four of us start getting ready, we all run around chaotically trying to find something to wear except for Jaylin who calmly wanders round without a care. I look in my clothes draw and find some kakis bottoms and a short sleeved, light green button down shirt which is presentable and I match it with some brown shoes. I use a comb to calm down my curly light brown hair and walk over to a mirror to see if I look ok. My long scars on my arms show up even on my dark skin. My skin is mixed of white and black as my mother is white and my father is black. I try to cover up my scars whenever possible ever since they were made during a power plant explosion but it is hard when it is warm outside. All together I look like an average thirteen year old which is good; it makes you less noticeable. When we are all finally ready in my house we all leave to go to the reaping.

We reach the reaping just as are overly dressed escort is just about to announce the male tribute.

"I think we'll be different and choose the male tribute first," she announces.

I quickly run over to the twelve year olds section and Bane and Kenzie run over to their sections too. I stand away from most of the other boys. I don't have many friends and I can't seem to see any of the ones I have. I realize I'm shaking slightly so I must be nervous.

"Breeze Mere"

This can't be happening. The crowd looks around for the Breeze Mere she is talking about. I walk to the stage, nearly running. I just want to get up there and get this over with so everyone stops looking at me. I reach the stage and I see the escort quickly look at my arms with some sort of look on her face. Maybe Pity, I realize that everyone must be looking at them and I quickly try to cover them up feeling self conscience. She then walks over to the other side of the stage to pick the female tribute.

"Ruby Hyrglass"

A pretty girl looking not much older than me walks up to the stage looking actually quite calm.

The escort says under her breath to herself "very young, not good, not good".

"Well here are our tributes, Breeze Mere and Ruby Hyrglass!"

I decide to give the crowd and the cameras a quick smile to show I'm not bothered about getting reaped and so I don't worry my family. I'm led to the Justice Building, where I will give my final goodbyes.

"Oh Breeze" my mother says sadly, she's been crying, I can tell.

"It's ok mum I'm fine" I say trying to sound convincing.

"It's not ok; you're going into the Hunger Games!" Bane shouts, he actually looks quite angry.

I just look down at my feet, not wanting to say anything. I hug my parents and my brother and sisters.

"Have you got a token?" Ruby asks.

"Yes, I'm going to take this" I say, I reach around my neck and pull out a dog tag necklace. On the front is a lightning bolt with a 3 engraved under it and on the back is a picture of all my family smiling and looking happy.

"That's pretty" Jaylin says in awe.

We all say goodbye one more time and my parents start to cry and so does Ruby and even Bane. Jaylin starts to cry too when she realizes I'm leaving. I don't cry though, I try to stay strong; for them.

Reapings: Ruby Hyrglass's Pov

I reach the reaping and walk over to the fourteen's section. I see my friend Bethany and notice she is crying.

"It will be ok" I say comforting her.

I stand around for a bit and an older girl walks into me on purpose, nearly knocking me over.

"Watch it!" She snarls at me. Some of her friends also walk over and they all start sniggering. "Look at her dress" They all laugh and walk away.

"There only jealous" Bethany says after they have gotten far away in fear of them hearing her.

I don't take any notice, it happens a lot. It's mostly because I'm smaller so they like to pick on me but Katie also says there just jealous, I think she's just trying to be nice. She shouted at one of them once for picking on me and they all got scared for a bit, but that wasn't for long.

While this is all happening I have missed the beginning speech. The escort with horrible yellow hair in spiraling curls walks over to the males' names and quickly picks one.

"Breeze Mere"

From where I am I can hear a gasp from another girl; but one of the older ones, she must be his sister. The boy who must be about twelve almost runs onto the stage he's walking that quickly. He stands trying to cover his arms and I can see why. He has long scars going up his arms and he obviously doesn't like them much. The escort then wanders over to the females' names and picks one again quickly. I smile at Bethany to reassure her.

"It won't be you" I mouth.

"Ruby Hyrglass"

Stay calm. Stay calm. I look at Bethany who's started crying because she realizes they have called my name. Stay calm. I walk towards the stage. Stay calm. I get to the stage and look into the crowd. My family stands on the edge, no longer looking happy and cheerful. Don't cry. Stay calm.

"Well here are our tributes, Breeze Mere and Ruby Hyrglass!"

I get lead of the stage, into the Justice Building.

Bethany visits me first, running in and hugging me.

"Kadence this is horrible you can't go into them games!"

"I have to don't I there's nothing I can do."

"You're smart you can do this" she says. I know she's lying. I'm nearly the bottom of our class.

"I guess so."

"Here, take my bracelet as your token."

She hands me a bracelet that's made out of thread. I remember I made it for her as a friendship bracelet. It's made with a mix of blue and pink thread.

"Thanks Beth"

We say our final goodbyes and she leaves. My family comes in next, all still looking terribly sad. We all hug and they cry and I cry a little but I try to stay calm, I have too. We also say goodbye and it's horrible, knowing that I probably won't see them again. They all leave and I'm left alone, something I'm not used too.

District 4 Reaping

Reapings: Antero Lisin's PoV

I walk up and down the beach next to my house. I've been doing this most mornings, but on this occasion I've been here longer. I like to feel the soft sand between my toes and listen to the calming crashing of the waves against the shore. It keeps my mind clear so I am able to think.

I look out into the sea to find a few people swimming and fishing. I see someone in particular, a girl who must be older than me; I think her name is Aria. She has long wavy brown hair, bright sea green eyes (which are very common in District 4) and golden tanned skin like mine. She's also very skinny but has quite an athletic build for a girl her age. Overall she's very beautiful and she's known for it, seeing as most of the boys in the District want to date her. The thing that makes me notice her is that again for the fourth time this week, she has been swimming non -stop for about an hour. She swims most mornings, but she's been swimming like this for the last couple of days for reasons I don't know; and normally she will start running up and down the beach for about an hour too.

I carry on walking down the beach but then I notice that she has stopped swimming and is just floating in the water. I walk a bit closer to the sea to get a better look and she doesn't seem to be moving. I look around in panic; no-one seems to have noticed either. I guess I'll have to help her. I quickly run into the sea, the water around me spraying up in the air, soaking my clothes. I swim out and grab hold of Aria, pulling her face out of the water. I drag her to the edge and lay her where the water meets the sand. I start to perform CPR which they teach everyone in District 4 seeing as there's always someone who drowns every year. Suddenly she starts to splutter and coughs up lots of water. She looks dazed and confused.

"What happened?" Aria asks.

"You were swimming and then I saw you just floating in the water so I swam out and saved you, no thanks needed," I laugh jokingly.

"I was training and it's not funny!" She argues, I don't know whether she's angry or messing about but I don't want to ask.

"I didn't say it was funny," I raise one eyebrow at her and she lets out a little girly giggle, but quickly covers it up. "So, what happened out there" I ask.

"I was training, and...I... got distracted by something... I was thinking about and I started choking on some water and that's all I remember," she replies, acting like she has done something wrong.

"Well, I hope your ok and everything... but I've got to go now, the reaping is soon, remember?" I say, hoping she isn't nervous for the reaping and will start breaking down right in front of me.

"Oh how can I forget!" she says grinning. "I can't wait!" She turns around and starts running off in the opposite direction. "Oh yeah, thanks for, you know, saving me" she shouts towards me.

"Don't worry about it," I mumble, more to myself than her.

I head back towards my house. It's one of the biggest in the district seeing as my family are pretty wealthy. I walk in to see my two older brothers, Jamie who is 19 and Samuel who is 21 wrestling on the ground; they're laughing so I know it's not a real fight. I jump over them and run upstairs towards my bedroom. I can hear someone calling my name.

"Poe? Poe is that you?"

It must be my other brother Zachariah who's 17.

"Yeah it's me Zach," I reply.

"Can you come help me up please?"He asks.

"Yes sure," I walk into Zach's bedroom to find him sitting in a large arm chair.

Zach has something wrong with his legs, so he has trouble walking from time to time. Most of the time he can get up and use his crutches, but he must be having one of his bad days. I put my arm round his back and lift him up so he is standing while leaning against me. I pass him his crutches and he thanks me while wandering off probably to get ready for the reaping. This reminds me, I should be getting ready myself. I walk across the hall to my own room and look in my wardrobe. I pick out come khaki trousers and a smart blue button up shirt to match my sea blue eyes. I comb my short curly brown hair and then I am ready. When all my family are ready I help Zach downstairs and we all leave the house to go to the reaping

Reapings: Imogene Odana's PoV

I'm swimming laps in the sea; the cool water relieving my body from the past hours work out. My thoughts keep referring back to that day a year ago.

I was taking my afternoon jog around District 4 when I tripped over a broken paving stone and grazed my knee. I limped over to a house near by just so I got out of peoples way while I checked my knee. I was already humiliated by falling over so I didn't need people seeing me in pain. That would not be good. If I'm supposed to be volunteering for the games I don't need everyone thinking I'm weak. I sat down on one of the benches in the houses front garden and made sure my knee wasn't bleeding and that I hadn't done any more damage to my leg. Once I found that everything was fine I decided I would take a short cut home. I climbed over the houses gate to walk through their back garden to reach another fence which would lead to my houses garden. On my way through I caught a glimpse of a familiar looking man. My Father. I peered through one of the houses windows to see my Father getting way too close with a woman who was not my mother. That's obviously where he had been when he has said he's been 'working late'. Before I saw anymore, I ran across the garden and jumped of the fence. I didn't come out of my room for the rest of the night and refused to talk to my Father.

I mean, I know my parents have been having problems ever since my brother Fargon died in the war two years ago; but they love each other! They got married when my Mother was sixteen and my Father was nineteen, and they've always been so in love. When Fargon died, it all changed. My parents became depressed but they only stayed strong for me and my younger sister Anita. I thought my Father might have come to his senses after a few weeks of having an affair with my home-wrecking neighbour, but I still catch him sneaking off to meet her. And now I'm trying to decide whether to tell my Mother about the affair before I volunteer for the games or she might never find out.

So, I was carrying out the swimming part of my vigorous work out when these thoughts kept disturbing my focus. I started having a slight panic attack realising that if I was to tell her it would be in a couple of hours and I suddenly swallowed lots of sea water and started choking. I felt my airways slowly closing up but the more I panicked the more water I swallowed and I slowly started to lose consciousness. The next thing I know I am being brought back to life by a boy looking no older than sixteen. He had curly brown hair and sea blue eyes that looked like the water I had just been near to death in. I felt so ashamed, I am supposed to be volunteering for a fight to the death in a few hours and I nearly died by choking on some water.

The boy looked at me strangely, not like how most of the boys do, where they just see my beauty and my nice figure, but like he actually cared that I was alright.

"What happened?" I ask.

"You were swimming and then I saw you just floating in the water so I swam out and saved you, no thanks needed," he laughs. Is he laughing at my stupidity? I glare at him slightly.

"I was training and it's not funny!" I argue, trying to make myself sound annoyed. Why am I so bothered about what he thinks? He's only a kid.

"I didn't say it was funny," he raises one eyebrow at me making his face look cartoon like and I giggle slightly, but I quickly cover it up. "So, what happened out there" he asks.

"I was training, and...I... got distracted by something... I was thinking about and I started choking on some water and that's all I remember," I reply, not wanting to say what I was truly thinking about.

"Well, I hope your ok and everything... but I've got to go now, the reaping is soon, remember?" he says, how could I forget.

"Oh how can I forget!" I say grinning, trying to sound excited. "I can't wait!" I turn around and start running off in the opposite direction; Trying to get away from the situation. "Oh yeah, thanks for, you know, saving me" I shout back, trying to be polite.

I run back home to get ready. I go to my room to find Anita looking through my clothes.

"Hey! What are you doing" I run at her and tackle her to the ground playfully. We have a mess around wrestling match and like I expected I win. She's still good though for her age. She's been training for the games as well but is going to volunteer in a few years time. I started training as soon as I found out about the games a year ago and the only reason I'm volunteering for the games this year is because I am eighteen and it's my last chance.

"I haven't got anythingto wear!" she says, standing back up. I laugh at her. Even though she's only twelve she's so image conscious. We look very much alike; both of us having golden tanned skin, sea green eyes, wavy brown hair and a slim athletic figure. But were so different in personality. Anita is very popular and outgoing, having lots of friends and always out doing something new, while I'm more shy and quiet, only having one close friend. I plan out what I am going to do, while Anita just does things as they come. I haven't really got time for a social life as I'm always training but Anita says that all the boys like me and that they all say I'm the most beautiful girl in the district but I'm not too certain.

Being the kind sister I am, I help her find an outfit and then I pick my own. I choose a long strapless light blue dress made of silk which is tight at the top and then floats to the floor. I put on some natural make-up and tie half my hair back into a bun, and leave a few strands down which frame my face. I put on some matching blue shoes and then look in my draw to find my token. I find the black string bracelet, with three coloured beads, black, yellow and green and tie it round my wrist. The bracelet was Fargons so I treasure it. I walk down stairs to find my family waiting silently by our front door. We all leave, without saying a word.

"Are you definitely volunteering Imogene ?" My Dad says breaking the silence.

"Yes," I refuse to say more than one word to him.

"Well, I think you'll be great," he says. I just ignore him and act like I have seen something interesting somewhere else.

I've noticed my Mother has been very quiet since we left.

"You ok Mum?" I ask.

"I'm fine honey, I just worry about you and your sister; you're much too eager for these horrible games" she replies as if she is slightly disappointed in us.

"I haven't been training for nothing Mum!" I start to become annoyed at her. Why show your true feelings now?Especially when I'm about to volunteer in less than half an hour.

"I know it's just, I don't want to lose another child!" It must be the first time I've ever heard my Mother shout at me, and it hits me hard. Her eyes start to fill with tears and my Father holds her hand comfortingly. I just give him a look of disgust and walk off into the crowd.

Reaping: Antero Lisin's Pov

We all finally make it to the reaping and Zach and I walk into the crowd and head off to our separate sections. I start talking to my friends; I have got a big group of friends but I wouldn't say I was exactly close to any of them. They all don't seem bothered about the fact that they could be sent off to fight to the death and they probably wouldn't come back. I realise I am actually kind of nervous and my hands are shaking slightly. After minutes of waiting, our escort walks onto the stage. She has obviously gone for the sea/ beach look. Her hair is a dark bottle green like seaweed, she has died her skin a dark sea blue and has patterns on her skin that make her skin have the effect of waves. You have to give her credit for making an effort. She struts onto the stage and gives the crowd a dazzling smile. Her whitened teeth glow brightly against her blue skin.

"Welcome everyone to the first annual District 4 reaping!" She says enthusiastically. We all stay silent except for a few who cheer just for the laughs. She carries on, "Here is a message from the president."

We watch a short video about the rebellion and the games and then the escort starts to pick the tributes.

"I think we should pick the female tribute, so ladies first!" She gives another smile, but now everyone just groans at her annoying behaviour.

She walks over to the girl's names and puts her hand in the glass bowl. She grabs one quickly and walks back over to the microphone.

"Patricia Caroway"

Patricia must only be my age, but at sixteen she seems not too scared. She walks up to the stage and keeps her face plain and un-readable.

"I volunteer!" shouts a familiar voice.

I can see Imogene running from the eighteens section up to the stage. When she gets there she has a beaming smile and curtsies to crowd. Some of the crowd cheer and some of the older boys wolf whistle which makes her blush. Patricia hugs Imogene in thanks and walks off the stage.

"And what is your name?" The escort asks.

"Imogene Odana"

The escort smiles at her and then walks over to the boy's names. She does the same thing she did when picking the girls names and then walks back over to the microphone.

"Zach Imogene Lisin"

This can't be happening. My brother cannot be picked. He can barely walk let alone run and fight. He would die in the first five minutes. Without even thinking I step forward and raise my hands in panic.

"I volunteer!" I shout as loudly as possible. Zach hasn't even reached the stage yet and is struggling to get there. I run past him and climb onto the stage.

"Wow another volunteer! What is your name?" the escort asks.

"Antero Lisin" I pant, slightly out of breath from the running and shouting.

"I bet that is your brother, am I right?" she says.

"Yes, that's my brother" I hear few people in the crowd 'aww' and I look down embarrassed.

"What an exciting first reaping! Here are our brave tributes, Imogene Odana and Antero Lisin!"

The crowd cheers but I can see my family finding Zach and hugging him. They all look up at me and Zach tries to say something but I'm dragged off the stage towards the justice building.

Reaping: Imogene Odana's PoV

I couldn't bear to look at him anymore. The way he acted with my mother when he was probably with that other woman a few hours ago. I had to get away from him, so I ran off towards the reaping. I found my friend Sandrine. She has cropped blonde hair and green eyes like mine. She's not as quiet as me, so she does most of the talking when were together.

"Imogene , are you excited? You're going to volunteer right?" she hugs me and then smiles at me excitedly.

"Yes definitely."

"You're going to be amazing!" she goes to carry on but we're interrupted by the escort who is showing us a video from the president.

Should I tell my Mother about the affair? It could ruin the whole family and think about Anita; she doesn't need that trouble. These thoughts keep running through my mind and distract me from what's happening. I see a girl about sixteen, Patricia I think her name is; walk up to the stage calmly. Now's my chance.

"I volunteer!" I run up to the stage, smile to the crowd and curtsy. People cheer and some of the boys wolf whistle and I feel myself go red. Patricia hugs me and whispers thanks in my ear and walks off the stage.

"And what is your name?" The escort asks.

"Imogene Odana"

The escort smiles at me and then walks over to the boy's names.


I see a boy on crutches struggling to walk up to the stage. Poor guy, he won't be able to survive in the games.

"I volunteer" Suddenly, I see a boy running up from the sixteen's section waving his hands in the air to show he is volunteering. He reaches the stage and I realise I know this boy. About two hours ago this boy saved my life.

"Wow another volunteer! What is your name?" the escort asks.

"Antero Lisin" he says. This is not good. How am I supposed to kill him and survive when he saved me already?

"I bet that is your brother, am I right?" she says.

"Yes, that's my brother" a few people in the crowd 'aww'. Great, everyone's going to love him for saving his brother and they'll want him to win.

The escort then finishes, "What an exciting first reaping! Here are our brave tributes, Imogene Odana and Antero Lisin!"

I walk off the stage, annoyed at my partner's brave outburst.

"Imogene !" Sandrine runs into the room and hugs me. "I'm going to miss you so much!"

"I'm going to miss you too!" I say, and I mean it, I will really miss my best friend.

We stand hugging and Sandrine won't stop talking about what she thinks capitol will be like. The peacekeepers tell her to leave and she goes and then my parents and Anita come in.

"Honey, I'm going to miss you so much," My Mother says walking in and hugging me.

"I'll miss you too, but I'll be home soon so don't worry" I say reassuringly.

I start to say goodbye to Anita and she tells me how when I get back I've got to help her train some more. I promise I will.

"Mum, Anita, can you leave me and dad for a minute I need to talk to him"

They both agree and we say goodbye, then it's just me and my Dad left.

"Listen, I know about you and our neighbour and I want it to stop. It's not fair on Mum. If you want to leave Mum and go with her fine but don't cheat behind Mums back!" I end up shouting at him. I didn't want to tell my Mum but I can tell him to stop.

"Imogene ... I..."

"Don't say anything, just choose what you're going to do and leave"

"I love your Mother. I just got depressed and lonely that's all, of course I'm going to stay with your Mum" he says, he looks so guilty.

"Good, you can leave now" I say. I walk up to him and give him a hug. I haven't hugged him since I found out about his affair; and I miss it.

"See you soon Dad" I say.

"See you soon Imogene " He walks out of the room and it feels like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Reaping: Antero Lisin's PoV

I sit in the room I must say goodbye to my family in. The expensive velvet seat I am sitting on feels like the one we have at home. Home. I might never go back there. If I'm up against someone like my district partner whose been training for the games how will I even survive. I'm pulled out of my thought as my family all come in. Zach slowly walks over to me and wraps me in his arms.

"You didn't have to do that Poe; but thanks," he says, looking more guilty than sad.

"I had too, who else would of?"

He doesn't answer. I'm saying goodbye to my parents and Jamie and Samuel are trying to give me pointers on how to fight.

"You've fought with me and pretty much beat me so that's got to mean you at least stand a chance." Jamie says.

"And you're really quick!" Samuel says as well. I try to picture myself killing someone, but it doesn't seem to happen. I don't think my brothers realise how bad the things I'm going to have to do are.

I say goodbye to my brothers as well and then Zach walks back over. He's been quiet most of the time they've been here.

"Here Poe, have my shell necklace. Remember when you gave me it?"

I do remember. I was about thirteen and Zach had been having another one of his bad days. I felt bad not being able to help him and when I was walking along the beach I saw a cool shell which I knew Zach would like. I picked it up and when I got home I put it on some thread and gave it to him. He loved it and he never takes it off.

"Thanks Zach, you sure I can take it?"

"Definitely" we both smile at each other and I say good bye to him too.

I sit back down on the chair and think. I've saved two lives today but how will I take away someone's life?

District 5 Reaping

Reaping: Daniels Xena's PoV

I sit on a wall outside my house. I watch the empty streets and listen to the wind whistling through the silence. It's so quiet because the reaping is today so no-one has work or school and everyone can sleep in. I hear a door open and close behind me and my younger sister Cloha comes and sits on the wall to join me.

"You nervous for today Daniels?" She asks, her big brown eyes looking up at me. You can tell were related. We both have brown eyes, unruly black hair, ghostly pale skin, and were both small and skinny.

"Not really, I doubt I'll get reaped" I say confidently.

Cloha is only ten so she couldn't get reaped and she has nothing to worry about, but even if I did get reaped I could easily win.

"I'm bored of talking, I'm going to get ready," I say, I leave Cloha sitting on the wall by herself.

I walk in my rather small house. My Mother is sitting by herself in our living room crying. She cries a lot now, ever since the rebellion.

My Father supported the rebellion but was killed in the fight. My Mother and Cloha didn't take sides and consequently they are my only family alive. I don't know how I feel about the rebellion; I hate the fact that it killed my Father and left my family poor and alone but I'm not sure whether I support it or am against it.

"It's ok Mum, there's no need to cry" I sit down next to her and hold her hand.

"Where's Kiro, is he still out in the war?" she looks at me with hope. Kiro is my Dads name; sometimes she gets a bit confused and thinks he's still alive.

"No Mum, remember; Dad died about a year ago" I hate having to say that. She looks at me with the same big brown eyes as Cloha and they start to fill up with tears.

"Oh...right..." She starts to breakdown crying and I sit with her for a bit until she calms down.

"I have to go get ready Mum; will you be ok for a bit?"

"Of course, go get ready Daniels" She waves her hand shooing me upstairs.

I go into my room and look in my clothes draw for some decent clothes. I find some smart black trousers, and a drab grey long sleeved shirt. I put on the only shoes I own which are some plain black trainers. I try to sort out my unruly hair and I straighten my black glasses so they rest nicely on my face.

I walk downstairs and find Cloha so we can leave. I hold my Mother's hand in one hand, and Cloha's in the other and we walk down the road towards the reaping.

Reaping: Illuminate Sensorium's PoV

I lay under my covers, not wanting to get out of bed. I can hear the footsteps and voices of the other seven people who live in the house. The bedroom I am in is so busy and packed full that I think if I get out of bed I might get trampled on. There are six of us that sleep in the room. My older sister Brynn who is nineteen, my cousins: Amy who is nineteen, Red who is seventeen, Kole who is also seventeen, Ember who is fifteen and me; I am also fifteen. We all live in the house with my Aunt Camilla and Uncle Brutus. The reason I live with them is because my sister and I are basically orphans. Our Mother died giving birth to me and my Father died in the rebellion. Luckily, my Aunt and Uncle took us in and have raised us as their own. Even though I am very grateful for their kindness, it isn't exactly the best life. I came in to an already full family and we barely have enough money for us all so Brynn and I have had to get jobs to support the family.

I decide to get out of bed and I am shocked to find that the room is empty now. Where's everyone gone? I jump out of bed and run downstairs. Everyone is sitting round our large dining table. I sit in an empty seat and decide to start some conversation.

"So, how is everyone this morning?"

"Not very good, I'm kind of nervous" Ember says, even though she is the same age as me she seems much younger. She tends to be very quiet and shy most of the time. The reason she is nervous is because the reaping is today to decide who goes into the first ever Hunger Games. Out of the six kids, four of us can be reaped today: Ember, Red, Kole and I. Red also seems quiet this morning, normally he is very talkative but he just sits not saying a word. Kole seems ok though, replying if someone talks to him and he seems ok to talk about the reaping so I decide to talk to him about it.

"What about you Kole, how are you feeling about the reaping?"

"I'm ok about it actually, I mean, the odds are pretty good because if you think about it it's probably about a thousand to one but on the other hand..." he carries on for about 5 minutes talking about the odds of being picked and not being picked. I can't really understand his intelligent mind so I zone out and act like I'm listening; nodding when I think it's appropriate. After that beginning awkward conversation we all seem to be talking like normal again. Normal as in very loud and non-stop. I decide after a while I should go get ready so I duck out of the room quickly before anyone notices and decides to take the bathroom before me.

I go into the bathroom and lock the door. I go into the shower start singing like I normally do. I love singing and its good practice in the shower as you're the only one who can hear you (well I hope no-one can hear me). I do like singing for people though, I will if they ask me too, I don't get nervous like others might.

"Hurry up Illuminate I need to use the bathroom!" Brynn shouts from the other side of the door. Damn this house only having one bathroom! I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around me. I rush past Brynn and into the bedroom. Luckily no-one else is in here so I can get ready in peace. I decide to wear a brown skirt which reaches my knees and a cream short sleeved shirt borrowed from Brynn with a fake rose in the corner. I put on some brown flip flops with it and a pearl necklace which is Embers. I brush my dark reddish-brown hair and decide to wear it down and wavy instead of in its usual French braid. I look in the mirror in our room. My light blue eyes stare back at me, there so light that there almost white. My porcelain white skin would look ghostly if I didn't have rose colour cheeks, which are dotted with little freckles. Brynn walks into the room looking a lot like me but older. I'm glad were alone, I'm at my happiest when we are.

"I forgot to ask how you were feeling about the reaping" she says tucking my hair behind my ear; which I move back.

"I'm not really sure to be honest" I say.

"You don't need to worry about it, you'll be fine."

She takes a hold of my hand and we walk downstairs to join the others. When all of us are there we walk out the door to the reaping.

Reaping: Daniels Xena's PoV

When I reach the reaping, I let go of my Mothers and Clohas hands and walk towards the other fourteen year olds. No-one seems to acknowledge me and the ones who do just ignore me. I'm used to it though, I don't really talk to any of my classmates and they don't really like me because you could say I'm quite outspoken.

Our escort walks onto the stage. He has red hair and tattoos covering all his body including his face. He walks over to the microphone and starts to talk about how he's glad to be here and other boring stuff. Then he shows us a video from the president like he's trying to waste our time even more!

"Get on with the reaping already," I mumble. A few of the boys give me looks but I don't really care.

I think we'll choose our male tribute first. He walks over to the big glass bowl containing the boys' names. I wonder what poor kids going to get chosen.

"Daniels Xena"

Oh it's me; oh well I could win these games with my eyes closed. I mean, look at me.

I just give a small shrug and walk up to the stage. I give the crowd a confident smile and I can see some of the boys I was standing near are laughing. They won't find it funny when I come back as victor.

The escort then picks the girls name.

"Illuminate Sensorium"

A slim, pale girl around average height walks up to the stage with a blank expression. She tries to give a small smile but I can see she is shaking. I couldn't be less interested, I might have to kill her anyway to come home as victor so I don't really care about her.

The weird looking escort of ours announces us as the districts tributes and then walks us off the stage. I'm not paying too much attention as I'm getting slightly bored.

I sit in the room I was given to say goodbye to my family in. My Mother walks in crying and Cloha is crying too. They both come over and wrap me in their arms.

"Why are you crying?" I say. "I'll be home as victor soon anyway." I just love that word. Victor.

They both look at me weirdly but don't say anymore. I say goodbye to them and they leave crying still. I am left to wait for my district partner to finish talking to her family and then I can leave for the capitol. I just want my victory to hurry up.

Reaping: Illuminate Sensorium's PoV

We all reach the reaping and Kole and Red go to the seventeen's section and Ember and I go into the fifteens section. I see all my friends and we start talking and laughing like normal. Our escort walks onto the stage. He has red hair which almost looks on fire and even though he has tattoos over his body and face he still looks somehow attractive. He tells us how happy he is to be here and then shows us a video from our president. Then he announces the males' name.

"Daniels Xena"

A weedy looking boy with glasses walks onto the stage and gives us some sort of smile which I think is supposed to be confident. He just seems to be overly cocky to me and I would hate to be his district partner. Spending days with him in the capitol. Euugghh. The escort then walks over to choose the females name.

"Illuminate Sensorium"

I look over at Ember in shock and she gives back the same expression. Why me? All I've ever been is nice to people. Try to see the positive side to the situation Illuminate, at least Ember wasn't picked? I can't help but find the negative though. 23 people are going to die in the games, and what if I'm in that 23.

I walk up to the stage and try to give a slight smile. I am shaking from head to toe. I didn't realise I was this nervous.

"Here are your tributes for District 5, Daniels Xena and Illuminate Sensorium!"

I am led off the stage, to where I must say goodbye to the ones I love.

"Illuminate!" Brynn runs in the room pulling me into a tight hug.

"You can't leave me; you're the only proper family I have left!" she argues. Tears start streaming down her face. "I can't say goodbye to someone else."

"Brynn, you're the best sister anyone could ask for and I love you so much but you need to stay strong for me. I'm going to try my hardest to come back." I say, and I try to mean it.

The rest of my family fall in and I say goodbye to each of them. I thank my Aunt and Uncle too for taking care of me all these years.

"I don't have a token!" I say. We're allowed to take one thing in with us into the arena to remind us of home or some sort of good luck charm.

"Here have this" Ember pulls up her long sleeves and takes off my lucky charm bracelet her and Brynn made me. "I thought I could use some extra luck" she says looking down guiltily. I can guess what she's thinking; maybe if I had worn it I wouldn't be here right now.

"Thanks, maybe it will bring me some extra luck" I smile at her hoping it makes her feel better. We all say goodbye and they leave, most of them crying.

I sit down on the floor and hug my knees. I don't like this type of alone.

District 6 Reapings

Reaping: Amazon Purfum's PoV

I'm hiding behind my bedroom door trying to be as silent as possible. Next to me is my little brother Hedley who is twelve, he stands next to me doing the same thing but not being very successful. We wait for a few minutes until I can hear my older sister Adela who is twenty walking up the stairs.

"Amazon... Mum said to tell you to help me get the Kids ready for the reaping" Adela calls. "Amazon...?"

I can hear her getting nearer to the door.

"Ready Hedley?" I whisper. He nods smiling at me. He looks like a smaller version of me. We both have wavy brown hair which falls to our ears, light blue eyes, skin that's neither porcelain nor darkly tanned-more in the middle and were both quite small for age.

Adela walks through the door and Hedley and I jump out at her.

"AHHHHH" She screams holding her hands up in defence.

We both burst out laughing.

"You guys are so annoying!" she storms out of the room.

"That was SO funny" Hedley laughs. He loves doing pranks but I think it's more that he likes spending time with me. It must make him seem more grown-up somehow. I can hear someone else laughing which must be my other younger brother Axel who is nine. He has blonde hair and big blue eyes – the adorable one of us children. I creep over to his bed and grab him while he's still tucked in his blanket. I hold him in my arms and spin him round and round so it makes him dizzy.

"Stop Amazon!" He shouts, but he's laughing so I know he's ok. I put him down and he tries to walk but he falls over. The two of us start laughing watching him try to get back up.

"Come on you guys we better do what Mum says and get ready for the reaping" I see Hedley's face change slightly making him look scared and little. I've been trying to avoid that conversation this morning as I knew how scared he would be. He tries to act brave but he's still only a twelve year old.

I tell Hedley to go put on some smart clothes and I get some for Axel too and then I go to get ready myself. I look in my wardrobe and find a collared black short sleeved shirt and some long khaki trousers. I finish getting ready quickly and go downstairs to have breakfast.

All my family are sitting round the table. My Mother and Father sit next to each other. My Mother has light brown hair and emerald green eyes and is very sweet looking and my Father has blonde hair and blue eyes and is rugged but handsome. Adela is sitting at the end of the table, reading one of her magazines that are apparently from the capitol; I'm not really sure how she got it. Her blonde hair is in perfect condition and she has bright blue eyes, she is the beauty of the family for sure. Then opposite my Father is my other sister Natalia who is fourteen. She has the same bright blue eyes like the rest of us but she has light brown hair like my Mother and she is also very pretty. Then next to her is Axel and next to him is Hedley. I sit down at the other end of the table and notice there is a slight awkward silence.

"Why's everyone so quiet? Hey did you hear that joke about..." I start to talk but I am interrupted.

"Please can you not tell anotherone of your jokes; it's not the right time!" Natalia says, she's obviously worried for the reaping too.

"Ok sorry, I was just trying to lighten the mood..." I sit there quietly looking around at everyone. My parents have a look of worry on their faces like any normal parent would; Adela is her normal self; ignoring us and not paying attention. Natalia looks stressed out Hedley just looks incredibly nervous and like she's about to be sick and Axel is in his own little world. Adela and Axel can't be reaped today so obviously their not worried; and me... I don't really know how I feel, I could get reaped today but I'm just trying to make everyone else feel better about it all. We wait until everyone has finished breakfast and then we leave... well we leave after Hedley was done throwing up from being so scared.

Reaping: Amanda Hawks's PoV

The brave knight ran through the woods, looking for his princess he was to save. He reached the tall tower and the beautiful princess was gazing over her balcony.

"Knight have you come to save me from this wretched tower?" the princess calls.

"Yes my love, I..."

I am interrupted from my story by my sisters high pitched squealing.

"Tess! Where is my mini skirt? You know the one with the pink pattern?" Tia looks at me as if I would actually wear her mini skirt. Seriously?

"You actually think I would wear that thing?" I say, looking at her confusingly.

She just puckers her red lips at me and struts out of my room.

She calls back at me, "Maybe if you cared more about how you look and less about books a lot more boys would like you."

"As if I care?" I say, I doubt she hears me though. Tia is nineteen but I seem so much more mature than her and I'm only fourteen. So what if I like reading? To be honest I don't just like reading, I love reading! It's like being able to go into a different world and leave your own life. After my grandfather who I loved more than anyone and he also shared my love of reading died in the rebellion, I relied on being able to get lost in books to get through the pain of losing him. It was the same when I found out some of my friends had died during it too. I guess it was some sort of coping mechanism, and it worked.

The reason I was reading this morning is because it's the reaping today and I didn't want to think about it. If I was reaped, I don't know what I would do. I couldn't hide in one of my books then. I sit in my room for a while just thinking until Tia and my Mother come into my room.

"Time to get ready Tess!" My Mother says enthusiastically. Oh great, they're going to want to choose my outfit.

Tia walks over to where my clothes are kept and is looking through everything.

"What were you thinking, ugly, you'd look like a boy..." She carries on describing everything I own like this. "God Amandado you not own anything decent looking?"

I start to say something but my Mother interrupts me. "Tia darling, why don't you go and pick something for her from your clothes"

"No Mum really that's not necessary..." I am not wearing anything of Tia's. She's pretty and popular, which basically means all she owns is miniskirts and anything that shows a lot of skin.

Tia runs out of the room excitedly and comes back in with a few dresses in her hands.

She holds them up one by one, "Too pink, too frilly, too orange... what were you thinking when you brought that one!" I laugh slightly at my imitation of my sister.

She pulls a face at me and holds up another dress. "I actually like that one," I say, surprising myself. I put on the dress and look at myself in the full length mirror. The dress is a mint green and it comes in at the top and floats down to just above my knee. My Mum then brushes my red hair which comes down to my shoulders and Tia applies some light make up to my hazel eyes to make them 'pop'. She barely puts any make-up on my actual face because she says my freckles look sweet how they are and the green of the dress makes my skin look pale but in a nice way.

"You look so beautiful, just like your sister" My Mother says, you would think I would like that comment, but I don't. The reason is that notice how she said 'like your sister'. She's constantly comparing me to her and wants me to be more like her.

"Thanks" I mumble.

My Father walks into the room and looks at me.

"You look so lovely, very grown-up."

"Thank you Daddy" I smile and hug him. My Dad and I get along much more than we do with anyone else. He doesn't compare me to my sister and he treats me like a grown-up which I like.

"We better go to the reaping or were going to be late!" My Mother says to us.

Tia has to touch up her hair and make-up one more time and then we can finally leave.

Reaping: Amazon Purfum's PoV

We reach the town square and Natalia, Hedley and I head into the crowd of children. We wait for a bit until the reaping finally starts. A tall man, who actually looks rather normal except for the tattoos covering his arms and the piercings on his face, walks onto the stage. He must be our escort. He introduces himself and shows us a video from the capitol and then begins the reaping.

"Let's choose the young lady first" he says in a very low voice.

"Amanda Hawks"

I hear a scream coming from where our families wait. I see a pretty girl trying running at the stage trying to volunteer and I notice there is some sort of commotion coming from the girls section. The girl who must be Amandais kicking and screaming and she is crying waves of tears as the peacekeepers drag her up to the stage. She stands next to the escort and she is still sobbing really loudly. I feel really sorry for her. Then the escort walks over to pick the male tribute.

"Hedley Purfum"

No. Not my innocent little brother who loves to laugh and play pranks. He can't go in that arena; he'll be slaughtered. Hedley walks up to the stage, he is shaking and his bottom lip is trembling too. I see his eyes fill up with tears and decide it's enough.

"Any volunteers?" the escort asks with a grim expression, both his tributes are young and have cried a lot, he obviously hopes for a volunteer for one.

"I volunteer!" I shout, everyone turns around and looks at me. They know Hedley is my brother and some even give a small smile at my act of bravery.

I run up to the stage and hug Hedley.

"It'll be ok, don't worry your safe now" I comfort him but he just cries into my shirt. "You need to go now, go find Mum and Dad and I'll see you in a minute"

All he can do is nod and he runs off the stage crying. I stand up straight trying to make myself look strong and tall. I can't look weak now when everyone in Panem is watching.

"And what is your name young man?" the escort asks.

"Amazon Purfum" I say bluntly.

"Oh I see, you must be brothers, right?"

I nod and do nothing else. I stare expressionless into the crowd.

"Ok then... here are your District 6 tributes, Amanda Hawks and Amazon Purfum" He tries to make it sound like a good thing but the crowd just stays quiet. They all have a look of disgust on their face; they obviously disapprove of the games now.

I look at Tess, she seems so small. She reminds me a bit of Natalia seeing as their same age. Maybe I can protect her like I would my younger sister. At least I would be doing something good in the games.

Reaping: Amanda Hawks's PoV

I reach the reaping and stand amongst the crowd of girls. I pull out the book I was reading earlier which I snuck out of the house with me and begin to read.

"Yes my love, I have come to save you and give you a better life, please come with me" the knight shouts to the princess. A tear escapes her eye, realising she will finally get away from this life of sorrow.

"Let's choose the young lady first" I look up and slam my book shut. I see the District 6 escort walking over to the glass bowl containing the girl's names.

"Amanda Hawks"

Not me. It can't be me. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. A sob comes from deep in my throat and I collapse to the ground. I shake on the floor and my eyes are overflowing with tears. I hear screams coming from the part where my parents and Tia are.

"No, get off me, I VOLUNTEER, I SAID GET OFF ME!" Tia is pushing her way through the crowd and she tries to climb onto the stage. A group of peacekeepers come to drag her away and I look up to see a few have come to get me too.

"No I can't go ... . !" I kick and scream as they carry me up to the stage. They throw me up there and I get up from the floor and wipe my wet cheeks. I can't stop sobbing though. Knowing that I'm going to die, I can't bear to think about it.

"Ok, let's get on with picking the male tribute"

"Hedley Purfum"

I see a sweet looking boy come from the twelve's section and he is shaking. When he reaches the stage I notice his bottom lip is trembling and he is starting to cry. In the crowd I can see an older boy around seventeen pushing through the crowd.

"Any volunteers?" The escort asks. He doesn't seem to like the idea of us both being young.

"I volunteer!" the boy I was looking at runs through the crowd and onto the stage. You can tell he's his brother, they look exactly the same. He hugs his brother and then Hedley walks off the stage crying.

"And what is your name young man?" the escort asks.

"Amazon Purfum" he says, looking somewhat angry.

He looks up at me, and smiles a crooked smile, which is verycute. He obviously doesn't want to kill me. That's one off of the twenty three.

The escort announces our names and then we have to go to the justice building to say our goodbyes.

"Tess, I couldn't do anything, I'm so sorry" Tia bursts into the room and wraps me into her arms. We are both crying into each other's shoulders.

"It doesn't matter, I'll be fine" I say, more trying to convince myself than her.

We stand crying and my parents walk in and join us in the hug.

"I'm so proud of you Tess, you're so brave" My Mother says, running her hands through my hair. I know I wasn't brave, I acted like a child, but it means a lot her finally being proud of me.

"You can do this Tess, you need to try and you can't give up now" My Father talks to me like I am an adult. I normally like this, but I wish he would just treat me like a little kid and tell me it's all going to be ok.

I hug them all and they all walk out crying, including Tia who I think might be having a mental break down. I didn't realise she would miss me so much.

I sink to the floor and hug my knees. I wish I had a knight to save me now.

Reaping: Amazon Purfum's PoV

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" My family all burst in and Hedley won't stop thanking me.

"Hedley, you don't need to thank me, I did what I had to do."

"Who's going to make us all laugh now?" Adela says, her cheeks wet where she's been crying.

"Hedley will" I say smiling at my younger brother.

"You haven't got a token!" Natalia says.

My Father speaks up "Your token can be the sky. As long as you don't lose it, you'll be safe" I smile at my father's wise words. It makes me feel good to think that we will all be looking at the same sky even when I'min the arena.

I look at them all; I can't seem to find anything to make them feel better.

My eyes fall on Axel, I hope he never becomes in this situation, he just seems too young. I then look at Natalia; I wish I could protect her from all this danger going on around her. I wish I could protect all of them. I say good bye to all of them and they leave the room leaving me alone.

I walk out of the room to go to the train and a camera is filming me. I give it an angry stare and the person filming turns away. I know one thing; smiling and joking around is not going to help me in the arena.

District 7 Reapings

Reaping: Yesina Root's PoV

I wake up at 6am and get out of bed. I put on some old worn out trousers, a short sleeved shirt and some boots. I tie back my light brown hair into a pony-tail and creep out of my door before anyone can notice I've gone.

I run through the streets of District 7 as quietly as possible trying not to wake my neighbours and reach the woods where my father works. It seems to be empty so I walk through at my own pace. I reach the districts edge and a tall fence faces me. I climb into a nearby tree and balance along a high branch. When I am far enough I let myself drop into the soft grass on the other side of the fence. I look around me and there is no-one in sight. I sit in a large meadow in a district I don't know. It might not even be a district, it could be just a space that separates them, but I doubt it. I have thought about venturing further but if I got caught I would probably be killed. I like this place more than District 7. It's so calm and I can get away from everything. I spent a lot of time here during the rebellion as there were a lot of arguments in my house at the time.

My Mother and Father supported the rebellion, but for some reason my older brother Hatch was on the capitols side. There was constant debating and I got sick of it and I just remained neutral. I use to escape here when things got tough and it helped me. My Mother was killed later on in the rebellion by someone from the capitol and I hated them for it. I decided to side with my Father which obviously made my Brother feel guilty and unwanted because he ran away and I have never seen him since. I sometimes wonder if he climbed this fence like me, but carried on walking and found a different life.

When I have been in the meadow for what I feel is a long time I walk along the fence trying to find the place where I can get back over. I find the fence panel which contains a gap where I can fit my foot in and boost myself over. I land with a thud and realise I have cut my skin on a loose nail. Blood drops down my tanned skin and I hold my hand over it to stop the blood flow. I hate blood. And it's going to leave a scar. Great.I walk back to my house and the streets are still empty; probably because of the reaping. I reach my home and close the door quietly. I walk into are quaint living room where my Grandmother is sitting in her arm chair. She was my Mums Mother and she lives with us as she isn't fit to live by herself.

"Hi Grandma, how you doing?" I say joining her.

"I'm fine Yesenia , how are you feeling for that reaping going on later this afternoon?" she looks at me with same soft big blue eyes, my Mother had, and that I also have too.

"I'm not sure, sometimes I feel terrified and others I'm fine, I think the training I have been doing helps" When the Games were announced, my Father thought it would be a good idea for me to practice basic fighting skills as I am only twelve; so even if I didn't get picked this year I could in the years to come and the training would help in the games. I think it was just him being overly protective of his little girl but I didn't argue.

"You are tough you know Yesenia , like your Mother, at your age you shouldn't have had to deal with as much as you have" She runs her frail hands through my hair, letting it out loose.

"Will you braid my hair for the reaping?" I ask. She nods and I sit in front of her chair. She begins to braid my hair into two braids which rest nicely on my shoulders.

"Thanks Grandma" I kiss her on the cheek and skip off to my room.

I find the green dress that I was planning to wear to the reaping. The light material feels nice against my skin and it falls to my knees. I look in my small trinket box and find the golden chain necklace which was my Mothers. I secure it round my neck and run my hand over the chain. I find some shoes which were hand me downs from my Grandmother, there small flats that match my dress. I walk downstairs and find my Father tending to the twins. The twins are my brothers Alec and Crowe who are five. I go and help him, I get Crowe ready and he gets Alec ready. It's speeds up the process and we are able to leave for the reaping sooner rather than later.

Reaping: Quin Ley's PoV

"Mum it will be ok, calm down, please," I sit with my Mother holding her hand. She is rocking back and forth and won't stop crying.

"Where have you been Michael, you've been gone for so long," she looks at me, her blue eyes shining with tears.

"It's not Michael Mum, its Itzel" I stare back at her. I hate seeing her like this. So vulnerable and confused.

"Is my Father with you, and Leo? They've been gone for too long, too long..." She carries on mumbling to herself.

Michael was my Father; he died in the rebellion supporting the rebels and so did my Mums Brother Leo and her Father too. I wanted to help fight with them, but I wasn't old enough. She lost a lot in the rebellion and I am her only family left. Sometimes she has break-downs when she is depressed and especially when she sees me. I look incredibly like my Father, the same shaggy blonde hair and green eyes. Of course she could get confused.

"They all died Mum, don't you remember?" She doesn't. Its torture having to tell her that. The light in her eyes fades and she sits staring into nothingness.

I think if I had fought in the rebellion and died as well, I doubt she'd be alive. I know it's horrible to say but she would have most likely ended her own life.

"Mum, I have to get ready for the reaping; remember, the reaping is today?" She stares into the space in front of her and doesn't say a word. I groan in defeat, she normally gets back to normal now, maybe she does know it's the reaping and is worried she'll lose me too.

I leave the room and go into my room next door. We only have a one floor house as we can't afford anything big. My bedroom is more of a cupboard space, but I don't mind. I wanted my Mother to have the bigger room. I open my one clothes draw and find my only smart clothes; a brown suit. It was my Fathers, and I know it won't help my Mothers confusion but it's the only thing decent. I go back into the room my Mother is in and she seems back to normal. She is wandering round the room tidying up; I'm not sure why now but I don't question it.

"Mum it's time to go," I say, hoping she will at least reply.

"Ok Quin let me just grab my coat" She smiles at me and walks into her bedroom. She comes back out a few minutes later and we walk out of the house.

"You could have at least brushed your hair!" She lectures.

She's definitely back to normal.

Reaping: Yesina Root's PoV

I stand amongst the other twelve year old girls. I am tall for my age and they are mostly all small so I tower over them. I try and blend in and make myself smaller, I don't want to draw attention to myself. Our escort walks on to the stage; well more wobbles, in about 6inch heels. I think if I wore them I would topple over. She's quite pretty for someone from the capitol even though her skin is a light green colour. She tells us she is delighted to be here and then shows us a clip sent by the president.

"I think we will pick the Ladies first," the escort says. She slowly walks over to the bowl containing the girl's names and nearly falls over but grips the bowl for support. She reaches in and picks one.

"Yesenia Root"

It's me. Don't cry Lili that will not make you look any better.I move my head from side to side frantically until I spot my Grandma.

"What do I do?" I mouth, I seem to be frozen in place and I can't move.

She moves her hands telling me to go up to the stage. I start shaking as two peacekeepers grab one arm each and walk me up to the stage. When I reach it the escort hugs me, like I've known her for years.

"It will be fine" she whispers in my ear. I nod back to her, not wanting to talk in case my voice shakes.

"Now for the male tribute!" She does the same thing when she picked my name.

"Quin Ley"

I see a boy in the fourteens section who is also taller than everyone his age. I can see he has some muscle; he could be hard to fight. He walks up to the stage and stands next to me. He doesn't even glance at me, just stares straight ahead. I see a woman where the parents stand and she cries out. She sits on the floor and starts shaking. A few people crowd around her trying to help. She must be his Mother.

The escort also goes to hug him but he doesn't hug her back. He just stands still looking ahead.

"Here are our tributes, Yesenia Root and Quin Ley! Shake hands you two."

He looks at me and then just walks off the stage. I shrug and follow. The escort stands still on the stage looking confused and then tries to follow us but she's too slow to catch up.

"Oh Yesenia this is such a shame" My Grandmother walks in the room I've been allocated in the justice building. My Father follows with my brothers.

"Lili you need to stay strong and fight! You know how to, so use them skills!" My Father talks about what I can do to help myself in the arena.

I stand there for a while wrapped in my Grandmothers arms. She is like my Mother in some ways, very caring and loving.

"Grandma, I want to take something from the district with me as my token, so have Mums necklace," I take the chain off my neck and fasten it around my Grandmothers.

"I have just the thing," she reaches into her large handbag where she keeps about everything. She pulls out a piece of string and a leaf which must have blown into her bag. She pierces the leaf and ties it on the string. She then puts it round my neck replacing the old necklace. Who can make a necklace in about a minute?

"There you go something from the district and you won't lose it now."

"Thanks, this is actually pretty cool" I say.

I say goodbye to the twins, then Gran and then my Dad. He takes my face in his hands and stares at it; like he's trying to remember what I looked like before I go into the games. He turns and leaves the room, and I sit down on a seat in the room. It's made of the most expensive material I have ever seen. I put my hands round the leaf on my neck and feel the smooth texture. I won't be able to forget my home now, and I think I might actually miss it.

Reaping: Quin Ley's PoV

I reach the reaping and my Mum wave's goodbye. I stand amongst the other fourteen year olds. Some try to start conversation but I just ignore them. The escort talks for a while but I don't really listen. She then picks the female tribute.

"Yesenia Root"

A twelve year old girl gets walked up to the stage by two peacekeepers because she wouldn't move. She seems like she could survive the beginning of the games, but she looks quite weak so she wouldn't get very far. The escort then walks over to the males' bowl and I start to pay attention.

"Quin Ley"

I huff and begin to walk on stage. This was bound to happen. I reach the stage and look out into the crowd. My Mother cries out and falls to the floor. A group of other adults try to help her. I just stare ahead; if I look at her she will make me weak and I might cry and that can't happen. The escort then tries to hug me but I just stay still. I don't even know her, why would I hug her?

"Here are our tributes, Yesenia Root and Quin Ley! Shake hands you two." The escort says.

I just look at my district partner and walk off the stage. She seems to follow and so does our escort. Great.

I stand in the room I've been given in the justice building. I pace back and forth nervously. I look around the room. It probably costs more than my house. My Mother gets brought in by the Peacekeepers and I walk over and wrap her in my arms.

"It'll be ok" I whisper comfortingly.

"Where are you going Michael? Is it the war again?" She says looking at me blankly. This can't be happening now.

"I'm not Michael I'm Itzel, and listen Mum, don't do anything stupid ok? And I'll be home soon."

She must of heard me because she mumbles, "Ok Itzel, I love you." She grabs my hand and presses something into it.

She walks dreamily out of the room tears streaming down her face and I look at my hand. My Fathers wedding ring lies in my hand. My Mother wore it as well as her own because she didn't want to lose it.

I slide it on my finger and smile. She must have known it was me.

District 8 Reapings

Reaping: Samara Emett's PoV

"Come play outside Joni!" I tug on my younger sisters' shirt begging her to come join in on the fun.

"Leave me alone Samara , I just want to read!"

"Please, please, please..." I could have gone on for longer.

"Fine! Just for an hour because the reaping is soon!" she walks out of the door and I follow.

You would think it would be the opposite way round, the younger sibling annoying the older one, but this is a onetime thing. I just don't want to have to think of the reaping, so I need a distraction and I thought something fun would do just the trick. Both Joni and I are quiet and shy, but with each other we are completely different. I am more loud and bubbly and she doesn't even think about her precious books.

We both stand on either side of the road and throw a ball back and forth. My friend Sophia comes to join us too; she must be nervous as well. I'm pretty good like I am at most things but Joni isn't the most coordinated person; basically she drops the ball nearly every time. But I don't mind, it's something to laugh at. We do this for a while until I see a group of people around my age maybe older walking towards us. I try to ignore them, but I feel slightly awkward as I'm not the most sociable person.

"Hey Fred, Nena why don't we play catch with the kids," The taller boy says, he must be around 6ft... He's very handsome, his shaggy brown hair falling over his forehead slightly covering his chocolate brown eyes.

"I'm not a kid" I mumble.

"What was that?" the boy asks.

"Nothing, we don't really want to talk to you so maybe you could just leave us alone? Ok?

"Just leave them alone Chase, I don't think they're the joking around type" says Fred.

"What? Do you find me hard not to look at?" Joshsmiles a seductive smile at me. He is very good looking but too arrogant for my liking. And I'm only fourteen, so I'm not exactly hunting for boys at the moment. I have time for that when I'm older.

He walks over to me and leans in towards me. He whispers in my ear, "You're not bad looking yourself" He puts his hand on my back and pulls me closer towards him.

"Get away from me!" I squeal, pushing him away. He just shrugs and strolls away with his friends.

"What was that?" Sophia asks confused.

"Do you like him or something Jaz?" Joni adds curiously.

"Ew of course not he's a creep!" I say, truth is I didn't think he was too bad, but I couldn't let them know that, they wouldn't let me live it down!

"I think we should go get ready for the reaping Joni, see you there Sophia," We wave goodbye to my friend and then Joni and I go back inside.

We both go to the room we share to find something to wear. We have a few nice outfits as we have enough money for things like that and our parents didn't want us going without. I live a normal life, with my two parents and Joni, and we rarely struggle for money or food.

I choose a white dress which comes to my knee and some black flats. The dress shows off my tanned skin, it makes my raven-black hair look even darker than it is and it highlights my curves well. I tie my hair into its normal braid and leave my face natural with no make-up. We finish getting ready and we leave for the reaping with our parents.

Reaping: Josh Eagleye's PoV

I walk down the road with my two best friends Fred and Nena. We laugh and joke, Fred and I teasing Nena about her latest crush. This is the way I like things to be. We get to the end of the road and I notice some people playing catch. There is a girl on one side; I think I've seen her in school, she is very pretty, with verynice curves. We walk over and I speak up.

"Hey Fred, Nena why don't we play catch with the kids," I look into the girls eyes, there an onyx colour, very mysterious.

"I'm not a kid" she mumbles.

"What was that?" I ask.

"Nothing, we don't really want to talk to you so maybe you could just leave us alone? Ok?" She says. I don't like how she's treating us, and when I don't get my way, I tend to act ... differently.

"Just leave them alone Chase, I don't think they're the joking around type" says Fred.

"What? Do you find me hard not to look at?" I give her a flirtatious smile and I see her blush slightly.

I walk over to her and lean in close to her. So close that I can hear her speeding heart. I whisper in her ear, "You're not bad looking yourself" I rest my hand on the lower part of her back and pull her closer to me so our bodies are touching.

"Get away from me!" she squeals, pushing me away. I shrug and walk away.

I wasn't always like this; I was the shy kid who wouldn't talk to anyone, but things change.

It all started when my parents died in an accident ten years ago when I was five. I was sent to my aunt- who I don't even think I'm related to and she was very abusive. She used to kick me when I was down-literally and when she was drunk it was worse. When I was thirteen, she was severely drunk and came home and raped me. I couldn't defend myself; I was only a kid. I have been scarred for life from that incident and I went through a stage when I would rarely be home. I would leave school, and come home late, spending my time in the woods singing and studying new plants around the area. After a few months of doing this I had time to think and I decided to change. I changed my personality and looks, and in the next couple of days I gained instant popularity.

I leave my friends after a while, to get ready for the reaping. I don't know how I feel about this fight to the death the president has made; it could be a way out of something I guess. I walk into my home, which smells of alcohol and smoke. You couldn't really call it a home; it's more like a rubbish tip. I peer into the living room to find my Aunt Rose lying on the sofa, passed out. Even though I could easily beat her in a fight, I am still terrified by her. Like I said, I was scarred for life. I walk into my room, and put on a pair of black trousers which are becoming way too small, a white shirt and some black shoes. I don't want to wake my Aunt, but she has to go to the reaping, so I leave the house, slamming the door loudly so I'm sure it will wake her up.

Reaping: Samara Emett's PoV

We reach the reaping and I watch Joni walk over to the twelve year olds section. She blends into the crowd, her being small and quiet, and is barely noticed by anyone. I join the group of fourteens and find Sophia.

"Are you scared?" I say.

"Uh you could say that..." She stands her hands shaking.

I look ahead and watch as the escort for our district walks onto the stage. She is a tall woman, looking very elegant and regal. She has definitely had work done on her face, but nothing too extreme.

I stand talking to Sophia, trying to make her feel better. Suddenly the escort is walking over to pick the female tribute.

"Joni Kaede"

Joni starts to walk to the stage, I can hardly see her over the other people. My little sister can't go into the games. She's too shy and quiet. Being good at reading won't help her there.

"Any volunteers?" the escort asks.

"I volunteer!" I shout. I don't realise what I have done until it has happened. I try to stay calm, but I am so scared. I hold my composure for Joni so she doesn't get upset and I walk up to the stage.

"What is your name young lady?"

"Samara Emett" I say quietly, but because of the microphone my weak voice echoes through the district.

"That must have been your sister correct?" she asks. I nod, "Well you are very brave indeed" She replies.

She then picks the male.

"Lyle McKee"

A boy who's in Joni's class at school walks up to the stage. He is trying to act tough but I can see he is scared. Suddenly, I hear a shout from the fifteens "I volunteer!"

Everyone looks around shocked to see this boy. I look too and realise it is Chase. The boy who got a bit too close to me earlier this morning. It's as if he realises what he has done and he covers his mouth with his hand. He walks up to the stage and won't stop looking at me. What is his problem? He notices I see him looking at me because he tries to cover it up by winking at me flirtingly. I just roll my eyes and look into the crowd. The escort announces are names and we are led off the stage to where I must say goodbye.

Sophia walks into the room I am in and hugs me.

"I can't believe what you did, you were so brave" she says.

"I know, neither can I, and can you promise me something? That you'll try and get Joni to make more friends, I was going to but I can't now really can I," I look at her and she looks back awkwardly. She nods and we say goodbye and then she leaves.

My family and I have what I expect normally happens when someone volunteers for a family member. My parents praise me for saving my sister and Joni cries because I have to go and I'll probably never come back. We say goodbye and there are lots of tears and they leave; just like that. It's so weird how some one's life can change so quickly and I didn't think it would be my life that it would happen too.

Reaping: Josh Eagleye's PoV

I get to the reaping and join Fred in the crowd. The reaping starts and before I know it they are already choosing the female tribute. I feel slightly nervous for Nena and hope she doesn't get reaped. I can see it in Fred's face too, he's secretly liked Nena forever and he wants to tell her how he feels soon.

"Joni Kaede"

I recognise this girl from somewhere, but I can't think where. She seems very quiet and timid.

"Any volunteers?" the escort asks.

"I volunteer!" the girl who just called out walks to the stage. I now know where I recognised that girl from. She is the sister of the girl I was flirting with earlier, and now that girl is on the stage.

"What is your name young lady?"

"Samara Emett" she says nervously, it's barely a whisper.

"That must have been your sister correct?" the escort asks. Samara nods, "Well you are very brave indeed"

She then walks over to pick the male tribute. Maybe volunteering for someone wouldn't be that bad. I'd be doing something good and I would get away from that disgusting Aunt of mine.

"Lyle McKee"

A small boy walks up to the stage looking so scared. I could help him. I wouldn't have to live in that alcohol smelling dump anymore.

"I volunteer!" I shout. I can't believe what I have just done. I clamp my hand over my mouth in shock, but it is too late. I walk up to the stage and the boy Lyle has already run off the stage. I look at Samara . She looks beautiful .I never realised that before. She catches me staring at her so I wink at her trying to make it seem like a joke.

"What is your name?" the escort asks.

"Josh Eagleye"

"Our tributes, Samara Emett and Josh Eagleye!"

The crowd claps for their two volunteers. I follow Samara off the stage and am led to the justice building where they expect me to say goodbye to my loved ones.

"Joshthis is so horrible, you can't go!" Nena is crying and Fred is holding her hand in support. They really would make a cute couple.

I say goodbye to them both and they leave.

I wait, but I know no-one else is coming and I don't want to see my Aunt anyway. I'm glad to get away from that abusing, disgrace of what's supposed to be family.

District 9 Reapings

Reaping: Lilac Infinity's PoV

"Wake up Lilac; I said wake up!" My Uncle Spur shouts at me. I lay still, not wanting to wake up. He grabs the back of my neck and drags me out of my bed. He throws me on the floor and I curl up in a ball hugging my knees. "I'm going to get a drink..." he slurs, I can smell that he's had alcohol already. "You can find your own way to the reaping... let's hope you don't get picked hmm" he walks drunkenly out of the room. I lay there for a minute, just crying. You're being a baby, stop crying and stand up for yourself. "I can't, I can't it'll make things worse!" I say to myself. I stand up nearly falling over from dizziness. When was the last time I ate? Or had a proper night's sleep? I look into the mirror and lift the back of my shirt. The swollen bruises on my back which kept me up last night have doubled in size and some of the marks are nearly the same colour as my red hair. I push my long hair to one side so I can get a better look. They really are bad. If my parents saw this they would kill my uncle.You would wonder why my Uncle, someone who is supposed to be family, would do this to me. He's had a tough ten years, but so have I, and I think I've had it worse. Ten years ago when I was seven, there was a tornado that came through one of the grain fields. My family and I were all there but I'm quick, and I ran fast into a safe place. I thought my family would follow, but they didn't survive it. My Parents had died, but I never realised afterwards that my Uncle which is my Fathers Brother, had been at home ill and wasn't there. I then later found out, that my Uncles wife and his son, both died as well and it drove him into a bad place. He started drinking and I rarely saw him. Then, he was told he was to look after me as he's my only family left but I turned into something to take his anger out on. He's made me feel like I am worth nothing and I literally have no self esteem. I face the mirror and stare at myself. You're nothing. You're just like a little kid, scared and weak. I do look like a little kid. I am mostly skin and bones and I am smaller than even most of the fourteen year olds in my district; and I'm seventeen. I look at my skin, I have naturally light tanned skin but you can hardly see it with the amount of bruises I have. I have dark red hair, pale blue eyes and freckles that come over the bridge of my nose. I have a bruise on my cheek where Spur slapped me yesterday for no reason I can think of. I go red in anger. I shouldn't have let him do that. Angry tears fall from my eyes but I quickly wipe them away. I will not give him the satisfaction of making me cry. I need to get ready for the reaping as it must be soon so I put on a blue blouse I got when I was ten which is actually too big on me now. I put on a white skirt which is ripped down the side. I look terrible but there the only good clothes I have. I leave the house, hoping I don't run into Spur on my way.

Reaping: Henry Ricktor's PoV

I sit at home, alone like normal. Well, you couldn't call it a home; it's more of a shed. I sit, eating a piece of grain I stole from the field outside my 'home'. My stomach rumbles for more, but I eat slowly, trying to convince my stomach that I am eating much more. When I am finished, I curl into a ball and try to get some sleep. It's hard, the wind is loud blowing through the space where a window once was and every time I hear a noise outside I worry.

I finally fall asleep and dream of my old life before the rebellion. I had a Mother and Father and we were all together and we seemed the perfect family; but then the capitol took it away from me. They killed my parents and left me alone. I wouldn't let the orphanage take me; I've heard bad things about it. I expect everyone thinks I died with them, but no-one knows I am alive and living here. I rarely leave the shed I am in, escaping in the night to find food and water but I retreat back as soon as I see the slightest sign of dawn. I must leave today though, because today is the reaping and if you aren't marked in, they will come to find you. I am so unrecognisable to the person I was before, not even my old friends would notice me. I doubt they even remember me. I used to be quite bulky; with shiny nicely cut black hair and light brown eyes. I'm now small and thin from lack of food, long dirty black hair and dark brown eyes where I rarely see light. I wear ripped brown trousers and a grey shirt which used to be white. The only nice possession I own is my Fathers gold chain. I thought about selling it, when I got sick and needed medicine but I am glad I have kept it, it reminds me of the life I used to have.

I slowly open the shed door and peer round, its light and the sun is shining. Such a nice day for something so horrible. I walk out of the door and take all the back streets. I don't need people asking questions.

Reaping: Lilac Infinity's PoV

I get to the reaping, having not seen my Uncle Spur. I blend into the crowd and get ready to listen to the escort. A man, who is very small and plump, walks onto the stage.

"Welcome, to District 9's first reaping for the Hunger Games!"

The crowd stays silent, so silent that you can almost hear the wind blowing.

"Let's get on shall we... I think we'll choose the young man first," he says eagerly.

He walks over and reaches into the bowl.

"Henry Ricktor"

Who is he? I don't know a Henry Ricktor. A small, thin boy is dragged up by the peacekeepers and he is placed onto the stage. He stands there, his eyes filled with tears. He looks so tiny compared to the large man next to him. Henry looks like he hasn't washed for days or had a good meal for a while. I can see his eyes shifting from left to right, as if he is trying to find somewhere to escape. That's not going to work.

The escort then walks over to pick the female tribute. My heart starts to beat slightly faster.

"Lilac Infinity"

I can almost see Spur's face smirking in the back of my mind. I start walking up to the stage. What you going to do, cry? You're pathetic. You're going to die and your pathetic excuse for a life will be over.

"Shut up." I whisper.

Go on cry, do what everyone expects you to do. Be the weak kid that you are and realise that you are going to die. You're going to die. You're going to die.

I keep a straight face but when I reach the stage I cover my ears to stop my horrible thoughts. I can tell everyone is looking at me like I am crazy. I see the escort look at my bruises on my face, arms and legs and his mouth forms an 'O' shape. I look down ashamed of myself.

"Here are your tributes... Henry Ricktor and Lilac Infinity"

The crowd remain silent. They know it's wrong for two kids who look barely alive they are so thin and weak to go into a fight with much stronger kids who have had a good life and actually stand a chance.

I walk off the stage ashamed and go into the justice building.

I sit in the room I am given. It's beautiful, soft seats made of velvet, the walls are even lined with what looks like silver! I don't expect to get any visitors, Spur made it very clear that he doesn't want anything to do with me. I am surprised to see him fall into the room.

"Hello Reina" He says, his breath stinks of alcohol.

Stand up to him. He can't do anything to you anymore. You're free.

"Get out!" I shout. The anger comes from the pit of my stomach and it feels good.

"What are you talking about, come give your Uncle a hug goodbye" he smiles. His teeth are yellow and broken, he repulses me.

"I want you to leave, now go!" I push him and he falls to the floor. He must be verydrunk.

"You can't hurt me anymore, and I don't want to see your nasty face again!" I scream into his face, tears come to my eyes but I blink them away.

"Fine, I brought you this, that's what I get for being nice" He smirks and throws something on the floor. I stare at him back and he wanders out of the room.

I pick up the small bracelet on the floor. My Mother had given it to me for my 5th birthday but Spur thought it would be nice to take it off me when I came to live with him because I didn't deserve anything nice.It's made of rough grain and it scratches my wrist slightly but I don't care. I slip it on my wrist and it reminds me that I was once loved and cared about.

Reaping: Henry Ricktor's PoV

I follow all the back streets and am left unnoticed. I reach the reaping and join the other thirteen year olds. They all give me odd stares but I just look down and act like they're not there. The escort walks on; he's a short but large man. I bet the capitol get a lot of food. He welcomes us and then goes to pick the male tribute. I keep wondering why they talk so weirdly, it must just be the place. He reaches into a large bowl and pulls out a piece of paper. He reads a name into the microphone:

"Henry Ricktor"

They've picked me. I can't go I won't last five minutes in those games. I look around, no-one knows who I am, I make a run for it. I reach the side of the crowd before I am caught by a peacekeeper. He drags me along and puts me on the stage. I can see everyone looks confused. One because they probably don't know me and two because of the way I look. They must think I am one of those people who are so poor they live on the streets. I guess I'm kind of like that. I look down embarrassed and my hair covers my face. The female tribute is then picked.

"Lilac Infinity"

A girl who is also thin and bony like me walks to the stage. When she gets here I notice she has bruises all over her body. Wonder how she got those? She also looks down as if she is ashamed of herself. I think of smiling at her but she never looks up so I can. You can see the crowd are not happy. Two innocent weak children being sent to their most likely death.

Here are your tributes... Henry Ricktor and Lilac Infinity"

I am led off the stage where I am supposed to say goodbye to someone. I sit alone as I have no-one to say goodbye to and admire the room. My parents would have loved it. I wonder if they're proud of me; I hope so.

District 10 Reapings

Reaping: Myristal Haze's PoV

"Daisy isn't getting much better Dad" I say sadly, Daisy is our cow and she was the only hope for us to be able to the pay the full rent for the ranch this month.

"Well... we'll just have to keep looking after her and have a bit of hope" he pats me on the shoulder and walks off to clean out some of the animals.

My Parents, Sister Alexis and I, live on a large, prosperous Ranch where we keep lots of animals. Even though we supposedly own it, we still have to pay rent on it. It causes slight problems but we always deal with it. I have been working with animals since I was able to walk and it has helped me a lot. I learnt how to heal animals as well as people and it has made me a hard working person. My Father and I tend to the animals while my Mother and Alexis do things like household chores and cooking; we make a good team.

I do my daily rounds; I feed the animals, check on Daisy, then I might check the health of some of our main animals and then I'm allowed to go ride my horse for a bit. Its hard work but I don't mind doing it; especially today as I am trying to keep my mind off the reaping. I have to admit I am quite nervous, but more for what I leave behind. If I was to go, my Father would struggle to keep everything in check. I am the only one that is able to treat the animals and heal them and he wouldn't know what to do. Even though Alexis is nineteen and four years older than me, she still doesn't know as much, but she is perfectly happy to stay at home. I think she's too lazy to do any manual labour, but I don't dare tell her that.

"Dad, I've got to get ready for the reaping, I'll see you later," I shout. I don't think he's heard me but he waves his hand to let me know he heard.

I stroll in side and take my muddy boots off.

"I'm home Mum and I'm going to go get ready" I call.

"Ok sweetie but be quick you haven't got long!" she calls back.

I walk upstairs into my bedroom and look for an outfit for the reaping. I put on a light green top with a high-waist white skirt and some brown cowboy boots; It will do. I throw on the clothes and let my hair lose so my long sun streaked light brown curls fall to the bottom of my ribs. My warm brown eyes are left bare and I don't put on any make-up. I find my horse shoe pendant necklace which I believe brings me good luck and fasten it round my neck. Let's hope it works for the reaping.

When I'm finished I walk downstairs to join my family.

"Why are you wearing cowboy boots Savannah?" My Mother asks.

"They're comfy ok!" They laugh at me and I just pull a face at them.

When their done making fun of me, we all leave for the reaping.

Reaping: Mark Bull's PoV

"Claude, what are you doing?" I ask.

"Just...nothing can you leave me alone I'm trying to work Luka" he doesn't take is eyes off the computer he is working on.

"I said, what are you doing? What's the problem of spending five seconds to tell me?" I feel my face start to go red and my voice getting louder.

"And I said leave me alone!" he raises his voice at me.

"DON'T SHOUT AT ME!" I shout angrily, I push him from behind and he jolts into the table. I hear him let out a pained groan but he quickly covers it up.

"All I've done is be nice to you Luka, help you out, and lately you've been acting like a spoiled brat, why are you being so ungrateful!" he is starting to go red too, I just give him a blunt look and storm off into my bedroom and slam the door behind me.

I sit on my bed and put my head in my hands. Why do I act like this? I should just be grateful for Claude but I'm just being an immature kid. I think I'm just worried for the Reaping, that's why I am acting so strange. Yeah, that's it.

If you're wondering Claude is my legal guardian... He was my Fathers best friend since they were five and my Father trusted his life with him. Six years ago when I was nine, my parents and my two younger siblings; my brother JJ and my sister Modrashy were killed. I never found out what happened to them but I suspect the Capitol. My Father wasn't the person to follow rules and he tended to do some illegal things so that could have been a reason. I was at school when it happened and I got home to find them dead. It changed me I guess, going through that emotional pain and I tend to have slight changes in my behaviour from time to time; but Claude is right I should be grateful of him. I'm just not in a right state of mind at the moment.

I find some black trousers, a black shirt and a purple coat to wear for the reaping. I run my hands through my light brown hair trying to make it look presentable. Parts of it stick up slightly but I decide it will do. I walk slowly down stairs hoping Claude isn't still annoyed at me. He should understand that it's going to be a hard day due to the reaping. I walk over to him and go to apologise. He stops me and rests his hand on my shoulder.

"It's ok Luka, I know you just lost your temper and I forgive you" He smiles at me and then walks away to grab his coat.

I look down and scratch my head confused. Is that it? He isn't even angry?

"Come on Luka it's time to go" He walks out the door and I follow him where we stroll down the road happily and I almost forget where I am heading to.

Reaping: Myristal Haze's PoV

"Let's pick our brave young women who will represent District 10 in the first annual Hunger Games!" Our escort says enthusiastically. She is a thin woman who has pink hair like candy floss and ghostly pale skin.

She walks over to the bowl containing the girls' names and places her hand in carefully. She mixes the names and then snaps one up.

"Myristal Haze "

I've been chosen for those deadly games. Why me? All I do is help people and try my best in everything I do. Tears appear in my eyes and a few escape streaming down my face. I let them stay there; why give the capitol the satisfaction of me covering up my tears; they should know how evil they are. They've already hurt me before physically and now their sending me to my death. I walk to the stage with my head held high. When I reach it I look straight at a camera and give it an angry stare. That should annoy them; a thin, weak looking little girl not being defeated by their games.

"And the male tribute is..."

"Martin Mesuti"

Martin walks to the stage, he came from the twelve section and he is very small for his age. Suddenly, a tall boy from the fifteens shouts,

"No JJ stop... I mean... I Volunteer!"

Everyone gasps. Why did he say JJ? The boys name is Martin... this boy is either deaf or stupid; and I'm going to go with the latter. You'd have to be to volunteer for the games.

The boy I realise is Mark Bull; I was in a class with when I was younger. He was a nice boy but when his family were killed he changed. He looks slightly ghostly now... almost dead. I guess finding your family dead can destroy a person. He walks up to the stage boldly and stands next to me.

"And what is your name?" the escort asks.

He stands not saying a word.

"Hello?" she waves her hand in front of his face and he carries on just staring ahead silently.

"Um... his names Luka" I say, my voice echoes around the square and I find myself giggling slightly at how weird I sound.

"Oh thank you, here are our tributes...Myristal Haze and ... um ... Luka"

We both walk off the stage and we look at each other quickly but I look away awkwardly. I can still see his icy blue eyes looking me up and down as if he's analysing me. Maybe he remembers me from when we were younger? Or he's just looking at the competition. He's very tall for his age but also thin; I think I would be stronger than him if we were to fight.

I pace up and down in the room I was given in the justice building. How can you say goodbye when you know you probably won't come back? My parents come in with Alexis and we all have some sort of group hug. They all cry and I try to stay strong but it doesn't work and I end up crying too.

"Alexis, you need to start studying health and healing so you can help Dad on the ranch ok? That's all I need you to do." She nods but it doesn't convince me.

They all leave and I decide something. I need to try and get home because I know that they need me a lot more than I realised.

Reaping: Mark Bull's PoV

I find the escorts' introduction speech a tad boring so I zoned out for basically the whole thing. It was something about how she was glad to be here blah blah blah... a message from the president blah blah blah. The escort then picks the female tribute.

"Myristal Haze "

A pretty girl walks up to the stage bravely. Her head is held high but her cheeks sparkle with tears. The escort then picks the male tribute.

"Martin Mesuti"

A small boy who is twelve walks onto the stage looking terrified. He has light brown hair and pale blue eyes... like me. JJ? Is that my little brother? It can't be he's dead, or is he? I can't let him go into the Hunger Games! I've got to stop this.

"No JJ stop... I mean... I volunteer!"

Everyone gasps and looks at me. I walk boldly up to the stage, my face hard and determined. Why is everyone looking at me weirdly? Of course I'd volunteer for my brother!

I get closer and go to hug him... wait that's not JJ... what have I done? I really am messed up aren't I. I stand next to my district partner and stare blankly into the crowd.

"And what is your name?" the escort asks.

I stand not saying anything. I can't believe what I have done. But I couldn't have let JJ or even that little kid get sent into the games. Maybe it was my sub conscious telling me it was JJ so I acted faster and volunteered. I've done something good anyway, so maybe luck will be on my side for doing so and I will win. I can wish.

"Hello?" she waves her hand in front of my face. What is she doing? Crazy capitol woman. This is going to be a long week.

"Um... his names Luka" Myristal says, she giggles slightly, what's so funny?

"Oh thank you, here are our tributes...Myristal Haze and ... um ... Luka" the escort says.

I get taken off the stage and led to the justice building. I look at Myristal and her big brown eyes stare back at me. She quickly looks away obviously embarrassed but I don't care. She looks quite strong, I'm sure her family owns one of the biggest ranches in District 10; maybe she helps out and it gave her some muscle.

I wait for Claude in the room I am in. He walks in and just stares at me.

"Why did you volunteer Luka?"

"I ... um... felt bad for the kid, him being small and weak" I don't want to tell him the real thing; he will definitely think I'm mad.

"Well... I guess that was rather nice of you, and I'm very proud of you" He smiles and wraps me in his arms. It feels just how it did when I used to hurt myself when I was younger and my Father would comfort me.

"Have you got a token?" he asks.

"Yeah, I'm going to take this watch" I hold out my wrist and I have on it a fob watch my Dad got me.

We say goodbye and he looks at me with sad eyes as he leaves. I realise I'm the only family he has left. I wonder if he sees me how I saw my family when I found them. Already dead.

District 11 Reapings

Reaphing: Asha Caprice's PoV

I soar from tree to tree, the wind rushing on my face and through my hair. My heart races every time I jump from a tree, not knowing if I will make the other. I get to the end of the orchards and climb down to the grass beneath me. I run through the meadow, brushing my hands against the high corn stalks. I can hear voices near me, and I peer through the thin stalks to see who it is. I am covered by the stalks as I am very short and skinny and I can see my younger siblings who are twins sitting on the floor opposite each other talking.

"You know it's the reaping today don't you?" My sister Hayley says.

"Yeah how can I not? Anyway we can't be reaped so we're fine." My brother Kale replies.

"I know but Linden, Lynley and Asha could get reaped" Hayley says. Linden is my older brother who is seventeen and Lynley is my older sister who is fifteen.

"I think if any of them were to be reaped, I'd be worried for Ashley" Kale looks down in what looks like sadness.

"And why do you say that?" Hayley asks.

"Well... Linden is really big and strong like a typical District 11 boy and Lynley might not be the strongest or fastest but she can climb and she is outgoing and friendly so people would love her. Ashley... she is just really quiet and I doubt she is good at running and climbing; she's just so small!" He looks slightly ashamed of what he has just said, but he believes it and it kind of hurts.

I have to admit, I am really quiet and shy but they haven't seen me in the orchards. I can climb higher than Lynley and I'm faster than her too.

Hayley carries on, "I guess... but I think if any of them were to go, I'd miss Asha the most".

That makes me feel good; knowing that if I was to go my family would miss me.

"I agree, I'd miss the others obviously but Ash the most, she's the nicest of the three."

I don't hear anymore as I head home to get ready for the reaping.

I walk through the door and my Mother is standing by the door waiting.

"Where have you been?"

"I was... at the orchard" I look down guiltily.

"What did I tell you, I understand being there when you have to work but they're not safe when no-one is there to keep an eye on you!"

"I know Mum I'm sorry," I walk upstairs to my room and close the door. I understand why she is worried, but sometimes it can be annoying not having any trust.

When I was younger, my father was out harvesting in the Orchard. No-one was there as it wasn't technically harvesting season. There was an accident, and my Father died because of it. My Mother get's very worried about her children being there but we have no choice, we have to harvest.

I get my outfit out for the reaping; it's a white sun dress and some brown sandals. My caramel coloured skin glows against the white of the dress. I leave my dark brown hair down and it comes just past my shoulders. I find my necklace I always wear; not at the orchards though, I'd hate to lose it. It's a silver chain and on it is my Fathers ring. The silver ring is engraved with a pattern like a tree's branches; probably to do with the district. I fasten it around neck and I head downstairs.

My family wait by the door, we all look so similar; except for Linden who looks like our Father. The same caramel skin, straight brown hair, big brown eyes and small and thin. I am the smallest, even smaller than Hayley and she is younger than me. We all leave, and I decide I'm not annoyed with my brother and sister for saying what they said, I couldn't be at mad them, I love my family too much.

Reaping: Crizz Chaster's PoV

I stare at the wall; I've been doing this for days now. Why? I'm not really sure. It could be the fact that I no longer have anything to live for. Or that I have constant regret every day. I can't help but think that I shouldn't be alive right now; that I should be up in the sky looking down on my beautiful family, but the opposite has happened. I don't mind being alone now, there is no-one else alive that I do care about, so what's the point of being with people who I don't care about. I put my head in my hands.

"Oh Malaya, I wish you were here right now"

I can almost clearly hear the sweet sound of her voice replying.

"Stop being silly Brock, I am here with you and you need to get your life back together... you know the reaping is today you've got to go or you'll be in trouble, now get up and go get ready"

I follow her orders in some sort of robotic fashion. I go to my cupboard where I keep my clothes and put on some black trousers and a dark blue shirt. I rummage through a draw to find a comb for my hair and I come across a small bit of blue cloth. It was Theo's.

Theo was my son. Malaya and I had him when she was fifteen and I was sixteen. Even though he was an accident, I couldn't have loved anything more. I met Malaya when I was twelve and I loved her the first time I saw her. The way her brown eyes shined when the sun hit them and how she could run for miles or climb to the top of the highest tree. We didn't mean for her to get pregnant but after she had Theo we couldn't have been happier. My life was perfect but then it all changed during the rebellion. I was out fighting against the Capitol and I thought my family would be safe at home; but I was wrong. The capitol dropped a small bomb on the road we lived on and it destroyed it. I returned from the war, to find my parents house and my own wrecked. Malaya and Theo had been in our house and they were killed as well as my parents. I didn't know what to do with myself and I guess I've taken to imagining Malaya as kind of a conscious to get me through everything.

"Now, you need to go to the reaping and I'll see you soon" her voice fades into a whisper and she is gone.

Reaping: Asha Caprice's PoV

I stand at the reaping, surrounded by a few girls crying. Luckily, them crying draws attention away from me and I can stay unnoticed. Our escort, who if I didn't know was from the capitol and she didn't have the obvious things that capitol people have I would of thought she was from District 11. She has dark caramel skin but it has swirls and patterns painted in gold across it; which actually look nice.

"Hello District 11, here is a message from your president!"

Once the message is over she picks the male tribute.

"Crizz Chaster"

A boy comes out of the eighteens section; you can't really call him a boy though he looks more like a man. He looks just like a typical District 11 man, dark skin, tall, big built and strong. Brock has black hair and light brown eyes but he seems so sad. He walks up to the stage straight faced and he looks kind of angry. He then just stands on the stage staring; not even showing a tad of emotion. The escort then picks the female tribute.

"Asha Caprice"

I hear a group of gasps as I make my way to the stage. I begin to cry and once I start I can't stop. I feel myself gasping for air as I can't stop crying. Hayley and Kale were right; I'm going to die. How am I going to survive against all the other tributes? What if there big and strong like my district partner? I reach the stage and stand wiping my cheeks. I swear I see Brock look at me with some pity but I can't be sure seeing as my eyes are blurred from my tears.

"Here are District 11's tributes-Crizz Chaster and Asha Caprice"

I wait in the room I was given in the justice building. My family walk in and wrap me into a hug.

"My little girl can't go into them games" My Mother says tears running down her cheeks.

"I'll be fine Mum; I'm going to try my hardest to get home for you guys ok?"

They all look at me like they don't believe me. Why would they?

"We're going to miss you so much Ash!" Hayley says also crying.

As they leave the room I make a promise to myself. I'm not going to just try to make it home for them; I will make it home for them.

Reaping: Crizz Chaster's PoV

I stand among the other eighteen year olds. I feel so much older than them; they haven't been through as much as I have, for sure. My escort walks onto the stage glowing with gold paint. I wonder what it would be like to live in the capitol. If I did, my family wouldn't have died and I probably would be overly excited about the Hunger Games. It's weird when you realise how different your life could of been if you lived in a completely different environment. The escort puts her hand into the bowl to pick one of our fates.

"Crizz Chaster"

I keep a straight face; I can't show my true emotions. I feel like shouting, punching a wall, anything to let out my anger. I walk up to the stage and stare out into the crowd. I see Malaya standing there holding Theo. She looks at me pitifully and hugs Theo close. I just want to go and see them, one last time.

The escort then picks the female tribute.

"Asha Caprice"

A small girl walks up to the stage gasping and crying. She looks a bit like Malaya when she was younger, but so do all the other girls in District 11. She looks at me with her tear filled eyes and I look back but I turn away quickly. I can't feel pity for this girl; especially if she might be killed in the next few weeks; and it's most likely looking at her. She seems so small and weak like she couldn't hurt a fly.

"Here are District 11's tributes-Crizz Chaster and Asha Caprice"

I sit alone like usual in a room in the justice building. I press the little bit of cloth I found earlier which was Theo's to my cheek.

"I miss you so much" I whisper.

Malaya appears in front of me holding Theo.

"We miss you too Brock" she says smiling.

I run over to her and pull them both into my arms. I feel tears appear in my eyes; I've never been so happy to see them.

I press my forehead against hers, "I love you both so much" I say.

"And we love you too, good luck Brock"

And as if by magic, they both fade away. I miss them straight after they disappear and I decide I can't bare another second without them.

"I'll see you very soon, I promise."

District 12 Reapings

Reaping: Oliva Fire's PoV

"Sasha there is no need to be worried you will not be picked at the reaping!" I say reassuring my best friend.

"There is a chance though seeing as..." my other best friend Irins says.

"Irins! You are not making things any better!" I say.

"Sorry... I mean... I agree with Anna" he rolls his eyes and laughs.

We walk through District 12 as if it's any other day; I know it's not, because it is the reaping but I don't want to think of it, otherwise I will find myself feeling scared and I don't like that feeling. I was like that during the Rebellion and being scared didn't help anyone who was being killed; including my Father. He was killed fighting for our rights, and I've never been more proud of anyone in my life.

We reach the house of the fourth person in our little group. I walk up to the door and knock.

He opens the door, "Hey Dion" I say smiling, I might have had a crush on him since forever, how could I not! He is extremely good looking, with shiny blonde hair and dreamy blue eyes.

"Hi Annalisa, how you feeling for later?" he says.

"Um, I'm ok, but Sasha isn't so don't mention the reaping what so ever" He nods and we all carry on walking.

We reach the very rich part of the district and I look around amazed. I've always wanted to live here, the houses are so big and luxurious; I doubt there anything against the ones in the capitol but compared to my average looking house they are amazing.

"I have to go, I promised my Mum I would be home early for the reaping" I say sadly. I wish I could stay there longer.

Everyone waves goodbye and I head home. I reach my house and my brother Marcello is sitting outside on our door step.

"Why you sitting outside Marcello?" he looks up at me and his eyes are filled with tears. "What's wrong?"

"I'm just nervous about the reaping... if only I was one year younger I wouldn't be able to be reaped yet" he says.

"I know, but it's just the way things are" I walk inside and my Mother is standing in the kitchen. She is a stay at home Mum but she makes herbal potions for a living.

"Where have you been? I told you to be home early" she says, her hand on her hip looking at me questioningly. She loses concentration though as her potion she is making starts to overflow.

"Sorry Mum, I lost track of time, I'll go get ready now, oh and by the way if you add honey to that it won't overflow"

"How do you even..." she mumbles as she goes to get some honey from the cupboard.

I walk upstairs to my room and choose some clothes to wear. I put on a long black dress with some black mary-janes. I pin back my long, curly ebony hair away from my face with a green firework hairpin which makes my bright green eyes look like their almost glowing.

"Mum, I'm ready to go..." I call.

The three of us leave the house for the reaping.

Reaping: Mark Coal's PoV

My best friend Terran and I walk through the richer streets of District 12. We've been hanging around most of the morning, chatting to girls; I even got a date with one of them. I would say I am rather popular and I am pretty good with getting girls; I just have to look at them with my stormy grey eyes and flick my dusty blonde hair to the side and they become weak at the knees. It's just a gift I guess.

"Oliver I have to go get ready for the reaping, I'll see you there?" Terran says.

"Yeah sure, see you there" We walk separate ways as Terran lives in the average part of the district while I live in the richer side.

I wouldn't say I was stuck up like some of the rich kids that live around here and I don't show off my wealth. I even hang around with a few people who live in the Seam if there out with the people I'm with at the time. I would say I've had a normal life, I'm an only child and I live with both my parents. My parents are both nice and they are supportive of what I do and they have tried giving me a good life. I appreciate them for that, especially when you see some people's parents.

I reach my house and walk into my quiet house. My parents must be here somewhere, probably reading or watching T.V. I doubt the television will show anything interesting, it will probably just be about the Hunger Games, the reaping or what the escorts will be wearing today. I walk up to the second floor in our house and go into my room. I go into my wardrobe and find something to wear for the reaping. I find a white shirt of my dad's that he lent me for the reaping and some brown trousers and brown shoes. I leave my room and venture round my house to find my parents.

"Mum...Dad... you here?" I call.

"Oliver where have you been I've been waiting for you so we can leave!" my Mother walks round the corner making me jump.

"I've been looking for you!" I say. That's the only thing bad about this house, it might not be the biggest but it has so many rooms no-one can ever find the person they are looking for.

"Where's Dad?" I ask.

"He's already left for the reaping, come on or we're going to be late!"

We both leave, and it's only now I realise how worried I am about the reaping.

Reaping: Oliva Fire's PoV

"I will now pick the female tribute!" the over enthusiastic escort announces.

She looks so bright and colourful compared to the greyish streets of District 12. You can tell she isn't the happiest to have this district; we're the poorest and she's probably worried she'll get weak children from the seam that gets barely any food. She walks over to the bowl containing the females' names and mixes the names with her hand. She walks back over to the microphone and reads out the name of that unlucky girl.

"Oliva Fire"

I'm that unlucky girl. I walk up to the stage but I keep a straight face for my little brother and friends. I feel like I need to win these games, to show Panem what the capitol does and to win this for my father, so he didn't die for nothing. I stand on the stage, and stare straight into one of the cameras, showing the capitol that they can't destroy me yet.

The escort then picks the male tribute.

"Mark Coals"

A good looking boy walks straight up to the stage with a straight face like mine. He's good looking and you can tell he's from the richer part of the district just by his sturdy body type as most of the boys here are skinny and weak.

"Here are your tributes, Oliva Fire and Mark Coals!"

We walk off the stage and I smile at Oliver; his face is full of worry. He smiles back and I hope this means he isn't thinking about killing me yet.

My friends come in first to say goodbye. I hug Sasha first as she is crying and then I hug Irins after. I'll miss these two a lot; they would make my time in the capitol so much funnier. Then there's Dion. I look at my crush; I imagined we would go out sometime in the future, but I guess that will never happen. I can't think like that though, I need to believe that I can win or it will never happen. I say goodbye to them all and they leave.

My Mother and Marcello come in next, and they are crying.

"I can't believe you got chosen, I was so busy worrying about myself I didn't think it would be you" Marcello cries into my Mother's shirt and she comforts him.

"I know, but I'm fine, really" I say.

They hug me goodbye and they leave too. I sit alone in the room and think. I need to win. For them.

Reaping: Mark Coal's PoV

I stand with Terran in the sixteen's section at the reaping. He looks as nervous as I am. The escort talks for a bit and then she picks the female tribute.

"Oliva Fire"

A tall girl walks up to the stage with a straight face showing no emotion. She looks annoyed, I don't know who at though, maybe the Capitol? Or the President? She stands on the stage and keeps the same expression on her face. The escort then picks the male tribute.

"Mark Coals"

I look at Terran and he just stares back at me in shock. Do what that girl did. I walk up to the stage with the same expression as the girl. I want to look somewhat annoyed at what has just happened and not show any weakness.

"Here are your tributes, Oliva Fire and Mark Coals!"

I walk off the stage and Annalisa smiles at me. She has the loveliest smile, one that could instantly make you feel better. I smile back at her. She seems nice; I wish I had met her before all this had happened.

Terran walks into the room I was given in the justice building. We stand awkwardly not really knowing what to do.

"I brought you this... thought it could be your token" He holds out a ring in his hand. I remember him showing me when we were younger and him telling me it was the best thing he owned.

"Thanks Terran, I know how much you loved this" I take the ring and slide it on my finger. I hug him goodbye and he leaves. I really will miss my best friend.

My parents come in next and they cry; a lot. They will miss their only child, I guess you would. They hug me goodbye and tell me they love me and that they believe I can come home.

I'm not too sure if their right.

Train Journey To The Capitol

The Journey: Wren Hayes's PoV

I leave the justice building on the way to the train which will take us to the Capitol. Becca and I walk side by side, while we are being filmed by a camera. One of the men carrying a camera asks,

"Becca, why did you volunteer?"

Becca looks at them and grins, "Because I can win!"

Our escort who I find out is called 'Flame' pulls us away and I find myself standing in front of the train. It pulls into a speedy stop and I stand in amazement. The shiny metallic silver doors slide open and I step inside. The train is covered in golden walls, with traces of silver along the edges. We walk through into what seems like a living area. The furniture looks even more luxurious to what was in the justice building and it looks like it would cost a fortune.

"Wow" Becca says in awe.

"I know... have you been in one of these before?" I ask.

"No I've always wanted to though, you?"

"No... I wonder if the tributes from District 6 have before, seeing as they're the transportation district" I say.

"Maybe, it's up to the capitol though..." Becca walks off to talk to Flame and I join them.

"So... Flame right? Where is my room I'm so tired!" Becca says, she swoons and acts like she is about to collapse and I laugh.

"I'm absolutely shattered!" I say in my best Capitol accent. Becca lets out a loud laugh and I join her.

Flame stares at us disapprovingly and points down the train to two doors opposite each other.

"Araluen yours is on the right, Becca yours is on the left; dinner will be at seven sharp, don't be late!" she shoos us away and we both walk towards the doors.

"What's wrong with her? We're only lightening the mood..." Becca says, she shrugs her shoulders and opens the door to her room.

"Well... I guess I'll see you later then" she closes the door behind her.

"See you..." I say walking into my own room.

Journey: Illuminate Sensorium's PoV

"!" I jump up and down on my bed I have been given on the train; I have to admit doing this has made me feel a lot better.

Daniels knocks on my door and walks into my room.

"Preston says that dinner is at... what are you doing?" he looks at me confused and I spring off the bed to stand in front of him.

"You have got to try bouncing on these beds it is so fun!" I say slightly out of breath from jumping.

He pushes his glasses up on his face and says, "I'd rather not... and by the way if you're out of breath from just jumping on the bed how are you going to cope fighting with another tribute" he walks out of the door and calls back, "As I was saying, dinner is at seven and don't be late!"

I lie on my bed and close my eyes. This day really has been tiring. I know Daniels is wrong though, I might seem the unlikely competition, but I am actually good at running and I'm good at hand to hand combat! I used to play fight with my cousins all the time and I won most times!

My district partner does seem a bit sure of himself. He said to me earlier, "I could win this with my eyes closed" I mean...seriously? Is he sure? By my point of view the weedy boy who is staying across the hall will probably die in the first five minutes. I could easily beat him...

As I drift off to sleep, I can't help but wonder what the other tributes are like...

Journey: Henry Ricktor's PoV

I leave my room at five to seven to make sure I am at dinner on time. I can't wait for something to eat. I wonder what we will have; anything would be better than the wheat stalks I've been eating. I reach the dining area and stand in shock.

The table is laid out with any food you could think of. I feel my mouth start to water staring at all the delicious food. I hear Lilac shut her door to her room and she comes to join me.

"Why are you just standing... oh wow" She stands the same way I am, just staring.

Looking at her, I can tell she hasn't had much to eat in her life either; she also has bruises all over her skin which must not help with the looking weak aspect.

Our escort Rupert walks into the room. He rubs his large stomach; he obviously has had enough to eat.

"Mmm, what have we got for dinner tonight?" He licks his lips and sits down on one of the seats around the table. "Come on kids, eat up!"

Lilac and I exchange looks and then look back at the table. We slowly walk over and take a seat next to each other. I pick up a plate and pile my food on. There is so much to choose from I don't know what to eat. I decide on a chicken stew for a starter and I begin to stuff my face.

"This is so good!" I say, while chewing.

"I know!" Lilac says, "I've never had anything so good in my life!"

We both sit shovelling food into our mouths.

"You two act like you've never been fed!" Rupert says.

We both look at each other again and smile slightly. We both know that neither of us gets enough food, you would think our escort would realise that by looking at us.

"Well... we haven't really" Lilac says awkwardly still shovelling food into her mouth; I notice she is only eating vegetables though. Why would you not try some sort of meat or filling food when you've lived on grain all your life?

"Lilac why don't you try this stew it's lovely" I say, handing over the bowl full.

"No it's ok, I'm a vegetarian"

"That's not going to help you in the arena..." the escort mumbles.

"And why is that?" she says.

"What if you can't find any other food besides meat in the arena? You're going to have to eat it if you want to live" he says.

"I didn't really think of that..." she says dropping her head slightly.

"You can sort it out later on I guess" Rupert says, he gets up from the table and tucks his chair in. "Also, if I was you two, I would calm down on eating that food so fast; if what your saying is true and you don't eat much; because you're going to make yourselves sick" he leaves the table and sits in the sofa area.

I feel my stomach squirm slightly and I stand up.

"I think I'm going to be sick!"

I run to the bathroom and throw up my first meal courtesy of the Capitol.

Journey: Ruby Hyrglass's PoV

"Breeze, Kadence, come and sit down the Reapings are about to be shown!" Our escort Fifi announces excitedly.

I walk over to the plush sofa and sit down. The giant plasma screen in front of me glows and the Capitols emblem appears. I have to admit I am slightly eager to see the other tributes and if any actually volunteered.

1 and 2 aren't too shocking; they all seem typical kids of them districts. The girl from 2 volunteered but by the way she acts it seems like she planned it. It does worry me though to think I might have to fight for my life against one of them soon.

Then there is Breeze and I, we both look so small and young compared to the first two districts. District 4 appears next and I feel a slight bit of fear creep through my body. The girl looks like she trains for a living and the boy doesn't look exactly the weakest. They both volunteer but I think the boy only does because his brother was reaped... I will have to find out about that.

Districts 5 is next and they seem rather plain looking, but the girl looks like she could be nice; maybe I can talk to her when we reach the Capitol. District 6 follows and there seems to be slight a commotion. The boy volunteers for his brother which is understandable, but the girl literally has a breakdown and her sister does too by the look of it.

Districts 7 seem normal and both volunteer from 8; I think the girl was saving her sister and I'm not really sure about the boy.

I feel sorry for the District 9 tributes; the boy seems so skinny like he hasn't eaten for days and the girls skin is covered in bruises. District 10 also have one volunteer which is the boy but I don't understand why either.

The girl from 11 also seems like she could be nice but the boy actually scares me slightly. He seems more like a man and looks big and strong. District 12 is last and they both look like average kids. The Capitol emblem shows at the end and then the screen goes blank.

"Did that help you two?" Fifi asks.

"It actually did, I know who I should maybe stay clear of at least" Breeze says.

"Like who?" I ask. I already know some but I want to hear what he thinks anyway.

"Well... Districts 1, 2 and 4 seem quite strong and able to fight and the male from 11 looks incredibly dangerous"

I nod in agreement. Breeze seems very intelligent so I'm going to listen to what he thinks.

"I wouldn't just look at who you need to hide from" Fifi says. "I would also look for allies"

"Allies?" I say confused.

"Alliances, you would help each other survive basically but you would probably want to split up later on if you both survive because you don't want to have to kill each other" Fifi laughs and Breeze and I just stare at her. "It isn't for everyone I guess and you would expect people to stay with their district partner or you might choose someone from a different district; but it's something you two might want to think about" Fifi leaves and goes into her room.

I go to my own room and lay in bed. Allies; I could use some of those.

Arriving In The Capitol

Arrival: Arianna Mae's PoV

My eyes flutter open as I lay in bed. I had the same dream as always last night and consequently got barely any sleep. I sit up and rest my head against the wall; yesterday was an eventful day. I climb out of bed and wander into my bathroom. I switch on the shower which I realised yesterday is very hard to use. The water scolds my skin slightly where I still can't control the temperatures but it feels good against my skin. I press a few buttons and I use a lemon scented shampoo to wash my tousled blonde hair. I step out of the shower, wrap a towel around myself and walk back into my room to find my district partner Dasma sitting on my bed.

"Loki!" I say startled, "What are you doing in here!"

"Oh god sorry" he covers his eyes and I laugh.

"It's ok I don't care you just scared me that's all" I say and he slowly moves his hands from his eyes.

"I just came here to ask you what you thought of all the other tributes" he says.

"And why would I tell you?" I say, "I mean, we are technically against each other now."

"I just needed to talk to someone I guess, I don't like thinking that in less than a week we could be killing someone, do you get what I mean?"

"Not really..." I say bluntly, I do though, I really do; but I can't show my weakness it won't help me in the long run; even if it's just said to Loki.

"Oh well if that's how you want to be..." he walks out of the room and he seemed slightly annoyed.

"What's his problem" I mumble to myself.

I walk over to my clothes draw I have been given on the train and I put on some more casual clothes; a pink blouse and some black jeans and I leave my hair down.

I walk into the train cart where we ate dinner last night and Dasma and our escort looking more dyed blue than before sit around the table.

"Hello Arianna come take a seat" Our escort who is ironically called Bluebelle says smiling.

I sit next to Dasma and get some cereal for breakfast. I see a woman who I guess is a waitress.

"Hi, could you get me some juice please?" I ask her. She nods and leaves the room.

"Wow, she's quiet" I say.

"That's an avox darling they can't talk" Bluebelle says.

"An Avox? What's that?"

"Let's just say they did something bad, they were punished and now they have to serve us"

I nod as if I understand but I don't really. What have they done to make her not talk? Was the thing she did that bad that they had to punish her so severely?

"Anyway, we'll be arriving in the Capitol later this afternoon so be ready for then, and make sure you look nice; there will be cameras" She excuses herself from the table and leaves obviously to go pick out an outfit which doesn't clash with blue.

"You better go get ready; you have a lotof work to do" Dasma says gesturing to myself and laughing. I push him jokingly and begin to leave.

"Maybe you should listen to your own advice" I say laughing too.

Arrival: Antero Lisin's PoV

"The train will be arriving at the Capitol in 1 hour!" Our escort Wavell says.

"Are you excited?" I ask Imogene. She looks back at me, her sea green eyes shining.

"I'm not really sure, I'm kind of nervous; people in the Capitol will expect something of me, seeing as I volunteered..." She looks down almost sadly. "But I'm excited at the same time; I haven't been training for nothing and I almost can't wait to see the Capitol"

"Do you like the Capitol for what they have done?" I ask.

"Of course not, who would like how they killed so many people and these games will probably kill more! I blame them for killing my brother, but it's something we have to deal with if we want to live peacefully"

I think it's the most talkative I have ever seen her, but I do wonder if she realises what she actually just said. It's something we have to deal with if we want to live peacefully.But we're not going to live peacefully; we might not live at all because we are in these games.

"Yeah, I guess"

I leave and go into my room. I need to find an outfit which says good looking but tough. Basically an outfit which the Capitol woman will love and they will hopefully sponsor me.

Wavell told us earlier, that when we are in the arena people from the outside in the Capitol can send you things you need like food, water or maybe a weapon. The further into the games, the more the items will cost. So I have decided I need to try and get as many sponsors as possible in case I need something in the arena.

I put on a blue shirt to match my eyes and some khaki shorts; I don't want to look too dressed up. I neaten my hair and then I leave my room where I bump into Imogene. She is wearing a dark green blouse and a tight black skirt. She looks nice and you can tell it's for the same reason as what I am doing.

"You look nice" I say.

"You don't look too bad yourself" she says, blushing slightly. She's shyer than I thought she would be.

"Imogene, Lisin, come look we're about to enter the Capitol!" Wavell says excitedly.

I stand by the window and look out to see the marvellous Capitol.

Arrival: Daniels Xena's Pov

I grin as I press my face against the window to get a better view of the Capitol. Illuminate screeches in excitement as she spots the tall shiny buildings and the colourful scenery.

"Ah we're here!" Illuminate says jumping up and down.

We pull up at the train station and there are so many people just to watch or carrying cameras. I wave through the window at them and they all wave back excitedly. I become frustrated though as Illuminate is jumping around so much that the crowd just love her enthusiasm. I'm not sure whether she's playing a game but if she is its working. I don't see how she can be so excited; does she not remember what we are actually on our way to? The Capitol people are so strange; they all have different coloured hair and clothes. They have dyed skin, most of them are artificial and they have all tried to make themselves look younger.

"Come on you two we have to get off now!" Our escort Preston says.

I leave the window and stand in front of the sliding doors I had entered the train on only yesterday. The doors open and I am blinded by the flashing of cameras.

"Just keep walking and don't answer too many questions" Preston says pushing us slightly forward.

"Daniels, are you excited for the games?"

"Daniels, do you think you can win?"

"Daniels, are you worried to see the other tributes?"

People with microphones surround us asking questions. I don't know who to answer and it all gets a bit too much.

"Can you move back please that's really annoying what you are doing!" I say, some look shocked but I don't see why; I am only expressing my thoughts. Illuminate giggles slightly but she is disrupted by many questions herself.

We are pushed further through the crowd and we reach a tall building which we enter the doors too. The building is very luxurious; it shines and is dazzling to look at. Preston leads us into a lift and the doors slam shut. There are numbered buttons on the wall, going from 1 to 12; obviously each number represents each districts floor. Preston presses the 5 button and we speed upwards towards our new home.

Chariot Ride Preperations

Preperations: Quin Ley's PoV

We walk onto our floor in the Capitol and I stand in amazement as the lift doors open. My eyes almost hurt looking at the colourful living area. When we arrived in the Capitol it was a shock to see so many bright lights and colours but being up close is so much better. I didn't warm up to the Capitol people though; they just reminded me that the Capitol killed my family members.

I walk into the living area and sit down next to Lili on the sofa. Our escort Olive stands in front of us.

"Right you two... you will both go with your prep teams now which will get you looking nice and presentable and then you will meet your stylist which will ready you for the Chariot rides!"

"Chariot rides?" I say confused, why do we need to do that.

"It will basically show you off to the people of the Capitol, let them see you and they can get an idea of who they want to sponsor."

So we're being shown off like prized pigs. Great.

I stand in the bright white room where I have been left to face my prep team. I stand with just a light shirt type sheet which just covers my body slightly. Three women run in excitedly,

"Ooh look who we got, he's nice" The youngest one of the three say.

"Shush Daisy; you need to stay professional..." The eldest says.

"You have to agree Petunia; he is good looking for a District boy!" The girl aged in the middle adds.

They all giggle together; I don't like how they are making fun. I wouldn't say I am good looking, I thought I looked more bad looking than good. And I also can't help but wonder aren't these girls a tad young for this job?

"Ok Lavender, we better start" Daisy says. Wow; flower names, are they sure?

"What's your name seven boy?" Petunia says.

"Quin Ley" I say frowning.

"Ok Quin, you're going to have to take your sheet off now, we need to get a good look at you" she replies.

I feel myself go red. Do I really have too?

"Can't I just keep it on?" I say.

"No you need to take it off so we can get you ready!" Daisy says.

I take it off and I feel slightly exposed as they all walk round me, looking up and down.

"I think he needs a full body scrub, hair cut, some obvious touch ups and some toner to his muscles" Lavender says.

I am led to a bath where I am scrubbed at least three times all over my skin and I am washed with many scents and sprays. I get out after they are finished and my skin is red raw. They sit me down and one grabs some scissors.

"You are not cutting my hair!" I say.

"Orders are orders..." she says, she holds out a strand of hair and cuts rather short for my liking.

They finally finish after about an hour and I stand in front of a mirror. I barely recognise the manly looking person staring back at me. My blonde hair is cropped short, no longer shaggy, and my green eyes shine against my glowing golden skin. My arms now look slightly muscular and so does my stomach which now has slight abs.

"Monaye, your stylist, told us that adding some muscles would help you stand out with your... outfit"

I can't help but stare at myself. I no longer look an average fourteen year old; I look a rather good looking sixteen year old at least.

"I guess... I should thank you" I mumble.

"No thanks needed, it's our job" Daisy says.

They all leave and I am sat waiting again for my stylist.

Preperations: Lilac Infinity's PoV

I stand waiting for my prep team which will get me ready for my stylist. It's weird thinking I have my own stylist; that's what rich people have from the Capitol! When I arrived here, it seemed too artificial though, and I hate the fact that we get barely anything and they get the world and more.

My prep team walk in, two women and a man.

"Hi, my names Rocco, and this is Sparkle and Meadow," The man says, gesturing to the two women next to him.

"I'm Reina," I say nervously.

"I must say Reina, you are very pretty and I wish I had naturally red hair myself!" Sparkle says.

I smile and they begin to look me over obviously realising that I'm not much of a talker.

"Could you take your sheet off please Reina" Meadow says.

I remove my sheet which was covering the main part of my body and I feel slightly awkward at the thought of strangers seeing me with nothing on. They all gasp and it takes me a second to figure out why.

"Why have you got all these marks over your body?" Rocco says sympathetically, they must not have heard of abuse in the Capitol.

I look down ashamed. I completely forgot about my bruises. They can tell I don't want to talk about it as they carry on talking amongst themselves. They lead me off, where I get into a bath and they scrub me from head to toe. The rough brush makes my bruises sting but I don't want to make a problem by saying so. Afterwards, they sit me down in a chair and the three of them stare down at me.

Sparkle does my hair; she trims the ends and then uses a hot curler to produce luscious curls. Meadow paints my nails gold with sparkles and then does my make-up. She applies light make-up on my face and then some gold eyeliner on my blue eyes. She then puts some golden lipstick onto my lips; I wonder why it's such a strange colour? It is to use on lips anyway. Rocco also glosses my skin and my tan glows brightly.

"You can look in the mirror now!" Sparkle says excitedly.

I stand staring at the unrecognisable girl. The girl staring back at me is beautiful; with bright red hair and shiny blue eyes. Her tanned skin is glowing and does not show one mark or scratch and her body looks full and healthy. She looks strong but smart and mysterious. It takes me a while to realise the girl is me.

"It doesn't even look like me..." I whisper.

"You look stunning!" Rocco says. "The Capitol is going to love you."

Preperations: Myristal Haze's PoV

I sit waiting for my Stylist. The prep team were kind of annoying, constantly talking about the latest fashion which I couldn't care less about, but they made me look quite nice so I am glad about that. I can't seem to find myself being happy though. Even when I reached the Capitol and saw the marvellous place, I just couldn't see a good side of these games. Luka didn't seem bothered either, so it helped me not look too ignorant.

A few minutes later, a tall slim woman, with dark skin and emerald green eyes (which looks slightly strange) walks into the room.

"Hello, my name is Saffron and I'm your stylist," her voice is calm and is sort of a sweet whisper.

"I'm Savannah, District 10," I hold out my hand and she shakes it.

"Savannah, that's a pretty name, I must say the prep team have done a lovely job of you."

I do agree with her. The prep team have made me glow, and made my brown hair and eyes look warm and soft.

"I agree" I say.

"If you could take your sheet off and I can put your outfit for the chariot rides on" she leaves to get my outfit and I turn away from her and take my sheet off.

"Oh, what is that on your back?" she says shocked.

"Just some scars" I say quietly.

About a year ago, the Capitol sent me for a whipping, for apparently doing something wrong. I was so confused and I didn't know what I was being punished for. They left me with five long marks across my back which looks red and blistered and it's partly the reason I hate the Capitol. The prep team didn't say anything but I knew they were talking about it; I'm not sure though why they didn't clear them with their 'Capitol magic.'

"How on earth did you get those?" she says.

This is going to be awkward, "I was whipped, by the Capitol..."

"Oh..." she says, there is an awkward silence but she quickly carries on. "They could be slightly useful, they make you look strong, brave, and that could help you get sponsors"

I nod in agreement; I think it's a good idea; at least they will be useful for once in my life.

Saffron opens up a case which holds my outfit. She dresses me in a button down shirt, which she tucks into some blue jeans. She puts me into some cowboy boots like I normally wear at home and they feel somewhat natural. She then puts a cowboy hat on my head and smiles at me.

"I thought you could be a cowgirl, you know, because you're from the livestock district... you and Luka look around the same; his stylist and I coordinated."

"I like it... it's like how I dress at home, accept for the hat" I say laughing slightly.

She laughs too. She touches up my make-up and she spots my necklace I am wearing.

"Your necklace matches the outfit!" she says excitedly.

I feel for the lucky horse shoe necklace, hoping it will bring me some luck.

Saffron straightens my cowboy hat. "I will see you soon Savannah, I hope you do well my little cowgirl!"

I hope I do too. I walk out of the room, and I am led to where my chariot awaits.

Chariot Rides

Chariot Rides: Dasma Rath's PoV

I stand next to Arianna in my chariot, she looks beautiful. Her light blonde hair is tied into a loose bun with strands of hair framing her face. She wears a long dress which comes to the floor and it matches the shirt am wearing. Our stylists thought we should match on the chariots and they thought what represents luxury more than jewels! My shirt is encrusted with multi coloured jewels which shine when the light hits them and so does Arianna's dress.

"I am so nervous" Arianna says, her green eyes staring at me in panic.

"Don't be, just be yourself and they'll love you" I say. She blushes and turns to look around at the other tributes getting ready.

Us two, being from District 1 must go out first and I have to admit I am slightly nervous too. None of us can know how the Capitol will react to us 'district kids'.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, here are your tributes for the first annual Hunger Games!"

Our chariot begins to move and we are brought out into an open space. On either side there are rows of people cheering and clapping.

"District 1's, Dasma Rath and Arianna Mae!"

Our chariot moves further down the aisle and I can hear people shouting my name. I wave to the audience and they love me. I see a group of Capitol girls screaming and I wink at them and one of them faints. I didn't think they would love me that much.

I look at Arianna and the crowd are also loving her; the men especially. I don't like this for some reason, it doesn't seem very respectful. We both carry on pleasing the crowd and overall they love us and wouldn't stop cheering.

I reach the end and relax. We both turn around and watch the rest of the tributes face the crowd.

"District 2's, Wren Hayes and Becca Kenwell!"

A pretty girl who I remember volunteered for the games comes out with her district partner who is the same age as me. He is tall and is charming the crowd easily. They both wave and the girl is being very enthusiastic, blowing kisses to the crowd. They are wearing gold gladiator outfits that are lined with silver, which are made of metal and some silver roman sandals. There chariot pulls up next to ours and all of us look at each other for the first time close up. Even though they are supposed to be our enemy's, there seems to be something similar about the four of us like we could get on well together.

"District 3's, Breeze Mere and Ruby Hyrglass!"

A small girl with a slight edge to her stands in the chariot with a young boy who just seems good hearted. Ruby wears a dress which comes out at the knee that is covered in computer parts and a matching head band which lights up. The boy where's a button up shirt with computer parts covering it as well and some black trousers. The crowd aren't as enthusiastic, but still cheer and a few find them sweet as they are both small so I think they just like them mostly for that. What I wonder is; if you think they are so cute and small, why send them into the games to probably die a horrible death? The Capitol does confuse me sometimes. They pull next to District 2's chariot, and both stand staring at us, the boy almost seems slightly scared of us already. I could be the worst person at fighting or have a tendency to trip over my own feet I'm that clumsy (which I'm not by the way), but just by the way we all look and our age they are instantly scared.

"District 4's, Antero Lisin and Imogene Odana!"

The two tributes come out and you can tell they are from District 4; both golden tans and that 'beach' look about them. Antero looks like he could be good in a fight; he's quite tall and strong built. I guess by the look on his face before he enters the aisle that he is not exactly pleased with his outfit. He wears some skin coloured shorts and over them is what looks like a fishing net. From where we are though, it looks like all he has on is literally a fishing net. His muscles and toned abs are on show for everyone to see and he holds a gold trident and a gold crown. He basically looks like a modernized sea god. Imogene looks beautiful, her long brown hair waves down to her waist and she has one of those faces which are naturally perfect. She wears a sea green mermaid tail which shimmers in the light and shells over her chest with a net draped over them and she also wears a green tiara. They both show a winning smile, waving to the crowd. The women in the crowd seem to love Antero's outfit ...well muscles and everyone is in awe over Arias whole mermaid outfit. Their chariot pulls up next to ours and they both breathe in relief.

"District 5's, Daniels Xena and Illuminate Sensorium!"

Their chariot is pulled out and I am almost blinded by their outfits. Illuminate wear's a short dress which is made of lights, and so is Daniels’s shirt. They flash on as they face the crowd and everyone gasps at the bright lights. Illuminate matches her outfit, with her bright personality. She jumps around, waving; blowing kisses anything to please the crowd. The crowd seem to love her because some of them jump around crazily too wanting to join in on her fun. Daniels on the other hand couldn't look more bored, he stands facing forward, and will sometimes wave to the odd Capitol citizen, but he doesn't seem too bothered about the whole thing. As they reach the end and are put to a standstill behind us, I hear Illuminate say, "Wow that was so amazing!" and Daniels just grunts back at her. I'm not too sure whether she is acting for the Capitol or not; either way it is working for her.

District 6's, Amanda Hawks and Amazon Purfum!"

As they begin to pull out I start to think, how will they represent transportation? They can't just dress them up like cars or something. Oh, how I couldn't off been more wrong. The boy Amanda wears a black shirt and trousers with gas pedals sticking out of his trousers. His shirt has a steering wheel sticking out of it near his stomach. He wears bright yellow glasses which are supposed to represent headlights and his hair is slicked back like he is being blown by the wind as if he is driving. I have to give him credit; he tries to make the outfit help him in some way. He pretends to drive; turning the steering wheel and pretending to beep the horn which makes the Capitol double over in fits of laughter. He notices they find this funny so carries on, and I think I see a few people crying with laughter they find it that hilarious. It is funny to watch, and it works out for him as the crowd through roses at him for his 'performance'. Amazon , who I remember from the reapings' they showed us and I felt slight pity for her, wears a silver dress, but it comes out almost like a ballerinas Tutu. It has flashing lights round the side and I realise after a while it's supposed to be a hovercraft! Oh how unfortunate. The Capitol people also laugh at her, and she seems nervous at first, waving to only a few. I see her watch Amanda for a bit, looking at what he is doing and how the crowd loves him. She almost seems to be convincing herself, and then she plays along with Amanda, acting like she is flying like a hovercraft. I can tell she isn't as comfortable as Amanda at making a fool of herself, but she does so anyway, obviously wanting to gain sponsors; doing the smart thing I guess. Overall the crowd love them, and as they pull in behind us their Chariot is filled with roses. "That was so funny!" Amanda says.

"I can't believe I actually just pretended to be a hovercraft, I must have looked so stupid!" Amazon says, covering her face embarrassed.

"Don't be, they loved you!" Amanda says.

As the two from seven come out, I realise I have already seen half my competition in person.

Chariot Rides: Dasma Rath's PoV

I stand next to Arianna in my chariot, she looks beautiful. Her light blonde hair is tied into a loose bun with strands of hair framing her face. She wears a long dress which comes to the floor and it matches the shirt am wearing. Our stylists thought we should match on the chariots and they thought what represents luxury more than jewels! My shirt is encrusted with multi coloured jewels which shine when the light hits them and so does Arianna's dress.

"I am so nervous" Arianna says, her green eyes staring at me in panic.

"Don't be, just be yourself and they'll love you" I say. She blushes and turns to look around at the other tributes getting ready.

Us two, being from District 1 must go out first and I have to admit I am slightly nervous too. None of us can know how the Capitol will react to us 'district kids'.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, here are your tributes for the first annual Hunger Games!"

Our chariot begins to move and we are brought out into an open space. On either side there are rows of people cheering and clapping.

"District 1's, Dasma Rath and Arianna Mae!"

Our chariot moves further down the aisle and I can hear people shouting my name. I wave to the audience and they love me. I see a group of Capitol girls screaming and I wink at them and one of them faints. I didn't think they would love me that much.

I look at Arianna and the crowd are also loving her; the men especially. I don't like this for some reason, it doesn't seem very respectful. We both carry on pleasing the crowd and overall they love us and wouldn't stop cheering.

I reach the end and relax. We both turn around and watch the rest of the tributes face the crowd.

"District 2's, Wren Hayes and Becca Kenwell!"

A pretty girl who I remember volunteered for the games comes out with her district partner who is the same age as me. He is tall and is charming the crowd easily. They both wave and the girl is being very enthusiastic, blowing kisses to the crowd. They are wearing gold gladiator outfits that are lined with silver, which are made of metal and some silver roman sandals. There chariot pulls up next to ours and all of us look at each other for the first time close up. Even though they are supposed to be our enemy's, there seems to be something similar about the four of us like we could get on well together.

"District 3's, Breeze Mere and Ruby Hyrglass!"

A small girl with a slight edge to her stands in the chariot with a young boy who just seems good hearted. Ruby wears a dress which comes out at the knee that is covered in computer parts and a matching head band which lights up. The boy where's a button up shirt with computer parts covering it as well and some black trousers. The crowd aren't as enthusiastic, but still cheer and a few find them sweet as they are both small so I think they just like them mostly for that. What I wonder is; if you think they are so cute and small, why send them into the games to probably die a horrible death? The Capitol does confuse me sometimes. They pull next to District 2's chariot, and both stand staring at us, the boy almost seems slightly scared of us already. I could be the worst person at fighting or have a tendency to trip over my own feet I'm that clumsy (which I'm not by the way), but just by the way we all look and our age they are instantly scared.

"District 4's, Antero Lisin and Imogene Odana!"

The two tributes come out and you can tell they are from District 4; both golden tans and that 'beach' look about them. Antero looks like he could be good in a fight; he's quite tall and strong built. I guess by the look on his face before he enters the aisle that he is not exactly pleased with his outfit. He wears some skin coloured shorts and over them is what looks like a fishing net. From where we are though, it looks like all he has on is literally a fishing net. His muscles and toned abs are on show for everyone to see and he holds a gold trident and a gold crown. He basically looks like a modernized sea god. Imogene looks beautiful, her long brown hair waves down to her waist and she has one of those faces which are naturally perfect. She wears a sea green mermaid tail which shimmers in the light and shells over her chest with a net draped over them and she also wears a green tiara. They both show a winning smile, waving to the crowd. The women in the crowd seem to love Antero's outfit ...well muscles and everyone is in awe over Arias whole mermaid outfit. Their chariot pulls up next to ours and they both breathe in relief.

"District 5's, Daniels Xena and Illuminate Sensorium!"

Their chariot is pulled out and I am almost blinded by their outfits. Illuminate wear's a short dress which is made of lights, and so is Daniels’s shirt. They flash on as they face the crowd and everyone gasps at the bright lights. Illuminate matches her outfit, with her bright personality. She jumps around, waving; blowing kisses anything to please the crowd. The crowd seem to love her because some of them jump around crazily too wanting to join in on her fun. Daniels on the other hand couldn't look more bored, he stands facing forward, and will sometimes wave to the odd Capitol citizen, but he doesn't seem too bothered about the whole thing. As they reach the end and are put to a standstill behind us, I hear Illuminate say, "Wow that was so amazing!" and Daniels just grunts back at her. I'm not too sure whether she is acting for the Capitol or not; either way it is working for her.

District 6's, Amanda Hawks and Amazon Purfum!"

As they begin to pull out I start to think, how will they represent transportation? They can't just dress them up like cars or something. Oh, how I couldn't off been more wrong. The boy Amanda wears a black shirt and trousers with gas pedals sticking out of his trousers. His shirt has a steering wheel sticking out of it near his stomach. He wears bright yellow glasses which are supposed to represent headlights and his hair is slicked back like he is being blown by the wind as if he is driving. I have to give him credit; he tries to make the outfit help him in some way. He pretends to drive; turning the steering wheel and pretending to beep the horn which makes the Capitol double over in fits of laughter. He notices they find this funny so carries on, and I think I see a few people crying with laughter they find it that hilarious. It is funny to watch, and it works out for him as the crowd through roses at him for his 'performance'. Amazon , who I remember from the reapings' they showed us and I felt slight pity for her, wears a silver dress, but it comes out almost like a ballerinas Tutu. It has flashing lights round the side and I realise after a while it's supposed to be a hovercraft! Oh how unfortunate. The Capitol people also laugh at her, and she seems nervous at first, waving to only a few. I see her watch Amanda for a bit, looking at what he is doing and how the crowd loves him. She almost seems to be convincing herself, and then she plays along with Amanda, acting like she is flying like a hovercraft. I can tell she isn't as comfortable as Amanda at making a fool of herself, but she does so anyway, obviously wanting to gain sponsors; doing the smart thing I guess. Overall the crowd love them, and as they pull in behind us their Chariot is filled with roses. "That was so funny!" Amanda says.

"I can't believe I actually just pretended to be a hovercraft, I must have looked so stupid!" Amazon says, covering her face embarrassed.

"Don't be, they loved you!" Amanda says.

As the two from seven come out, I realise I have already seen half my competition in person.

Chariot Rides: Amanda Hawks's PoV

Our chariot pulls in and I start to laugh,

"That was so funny!" I say, our chariot ride was quite a show. We both messed around because I thought what the heck-are outfits are weird anyway! So I pretended to be a car to get people to like me; and it worked! I can just imagine Hedley's face when he watched us on the television at home; he would have found it so funny.

'I can't believe I actually just pretended to be a hovercraft, I must have looked so stupid!" Amazon says, I was surprised myself that she played around like that, for the past few days she has just been quiet and rarely talks to me.

"Don't be, they loved you!" I say.

"I hope so..." she says, directing her attention to the next chariot being pulled out.

I gaze out towards the next chariot too.

"District 7's, Quin Ley and Yesina Root!"

A tall, muscular boy stands next to a girl who looks quite pretty. Quin is dressed as a lumber jack; he wears a check shirt, with blue jeans tucked into black boots. Over his shirt and attached to his trousers are black braces, and he holds a fake axe in his hand. Iliad, matching his outfit, is dressed as a tree. Now I know what you're thinking, a tree? Poor girl. But it's not what you think. She wears a short brown dress which comes to above her knee and travelling up the dress are green vines. Her brown hair is left down and blends in slightly with her dress and her Stylist has weaved vines into her hair too. Quin waves to the crowd every so often but he doesn't seem very happy, he obviously hates the games a lot. Yesina stands calmly, smiling sweetly at the crowd and waving nicely. They both kind of equal each other out, one being hard and brutal, the other being soft and kind. The crowd seem to like them and then they both join all of us after.

"District 8's, Josh Eagleye and Samara Emett!"

The District 8 chariot comes out and their outfits shock me. Samara wears a short dress with sewing needles sticking out of the fabric all over and Josh has shorts with needles on too and braces which come over his bare skin which are also covered in needles; that must hurt. Chases outfit highlights body which the girls in the audience like, and Samara s' dress shows her curves which the boys in the audience like – so they both seem to be crowd pleasers. They wave and smile to the audience and Josh flirts with a few of the woman, and weirdly some men, to get them on his side even though you can tell he has no interest in them what so ever. I notice at one point, Josh tries to hold Lilac's hand but she releases quickly, and she looks shocked about it. I wonder if he likes her...

"District 9's, Henry Ricktor and Lilac Infinity!"

As the two tributes enter, I stand confused looking at the girl. The female tribute I remember was bruised and weak and she looked like she was going to collapse any second but the girl that stands here now is a beautiful fiery red head, with a mysterious edge to her. The boy even looks slightly better, he looks less tired and weak, and like he has had a good meal for once in his life. The Capitol can do wonders. They both wear togas the colour of wheat, and headdresses made out of different grains. They both wave to the crowd but not confidently, they could be shy or just scared. The crowd cheer for them anyway but not as much as some others. Their chariot pulls up next to ours and I smile at Lilac, "You did well" I mouth. She smiles back at me. I know it's weird for us to be friendly to each other especially as we're not even from the same district, but there's just something about her that I like.

"District 10's, Mark Bull and Myristal Haze!"

The District 10 tributes come out dressed as cowboys. The girl looks quite nice, with a cowboy hat and cowboy boots; it suits her, but the boy looks slightly ridiculous. He wears the same as the girl, cowboy hat and all, but he just looks strange, seeing as he is so lanky and pale with icy blue eyes; he looks slightly ghostly. He hardly looks like a cowboy. He seems almost angry and just stares in front of him, but weirdly half way through he begins to wave and smile to the crowd. Strange... Myristal smiles and waves, even blowing a few kisses to the crowd. The crowd like her and even Luka near the end of the ceremony.

"District 11's, Crizz Chaster and Asha Caprice!"

I can't contain my laughter at the look on Crizzs face. His outfit is literally some twigs covering his private areas, and a belt type strap which comes over his shoulder with apples attached to hit. The women seem to like him though, and a lot of them wolf whistle at the sight. His face is hard, showing no emotion and he doesn't even glance at the crowd which makes the girls want him more knowing that he is not interested. They obviously like the brutal District 11 type. Asha looks sweet, wearing a dress made of the same twigs as what Crizz wears, but apples are on the dress, like she is an actual apple tree. I think the Stylists have tried to make Asha the tree and Crizz the apple picker. Asha waves shyly to the crowd and they all 'aw' at her innocent behaviour. As they approach us as they finish, I break down laughing seeing Brocks expression yet again.

"District 12's, Mark Coals and Olivia Fire!"

The last chariot is brought out and their outfits definitely represent District 12. They both wear coal miners' suits, covered in black dirt and soot. Their faces are also covered in coal dust, but it just makes them look dirty and they aren't very nice outfits all together. Olivia still acts enthusiastic, waving to all the crowd and so does Mark. They both do well at trying to show through their outfit but the Capitol people don't seem too impressed with the dirt and grime. They both stop next to District 11's chariot and we all stand waiting.

The Gamemaker walks out onto a balcony and stands in front of a microphone (they have not assigned as new person as president.) The crowd goes mad shouting and cheering; they all love their amazing Gamemaker.

"Welcome tributes, to the marvellous Capitol!" He says his voice echoes through the stadium we are in.

The Capitol people cheer again, and it takes a while before it finally dies down. They really love him.

Training: Day 1

Training: Imongene Odana's PoV

"Imogene, wake up you have a big, big day ahead of you!" Our escort Wavell calls, knocking on my door.

I groan and pull the covers off my body, the cold air wraps around me making me shiver. I stare into the mirror and I look a mess. My cheeks are puffy from sleep, I still have last night's make-up smeared on my face and I'm sure I can see green glitter still in my hair. It was a long night, having to present yourself to the Capitol it is a tiring task. I walk into my bathroom and have a shower using the mint scented soaps and shampoos. I love my new Capitol room, I thought the train was nice but this is something else! Everything is just so luxurious and the view off of my balcony is amazing! I just want to stay out there all night and look out at the stars which just seem brighter than the ones at home. I walk back into my room and I see a plain black outfit on my bed. There is a note on top saying:

This is your outfit for training, please get ready quickly you don't want to be late for your first day of training! Wavell.

I put the outfit on and I notice on the back there is a number 4 printed on so they know which District we are from. I tie my long hair back into a ponytail so it stays out of my way while I am training and I keep on my bracelet which I brought as my token. I put my black kohl eyeliner on - even in training I have to wear my eyeliner! I walk out of my room once I am ready and everyone is waiting for me at breakfast.

"Hi Imogene, how are you this morning?" Wavell says smiling brightly.

"I'm good thank you, and you?" I say nicely, I might as well be polite to her, seeing as she is in charge of what I get off my sponsors in the arena - if I get any.

"I'm very well" she says, she sips her coffee and carries on reading her Capitol fashion magazine.

I sit down and pour myself some coffee too. I love the stuff, I wish I had it in District 4 it's just so delicious! The coffee wakes me up and I am alert and ready for some serious training. I've missed it slightly; its part of my daily routine and it's weird not doing at least some training.

"I forgot to tell you two, the Gamemakers, the people who are in charge of the games and what happens, will be watching you in training. You will train for three days and then on the fourth day you will have a private training session where you will show your main skills and maybe something special or useful you could use in the games. The Gamemakers will give you a score out of twelve and this score will be broadcasted to Panem, and it could help you gain sponsors if you get a good score or avoid some if you get a bad one. My advice... get a good training score." Wavell explains, she gets up from the table and walks over to a mirror to touch up her make-up.

"You don't need to worry then" Antero says also rising from the table.

"And why is that?" I say quietly.

"You've been training for what... forever?" he walks off too and an Avox comes to clear up his breakfast.

I shrug and pick up a roll to eat which curbs my hunger.

"Come on, we've got to go to the training room now" Wavell calls, we both follow her into the lift.

As I walk into the training room, I stand my mouth in a wide 'O' shape. I have never seen so many different weapons in my life. Around the rooms' edge, there are different areas where you can practice different skills, from throwing spears to making a fire. All of the tributes are called to the middle and a man comes to stand in the middle of us with a clipboard.

"Welcome tributes, as you have already been told you will be training here for three days. Feel free to try and learn any skills here and if you need any help there are instructors at each skill. The only rule is that you can't fight or harm each other; you can save that for the arena." He walks off and out of the room and we are all left standing there.

I look around the room, and spot the throwing knives station. Time to show everyone what I'm made of most of the others are still standing there looking aimlessly round the room so I will be there main attention. I walk over to the knife rack, and pick up a large, sharp knife. A few metres away are dummies set up in a row. I aim my arm, lean back and throw the knife. It flies across the space and stabs straight through where the heart would be. I hear a few gasps so I turn around to where everyone is standing, and give them a small bow. I then walk off to find another area I could try.

"Nice work" Antero says walking next to me. I just shrug again and walk off towards the spear throwing section.

I'm not too sure how I will be at spear throwing, but I try anyway. I lean back like I did with the knife and throw, flicking my wrist to aim better. The spear goes straight through the stomach and pierces through the other side. I do this a couple of times, to make sure I get a good technique and then I move on.

"Maybe you should try looking at something other than weapons," Antero says walking next to me again.

"Can you stop sneaking up on me like that, it's kind of weird... and why?"

"You need to know more than just fighting if you want to survive in the arena..." He is the one that walks off this time rather than me.

Maybe he's right. I should learn something like how to make a fire. I walk over to that station, and the District 6 girl sits crossed legged in front of some wood. She rubs two sticks together and quickly it bursts into flames. She smiles in triumph and the instructor gives her a thumbs up. I sit down next to her and she flinches slightly.

"Um, excuse me, how do you do this?" I say to the instructor.

"Do what she just did" the instructor says.

"Thanks for the help" I mumble.

I sit for a while, rubbing the two sticks together, and it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I start to get frustrated and I throw the sticks across the section, making the girl next to me jump.

"Aw, can't light a fire 4 girl?"

I turn around to see the cocky boy from District 1.

"Shouldn't you be learning to survive 1 boy?" I say smugly. He smirks and looks down at me. I stand up, but I still only come to his shoulders.

"Being pretty doesn't help you now, does it 4?" He thinks he is so good. I hate it when people judge me just because I might be a bit prettier than others.

I kick him in the shins, and he holds his leg in pain. I put my arm under his neck and pin him against the wall.

"Being smug doesn't help you now, does it 1?" I whisper in his ear smirking, I let go of him before an instructor sees, and walk off sweetly back towards the fire station.

Training: Amanda Hawks's PoV

I sit at the fire station in shock at the District 4 girls' outburst. No-one seems to notice but me, and I quickly walk away to another section not wanting to get involved.

I reach the snare and traps section and the only other person there is the District 7 girl Yesina. She seems like she is good with snares. I watch as she makes one in less than a minute and it looks pretty complicated.

"How do you even do that? They look so complicated!" I say, I realize after that I am talking to one of my enemy's and cover my mouth for being so stupid.

"They're pretty easy actually..." she says turning to face me, "I could, erm... teach you if you like?"

She looked as shocked as me that I was even talking to her.

"If you wouldn't mind that would be great!" I say pleased, at least I will learn something new.

We stand there for a while, and she shows me how to make a simple snare first. I pick up on it quite quickly and when the snare works I jump around; which I rarely do; in success.

"You learn so quickly!" she says shocked.

"I guess," I say smiling. I like Yesina, she seems nice, and I think she would be a friend of mine if we were from the same district.

She shows me a harder one this time and it takes a bit longer for me to learn. I struggle to make it actually work but after a while it is finally successful.

"Thanks, that really helped" I say.

"You're welcome, I'm Yesina by the way, but you can call me Lili"

"I'm Amanda" I say, "Do you want to learn anything? I'm good with plants?"

"That's what I was going to go to next!" she says.

We both walk over to the plant station and we sit opposite each other and I hold a few plant samples in my hand.

"This, is a honey suckle leaf" I say, holding the leaf out, "It can curb your hunger for a while, but it will make you thirsty so don't eat them unless you have water"

She nods in agreement and I carry on.

"And these are just normal berry's, but see how these are a pinky-red, that means they are safe to eat.

"But this is nightlock, you never, ever, eat this, it will kill you before it reaches your stomach; it's absolutely deadly," she nods again, and she looks slightly frightened hearing that a small berry could kill her.

I show her a few more plants which could help her, which could be harmful and which she could eat and she seems to understand fully.

"I would have thought you would know these, being from District 7" I say. I always thought District 7 was out in the woods all the time. It's quite strange actually that I know anything about plants being form District 6.

"I know some, but none of the ones you showed me..." she replies, "Well... I'm going to go to the axe throwing station now, thanks for the help"

Axe throwing? She looks too weak to hold an axe.

"Thanks for the help too" I say... you should ask, just ask her the worst she can say is no."Um, I was wondering, if you wanted to be Allies?" I say, looking down shyly, "I just thought we've helped each other, and you seem nice and I don't really want to be alone in the arena..."

She stands for a second, as if she is thinking about us being in an Alliance.

"Um... ok, you seem like you could be helpful..." she says looking down shyly too.

"So... Allies?" I hold out my hand for her to shake.

"Allies!" she shakes my hand smiling.

Training: Olivia Fire's PoV

I was slightly nervous for training today, but now I am here I am actually enjoying it. I have tried many stations, and I have to admit I wasn't that good at many of them but I learnt the basic skill of each. I wander over to the plant station and the two from District 8 are there. From what I understand, the girl Samara is trying to explain the different plants to the boy Josh.

"No! There is a big difference... this one will kill you, this one will save you!" she says, starting to lose her patience.

"I just don't get it, how can you even tell the difference?" he says laughing, I'm not sure but I think he is teasing her.

"I give up" she says, putting her head in her hands jokingly.

"I don't have to worry anyway, I'll have you with me in the arena" he leans in close to her and wraps his arms round her waist. She pushes him away laughing, slightly embarrassed.

"Who said we were staying together?" Samara says starting to walk away.

"Who said we weren't?" Josh replies. He walks on after her and I see them both start to joke around at the knife throwing station.

I look around at the plants around me and sort them all out by which ones are safe or not. I'm finished at this station quickly and I look around for which one to go to next. I don't want to reveal all my skills yet, but I need to show people that I'm not stupid. I go over to the combat section and look at a range of weapons. I find some nun-chucks and hold them tightly. An instructor walks over and offers to practice with me so I agree. I circle round him and swing the nun-chucks as if I have been using them all my life. I swing them and they collide with the instructors with great force. I turn quickly and swing them again and they hit his shins. He flinches and loses his guard and I swing them again and they knock his nun-chucks out of his hand. Doing this I know that this weapon could knock any weapon away; even a spear. The force is just too powerful that it can easily make them lose their weapon.

The instructor holds his hands up to say we are to finish and I put the nun-chucks away. I decide that will be the best weapon for me to use with my skill I have decided to show the Gamemakers in my private training session. As I turn to leave, I see the District 2 girl Becca, looking at me strangely. She is with the District 1 girl Arianna and they seem to have teamed up together. They both look at me and then turn away and stalk off towards another station.

I'm not too sure, but I think I just made some enemies.

Training: Becca Kenwell's PoV

Arianna and I walk away from the District 12 girl, I was quite impressed with her skills; but they weren't thatgood. Arianna and I started training with each other as we both seemed to be good with weapons and we decided we would work well together. We haven't said we're Allies yet, but I kind of hope we do. We walk over to the bow and arrow station. I pick up a bow and arrow and set them up. I pull the string back and release, letting the arrow fly across and straight into the dummies head.

"Impressed?" I say to Arianna.

"It was ok..." she says, I can tell she is though.

Dasma comes to join us and we all stand practising. Dasma uses a crossbow and he is very good, shooting straight through the heart most of the time.

"How do you know how to use that?" I ask.

"I fought in the rebellion, I used this most of the time" he says.

"Have you made an alliance yet Dasma?" Arianna asks.

"Not yet, why do you ask?"

"I was thinking, maybe the three of us could start an Alliance" she says.

"Start an alliance?" I ask.

"Well, I've been watching District 4, and they seem pretty good, so we could ask them to join too? That's if you two want to start it in the first place" she says, looking at us both.

"I'm in" I say smiling.

"I guess I'm in too, we would be unstoppable" Dasma says.

Wren my district partner walks over and joins us.

"What are you guys talking about?" he asks.

"Want to join our alliance? We're going to be the best there is!" I say excitedly.

"Oh cool, I'll join!" he says smiling. He seems to have stuck by himself today, but I can tell he is lonely in the Capitol, he must miss his family.

"So that's us four and we'll ask the two from District 4 tomorrow," Arianna says.

"We're going to be the ultimate alliance!" Dasma says, he looks slightly scary when he uses that determined grin.

I don't think they realise that we all might have to fight and kill one and other after we kill the other tributes, but I will keep that information to myself.

"It will be like our job to kill tributes, like our career... we can be called the careers!" Arianna says grinning at her idea.

The careers, I like it.

Training: Day 2

Training: Josh Eagleye's PoV

I wake up in my comfy Capitol bed, to the sound of someone knocking on the door to my room. I try and get out of bed, but I hardly have my eyes open and I fall on the floor making a loud bang. "Come in..." I groan. The door opens and Samara walks in. "What was that ... oh that's what it was" she looks down at me giggling. "Don't laugh... here can you pull me up?" I hold out my hand for her to take. "Fine..." she holds my hand and I quickly pull her down to the floor with me. "Josh!" she giggles, we both lay on the floor laughing for a while. Today is our second day of training. I have been hanging round with Samara in training, one-because I feel the need to protect her, you don't know what the other tributes will be like and two- I kind of like her. "I came here to tell you that Nadine says to be ready and have had some breakfast in half an hour because that's when we are leaving" she repeats our escorts words and then leaves obviously to go get some breakfast herself. I walk into my bathroom and shower, it feels weird having things like a shower or other luxury's now. My Aunt didn't ever get me anything nice, she was drunk most of the time anyway, and I don't really remember my parents, but I know they treated me right. Once I am finished, I put on the training outfit I wore yesterday and quickly run my hands through my hair. I stroll into the room where breakfast has been served and grab a few blueberry muffins to eat. "Josh, you have about 5 muffins there, you're not going to be able to eat allof them!" Samara says, looking at me strangely. "Just watch me" I say, beginning to eat the first one, I eat the five easily, when you don't have enough to eat anyway, you tend to eat as much as you can when you have it. "You're such a boy..." she says pulling a face. "Stop flirting you two and get in the lift we need to go to training!" Nadine says. I see Samara blush at this comment, but I don't really care. "I'm so sorry Nadine, we just can't stay away from each other" I pull Samara into my arms and look at Nadine with a sincere look, which she just laughs at. "Get off me Josh!" Samara says pushing me away. "See, she can't stay away" I say laughing. The three of us pile into the lift. "So, are you two going to be Allies?"Nadine asks, as we move down in the lift. We both look at each other awkwardly and I shrug again. "I wouldn't mind it" I say. "I'll... um... think about it" Samara says, as the doors to the lift open and we all walk out. We head into the training room and we are allowed to start once everyone has arrived. When all 24 of us are here, we begin training. "Where are you going first?" I ask Samara. "The swords station, what about you?" "I think I'll go there too" I say. We both walk over there and the only other person there is the brute from District 11. He is fighting against an instructor and he seems to be winning. Samara picks up a sword and so do I. "The thing is... I don't know actually how you use one of these" I say embarrassed. "Oh... well I'll show you!" Samara says. She shows me how to hold the sword properly, and then how you fight with them. I am not successful at first, but after about half an hour I start to get it and become pretty good. "Can you throw these too?"I ask an instructor. "Yeah sure... go try one off those targets" I stand in front of target a few metres away and throw the sword. It glides through the air, and goes into the board slightly to the side of the bulls eye. "That was quite good Josh" Samara says, looking impressed. "Well thank you" I say bowing. "Come on, I'll show you how to use an axe" I say pulling her towards that station. "Is that your specialty then?" she asks, grinning. "It is indeed" I say, wrapping my arm around her shoulders. She looks into my eyes slightly but then quickly moves away. Damn it.

Training: Crizz Chaster's PoV

I finish at the sword section and begin to walk around the room. I have found since I started training, that I don't like using weapons that much, there just too much to handle. I prefer using knives though in close combat as I can use my strength as an advantage too.

I haven't seen Malaya in a while; she normally comes and sees me once a day. Maybe it's because I am out and about now, moving round and talking to a few people. I only really talk to my district partner Asha and I haven't got a choice about talking to my escort Shimmer but their people I guess. I like Asha, she reminds me of how a little sister would be. I feel the need to protect her like an older brother would as well. I look around for her, and spot her over by the climbing station. She is right at the top of the wall and has climbed up so she walks along a high beam. I see the new alliance standing below, they consist of most of the higher districts and I heard them call themselves the 'careers'.

"Don't fall 11!" The district 1 girl shouts menacingly.

I begin to walk over as the district 1 boy carries on.

"You don't want to find out what will happen if you do"

Are they seriously threatening a little girl?

"Becca, why don't you climb up there too?" the boy says.

"Sure Dasma... I'm coming 11!" she begins to climb the wall and I see Asha's eyes fill with worry and look around for somewhere else to go.

Both of District 1 start to laugh and the more they do the more frightened she looks. I walk to the wall and grab Becca by the collar of her shirt, pulling her to the ground. She's only one year younger than me, but I tower over her greatly.

"You think it's funny to scare a little girl? Do you?" I stare into her eyes and I see a slight amount of fear creep through them. "You want to pick on someone, pick on me!"

"Erm... no ... I'm... um... sorry" I let her go and she runs off with Dasma and the others... I hear her as she walks off, "Wait till we get into the arena." And they all agree laughing. I'm fine with that; I've got nothing to lose.

"Thanks Crizz" Asha says, climbing down the wall quickly. She's like a giant spider she is that quick.

"No problem," I say smiling. She smiles back, looking slightly confused that I am actually smiling.

"Um... do you want any help with anything? To return the favor?" she says shyly.

"I could use some help with the plant station?" I say.

"Great, let's go!" she walks ahead and I follow.

I decide at this moment that I will protect that little girl if it's the last thing I do. I guess it helps make up for the fact I couldn't protect my own family and like I said; I have nothing to lose.

Training: Breeze Mere's PoV

I sit by myself, at the traps and snares section. I have made the most complicated one there is, and quite quickly too. The instructor stares in amazement as I finish constructing the snare. My district partner Ruby walks over and begins to make one herself. She also makes quite a complicated snare and it is successful; it must be a District 3 thing.

"Have you made an alliance yet?" she asks randomly.

"Not yet, you," I ask.

"No, I think I want one though, I just don't know who to ask... and I'm worried they will say no" she says looking down sadly.

"I'm sure they won't" I say, "I'm going to the knives station now, you want to come?"

She looks up surprised at me. "Ok, sure" she smiles and we walk off together.

"So, do you know how to use knives?" I ask.

"I'm good at throwing, but not as good at using them to fight" she says.

"I'm the complete opposite, I'm good up close, but not at throwing... why don't we teach each other?"

"Sounds good"

We start with throwing, and she teaches me how to stand when throwing and that if you flick your wrist you will get a better aim. It takes me a while but I finally hit one of the dummies in the stomach and then after in the head which surprised me. We then go to the fighting with knives part and I show her different ways you can fight and how you can catch someone off guard. She understands quickly too, and in a full hour we have both learnt a new skill each.

"That was very helpful, thanks" I say.

"Thanks too, I hope you don't take this the wrong way but I didn't think you would be good with something like a knife" Ruby says.

"I know, I don't exactly look the weapon type" we both laugh.

"I don't exactly either, but I think I look more like I would be good at weight lifting" she says jokingly, she holds up her arms like she is showing her muscles but they look more like twigs.

"Of course, we could be experienced fighters we're that strong" I do the same as her, and my arms look as weak as hers. I see her eyes widen slightly, and I remember the large scars on my arms.

"What did you do to your arms?" she says worryingly.

"Oh, do you remember that explosion at the main factory in the district? I was seeing my parents at work when it happened which caused the scars" she nods and there is an awkward silence.

"I was thinking, do you want to be Allies? You seem pretty cool and we work quite well together" Ruby says looking at me with hope.

"Ok, I could use an Allie" We both smile at each other and shake hands to make it official. I feel a wave of happiness go through my body, knowing that I won't be alone in the arena.

Training: Lilac Infinity's PoV

"Finished" I call to the instructor at the plant station.

"Already?" he says surprised.

I have to admit I am very good at identifying plants; I can just look at them and know what they are. Next to me, doing the same test is Amazon from District 6. When we were at the Chariot rides, he smiled at me and my stomach felt like it had butterflies inside it. I've caught him looking at me a couple of times in training, but he hasn't come to talk to me yet. I don't what I would do if he did, but I would like to talk to someone anyway and preferably him.

"Finished" Amazon calls too.

"Wow that was quick!" I say surprised. He looks up at me as if he is shocked I am talking to him.

"You were quicker" he says smiling.

"I know... it's just I didn't think someone from District 6 would know about plants"

"Hmm, I guess" he carries on looking at different plants but then looks at me again.

"I'm Amazon by the way" he says holding out his hand.

"Lilac" I say, shaking his hand.

"I'm just going to say this because I have nothing to lose and I might be dying soon and I know you might find it slightly weird seeing as I don't know you... but I think you are really beautiful" he says, looking down slightly embarrassed.

I feel myself start to blush, "That's really sweet thank you" I smile at him and he smiles that cute crooked smile back. "And seeing as your right about the fact we could be dying soon, you're quite good looking yourself" It isn't like me to just come out with things like that, but I feel like I am a slightly different person now since I have been in the Capitol.

"Thank you, I do my best" he laughs and I let out a small giggle. "You know, I promised myself I wouldn't be my normal joking self here, but I think I can be like that with you"

I feel the butterflies in my stomach again. He is so sweet, I haven't felt this liked since before my parents died. I guess with all the abuse I forgot what it was like.

"So... do you want to train together?" he asks.

"Sure, that sounds nice"

We both walk off together towards another station and I feel the happiest I have been in a while.

Training: Mark Bull's PoV

I am at the knife station and am practising fighting with an instructor. I have been winning for a while, seeing as I am quite strong and I am good with a knife. I'm starting to feel tired though but I can tell the instructor is getting a bit caught up in the fight and doesn't want to lose to a district kid.

"Why don't we just stop?" I say.

"What, are you tired ten? If you get tired in the arena you are going to be killed" he says smugly.

I feel anger start to bubble inside me.

"I could beat you with my hands behind my back so shut up" I say, I don't know why I'm so annoyed, but he has just hit a nerve.

"Aw poor district kid thinks he can scare me"

I can feel my face start to go red and I begin to approach him more.

"Yeah, I think I can... so shut up and give up already" I feel my voice getting louder.

"What are you a little scared kid, ten? What do your parents think of their fail of a child?"

This gets me really angry. How dare he say that? I run up to the instructor and punch him hard straight in the face. He falls to the floor and I crouch over him, holding my knife above him.

"Help... HELP!" He shouts. Some instructors come and hold me back by my arms so he can get up.

"Who's the scared kid now? Hey?" I hiss at him, he looks at me with wide eyes like I am some freak. I look around as I am dragged out of the training room to see all the other tributes staring at me like I am a maniac. I look up at the window above us which I haven't noticed before, which is where the Gamemakers sit, and they are all smiling at me, as if they are impressed

Training: Myristal Haze's PoV

I run around the agility section, while the instructor times me. It's a basic assault course, with things like crawling under nets and jumping over logs and climbing things. I run as fast as I can, I reach a net and I tumble roll underneath. Then there is a tall log and I just imagine when I jump over the fence to the ranch. I reach the log and hurdle over it. I finally get to the finish line and the instructor gives me my time.

"30 seconds, that's good"

"Thanks" I pant out of breath, laughing slightly at how unfit I must seem.

"Yeah it was" I turn round to see the District 1 boy Dasma standing there.

"Thank you" I don't want to talk to this boy, after finding out about this ultimate alliance thing that he is part of I don't want to go near him.

"I didn't realise District 10's would be so good, did you see your district partners outburst a minute ago?" he says smirking, I did see it and it scared me slightly, I didn't think Mark had it in him.

"Hmm" I say, averting my attention to the swimming section. I should try it, what if there is water in the arena.

I walk over there and slowly get into the pool. I under estimate the depth of the water and feel myself go under. I can't seem to reach the top and begin to struggle for air. I flail around and I suddenly see a hand reach into the pool and drag me out. I cough up some water and look into the blue eyes that saved me.

"Dasma?" I mumble

"Yeah it's me, are you ok?" he holds me in his arms and I look up confused. Why did he save me?

"Yeah... um, why did you do that?"

"Do what?" he says confused.

"Save me?"

"Erm, I don't really know... I don't like swimming either; to be honest I'm not good at it so that's probably why I don't like it..." He begins this nervous rambling.

I see the rest of his alliance come over laughing.

"Dasma, what are you doing? Why are you holding the ten girl?" His district partner says laughing.

He almost drops me when he hears them. He puts me down and begins to walk away as if nothing had ever happened.

"Nothing, come on lets go train some more" he walks off, but before he looks around at me. "See you around, Myristal?"

I shrug and look down embarrassed but laughing at the same time; I must look so stupid.

Training: Day 3

Training: Mark Coal's PoV

I really need to make an alliance. Let's face it, it's day three of training, the last day, and if I don't make one now I probably never will and I doubt when we're in the arena someone's going to say "Oh it's ok Oliver, I won't kill you let's just be friends and make an Alliance even though we don't know each other!" Yeah, that's really going to happen.

I lay in bed, thinking about whom I could Allie with, but I can't think of anyone. They probably all have Allies by now, or at least the ones that want them. I wake up, have a quick shower and then put on my training outfit. I walk outside to go to the lift where our escort Sunbeam and my district partner Olivia are waiting. I think about Olivia being an Allie, but I don't think she is particularly fond of me. I think she doesn't mind talking to me sometimes, but she wouldn't want to be with me 24/7 in an arena. We all go into the lift and then enter the training room.

I've been trying to go to as many stations as possible, but as hard as I have tried, the only thing I am good at is physical strength, fighting and running. I decide to go to the running station as that would help me a lot and I'm pretty good at it. When I get there the girl from 6, Amanda is on the track. She is extremely fast, and I am quite shocked.

"Wow, she's good" I say, the girl from seven looks at me but when she notices I've seen she turns back.

"I know, I'm good at running, but she's faster... it’s weird seeing as she's from 6" The girls says.

"I agree... I'm Mark by the way" I say, might as well introduce myself, she might want an Allie.

"I'm Llil" she says, Amanda walks over once she is finished.

"Who you talking to Lili?" she says, she looks me up and down with her hazel eyes.

"Hi, I'm Mark" I say smiling flirtatiously.

"I'm Amanda" she says shyly, blushing.

"Are you two in an Alliance?" I ask.

"Yep, you bet!" Lili says smiling.

"Do you mind if I train with you guys? I haven't really talked to anyone besides you" I give them a look with my stormy grey eyes and flick my blonde hair; which is normally how I get girls to love me at home.

"Yeah, sure" Amanda says, twirling her red hair round her finger.

"I don't mind either" Lili says, she obviously doesn't care about my flirting; she must just be genuinely accepting.

"I'm going to do some running for a bit" I say.

"Ok, we'll stay for a bit too" Amanda says.

We all stand at the starting line, getting ready to run. I look at Amanda, she has a look of determination on her face and I look at Lili and she also looks very determined and concentrated. When the instructor says go, we all run as fast as we can and we all are very quick. Amanda comes first, followed by Lili and I who tie.

"We make a pretty good team," I say laughing because we're all so out of breath.

"A fast team" Lili says laughing too.

"A veryfast team," Amanda adds.

We all walk off and look around to see which station to go to next.

"So... could I maybe join your alliance? As we all agreed we do make a pretty good team?" I say, trying to convince them.

They both look at each other as if they are deciding. They both nod and smile at me.

"Ok... you can join" Amanda says smiling.

"Welcome to the alliance" Lili says, holding out her hand for me to shake. I do, and then we all walk off together, and I feel like I have accomplished something.

Training: Antero Lisin's PoV

Imogene and I stand at the weapon throwing station. We both kind of became Allies for training but it isn't really official yet. Still, she acts like an Allie, so why question it?

She is very good at knife throwing, and hits the heart of the target dummies almost every time. I am using a scythe which I am very skilled with, and only till recently found at that you can throw them which makes them very useful. We stand training for a while but then I notice people are standing behind us watching.

"Um...Aria... I think we have some spectators" I whisper.

She swings her head round to see who it is.

"Oh great, it's them again" she groans.

I turn round to see the new 'career' alliance, which includes both from 1 and both from 2. Since day 1 when they became an alliance, most of the time at least one of them has been watching us train.

"Hi, I'm Arianna, this is Dasma, Becca and Wren" the girl from 1 says gesturing to the others.

"We know who you are" I say crossing my arms over my chest, Imogene stands next to me, staring them down with her piercing green eyes.

"We were wondering, if both of you are interested in joining our alliance, the careers. We have been watching you and your both pretty good with fighting and using weapons. So... do you want to join?" Arianna says.

I look at Imogene and she looks down at the floor as if she is thinking. Do I want to join the careers? It would probably give me a better chance of surviving. But what if we all turn on each other and I have to fight against them? Could I really win if it came to that? I guess I could leave before they have the chance to attack.

"Ok, I'll join" I say, they all grin but Imogene looks at me surprised. "Imogene, come on, just join"

"Erm... I don't know" she says looking down again, she must be feeling slightly pressured.

"Just try it? It could help us in the long run" I whisper so the others can't hear me. She looks up at me and then nods.

"Alright, I'll join too" she says, smirking slightly. All the careers high five each other in success grinning and then high five us too.

I guess I'm a career now.

Training: Samara Emett's PoV

I am going to be honest, I like Josh; there I said it! He's just so sweet the way he tries to get close to me, and I do feel bad when I move away but I wasn't sure whether I wanted to be like that with him and I didn't want to lead him on. But I know now that I like him and it would be nice to have a slight romance, especially with the situation we're in. I have thought about how only one of us could come out of this, but I push it to the back of my mind.

We both sit opposite each other at the fire station. As much as we've tried, we both can't start a fire.

"We're useless" he says, putting his head into his hands laughing.

"Hey, I take offence to that!" I laugh, pushing him teasingly.

An instructor walks over noticing we are failing at this task, and shows us again how to make a fire. Finally, we are successful and we have made a small fire.

"Yay!" I say clapping my hands together.

"Aw, you're so cute when you're happy" he says teasingly.

"I do try" I say giggling.

He scoots over so he is sitting next to me. He links his hands with mine and for once I don't move away.

"You know... I've loved hanging out with you these past few days" he says looking at me with that smile I love so much.

"Me too... I wish we weren't in this situation though" I stare into the fire, watching the flames.

I suddenly realise where we are and that we should really be training.

"Um, maybe we should try another station" I say, letting go of his hand and standing up.

"Yeah we should" he says.

We both walk together and this time I decide to link my hand with his.

Training: Asha Caprice's PoV

I have tried to attempt different stations for the past three days. Some of them I have picked up on, others not. I do have a strategy though, all the other tributes think I'm this sweet little girl; which I guess I am, and I haven't shown them barely any skills. I've only revealed my ability to climb and the careers were rather...tormenting when I showed that one. Luckily, Crizz helped me, which made me seem even weaker because I needed my big, strong district partner to help me. I will admit, I am weak and if I was up against a 'career' I would die in a second, but I actually do know how to use a scythe and I'm quite good too and I haven't been on that station, so they won't see it coming. The plan could go completely wrong and they decide to target me because I'm weak, but if my predictions are right, they will leave me alone at the beginning of the games which would allow me to get away.

I feel I have become more intelligent since I have arrived in the Capitol, I wouldn't have been able to come up with that plan before. I know I don't really need an alliance; I've got slight trust issues and I would probably work better on my own. Also, I would hate it if you were left with your Allie, after you both got to know each other, and then had to fight and maybe kill them. I don't think the others realise this, but they can do what they like. I feel as though Crizz has been trying to protect me as well, maybe he has someone at home who he thinks I am like; I heard he had a girlfriend and son; it was sad what happened to them, maybe that's why I never see him happy.

I'm not complaining about him protecting me though... those careers do kind of scare me.

Training: Illuminate Sensorium's PoV

I stand holding a spear which I think is both taller than me and heavier than me. I lift it above my shoulders and throw and it lands literally in front of me.

"Damn it!" I say as I go to pick it up to try again.

I try again and I do the same thing. Seriously?

I do the same thing for the third time and I hear a muffled giggle from behind me. I turn around to see the girl from 10 standing with her hand over her mouth. I look at her and smirk slightly; I probably do look quite funny. I pick up the spear again and try to lean back as I throw to get it to go further. It goes completely wrong and I lean too far back and the weight of the spear pulls me back, which makes me fall to the ground clumsily.

"Are you okay?" the ten girl says, I can tell she wants to laugh at me.

"Just laugh, I know you want to" I say, she bursts out laughing and I join her. She falls to her knees she is laughing so much and we both end up lying on the floor in fits of laughter.

"Did I look really funny?" I say, she nods and I laugh with embarrassment.

"What's your name?" I ask randomly.

"Myristal, your Illuminate right?" I nod.

"Well Myristal, maybe you should try and do what I did, it's not that easy"

"I'd rather not..."

I end up convincing her to try it and we both ask the instructor to help us. By the end I got my spear to just skim the target and Myristal got hers to land on the end. Afterwards as we begin to leave the spear station she turns to talk to me.

"I know we only just started to talk to each other, but you seem really nice and like you would make my time in the arena better than it would be... so do you want to be Allies?" Myristal says looking at me hopefully. I feel slightly shocked; I didn't think anyone would want to be in an Alliance with me.

"Yeah... yeah ok!" I say grinning.

"But... maybe you shouldn't use a spear..." she says. We both start laughing again.

I decide I am glad I have made an Alliance.

Training: Yesina Root's PoV

I'm so happy I learnt self-defence beforehand. Seeing all the other tributes, I feel slightly worried, but I don't think any of them have taken notice of me, except for Olivia and Mark, who at this moment are flirting with each other; great.I'm twelve and I can see they both like each other but they won't admit it. I do worry that they will both decide to kick me out of the alliance, but I don't think Olivia would do that when us two made it in the first place.

Anyway, I think the others haven't even glanced at me but it's not a bad thing. If they don't think I'm anything to worry about, the more they will leave me alone. I think the Gamemakers will be shocked when they see me in the private training session; they won't expect anything special from me. They see me as shy and weak, not the bright and clever girl I am really. I have been trying all the stations in training though, to give me the best chance of surviving. I need to get home, my family is more than broken as it is and I don't want to add to that.

I want to win this thing; and I'm not backing down any time soon.

Private Training Sesions

Private Sesions: Dasma Rath's PoV

I sit in the waiting room with the 23 other tributes. I'm feeling ok at this moment, quite confident actually. Looking round the room, there are a few that I think are so nervous they are going to throw up, there are others which are trying to hide it and there are some who seem quite confident like me.

I sit next to Arianna, and she also seems relatively calm, she obviously thinks she is going to get a good score. They have told us that the best you can get is 12 and the worst you can get is 0. I'm hoping for at least higher than an 8, and I think I can do it.

"Can we have Dasma Rath first please?" A woman holding a clipboard says.

I stand up and walk into the training room. As I walk in, surrounding the room are all the stations from training. You are supposed to show them your best and strongest skills, so I know exactly what I'm going to show them. When you stand in the centre of the room and look up in front of you, there are all the Gamemakers and the head Gamemaker sitting, watching intently.

"I'm Dasma Rath, District 1" I say, they nod and I begin.

I walk off towards the sword section, and grab a long, sharp sword. I start off by just throwing the swords at the target dummies. Each time the sword hits where the heart would be or I make it hit the head. After a few throws I begin to act cocky, throwing them without looking and doing things like looking at my wrist as if I am checking the time while throwing them. They all still hit the heart, and as I look up at the Gamemakers grinning a confident smile, I see them all looking quite impressed and laughing at my confidence.

I decide this isn't enough and I begin to set up a few dummies near each other, representing a cluster of tributes. I grab the same sword and swing it as I throw, and it slices through one dummies neck and lands in the stomach of another. I smile at my success and then I ask for a partner to fight with next. I spar for a bit with an instructor, and quickly I beat him, and he ends up on the floor, slightly out of breath. I decide I am finished and that I have showed enough.

"Thanks for watching" I say smiling to the Gamemakers, might as well get them to like me even more. They all smile back politely and I leave the training room grinning smugly.

I must have got higher than an 8.

Private Sessions: Arianna Mae's PoV

Dasma leaves the training room with a smug smile on his face; it must have gone well for him. This means I have to be better than him to prove that I'm good too.

"Can we have Arianna Mae?"

I stand up and walk into the training room. I look up at the Gamemakers and notice most of them are men; this is going to be easy to get them to like me. I walk to the middle and bite the edge of my lip.

"Arianna Mae, District 1" I smile and giggle flirtatiously. They all look at each other as if they like what they see and I turn around to begin.

I place a few dummies around, and then I grab a whip from the weapons wrack. The whip has a metal end which would hurt if it hit you and the actual whip part is quite long. I stand in front of the dummies, lean back and snap the whip forward. It wraps around the dummies neck a few times and I pull making it fall to the ground. I wanted to show how the whip can basically strangle someone easily; mainly a tribute. I run around quickly, showing how I can sneak up on tributes and just snap the whip round their necks. I see a few of the Gamemakers smirk at my strategy and then to finish everything off, I get the whip and hit the dummy round the face with the metal tip, which would if it was a real person injure and distract them. I then run up to the dummie and strangle it tightly, and to add a nice touch I tie the whip in a bow around its next. As I step back to say I am finished, I see the Gamemakers laugh slightly at this pretty girl who likes to tie nice bows, who a second ago was acting like a crazy killer.

"Thank you" I say, giggling like before, giving a cute little wave and winking at the head Gamemaker in particular. He smiles but blushes slightly at my flirting. Perfect.

Private Sesion: Wren Hayes's PoV

===I sit in a room filled with the 23 other tributes, and yet I feel so alone. I miss my family so much, and I knew I would but not this much. I thought joining the careers would help me feel less lonely, and I guess it has a bit. Arianna leaves the training room looking quite content. "Wren Hayes?" I stand up and slowly walk into the training room. I feel slightly nervous about the whole aspect of them watching me, but I try and hide it; they're not going to give a high score to an eighteen year old wimp. "Wren Hayes, District 2" I say smiling charmingly. I start by showing quickly how I'm pretty good at tying knots and ropes. I know it's not much, but they can make good traps so I might as well show them. Next, I grab a slightly heavy weight and throw it across the training room. They don't look very impressed but that was only to make me look better after. I take the heaviest weight there is and throw it easily across again, and it lands at the other side of the training room. The Gamemakers look slightly impressed, but I still have more to show. I grab the weight, and run up to the climbing wall with it. I scale the wall with one hand, holding the weight with another. When I reach the top, my arms are aching, but I still throw the weight as far as I can, and it just lands in front of the Gamemakers box, making them all jump. I climb down from the wall and at this point my muscles are burning but I hide the pain from my face. I nod at the Gamemakers as I leave the room, and feel slightly relieved it's over.

Private Session: Becca Kenwell's PoV

Wren walks out of the training room with a pained look on his face which makes me want to know what he did. He'll probably tell me later, but we can't tell anyone else besides our escorts, because what we did is supposed to be private so there is more of a surprise for the audience in the actual games.

A woman calls me to go in, and I stand, wiping my sweat covered palms on my trousers. I don't know why I'm nervous, I can easily impress them.

I walk in and smile at the Gamemakers waving sweetly. I want to seem as nice as possible so it will shock them when they see what I can do.

"Becca Kenwell, District 2" I smile again, fluttering my long eyelashes and making my big brown eyes look even bigger.

I walk over to the camouflage station, and paint my skin with browns and greens. I've always loved art, but I never really did it much. Once I am finished, I walk over to some trees which I asked them to set up. When I stand near a tree, I literally blend in so much that the Gamemakers look around confused of where I have gone. I pull out the knives I secretly grabbed on my way to the camouflage station, and one by one I throw them around the room, hitting the different targets and dummies. I see the Gamemakers heads turn from side to side as they watch the knives magically appear out of nowhere. While they are distracted, I quickly run to the bow and arrows station which is quite near and creep back to the trees unnoticed. I do the same thing that I did with the knives, and again they look shocked at how I got the bow and arrow in the first place.

I wanted to show, how I can hide from other tributes with camouflage and then sneak up and kill them before they can even see who I am.

Now that I have got their full attention, I walk out of the trees and give a small curtsy. A few smile at my intelligent behaviour by showing skill but also being smart about it, while others still look confused at how I blended in so well. The Capitol people can be quite simple minded at times.

I leave the training room, trying to rub the paint off my skin and the take the twigs and branches out of my normally perfect hair, which now resembles a bird nest. As I walk out, I notice everyone look at me strangely, some sniggering, I just smile at them, and leave the room. They won't be laughing when I get a good score.

Private Session: Breeze Mere's PoV

I watch as Becca leaves the training room, looking slightly ridiculous with twigs sticking out of her hair. My name is called and I walk in after her, my hands shaking slightly.

"Err...Breeze Mere, District 3" The Gamemakers nod and I begin.

I walk over to the camouflage section, and paint my body with touches of green, seeing as my skin is already dark. I then grab a few wires and some other electrical things from another station on my way to the set of trees which Becca obviously used. I climb as high as I can, which keeps me out of sight from the Gamemakers and then begin working on the main part. I rest on a branch, and quickly fix together a few of the wires, remembering the sequence Bane had taught me once. I hold in my hand the few small little balls I have made, and when I see the Gamemakers watching, I drop them. As they hit the ground, clouds of smoke fill the air and there are some sparks flying too. While they are distracted, I scale down the tree quickly, and run through the smoke to the other side of the room. Thank god it isn't too far; I'm not the best with long distances. I reach the end of the smoke cloud and stand in a clear space. I cough slightly to get the Gamemakers attention and they all swing their heads round, shocked at where I am.

"Um, thanks" I say shyly as I head out of the room, hoping I will get a decent score from that display.

Private Sesion: Ruby Hyrglass's PoV

Breeze walks out, covered in green paint and twigs all over him; looking rather like the 2 girl did before him.

"Can I have Ruby Hyrglass?"

I stand up, feeling quite nervous and walk into the training room.

"Ruby Hyrglass, District 3" I say shyly.

I head over to the knife throwing station and grab a hand full of knives, tucking some in the belt of my trousers. I look up and see the Gamemakers are watching me so I start. I throw the two knives in my hands at the target and they both hit the bulls-eye. I then take the knives from my belt and begin to throw them, and I feel slightly cocky so I turn around and throw them backwards. When I look back at the board, all of the knives have hit or are around the bulls-eye. I look up at the Gamemakers to see what they think and they all just look unsatisfied. I feel anger bubble up inside me; why aren't they impressed? I pick up a large knife and stand staring angrily.

"ARRGGHH!" I throw the knife across the room in anger and it flies across the training room and lands skilfully on another target across the room; which I find lucky seeing as I didn't mean to do that.

I walk to the middle of the room, slightly surprised at my own outburst. Completely the wrong time Ruby!

"Um... thanks" I say quietly as I leave the room, I look up at the Gamemakers as I reach the door and they all look shocked at my sudden change of behaviour.

Private Sesion: Antero Lisin's PoV

"Antero Lisin your next" A woman calls.

Imogene gives me a thumbs up and I walk calmly into the training room.

"I'm Antero Lisin, District 4" the head Gamemaker nods and I walk over to the weapons wrack.

I pick up a scythe and then a trident and take them over to the middle of the room. I set up a few dummies around me and hold my scythe in one hand, trident in the other.

I throw the scythe and it swings, cutting through the middle of one of the dummies. I know it's not very realistic because in reality it would only slit the stomach or make a large gash; but it adds to affect so I don't mind. The way I threw the scythe made it land back near me and I pick it up again quickly, throwing it at another dummy and it goes through that one and stabs into another.

There is one left, so I run up to it and stab my trident into its stomach. I rip the dummie to shreds with the trident, the stuffing flying everywhere. I feel slightly savage while doing this but the Gamemakers will love it; I know that for a fact. I then stroll around the dummies, stabbing one by one with the trident, maybe cutting one open down the middle every so often. I finish by stabbing the final dummy and carving an 'A' into it. I probably wouldn't do this to an actual tribute; but why let the Gamemakers know that?

As I finish and thank the Gamemakers, I see the head Gamemaker smirk at my 'artwork'.

Private Sesion: Imogene Odana's PoV

Antero leaves the training room and gives me a thumbs up to say it went ok. My name is called after and I walk through the door to the training room.

It's show time.

I do a little run up and do two back flips and a hand spring which gets me into the middle. I've been doing gymnastics since I was 4, so I'll admit I'm pretty good. After my entrance I introduce myself.

"Imogene Odana, District 4" I smile at the Gamemakers and run off towards the weapons.

I take a few knives and tuck them into the belt on my trousers. Once they are secure, I do some flips and cartwheels and as I come out of a cartwheel I throw a knife, which lands in the head of one of the dummies. I then tumble roll past it and throw another one, this time it lands where the heart would be. I do a handspring but swing my legs as I land taking out another dummie. I then ask for an instructor to fight with and one comes out.

We both circle round and I quickly catch them off guard and roll so I am behind him. He turns round but I perform the same move and I am behind him again, which he doesn't expect. I hold one of the knives against his throat and he puts his hands up in surrender. I do a double back flip, throwing the knife behind me which lands in the middle of another target. I stand in the centre of the room and do a cute curtsy to the Gamemakers. I smile again at them as I leave hoping they liked my little 'show'.

Private Sesion: Daniels Xena's PoV

Both of the District 4 tributes looked pleased with their private training sessions; but I know I can do better than them.

"Daniels Xena?"

I stand up confidently, and stroll calmly into the training room. I push my glasses up so they rest nicely on my nose and introduce myself.

"I'm Daniels Xena, District 5" The head Gamemaker nods and I walk off to begin.

First of all, I go to the fire station and pile some logs in the middle. I then use a simple way of lighting a fire by using some berries and a stick. The logs soon go alight and I smile in success. I look up at the Gamemakers and I think they all seem impressed except for the few that are yawning. Actually all of them are yawning... but it was probably because the District 4 girl was so boring. Yeah, that's it.

I then walk over to the plants station and skillfully identify all the plants in less than fifteen seconds. I'm finished at that station quickly and then I decide to finish with my favourite weapon; a bow and arrow. I walk up and take a bow and arrow and stand in front of a target. I pull the string back and release, the arrow flies and it just misses the target. I try again, but it does the same thing. I decide I have shown enough skills anyway and begin to leave.

"Thanks" I say smiling to the Gamemakers. They all just stare at me as I leave; but I know I've got a great score.

Priate Session: Illuminate Sensorium's PoV

After Daniels leaves smiling smugly, my name is called. I doubt he did very well, but he probably thought he did. I walk into the room feeling slightly nervous, but I push it away, I need to do well so I can win this thing and get home for my sister. I've been feeling a lot better after becoming Allies with Myristal; it helped knowing I wouldn't be alone in the arena.

"Illuminate Sensorium, District 5" I try to sound my bubbly self, and a few Gamemakers smile at my enthusiasm and I hear one say 'aw, what a sweet little girl.'

I walk over to a range of weapons and hold a knife in each hand. I walk with a slight skip in my step towards some dummies you are able to fight with. I stare at one, and imagine a capitol man that could have killed my father. I feel myself getting angry, and my face goes hard as I punch my arm forward, slicing the chest of the dummy. Hand to hand combat is one of my strengths so I decide to show that off. I side kick the dummy where I sliced, and it falls to the floor. Before it can even hit the floor, I have already jumped on top of it, and I attack it with the knives, making the stuffing fly everywhere as I cut and dice it. I stand up, brushing the stuffing off my hands as I look down at the heap of material on the floor.

I run over to another dummy, and dive on it straight away, already slicing it up ferociously. I'm sure I hear myself snarl in anger but it could just have been my imagination. I then jump up from the other pile of material, and to finish off, I run and jump kick a dummy, knocking its head off its shoulders.

I decide I'm finished, and walk with the same skip in my step, and I smile and wave at the Gamemakers.

"Thanks for watching" I say in a sing-song voice.

I look up at the Gamemakers and their faces show a shocked expression at the sweet little girls' dangerous behaviour.

Private Session: Amazon Purfum's PoV

I sit waiting for Illuminate to finish her private training session so I can just do mine already. I want to get it over and done with so I can stop worrying about it. Illuminate walks out, looking quite happy, and my name is called so I stand up. Amanda smiles at me reassuringly and I smile back as I walk in. "Amazon Purfum, District 6" The head Gamemaker nods and I walk off toward the sword station. I grab a long dagger, which has a razor sharp point at the end. I found out during training that I am rather talented with one, so I thought I might as well show it in my private training session. I start by throwing the sword. I walk over to the target, and stand a few metres away. I throw the sword and it lands just off the bulls-eye. I was hoping for the actual bulls-eye but that will do. I then retrieve the sword and go further away from the board, so I am a good distance away. I throw the sword again, and it stabs in the same place as before, which is good for how far away I am. I then ask for a partner to fight against, and an instructor walks out holding a similar sword to me. I straight away catch him off guard and slice his stomach. He obviously has armour to protect him otherwise he would be lying in a puddle of blood right now. He swings for me but I block the blow and he turns a full circle to try again but I block it as well. He swings again, but I duck swinging at his legs, landing the swing in his shins. He flinches at the pain but carries on, swinging at my head, which makes me instinctively roll on to the floor and stand back up on the other side of him. He turns round confused and land my final blow, into his side. He holds his hands up in surrender and I think I have shown enough. I nod to the Gamemakers in thanks and leave the room, but I can't help thinking that I could be in that fighting situation for real, in only a few days time.

Private Session: Amanda Hawks's PoV

I sit across from Mark in the waiting room; he keeps giving me flirty looks which just make me giggle. I am thankful for this though, it takes my mind off what is to come. Lili also sits on the opposite side of the room, and I can tell she also feels slightly nervous by the expression on her face. Amazon finishes and leaves the room and my name is called. I walk in to the training room and stand in the middle of the room.

"Amanda Hawks, District 6" I say, more quietly than I expected. A Gamemaker nods and I carry on standing in the middle.

"Um... can you time me?" I say pointing at my wrist to symbolise a watch. The head Gamemaker nods and calls over an Avox which holds a stopwatch.

I stand at the edge of the room and get ready to run.

"Go!" I shout. I run as fast as I can around the training room, breathing as much oxygen as I can to last longer. In training I asked and an instructor told me the circumference of half the room is 100m. I sprint to the end of half way and look up at the Gamemakers to tell them to stop the watch. They all look surprised by the time so I hope it was good. In training I timed myself and I just got under 10 seconds which I'm hoping I got then.

I then do some more running, at a good speed, but instead of just running round normally I swerve in and out of things and jump over fallen dummies and other obstacles. I show how I can run for long distances and short distances and when I can't run anymore I finish.

"Thank you" I say to the Gamemakers.

I leave the room and I hope I have done enough.

Private Session: Quin Ley's PoV

The 6 girl finishes and I stand up ready to go in. I'm ok with training in front of the Gamemakers. It will just make me angrier with them being near me so it goes in my favour.

"Quin Ley?" A woman asks and I nod.

I walk through the doors slamming them shut behind me. I stare at the Gamemakers with an almost annoyed expression.

"Quin Ley, District 7"

I walk over and grab a large axe from a group of weapons. Straight away I lean back and with all my strength I throw it across the room. The axe imbeds its self in the head of a dummy and the impact makes the whole thing split down the middle. I grab a few littler ones from behind me and throw them quickly each one hitting into other dummies around the room, landing where the heart would be. I pick up another one and throw it so it curls and instead of going forward which you would expect, it goes to the side and hits another dummy in the chest. I hold a large axe in each hand and lean back, throwing them both across the room, and this time they both land in the centre of a target.

Just for laughs, I throw one in the air towards the Gamemakers and they all become scared and flinch. I obviously wasn't going to let it hit them and I threw it so it would spin and hit another target. Oh, but it was hilarious to watch and totally worth it. A few Gamemakers laugh at their flinching, while others don't seem very amused.

I think that's enough and a pretty good finish so I nod to the Gamemakers and walk out of the training room; still laughing at the look on their scared faces.

Private Session: Yesina Root's PoV

I sit in the waiting room thinking about how I should act for the Gamemakers. I wonder whether to act weak and get a low score so no-one sees me coming in the games, or shall I act strong and get a good score but then tributes might aim their attacks at me. Quin walks out of the training room almost... smiling? I don't think I've ever seen him smile. My name is called and I walk into the training room.

"I'm... um... Yesina Root, District 7" I mumble, trying to make myself look weak. I decided to act weak now, but suddenly shock them when I show them my skills. I walk off towards some axes and pick some little ones up in my hands. I throw them and one lands in the side of a target another doesn't even hit it.

I look down as if I am ashamed, but then I look up at the Gamemakers smirking. I turn round and grab a large axe easily, and I think I hear a few sniggers from the Gamemakers. I lean back and throw the axe far, it lands in the bulls-eye of a target and the target falls back from the hit.

I look up again at the Gamemakers who now look slightly confused and shocked. I shrug and giggle slightly, and I see the realisation on their faces as they understand that I was just faking my weakness. The head Gamemaker nods in understanding and smirks slightly.

I turn around grabbing two axes and throwing them over my shoulder at some dummies. They both land in the heads and I smile slightly impressed at myself. I think it's more of a shock because I am only twelve, but what do you expect from someone who has lived in a District where nearly every family owns an axe!

I don't want to reveal too much, and begin to leave waving at the Gamemakers. I secretly hid some smaller axes so they couldn't see, and I turn around quickly and throw them across the room at other targets. I hear a laugh from the Gamemakers as I leave. They are obviously surprised by my 'weak' self.

Private Session: Josh Eagleye's PoV

I sit next to Samara holding her hand in support. I don't know whether the support is for her or me but I convince myself it's for her.

"Josh Eagleye is next"

Samara squeezes my hand and I stand up and walk into the training room.

"Josh Eagleye, District 8" I smile seductively, especially at the woman Gamemakers, and some of the men; might as well you don't know what they like.

I run over to the weapons and pick up a long sword, holding it securely in my hand. I throw it at a target and it just misses the bulls-eye. I do this a couple of times and I hit the bulls-eye once which I am happy about.

I then ask for a partner and begin to spar with them; remembering what Samara taught me. I block their first hit and swing myself which catches them in the leg. We fight and their doesn't seem to be a sudden winner. I feel sweat drip down my head and I swing which hits their stomach. It takes the breath out of them and they hold their hands up to stop. I can't really think of anything else to show, so I quickly take a sword and swing it and it takes the head off a dummy.

"Thanks" I say as I leave the room, wiping the sweat off my head, no longer feeling as nervous.

Private Session: Samara Emett's PoV

Josh walks out and smiles at me reassuringly as my name is called. I stand up, and walk into the training room. I haven't told Josh yet, but I have decided to look weak and hopeless. I believe, if I get a bad score, the tributes will leave me alone to just be killed by a random weapon flying in the air. They won't be bothered if I leave the beginning fight unscathed, as they will think I won't get far anyway or will get killed later on; and I will say, I am a verygood liar.

"Samara Emett, District 8" I look down shyly and turn around to start.

I walk over to the fire starting station and sit down to start a fire. It would be simple to make a fire, but I act like it is incredibly difficult. I finally start it and a tiny flame appears. Once I am finished there, I walk off towards the plants station. I do want to at least get a 2, so I match all the plants up correctly in record time.

I will admit, I am good at running, but as I run over to another station, I purposely make myself stumble and fall to the floor. I get up, and for affect, I make tears spring into my eyes. Oh what a good actress I am.I walk over to the knives, and take some in my hands. I throw one and it flies past a target. The next one lands barely two feet in front of me, and the third one just hits the edge of a target.

I shrug at my rubbish attempt and look around as if I have nothing else to show. I thank the Gamemakers and I see a few of them look at me with sympathy.

As I leave the training room I laugh quietly to myself. The Capitol people aren't the most intelligent and are definitelyvery gullible.

Private Session: Henry Ricktor's PoV

I sit tapping my feet nervously and my stomach feels like it has been tied in knots over and over again. I know I'm not going to get a good score, but I just don't want to have to face those horrible Gamemakers. I'm naturally not good with people, seeing as I have spent years not talking to any. Lilac seems ok, but she has found an Allie now, so why wouldn't she be.

"Can I have Henry Ricktor?"

I look up at the woman in front of me, and I stand up, feeling like I'm going to be sick right in this spot. I slowly walk; well it's more like a shuffle, into the training room. I stand in the middle, staring up at the powerful Gamemakers. They all fix their beady glares on me, and I feel like a thousand more eyes are watching too.

"I' H-H-Henry Ricktor, D-D-District 9" The head Gamemaker nods, sniggering slightly at my spluttering.

I walk off and look around. What can I even do? I didn't think this far... I feel the eyes staring at me again, and feel panic run through me. I look up at the Gamemakers, and they all seem distracted by some drinks that have been brought in. They aren't looking, but it still feels like people are watching me, every step, every movement. I feel the walls closing in, it's just the panic, don't stress. They keep moving, and I do the only thing I am good at; hiding.

I run towards a rack full of weapons, and crawl underneath. I can fit exactly under the gap seeing as I am still rather thin from my lack of food, and my whole body is hidden, and my black clothes help me blend in with the darkness.

"Hey, where's the kid gone?" I hear one of the Gamemakers say. They all look around, leaning over the glass screen to look around better.

I try to slow down my fast heart beat, breathing in and out, in and out. I stay in the same position for a few minutes, by this time the Gamemakers are still confused where I've actually gone. I finally wriggle out of my hiding spot, and walk quickly out of the room, mumbling a quick thanks to the Gamemakers.

I hope I never have to experience that panic again.

Private Session: Lilac Infinity's PoV

The numbers in the waiting room have been getting lesser by the minute. Amazon left a while ago, and I kind of hoped he could stay to help take my mind off of the private training sessions, but they were told they had to leave straight after. Henry walks out, and I feel sorry for my district partner who looks rather shaken up at the moment. My name is called and I walk into the training room. I jog slightly into the middle and face the Gamemakers.

"Lilac Infinity, District 9" I say, trying to sound more confident than I actually am.

I start by just showing my plant identifying skills. I go to that station, and quickly identify all the plants. You learn quite a lot when you live off them.

I then run over to the snares and traps station and begin to build a rather complicated snare. It works well and I show how it snaps quickly. I then build a trap, which I attach to a bar high up - like it could be attached to a tree branch, and it is made of a net type structure. I cover it with leaves and branches, so it would blend in with a forest floor. I then grab a target dummy and stand it in front of the trap, and then take a few small knives, and throw them quickly at the dummy. These knives hit the dummy, but even if they didn't they would make the 'person' move backwards. The dummy falls back, landing in the trap, which drags them up, and some ropes wrap around the actual body and around the dummies neck. It could, or could not kill an actual person, but either way it would trap them so you could kill them.

I thank the Gamemakers as I leave and I see them look quite surprised at my intelligent skills. As I walk out of the door, I smile at my success.

Private Session: Mark Bull's PoV

The District 9 girl walks out of the training room smirking, she must think she did well. I'm feeling ok, pretty positive actually. My change of moods has been sky high lately, but I'm trying to tone them down slightly if I can, ever since I got kicked out of Training because of my little... outburst. I don't really know what came over me; I just don't like it when people talk about my parents. Yeah, sure the instructor didn't know my parents were killed; but it still hurts.

I walk into the room and look around feeling like such an idiot. I haven't even thought of what I'm going to do yet...Why can't I do one thing right? I punch the wall next to me in anger, leaving a slight crack in the paint work. I walk off, feeling angry at myself. I know I should try and calm down, but maybe being like this will help me seem more of a fighter. They already saw me at Training when I got annoyed, so why not show that 'me' now. I reach the middle and give the Gamemakers an evil grin. A few recognise me and smile to themselves.

"Mark Bull, District 10"

I walk over to some weapons and take a knife in each hand. I spin them around with my fingers acting slightly cocky. I calmly walk over to a dummy and kick it down with the base of my foot. I would have punched it, but my hand still slightly hurts from hitting the wall. I crouch over it, sill smiling almost psychopathically; the Gamemakers will love it though. I rest my knees on its legs, so if it was a real person it couldn't get away. I take a knife, and stab it into the stomach, I twist it sharply and some stuffing falls out. I take the other knife, and press it into the head, straight through the middle. I then take both knives, and draw and 'X' through the middle of the stomach. I almost squirm at the thought of blood pouring out of the X, in waves of bright red. I stand up, and pick up the dummy. I throw it over my shoulder and pin it on the wall, with two knives holding up the hands. I then walk away, and take a larger knife. I throw it across the room, and it lands in the middle of the X. I feel that I am finished, and give a small shrug. I leave the room, nodding to the Gamemakers and as I reach near the door, I see the small crack in the wall I had made and grin.

I think I'm starting to like this 'alter ego' of mine.

Private Session: Myristal Haze's PoV

As Mark walks out of the training room, my name is called for me to go in. I cross paths with him, and he seems quite happy. I don't understand him, one minute he's carefree and ok to be around, and other times he's angry and I can't stand to be near him. I walk into the training room and I feel slightly worried. The Gamemakers must be slightly bored by now, how can I impress them when they have probably seen so many better already?

"Myristal Haze, District 10" I try to smile at the Gamemakers, but I find their stares very intimidating. The head Gamemaker nods at me to begin, and rests his chin on his hand and lets out a yawn. That can't be good.

I walk over to the weapons, and look around for one of my weapons of choice. I see the long whip, and take the handle firmly in my hands. I snap it just to make sure I can use it properly, and it seems to be fine. I ask for an instructor to fight with and the instructor holds a long dagger. I swing the whip straight away, and it hits the instructors' ankles. I see him flinch but he carries on. He tries to hit me with the dagger, but I swerve and hit him round the face with the whip. He doesn't expect this, and looks annoyed; probably because his 'beautiful face' is ruined, he doesn't need to worry though, the Capitol can fix that for him. I hit him again, and it lands in the stomach. We keep fighting for a while, and I decide to end seeing as there doesn't seem to be a winner.

I then take a long piece of rope and tie a secure knot in it, creating a lasso. I remember back to a day when my Father and I were working on the ranch.

"Dad please don't kill him, he can't help it" I cry, begging my dad to not kill this innocent cow.

"I have to Myristal, it's the way things are" he says.

"What?" I ask confused.

"Everybody has to die at one point in life, it's just that this cows' time is now" I nod and slightly cover my eyes, but I watch as my father takes his lasso, and uses it to snap the animals neck, letting it die peacefully.

I decide I want to show this method of killing, the Gamemakers will like it, thinking it's an evil method, but I know it's nice way of dying; quick and painful. I take the lasso, and throw it round a dummies neck, and with a quick pull and twist, the head snaps to the side. I leave the lasso still on the dummies neck and I thank them as I leave. As much as I could have looked like a killer then, I will never be like one of them.

Private Session: Crizz Chaster's PoV

"Crizz Chaster?"

I stand up and march into the training room. I just want to get this over with. I don't want to look at those evil Capitol citizens for more than five minutes.

"Crizz Chaster, District 11" I grunt.

I walk off and grab a few of the heaviest weights in my hands and throw them across the room easily, each one landing in the wall at the other side; which means they could of gone way further. I get bored of this quickly, and ask for someone to fight with next.

A man around the same size as me comes out, and we circle round, staring at each other. I get ready to attack, and quickly look to the side of me, where Malaya stands cheering me on. She doesn't look as happy as usual, but she obviously wants me to do well. I run at the man, grabbing him at the legs and throwing him to the floor. He slams into the ground, and I jump on him so I elbow him in the stomach. He splutters and punches me in the jaw which hardly affects me, and he tries to stand back up, but I put all of my weight on both of his arms so he can't move, and I rest my legs on his knees so he can't kick me either. I give one final punch to the stomach, and he lets out another spluttering cough. I decide it's enough, and let him free.

I get up, and leave the room spitting blood on the floor, from the instructors punch. I don't even acknowledge the Gamemakers again, I've been near them enough already.

Private Session: Asha Caprice's PoV

As I walk into the training room, I exchange looks with Crizz. He looks angry for sure, but when he sees me he tries to look less brutal. I walk in, and stand in front of the Gamemakers.

"Asha Caprice, District 11" I say in a high, sweet voice.

I can tell the game makers are rather tired of all these training sessions, so I know I won't be too of interest to them.

I run over to a range of weapons, and pick up a large scythe. I hear a few sniggers from the Gamemakers seeing this small girl holding a rather dangerous weapon. I glare slightly at them, to let them know I heard; I really don't appreciate it, I'd like to see them do what I have to do. I run over to the climbing wall, on my way slicing a head off a dummy, and using one hand; seeing as I have to hold the scythe with the other, scale the wall quickly. I reach the top, and decide it's not high enough. I see a bar above me, which must be part of some type of scaffolding. If I swing on the bar I can reach a higher platform, which will make me looked more skilled. I grip the handle of the scythe with my teeth; which is not easy, and I jump, propelling myself towards the bar. I imagine it's like a tree branch at home, which I had to swing off many times to get higher so I could see over the orchards. My hands grasp the bar, the muscles in my arms aching as they hold me up, and I swing so I am on the platform. By now, I am at the highest point in the training room.

I look around, wondering how I can get down to the floor in an impressive way. I spot a rope, hooked to the side out of the way. I pull it out of its holster, and grip it with one hand, holding the scythe with the other. I take a deep breath, and jump off the platform, falling towards the ground, hoping the rope isn't too long and I fall to my death consequently. As I become close to the ground, the rope shortens and I swing. I swipe my scythe, taking out two dummies heads. I reach the wall, and kick off of it, heading the other way where I slice another dummy through the body. I do this a few more times, but when I begin to lose my momentum, I drop to the floor.

I walk to the middle, and smile in thanks at the Gamemakers, which have slightly shocked faces at my skills.

Let's see them try and do that.

Private Session: Mark Coals's PoV

Olivia and I are the only tributes left in the waiting room. We've been waiting here the longest, and I am becoming rather tired of it. I was passing the time, by flirting with Amanda, which I enjoy, but she left a while ago, and I only have Olivia to talk to; unless you count the snobbish Capitol woman.

"Mark?" She says, yawning from her hours of working.

I stand up and walk into the training room. I look up at the Gamemakers, who also look tired. Some look intoxicated with alcohol, so I hope they can still judge my training.

"Mark Coals, District 12" I smile, but they hardly pay attention to me even entering.

I ask for a partner to fight with, seeing as I'm only really good at physical strength.

A man walks out and I stand my fists in the air. He makes the first move, and steps forward swinging at my face. I duck, and punch him in the stomach. He hits me back in the shoulder, but it isn't too bad. I take a risk, and dive forward at his shins, wrapping my arms around his legs and knocking him backwards. I kneel on his chest, and punch him hard, straight in the face. He somehow though, pushes me back and punches me in the stomach. I flinch, but quickly send a kick straight at his chest, and he falls back breathless. I am very out of breath at this moment, but luckily my opponent says to finish which I am happy about.

"Thanks" I say to the Gamemakers as I walk out.

I didn't show much, but I hope it was enough.

Private Session: Olivia Fire's PoV

I sit alone in the waiting room. Well... I'm not alone, the strange Capitol woman is here with me, but I think I would rather be alone than with her.

"I guess it is you next then, well who else can it be?" she says laughing. I don't see why she finds this funny, but then they find children killing each other fun to watch, so I'm not going to try and figure out how their brains work.

I walk into the training room, and look up at the Gamemakers who are laughing. I doubt it's about anything funny; they are probably just too drunk to know what they're talking about.

"I'm Olivia Fire, District 12" I think I see the head Gamemaker nod, but he's half asleep anyway. It really annoys me, and if it wasn't for the fact that he could decide if I die in a few days, I would be getting very angry right now.

I walk over to some weapons, and find some nun-chucks. I grip them tightly in my hands, and swing them just to get used to them. I decided, I would show some martial arts, which my Father knew how to do and taught me too, and incorporate nun-chucks into it seeing as I'm pretty good at using them too. I like the fact that I am doing something my Father taught me, I feel like I am making him proud.

I run up to a dummy, and jump kick it, making it fly across the room. I swing my nun-chucks to the side, hitting a dummy in the neck, its head flies off of its shoulders; which I didn't actually expect. I decide to do this again, and another head flies off. I spin in a full circle, knocking another three heads off; it is quite fun. I do a few more punches, and kicks and then stop for a second to look up at the Gamemakers.

There are about three of them that are awake or at least watching. I feel myself going red in anger, so I storm out of the room; I do mumble a quick thanks though seeing as I don't want to get killed; and slam the doors behind me.

Stupid Capitol,

Training Scores

Training Scores: Arianna Mae's PoV

I sit on my bed, slowly brushing my long hair, over and over. It takes my mind off things which I don't want to think about; like the fact, I am around people, who I hardly know and any one of them could be related to the man I despise; the man who killed my brother. So many times, I have wanted my loving parents, to wrap me in their arms, and tell me everything is going to be ok, that I am going to come home, and be safe. I lay my hair brush on my dressing table and pick up the silver ring Griffin gave to me. I read the words engraved on the side-

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Griffin told me, that he always remembered these words during his fight in the war. Whenever he felt to give up, he reminded himself that he won't win the fight if he does. I slide the ring on my finger, so I can remember these words myself. If I give up in the arena, I will never get home to my family.

"Arianna! The training scores will be on soon!" Bluebelle calls.

"Ok, I'll be there in a minute!"

I walk into my bathroom and splash some cold water on my face. I'm slightly nervous for the training scores to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I know I will get a good score, and I know that the other careers will too, if not better! I thought of this when I invented the careers in the first place- (which I am very proud of.) But, today is when we learn if the other tributes could stand a chance, and it's harder to think about 23 other people rather than just the other 5 careers. The water calms me down, and I leave the room, plastering a fake smile on my face.

"Hi everybody," I say greeting everyone in the living area. Around me are, Dasma sitting with a smug smile on his face, his arms crossed over his chest staring at the television screen waiting for the scores, both of our stylists chatting about the latest fashionable hair colours and our escort Bluebelle, sitting on the sofa nervously tapping her foot. I sit down next to Dasma and begin to talk to him.

"So... how do you think you did?"

"Good, you?"

"Better than good," I say smiling and he laughs slightly.

"If you say so..." he then directs his attention to an avox, and asks for a glass of water.

"I'll have some champagne" I say, giggling at how grown up I sound... "Why don't you join me Dasma?"

"Sure, we'll be celebrating after all" he says. We both take our glasses and I take a sip, tasting the crisp alcohol.

"Oh, it's starting!" Bluebelle says excitedly. I avert my gaze to the screen where the screen lights up showing the Capitol emblem.

'District 1' shows up on the screen, and I sit on the edge of my chair slightly, eager for the results. Dasma's face shows up on the screen first. It's a good picture of him, his blonde hair meets his blue eyes making them shine, and he smirks cockily which kind of suits him.

A '9' flashes over his picture, and the people around me squeal with joy. Dasma stands up, punching his fists in the air in celebration.

"Well done," I say, I mean it, why would I want an Allie with a bad training score?

"Thanks Arianna" he says smiling.

We all settle down and my picture appears on the screen next. My hair is pulled into two bunches, and I'm smiling cutely. I feel my stomach doing summersaults, and I just want them to reveal my score already.

A '9' also appears on my picture, and I jump around, clapping my hands happily. I'm really pleased with that score; it's quite high so I obviously impressed them.

"That's great, we both got really good scores!" Dasma says smiling, he pulls me into a hug, and I hug him back. I don't have any 'feelings' for Dasma, but he can be sweet sometimes, and he was friends with Griffin so I see him more as a 'brother' figure than a love interest. I needed this hug; it just made me feel a lot better.

"I know! I'm so pleased!" I say.

"Come on you two, we need to watch the rest" Bluebelle says. Dasma and I quickly clink our glasses together in celebration, and then look to the screen to see how our Alliance will do.

Wren appears next, smiling genuinely, he really is a nice guy, and I really can't imagine him killing somebody. An '8' flashes over his picture. That's another good score. Becca appears next, her long spiralling hair framing her face. I've actually grown to be friends with her throughout the training sessions. A '9' appears on the screen, which I obviously find good seeing as I got the same. I bet Becca is really happy.

District 3 is after, and the boy, Breeze, is on the screen. He seems so small and young; I guess he is only twelve. He gets a '4'. For someone like me that would be bad, but for a twelve year old I guess it's acceptable. The girl Ruby comes up next smiling shyly. She gets a '6'. That's good, she is only fourteen. I don't think I need to watch out for District 3, they don't seem too much of a problem.

District 4 is next, my other Allies. Antero is on the screen first, and you can tell he is from 4 just by his golden tan. He's ok though, probably the calmest of us all. He also gets a '9'. We all seem to be doing well so far. Imogene is next, she seems fine, quite quiet though and I'm not sure she is a hundred percent in this alliance; but we will soon see. A '10' flashes on the screen. A ten! Wow! She must have been really good. I feel a pang of jealousy run through me at the fact she got a higher score than me, but she is older, and I think she has been training for a while too.

District 5 appears, and that boy who thinks he is amazing, Daniels, appears on the screen. He just looks like a wimpy kid to me, and it really confuses me when he boasts about how he is going to win. Is he serious? Like I expected, he gets a '2' and I snigger slightly. I see Dasma does the same thing; he obviously isn't keen either. The girl, Illuminate appears after; she looks like she is bursting with energy, and has a smile from ear to ear. She gets a '7'. A seven! The sweet looking girl who looks like she is full of rainbows and sunshine somehow got a seven. I know it's not the best, but I might need to watch out for her anyway.

District 6 is next, and the boy Amazon's picture comes up. I can never take this boy seriously, after seeing him dressed as a car at the chariots. In his photo, he isn't even smiling; very different to the boy at the chariots. Actually thinking about it, he didn't look very happening at training either. He gets a '5'; I guess that's kind of good, more average though. Amanda's face appears next on the screen, she smiles shyly, her red hair hiding her face slightly. She also gets a '5', which is good too

District 7 surprises me. The boy Quin, doesn't surprise me that much, I guessed he would have got an ok score. He gets a '7' which is pretty good. The girl, Yesina is the one that surprises me. The scrawny twelve year old also gets a '7'! How did she get that? She could be another to look out for, I could obviously beat her but she could sneak up on me without me even realising.

District 8 is next, I've noticed these two have been getting rather 'close' lately, I wonder what their backgrounds are, if they knew each other before the games. Josh is first, he smiles almost... seductively. He gets a '5', again its average, but good for someone like him. For one of the careers it would be shameful. Samara is after, grinning cutely. A '2' comes up on the screen. That is not good. I don't need to worry about her then, she'll be one of the first killed.

District 9 comes after, and the boy Henry is on the screen. He looks so scared, his eyes big and weary. He gets a '1'. I can't say I am surprised; he obviously isn't the strongest, or the most skilled. I feel slight pity for him, but I push it away. You can't feel pity for someone in the Hunger Games. Lilac is next, she is quite pretty actually. Not as pretty as me, but you know what I mean. She looks like the intelligent type, and is smirking slightly as if she knows something you don't. Becca told me she saw her and Amazon together in training, maybe there is something going on between them two too. She gets a '6', which is also very good for her.

District 10 is next, and the crazy male tribute Mark is on the screen. His outburst in training must of impressed the Gamemakers, the Capitol love 'Drama'. He gets a '7', which is good; I guessed he would of got around that score. The girl Myristal is on the screen after. Dasma and her had a bit of a moment the other day; he saved her from drowning or something stupid like that. I hope it doesn't affect him in the games though, he doesn't want that. A '6' flashes onto the screen, which is acceptable for her.

District 11 shocks me the most. The beast male tribute Crizz is first. I hate him. He had no right to confront me like that in training. We were only messing around, but he took it too far. So I swear, I will make him pay in the games. He gets a '7'. This annoys me slightly as he got a decent score, but I snigger seeing as I got a better score than him. Asha though, the little girl who is smiling sweetly in her picture, gets an '8'! An eight! How did a thirteen year old get the same score as an eighteen year old career? I look at Dasma who looks as confused as I am. I'll be watching out for her too, she could be a problem. I stare at the screen still confused, when the last scores are announced.

District 12 does quite good. Mark smiles flirtatiously in his picture, and gets a '6'. He doesn't seem too impressive in person, but maybe he is slightly better than I thought. Olivia is the same, she just seems like a normal kid who likes to joke around, but obviously she is also better than I thought as she gets a '6' too.

The Capitol emblem finishes off the scores and Bluebelle turns the television off.

"What do you think?" Bluebelle asks.

"There were a few... surprises, but nothing we can't handle, right?" I say smirking.

Dasma smirks too, nodding in agreement.

Interview Preparation

Preparation: Wren Hayes's PoV

"Wren! Open your door this instant!"

My eyes slowly flicker open, to my escorts screeching voice. I wrap my cover round me and climb out of bed, shuffling towards the door.

"Wren open the..."

"What?" I say, swinging the door open.

"Oh my you look terrible!" Flame says, pulling a face, "What happened?"

"I ... was asleep?" I say, giving her a look, Until you woke me that is"

"What? You should have been up ages ago! Quickly get ready and be in the living room in ten minutes, I need to talk to you and Becca!" She turns around and struts down the hall way.

"Ergh..." I grunt, slamming my door behind me, I am nota morning person. I throw my cover onto my bed, and go to the bathroom to shower. I look in the mirror, my cheeks are puffy and red and my black hair is knotted and all over the place. No wonder Flame was shocked when she saw me. I jump into the shower, turning the water full blast and on a hot temperature to warm me up. I use a coconut soap, it reminds me of home as my mother loved coconut and the house always smelt like it. I get out of the shower and run a comb through my hair, smoothing it down. I put on some blue jeans and black shirt, not needing to dress up. I put my father's coin into my pocket, not wanting to lose it and I walk out of room.

'I'm here, we can start!" I say, grabbing some toast quickly as it is being cleared away from the breakfast table. I sit down next to Becca, and Flame stands in front of us, pacing back and forth. She comes to a sudden stop and begins talking.

"Right, tonight is the interviews; do you remember when I explained them to you?" I do, the interviews are basically where we have to sit in front of a huge crowd of the Capitol and we are on television too. We just get asked questions, whether personal or not, and we need to present ourselves well so people will like us and sponsor us. Becca and I nod and Flame continues.

"Good, so today I am going to teach you both how to act when you are on stage and we are going to find an interview angle for you too."

I wonder what my interview angle could be...

"Wren, I will help you first while Becca is with her stylist to see her outfit, and then you will both swap, understood?" We both nod in unison again and Becca leaves with her stylist and I am left in the room with Flame.

"Ok, what do you think your interview angle should be?" she says, she leans forward and stares at me. I notice her eyes are a weird orange colour but they are red around the edge; guess it adds to the flame theme.

"I don't really know, I could just be myself"

"And what is that Wren?"

"Just... chilled out, casual... and I'm naturally a nice person so that could be in my favour" I sit for a second, staring back at her, waiting for an answer.

"Yes... that's good, add charming and your quite funny, that will help and the Capitol will love you!" She smiles brightly and I nod in agreement.

I can do that, this will be easy.

Preparations: Ruby Hyrglass's PoV

"I give up!" I shout, throwing the stupid book across the room. My escort Fifi has been teaching me how to act like a 'Lady'. I thought, that's easy, I pretend to be a stuck up woman from the Capitol all the time, but I didn't realise it meant I had to walk up and down a room, with a book balanced on my head, while in 6 inch heels! Are you kidding me? I know I'm short, but there is no need for these ridiculous shoes.

"Please don't shout!" Fifi screeches.

"Fine, but I am not wearing these shoes!"

"I didn't say you were, it's just to practice, if you can walk well in heels, you can walk excellent in any shoes!"

I just groan and carry on. I walk up and down, up and down until I finally make it without tripping over, or the book falling off my head.

"Yes!" I say, jumping around happily; but not exactly thinking it through as I wobble and fall over in my heels. "Ow, ow, ow, ow!"

I limp over to the sofa, and sit down pulling the heels off my feet and chucking them across the room in anger.

"Please can you not throw things!" Fifi exclaims, walking over and picking up the heels. I rub my ankle which I hurt in the fall, and call over an avox.

"Can I have some ice please?" I say, looking at my ankle which is now starting to bruise. The avox nods and quickly walks out of the room.

"I know one good thing that we have achieved" Fifi says.

"And what would that be?" I say, gritting my teeth as I press the ice I had been given on my ankle.

"I know what your interview angle can be!" She smiles proudly but I just stare blankly at her. "You can act cute, but have a feisty edge to you!"

I consider the idea. I think I can pull that off it's rather like how I am now.

"Ok, I think I can do that"

"Great, now your stylist is waiting for you so you can get ready; and I have heard they have a lovely dress for you!" She smiles and walks off to the bathroom.

Now I have to wear a dress? This days just getting better and better...

Preparations: Amazon Purfum's PoV

I sit on a chair in boredom, waiting for my escort Stephan to meet me; I have just been with my stylist and my outfit isn't too bad, it's what I would expect I guess. Stephan comes in; he has had a new tattoo done, a number 6 on his neck. I wonder if he will do this every time if he gets a new district. The amount of tattoos he has anyway, you can hardly see it. He sits down opposite me, and stares at me quizzically. I look down awkwardly, waiting for him to talk.

"What are you like back in your district Amazon?" He stares at me, and I just stay looking down.

I know if I tell him what I am like, he will want me to act like it. If I tell him, I was the joker, the clown, everyone laughed at my jokes funny or not. I just have that nice guy personality, the one that no-one can hate. But if I tell Stephan that, he will want me to act like it, and I refused to when I came to the Capitol. I brought it out for the chariots, to make a bad situation good, but now I'm not sure if I want to.

"Erm..." I hesitate.

"It could save you Amazon, so tell me the honest truth"

"Remember what I was like at the chariots? Joking around, making everyone laugh? That's what I am like at home..."

"That's great! The Capitol loved you when you were dressed as the car; you had them in the palm of your hands" he looks the happiest I have seen him, he obviously thinks we have a chance now.

"I guess so... I mean, it will be easy to make them laugh, no offence but the Capitol aren't exactly the brightest..." he sniggers at this.

"See what I mean? If I find a little comment like that funny, think about the rest of the Capitol! Just be careful though, you don't want to offend them"

I nod understandingly, the Capitol are capable of anything. They could kill me without even thinking. I look at the Avox's around the room and shudder at the thought of being silenced forever.

"Seriously Amazon, you could be great at these interviews"

I nod smiling, I can do this.


Interviews: Arianna Mae's PoV

I stand at the side of the stage, peering through the long velvet curtain. The crowd of Capitol citizens stretches back until you can only see pea sized people. I'm not worried about the interview too much, I'm naturally very good at... convincing people.

I smooth down my bright green dress which is very beautiful. The green matches my eyes and makes them 'pop', it comes above my knee and it has golden detailing on the sides, which matches my golden 6 inch heels. I can walk in heels easily; I used to wear my mother's all the time back in District 1. Oh how I miss my district, as much as the Capitol is quite amazing, I still miss District 1 so much. My stylist has also, done my hair so it falls in luscious waves, blending in with the gold detailing. She has put on some gold eyeliner on the top of my eyes and some shimmering gold lipstick which is actually quite nice.

The presenter for the interviews, Jim Mills, is on the stage telling jokes and chatting to the audience. He is dressed in Gold, with shimmering gold hair and a tinted sparkling skin. A bit feminine for a man but that's what the Capitol is like I guess. But, Bluebelle told me he is definitely straight, so it will help my interview angle. I have to act intelligent, yet sexy and look beautiful as well... easy, I am like that anyway!

"I would like to invite to the stage, our first tribute, District 1's Mercy Breen!" Jim announces the cloud all scream and cheer.

I strut out onto the stage, smiling at the audience. I flick my long blonde locks over my shoulder as I reach Jim, and shake his hand.

"Hi Arianna how are you?" Jim says.

"I'm great now! What a wonderful audience, and can I just say how amazing you all are!" I smile again, blowing kisses to a few of the males in the audience.

"Aw that's sweet, and can I just say you look amazing, doesn't she ladies and gentlemen?" The crowd cheers wildly; wow you can really get them to cheer at anything.

"Thank you! You can thank my stylist for that! And you don't look bad yourself Jim, we're matching!" I say giggling, flirtingly stroking my hand down his arm, and then pointing out the gold on my dress.

"I guess we are!" He says, blushing at my flirting, I giggle again, and wink at the audience.

We have three minutes for our interviews, so I spend the first minute just chatting to Jim, flirting with him and the audience, laughing at his not so funny jokes and talking about how I love the Capitol; it's so easy to lie. The topic of conversation that I didn't want to come up, he brings up next. Bluebelle did warn me, that he could ask personal questions about your family and back home.

"What's your home like Arianna?" he says, leaning forward eagerly.

"Well... I have a loving Mother and Father who I also love dearly and I have a nice life I guess"

"Any siblings,"

I am silent for a second, thinking about how I should put this, I can't just say 'one of your evil soldiers in the rebellion killed him' but I guess I could make a few cry with a sob story, they are rather dramatic after all.

"I did..." I say looking down, tears springing into my eyes.

"Oh, I'm so sorry" he says looking at the audience with a look of pity, some are even crying now, how easy was that! I am truly sad though, I don't like talking about Griffin, but I could of stopped myself from crying or not of said it at all; I just chose to my feelings; clever I know.

"I just miss him so much, my brother, he meant the world to me" Jim offers me a tissue, and I dab my eyes. I didn't mention Griffin's name, I found that was disrespectful to him, and my parents.

I laugh at my crying and carry on, "But, it doesn't mean I'm weak, I'm a fighter and I will win, I promise you!"

"With your training score, I'm sure you will give a good fight!" The buzzer sounds, and he holds his hands up as I leave. I strut off the stage, winking at the audience and blowing a kiss at Jim before I walk off the stage, he laughs and the audiences do too, some calling out my name wanting me to blow a kiss at them as well.

Oh how they love me.

Interviews: Dasma Rath's PoV

Arianna is on the stage, flirting with the crowd as she leaves. What a surprise. She was crying a moment ago, about Griffin, but I think that was just a tac tic. She walks confidently off the stage, and brushes past me.

"Good luck!" she calls back. I'm not sure whether she is being serious, you can never know with Arianna. I stand on the edge of the stage, quickly smoothing down my blue shirt which matches my eyes and un-tucking the odd parts out of my black trousers. By the time I am ready, Jim is calling my name.

"District 1's, Dasma Rath, let's give him a cheer!" I walk out onto the stage, smiling at the audience. A few girls scream my name, and I tense my muscles just to make them scream more. I wink at another few girls, and blow a kiss, at one who looked very... wealthy.

Wow, the girls really do love you don't they" Jim says.

"Well, who wouldn't?" I wink at the audience again, and they all cheer, well mostly the woman do.

"So Dasma, you got a 9 in training, were you happy?"

"Of course, it was a great score!"

"Yes it was... So, how are you finding your stay in the Capitol?"

I don't know what to say, I hate the Capitol, they're terrible people and I am glad I fought in the rebellion against them, but I can't tell them that.

I run my hand through my hair, grit my teeth and begin, "Oh its great here, I've loved my stay" I smile slightly, but I can't bring myself to look happier.

We carry on talking, about the games and if I have any skills. I don't give too much away; the other tributes are watching too. I act cocky, like I was advised to be, and I flash my muscles every so often, which the woman loved.

"Final question Dasma, do you think you can win?"

I smirk, "What do you think?" The buzzer goes off, and I walk off the stage waving to the audience.

"Dasma I love you!" One woman shouts.

I laugh, there's one sponsor.

Interviews: Becca Kenwell's PoV

"Ah I'm so excited!" I say, jumping around. I wait on the edge of the stage while Dasma finishes his interview. He is really winning the crowd over. Wren stands behind me and he looks quite nervous.

"You okay?" I ask.

"Erm... Kind of." He smiles slightly and I feel bad for him. He obviously isn't used to all this. I've always been good at public speaking; it just comes naturally to me. "You look nice by the way" I thank him and turn back around.

I admit I do look nice. My stylist has made a beautiful dress. It's a long sky blue dress, which flows down and into a train behind me. It looks strapless, but it has straps which wrap down my arms and at the end have material which flows out and I also wear white sparkly flats which you can't really see because of my dress. She has left my hair down, I have tan colour make up, which blends onto my lips which gives them a shine, and my eyes have light blue eye shadow on them, with dark blue eyeliner which goes off to the side of my eyes in spirals and swirls. I have nothing on my eyelashes as they are naturally long and my nails are painted dark blue.

"Our next tribute is Becca Kenwell!" I look up to see Jim beckoning me on the stage. I walk on, smiling to the crowd and waving and blowing kisses.

"Welcome Miss Kenwell!" he says, kissing me on the hand showing me to my seat.

"Thank you!" I say grinning sweetly.

"So, let's get started, how do you like the Capitol?"

"Oh wow, I love it! I just want to live here, when I win I am definitely going to try and live here" I laugh and so does the crowd and Jim.

"Confidence, I like it" he says laughing still.

"You also got a 9 in training, what do you think about that?"

"I think that's great, after all my training was rather... surprising" I giggle, and look at the Gamemakers who are also looking at each other laughing. I remember their confused faces and it makes me laugh even more.

"Oh please tell us what you did!" he says, the crowd all agree.

"Now Jim, you know I can't do that!" I look at the crowd covering my mouth shocked in a slight flirtatious way and they all laugh.

"Please, just me?" he says grinning, obviously knowing that I wouldn't be telling just him, I would be telling the whole of Panem as well.

I just laugh, "My lips are sealed" I say pressing them together, pretending to zip them up.

"Ok, ok, next question, do you have any family rooting for you back home?" I act like I am thinking, twirling my hair around my finger, but I don't know what to say. Do I? Obviously they are, but part of my family aren't and definitely not Janice.

"Well... yes I have my sisters, Amber, Anna and Shanell, my brother Tim, and my Father." I smile at one of the cameras.

"No Mother?" he says.

"Oh yes! Hi Janice, love you lots and lots, say hi to the boys and little baby Josaphina!" I say sarcastically, blowing fake kisses into the cameras and smirking. I lean back in my chair and laugh, imagining her annoyed expression.

"I'm guessing you don't like her very much?" he says laughing with the crowd.

"You could say that..." I say laughing too. The buzzer sounds and I walk off the stage waving and blowing kisses, still laughing at what Janice's face would look like.

Interview: Wren Hayes's PoV

"Breathe...breathe" I whisper to myself. I have about half a minute until my interview begins, and I'm slightly nervous. I'm not nervous about the millions of people watching me; I'm worried that people won't like me. I need them to, to get sponsors.

I don't need to worry about looking good though, my stylist covered that. I wear a stylish white tuxedo, black shoes and a red rose tucked in the jacket pocket. I think they were going for the charming look. My black hair is also now swept slightly to the side, so you can see my brown eyes. Becca walks off the stage, blowing kisses to the crowd, and as she walks past me she smiles reassuringly.

"Next up, is District 2's male tribute Wren Hayes!"

I walk onto the stage, and I am deafened by the loud screams. Wow, I knew they were loud, but when you are actually on the stage they are worse. I stroll across the stage, waving to the crowd and smiling at some particularly nice looking women, who also look very rich. Rich enough to sponsor tributes anyway,

"Nice to meet you" Jim says, shaking my hand. I shake it back, returning a smile.

"It's great to be here, you're all so... loud!" I say laughing, the crowd all laugh too and I take a seat.

"I know, try sitting here for all the interviews!" he says chuckling. "Ok, first question, how are you finding the Capitol so far?"

"Oh it's amazing!" I exclaim.

"What's your favourite part?"

"Hm, I think the people, especially the lovely ladies" I wink at the audience, and a few squeal and shout my name.

"Oh, I think they love you too, isn't that right?" There are loud screams and cheers and I laugh. I can tell Jim wants to help us as much as possible in the interviews, to make us look better and feel better.

"Well, thank you very much"

Jim and I talk about the games, and my home life. I tell him about Micah and Mandu and how I miss them so much, but I will try to get home for them. We joke around about the fashion, and I say how I could easily pull of what he is wearing tonight which makes him laugh.

"Last question Wren; do you think you can win?"

I sit thinking, can I? "You'll have to wait and see, but I think I will be hard to beat!"

The buzzer sounds and I begin to leave. I see a woman who is waving her hands screaming at me. She looks pretty rich, so I take the rose out of my pocket, and throw it into the crowd at her. She catches it and squeals, but is soon drowned by other crazy girls trying to get it too.

I just laugh and walk off the stage, hoping they will love me enough to sponsor me.

Interview: Ruby Hyrglass's PoV

I can't do this. I can't do this.

"Next up, is Ruby Hyrglass from District 3!"

I feel a slight push on my back and I slowly walk forwards. The bright lights hit my eyes, and the screams of the crowd hurt my ears. I move over to the two seats set up on the stage opposite each other, and Jim shakes my hand and I sit down.

"Welcome, welcome, you look lovely by the way!" I blush slightly, I don't really like dresses, but this one is very nice.

It's a strapless dress that is light blue at the top, and gradually blends into dark blue when it reaches the floor. It sparkles when the light hits it, kind of looking like stars in a sky. My dark brown hair is swept to the side, and my make-up is fairly natural, but I have slight blue sparkles on my eyes.

"Thank you, you erm, you look nice to?" I say, not really knowing how to answer.

He laughs, "Thank you! Are you nervous by any chance?"

"Just a bit!" I say, laughing slightly.

"Don't be, you'll be fine. Let's start with your training score, it was quite good for a little girl like you!" he says grinning.

"For one, I'm not a little girl" I say, staring at him with an annoyed expression, "Second, I was quite pleased with the score I guess" I smile after this though, I don't want to look too annoyed.

"I'm sorry don't hurt me" he says jokingly, holding his hands up for protection.

I giggle, "Don't worry I won't hurt you... yet" We both laugh at this and the audience joins in too.

We talk for a while, about my family, I mention how shocked my sister and Mother would be at me wearing a dress.

"Hi Mum, Hi Katie, look at my dress!" I say acting shocked, everyone finds this funny and laugh at my behaviour.

"Before the buzzer goes off I'll ask, do you think you can win Kadence?"

"Sure, I'll give it my best try, but if I do, you better watch out Jim" The buzzer goes off as everyone is in fits of laughter at Jim acting scared of me, as I pretend to intimidate him. I walk off the stage grinning.

I don't know what I was worrying about.

Interviews: Breeze Mere's PoV

"Breeze Mere, District 3 Male!" Jim Mills announces my name, and I am pushed onto the stage. I stumble on, quickly regaining my balance just as I appear from the curtain. I look out at the great number of people watching me, and feel my heart rate speed up. How am I going to do this?

My stylist has given me a rather, unusual choice of colour for my outfit. I wear a black suit, with a bright yellow under shirt, yes, bright yellow and matching shoes. Must be this months 'in' colour as a lot of the audience also wears yellow.

"Hello Breeze, take a seat" Jim says grinning, his pearly white teeth sparkling.

"Erm... thanks" I sit, looking down awkwardly.

"How are you feeling tonight?"



"Yep!" I cover my face embarrassed and the crowd all 'aw'.

I don't want to be shy, I just naturally am. My escort said to play on it, make them feel sorry for this cute little kid; I guess it is already working.

"What's your favourite thing about the Capitol?" Jim says smiling brightly.

"Erm... I love the technology here!" I say grinning.

"Ooh we have an intelligent one here Ladies and Gentlemen, am I right?"

If you compared me to my family, I am hardly smart; but why let the Capitol know that?

"I guess so... my whole family basically works in the power plant back home, so I learn a few things" Everyone nods, they must think I am very smart being from District 3, I'll let them believe that. I mean, I am definitely not stupid, I just seem it compared to others. But I am younger, so I do...would, have had time to learn in the future.

I tell them about my family, and what they do at the power plant, implying that I know all of this too.

"Do you miss your family?" Jim asks.

"Of course, I miss them more than I thought I would" I let a tear run down my cheek and again the audience all 'aw'. "Sorry, I don't want to be upset" I dab at my cheek with a tissue Jim gives me and smile slightly showing I feel better.

Sooner than I thought it would, the buzzer goes off and I begin to leave the stage.

"He is so sweet!" A girl says in the crowd.

"Thanks!" I say laughing, waving kindly to the audience.

Interview: Imogene Odana's PoV

"Ready Imogene?" Antero asks.

"Yeah, I'll be fine" I say, more reassuring myself than just stating a point.

I run my hand through my silk dress. It is a long green dress which catches the light. I also wear matching green eye shadow and black eyeliner and my brown hair is pinned up, with some curls left down to frame my face.

"Welcome to the stage, District 4's Imogene Odana!"

I lift my dress slightly, not wanting to trip over it, and walk on to the stage. My stylist was right, and when I step on the stage, the dress shimmers from the light. Everyone 'ooh's' and I feel myself blush from all the attention. I have to admit, I am quite a shy person most of the time, but my escort has made my interview angle 'mysterious and beautiful'. It kind of fits me, seeing as mysterious people don't talk very much.

"Take a seat Imogene, you look very beautiful by the way" Jim says kindly.

"Thank you"

"I think we should start with that amazing training score!" he says, the crowd all cheer in excitement.

"I know I’m very pleased with it, especially seeing as I got the highest!" I beam and the crowd, all cheers again.

"A ten is very impressive! You must of done something extra special," He raises an eyebrow, as if he wants me to tell him what I did.

"Now you know I can't tell you, you're going to have to wait till the games!"

"Fine, fine, so you volunteered for the games, was there a specific reason?"

I don't really know what to say, was I allowed to train for the games? "I just thought it would be exciting!" I smile at the crowd and they all shout in agreement.

We carry on talking about home; I try to avoid talking about my parents seeing as they weren't in the best situation before I left. We then talk about skills; I stay quiet for a lot of it though, not wanting to give anything away.

"Do you think you can win?" Jim says as his last question.

"Of course, I think my training score shows that..."

Interviews: Antero Lisin's PoV

"Antero Lisin, District 4's male tribute!"

I stroll onto the stage, casually looking to the side at the audience who are screaming my name. I'm wearing a sea blue tux, with a blue bow tie which looks pretty good I guess. I shake Jim's hand, and sit down in my chair leaning back relaxingly.

"Welcome Antero" he says, copying how I sit.

"Call me Ant" I reply.

"Ok Ant, how are you finding your stay in the Capitol?"

"It's alright, I've loved using the range of weapons here, there's such a vast amount" I never really used weapons much at home, but they don't know that.

"I know I obviously use weapons all the time" Jim says jokingly and the crowd laugh at his joke.

"I think you could be good in a fight Jim..." I say laughing.

"If you and I fought, who would win?"

"Hmm... that's a hard one" we all start laughing and Jim continues with the interview.

We begin to talk about home and then he brings up the reaping.

"So, you volunteered at the reaping, for your brother if I am correct, why was that?"

I sit for a second, and the silence in the room feels strange. "My brother, he has a condition type thing, where he struggles to walk most of the time, I knew if he was sent into the games, he would have no chance" I look down in sadness, and everyone 'awe's' in pity.

"But I will win for him and the rest of my family, I will tell you that!" I look up at Jim and the audience, determination in my eyes.

The buzzer sounds off, and I walk off the stage, believing in my last words.

Interviews: Illuminate Sensorium's PoV's

"Are you excited Daniels?" I ask my district partner rather excited myself.

"I wouldn't say I'm excited, I'm just trying to stay chilled," he looks ahead, and he is wearing these ridiculous sun glasses which I think he thinks makes him look 'cool'.

I decide to give up on trying to talk to Daniels. I'm just trying to be nice and make a good situation of this, and he constantly throws it back in my face. I turn away from him, and look out onto the stage. Antero has nearly finished his interview so I will be on very soon. I run my hands over my dress, I love my outfit so much, and my stylist did a great job.

It's a navy blue, strapless dress which is very short at the front and becomes longer at the back. The skirt is ruffled and there are diamonds incrusted on bodice of the dress. I have been given a diamond necklace to wear which looks like it cost more than my house, and my hair is clipped to the side and curled.

"Next up, is Illuminate Sensorium District 5's female tribute!" Jim announces, and the crowd all cheers as I walk onto the stage.

"Take a seat Illuminate" he says, gesturing to a comfy seat opposite his.

I sit down on the chair and stare out into the crowd amazed at all the bright lights and noise.

"Wow... this is amazing..." I say in awe, everyone laughs and I suddenly realised I said it out loud. "Oops sorry I didn't mean to say that out loud, but it is!" everyone is in fits of giggles, I didn't think I was that funny but they must of thought I was.

"Your stylist did a great job with your outfit... didn't they?" The audience all nod and shout in agreement.

"Thanks! I kind of look like one of you now!" The crowd are all laughing again, and I giggle. "In a good way I mean..."

"Oh Illuminate you are funny"

"Am I?" Everyone is in fits by now, and I laugh myself. I realise I could be coming off as rather ditsy but they find me funny so I am alright for my interview angle.

We talk about things like my training score, and he also asks me what I like to do back at home, which I answer with singing, and he asks me to sing for the audience. At first I felt so embarrassed, but I only sung a couple of lines because of the time limit and when I was done I got a great applause.

"Last question; is there anyone at home you will be trying to win for?"

I don't even have to think about this, "I have a big family, I live with my Aunt and Uncle and all my cousins and I want to get home for them too, but I am determined to get home to my older sister Brynn; I'm the only proper family she has and vice versa, so I need to get home for her."

The buzzer sounds and as I walk off the stage I look into a camera filming me. I blow a kiss into the camera, purposely with the wrist that is wearing my charm bracelet token, so Brynn will know I am signing to her seeing as she made it with Ember.

After I blow the kiss, I mouth 'I love you' and leave the stage. She'll know what I am trying to say, I love you, and I'll be home soon Brynn.

Interviews: Daniels Xena's PoV

I wait for Illuminate's interview to end, and I must say I am finding it rather boring, as I have the previous ones. Mine will obviously be more interesting, so I don't need to worry about impressing the crowd. Illuminate soon walks off the stage and my name is called.

"Daniels Xena, District 5's male tribute!"

I walk on casually, and when I reach Jim, I shake his hand and sit down. I take off my black sunglasses so you can see they can see my face properly, and I smirk at the crowd. I am also wearing a black suit which goes nicely with the glasses; so overall I look pretty good.

"Hi Daniels, how are you finding your stay in the Capitol?" Jim grins at me, and I just stare bluntly at him.

"It's been good..."

"Ok... let's go onto your training score, you got a 2, were you disappointed?"

"Well, yes, I thought I did much better than the score I got, but it doesn't matter you will see my real potential when I am in the games"

The crowd stays silent, but there are a few cheers, obviously my fans. I'm not surprised I have fans, how could you not love me.

"Well... confidence is good, erm, what's life like back at home?"

"Normal... nothing exciting really happens; except for the reaping obviously"

"Yes I guess that does make things more exciting... any family?"

"I live with my Mother and younger sister Cloha, my Father was... killed" I look down sadly.

"That's a shame" Jim says, looking rather awkwardly, probably realising he was killed in the rebellion.

I take a deep breath and carry on, "I'm ok though, I will be fighting for him, and my Mother and Cloha, and I will win."

The buzzer sounds and the crowd cheers and claps as I walk off the stage. I mean it, I will win.

Interviews: Amanda Hawks's PoV

I'm next... After that cocky boy from 5 finishes, I have to go up in front of the millions of people watching and get interviewed. Me, the quiet girl who rarely talks and in school always has her nose in a book and never contributing to the class,

"Our next tribute is District 6's Amanda Hawks!"

I walk onto the stage, and I am blinded by the bright lights. I look away, trying to look ahead of me at Jim so I don't get distracted and do something stupid like trip over in front of the nation. I reach Jim and he shakes my hand politely and gestures to the chairs for me to sit down. I take a seat, and stare out into the crowd, amazed at how far back it stretches.

"Welcome Amanda, you look lovely this evening" Jim says kindly.

"Oh thank you, I feel like a princess..." I say giggling, the crowd all chuckle and I blush...I really do though, like the princess in the story I read before I was sent to the Capitol.

I am wearing a long green dress which is like a ball gown, and has a layered skirt that falls to the floor. The top part of the dress is lined at the bottom with sparkly diamonds which shine. My red hair is straightened and the green dress brings out my eyes.

"You look like one! Now tell me Amanda, what is your favourite thing about the Capitol?"

"Oh the library," I laugh at my answer, mostly how strange it sounds. Everything the Capitol offers and I love the library.

"Really," Jim says chuckling.

"Yes! I was rather limited to what I could read back at home because I only had a few books, but here you have thousands!" Everyone is laughing at my innocent behaviour and I feel myself blushing again.

"Well at least the books are being used by someone!" everyone laughs at this and I find myself giggling too.

"Now I know this next question could be a touchy subject, but I would like to ask you about the reaping" He looks at me, and I look down awkwardly. I don't want to get upset about the whole situation, so I will try to stay strong; I don't want to look weak.

He wants me to talk about Tia, and how she was rather distraught and so was I when I think about it.

"Erm... well the girl in the crowd that was upset and trying to volunteer for me, even though she is too old, was my sister Tia. We two are the complete opposite, she is popular and pretty and I tend to keep myself to myself. When I saw her at the reaping... I think my heart actually broke. I never realised my sister cared for me so much that she would try to give up her own life for me; and I love her so much for it," the crowd is deadly silent and I look up at the crowd and they all let out a great cheer. I'm not sure what for but I accept it.

I look into the camera next and say, "I'll try and get home for you Tia." Some of the crowd are crying at this point at my heartfelt words and as the buzzer sounds and I exit the stage, I let a tear roll down my cheek, now able to show my weakness.

Interviews: Amazon Purfum's PoV

I look down the long line of tributes, and a bit down the line I see Lilac standing nervously. She looks up at me, her pale blue eyes looking big and worried. I smile at her, and she half smiles back.

"Next up is Amazon Purfum from District 6!" Jim calls. I am led up to the stage and Lilac mouths 'good luck' to me as I am walking on. The crowd is noisy, some cheering and clapping, others laughing as they remember me as 'the car boy' and others even acting like how I did in the chariots. I must have made a good impression because they all seem to like me.

"Hello Amazon take a seat,' Jim says shaking my hand. I sit down on the lush seat, and look out at the crowd, time to turn the funny on.

"It's great to be here Jim, and can I just say you look lovely this evening,' I say, mimicking what Jim has been saying to most of the female tributes, "Very... shiny..." The crowds are laughing and Jim pulls a face at me but begins to chuckle himself.

"Ok first question, what is your favourite thing about the Capitol?"

"The food... definitely the food" I rub my stomach and lick my lips and everyone laughs again.

"Oh well it is nice, let's talk about training next, you got a 5?"

"Yes, I was quite pleased,"

"Did you think you should have got higher?"

"I'll tell you something..." I lean towards Jim as if I am telling him a secret, "I believe, the Gamemakers gave me a lower score because they are jealous of my skills... and muscles" I tense my arms which barely hold any muscles whatsoever, but the crowd love my joking and even the Gamemakers are smirking and laughing.

"I think you could be right, look at their jealous faces" Jim gestures to the Gamemakers and some are still laughing, they all notice the cameras are on them and wave their hands saying to turn the cameras away.

"Any family rooting for you at home Amazon,"

I lean back in my chair and squint my eyes at Jim, "Yes... any rooting for you Jim?"

He laughs but carries on, "Now seriously, tell us about your family"

I really don't want to do this, but I have to say something I can't just stay quiet for the rest of the interview. "My family is rather normal; I have a Mother and a Father, 3 younger siblings, Axel, Hedley and Natalia and an older sister Adela."

"Oh yes I remember now, you volunteered for your brother!"

"Yes, Hedley, he is like a younger version of me, always joking around, and when I saw him up on that stage, my heart sunk, he was no longer my happy brother, but a scared twelve year old who didn't stand a chance."

"I see..."

"And, I will stay strong for them; they need me as much as I need them..."

The buzzer sounds, and I begin to walk off the stage. The crowds go wild, and I wave to them and keep smiling. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to be funny.

Interviews: Yesina Root's PoV

I look out onto the vast crowd that is the Capitol. The bright lights and scenery are quite overwhelming, especially because of the situation I am in. Amazon from District 6 is on the stage at the moment, probably telling another one of his jokes. They are quite funny, and he seems to have the audience in the palm of his hand.

I do find it hard to believe, how this place filled with horrible people can be so wonderful. Today has been rather great, especially when I was dressed into my interview outfit. I wear a little green dress, which is the same colour as the evergreen trees which surrounded the forest back at home. Woven into the dress, are golden birds taking off into flight. Like normal, my make-up is kept fairly plain, but just enough to make my eyes look bright. My hair is braided to the side in a complicated French braid, keeping my fringe out of my eyes, and I am very grateful, that I am dressed in golden flat shoes, instead of ridiculous heels which my escort wears.

"Let's welcome to the stage the next tribute, Yesina Root from District 7!"

I look up to see the previous interview has finished and it is in fact my turn. I walk out onto the stage a slight skip in my step, and I grin at the crowd as I wave kindly. The crowd cheers and I get a surge of energy from them.

"Hello Yesina take a seat," Jim says pointing to the chair next to his.

"Thank you; and call me Lili."

"Ok Lili, I'll start with my first question being, what did you think of your training score? It was great for a twelve year old!"

"I know, I guess no one saw that coming… except me obviously."

"Oh, so you expected to get a good score then?"

"I know my abilities, and I felt I did a good job." I smile confidently and the crowds all cheer.

"It's good to have confidents, so… what do you like to do back at your district?"

I make sure not to mention that I sneak outside my district, I doubt that will go down well. "I love to run… I run as far as I can see it's just so calming."

We talk about home, and other things like what I like about the Capitol, and then he reaches his final question.

"Do you think you can win Lili?" Jim leans forward looking at me with his altered gold eyes.

"I think, I'm not what you expect to be a great fighter, or the strongest, but I have my strong points, so don't count me out from the chance of winning!"

The buzzer sounds and I skip back off the stage waving and blowing kisses to the crowd that is excited about the revealing of an underdog.

Interviews: Quin Ley's PoV

Ergh, the Capitol. My hatred for it and its people becomes more and more by the day. They killed most of my family and left my Mother in a state of confusion and depression. They cause so much trouble for us all, and yet they get away with it.

"Next is Quin Ley, District 7's male tribute!" Jim Mills, that annoying show of a man, calls my name. I storm onto the stage, staring straight ahead, not even glancing at the cheering crowd. I fall into my chair, my arms crossed over my chest and I look bluntly at Jim.

"Thanks for joining us, and you look very smart… not as good as me but still," The crowd all laugh at this but I just grunt slightly. I do not look very smart; I hate this monkey suit that my stylist has dressed me in.

I wear a white overcoat and trousers with a green shirt, brown tie and dark brown shoes. I think they were going for forest colours with the browns and greens, but I just feel uncomfortable and stupid.

"Erm, ok let’s start" Jim says awkwardly, "You also got a seven like your district partner, were you pleased?"

"I guess."

"Oh… um… have you liked staying in the Capitol?"


He looks almost shocked by this comment and so does the audience, "And why is that?"

"I don't like the place, or the people." I stare angrily at him and he actually looks quite scared.

"Ok…" there is an awkward silence for a while, and then he finally asks me another question.

"Do you think you can win the games?"

"I don't know, you will soon find out… but I'm sure you'll all love watching me die if I do… that's the point of the games right?"

The buzzer sounds, which I think they did earlier than they were supposed to but they obviously didn't like my comments, and it breaks the deadly silence. I storm back off the stage angrily, but I am glad I told them the truth. They need to know that they are all killers in some way.

Interviews: Samara Emett's PoV

My head is pressed against Josh's chest, our hands intertwined with the others. He takes one hand and runs it through my loose black hair soothingly, while his other hand still grips mine tightly. "You'll be fine out there, they'll love you" "I hope so…" He leans forward and whispers in my ear, "I don't believe you truly got a 2, I know you two well." I look up and smirk at him. He laughs slightly and releases my other hand as he turns me round to face the stairs to the stage. He leans forward, whispering in my ears again. "I knew it… now go make me proud with your fake weakness… and you look beautiful by the way." I laugh at his first comment and then blush at his last one. I'm wearing a black one strap dress which reaches my mid thigh, and my raven black hair is down and flows onto my back. I do feel very pretty, but I wouldn't say I looked beautiful. "The next tribute to be interviewed is Samara Emett from District 8!" I take in a deep breath and walk onto the stage. I smile nervously at the crowd, not wanting to seem too confident, and I wave slightly to a few people. "Hi Samara, take a seat" Jim says shaking my hand. I perch myself on the edge of the plush sofa and stare out into the crowd. "Wow… this is so cool!" the crowd all laughs at my amazement and I giggle. I have quite a cute personality anyway, but I have to add to it… it makes me seem less of a fighter and more of a sweet little girl. "It is pretty 'cool', so Samara, do you like the Capitol?" "It's very nice… it's just so… big!" "Well, I'm sure it is for a small girl like you! What is your favourite thing?" "I love how it looks with all the bright lights!" Everyone aw's at my excitement and I laugh to myself in my head at how believable I am being. "Now… sadly you only got a 2 in training, do you want to say anything about that?" I look up and force tears to spring into my eyes, "I just, don't know what I did wrong" I say in a sad voice, wiping at my eyes. You can see the crowds are feeling rather sorry for me because of it. "Ok I'll move swiftly onto the next question, you volunteered for your sister if I am right, would you explain?" "She is my younger sister Joni, when she was reaped I knew I needed to save her, so I did what I had to do" The crowd all act like this is so sweet, but they probably find it a shame as they think I am as weak as my little sister. I make more tears fall down my cheeks, "I …just... needed to protect her." I hold my head in my hands, letting the audience hear my fake sobs. The buzzer sounds and I get up from my chair walking off the stage wiping my eyes and trying to smile at the crowd. I reach the end and run down the steps of the stage into Josh's arms. He encloses me in them, pressing his face in my hair. "You did great…" he whispers.

Interviews: Josh Eagleye's PoV

"The next tribute is Josh Eagleye, District 8's male!"

I release Samara from my tight embrace and she whispers good luck to me. We've been getting much closer lately, and it feels nice to have someone to talk to who understands what you are going through. I walk onto the stage and smile straight away at the crowd. They all cheer welcomingly and I wink at some of the woman to get them on my side. I sit down on the sofa and Jim sits opposite me.

"Welcome Josh!"

"Thanks, you guys are a great crowd!" I get a good cheer for that and I smile at the response.

"So Josh, has the Capitol treated you well?"

"Yes very!" Besides the sending me to my death part,

"Great! Now you got a five in training, what did you think?"

"I was pleased, obviously I would of loved higher but five is good for me!" I grin at the crowd and they all cheer at my positive attitude.

We joke around for a bit about training and the Capitol and then he asks me the awkward question I didn't want.

"A question we all want to know the answer to… you volunteered at the reaping, but it didn't look like you knew the kid you volunteered for, care to explain?"

I really don't know how to answer this, I can't just say, 'My aunt abuses me, I am a scared weakling and I wanted to get away from her, so I took the first chance I had… but it was slightly a mistake' Yeah that makes sense.

"Erm… my life wasn't the best; I was not in a very good situation at home so I volunteered." I make sure I stare into the camera, so if my aunt is watching she'll realise how evil she was.

Quicker than I thought, the buzzer sounds and I am leaving the stage. The crowd cheer and I wave goodbye to them, but before I leave I make sure I give another stare into the camera.

She needs to know how terrible she really is; she put me in this situation after all.

Interviews: Lilac Infinity's PoV

"Lilac I don't feel so good…" I look up at Amazon, and he stares back down at me.

"It'll be fine, don't worry about it," He wraps me in his arms, and I let myself relax, I soon become tense again though when I hear the next few words.

"The next tribute on the stage is Lilac Infinity from District 9!"

"Now go, show them how amazing you are…" Amazon moves his arms away and guides me to the edge of the stage. He doesn't understand how nervous I am. Yeah, he has dealt with the interviews already, but I am not exactly the most sociable person. You can blame my uncle for that.

"Wish me luck…"

I walk onto the stage, and nearly trip before I even reach the end of the curtain. Stupid heels, My stylist has dressed me in a beautiful blue dress which flows to my knees and it matches my eyes, but they have put me in silver 5 inch heels which I have only just mastered how to walk in. I quickly gain my composure and walk confidently onto the stage, trying to act anything but myself. The real Lilac would never be this confident. The crowd all clap and cheer and I smile and wave at some of the crowd. I take a seat in one of the chairs and let out a sigh of relief that I don't have to stand in those heels for a few minutes.

"How are you feeling Lilac," Jim says smiling.

"My feet hurt," I say laughing, the crowds all laugh too and they all look at my heels.

"I can see why," Jim says chuckling. "So, have you liked the Capitol?"

"Not that I have anything against it, but it’s too… artificial for me, the bright lights and scenery is lovely don't get me wrong, but I prefer nature and the outdoors… I guess that's just because of my District…"

"I know what you mean, it's not for everyone, but I love it!" Jim says laughing and the crowd join. "Next question, what would you say was a strong point of yours?"

"I think… I might not be the strongest compared to others here, but I am smart I will admit that…"

"Well you need brains not just brawn." I nod in agreement and the audience all nod too.

"How was life back in District 9 Lilac?"

I sit for a bit… I want to prove him wrong… my disgusting uncle… show him that I am not a weak kid which is going to die; I can do this.

"My parents died when I was seven, so I live with my Uncle Spur…" I look down, feeling shivers run through me just thinking about him. Don't let yourself be like this, prove him wrong.The audiences all stare at me and I take a deep breath and stare into the camera.

"Spur if you're watching this, which I slightly doubt seeing as you're probably so intoxicated by alcohol you can hardly walk…" The audience all start laughing and I smirk slightly. "I just want you to know, I will win this and prove you wrong, I am worth something… and I am smarter than you think… so I hope you're happy with yourself for how you treated me… everything you did has just made me stronger…"

The buzzer sounds, and I walk strongly off the stage, the audience cheering, clapping and one throws a flower which I pick up gratefully, seeing as I love them. They are all shocked at my outburst to my uncle and so am I slightly. But I am glad he knows the effect he had on me and that he is the weak one now. Not me.

Interview: Henry Ricktor's PoV

I feel like hiding. Somewhere dark and peaceful, where no-one can see me and where I won't have to answer any questions. My mind is spinning at the moment, whirling like a tornado full of worries and fears. I stand straight looking ahead my hands locked at my side. I wear a smart black polo shirt and black trousers which help me blend in with the darkness… but I won't blend in when I am forced onto the stage filled of bright lights and loud noises.

"Up next is Henry Ricktor, District 9's male tribute!"

I stand frozen in fear on the spot. I turn around to take off running, but my escort stops me before I can and pushes me onto the stage. I stumble on, and stare out at the millions of people all looking at me and cheering. I don't know why they are cheering I haven't exactly done anything.

"Hello Henry take a seat," Jim says smiling, he looks at me with his golden eyes and something about them scares me.

I sit on the edge of the chair, not able to relax.

"First question, do you like the capitol?"

"Erm… um… yes?" I look at the crowd for approval and they all laugh slightly at my 'question'.

"Well it's either a yes or a no, but I'll take that as a yes!" Jim says winking at me, I realise he is trying to help me through the interview, he obviously realised how nervous I am. "Now you got a one in training, were you disappointed?"

I look up at him, and around at the crowd as they stare at me with their piercing eyes. "I expected it to be honest," I look down sadly and a few people 'aw'.

"That's a shame, and what's life like at home?"

Again I look down, but more in panic this time. How do I tell them I have been hiding for three years? I don't think I can tell them, what if it's against the law? What if I am killed before the games have even started? I look around in panic back and forth, back and forth and before I even realise what I am doing I take off for the side of the stage. I run down the steps and down a long corridor trying to get as far away from everyone and I can hear everyone in the crowd murmuring at my sudden departure before the buzzer even sounded. I really hope I never have to do that again.

Interview: Myristal Haze's PoV

Peering from behind the curtain, I can see the crowd which stretches back into the distance. I wonder how many people are actually here. Or actually watching the interviews? I think it's the whole of Panem, which doesn't make the situation any easier for me to deal with. I'm not that scared though, I don't mind talking to people so if I just imagine I am talking to Jim everything will be fine. I am feeling rather confident anyway, not about the actual games but the fact I am ok at talking, and I know how to act. My interview angle is sweet and innocent, which is kind of my personality anyway.

My stylist has given me a beautiful outfit too. It's a dusty pink dress; the front part of the skirt comes to my knees and the back falls down to my mid calf. I also wear some light brown cowboy boots which I was pleased about as they are so comfortable, my hair is left naturally curly and I wear minimal makeup. Around my neck is my token, a silver chain with a horse shoe pendant, and I hope it will bring me luck like it’s supposed to.

"The next tribute is Myristal Haze from District 10!"

I hear the sound of Jim's cheerful voice so I ready myself to walk on.

"Good luck Myristal…" I whip my head round to see the District 1 male Dasma, leaning on a wall his arms crossed over his chest and a small smile etched on his face.

He keeps doing things like this, saying odd comments, and I don't know whether he actually means them, or if he is tricking me into thinking we are fine and when I actually get into the games he will target me. It's hard to tell, so I have tried not to think about it too much.

"Thanks," I mumble, as I walk onto the stage.

The crowd all cheer as I walk across, smiling and waving. Jim smiles, compliments my dress and then takes a seat and I sit opposite him.

"Hello Myristal, how are you feeling?"

"I'm fine… there's just so many people!"

"I know, I know, you get used to it after a while though!" He rolls his eyes and I giggle. "So, you got a six in training, that's pretty good for a sweet girl like you!"

"I guess so…I was very pleased to be honest."

"Would you say you have any special skills that you could use in the games?"

"Yes… but I'm not going to say, I don't want to give anything away," I act like I am zipping my lips together and the crowd all chuckle.

We carry on talking about home and I tell them about the ranch and what I do there. I leave out any information about being whipped by the Capitol… I don't think I will get any sponsors from that.

"Last question, do you think you can win this thing?"

"I don't give up easily… and I'm a hard worker… so I wouldn't count me out just yet."

Interview: Mark Bull's PoV

"Do I really have to do this?" I moan at my escort while she straightens the collar of my shirt. I am wearing the same outfit I did at the reaping; but in better condition, because my stylist thought it would remind people of my brave volunteering.

"Yes you do… now go stand by the stage you're next," She turns me round and pushes me towards the stage.

I squeeze my hands into fists so they turn red, I really don't want to do this. Who really likes being asked about their life? Their family and home that they will probably never see again, Myristal walks off the stage after a great applause from the audience and I ready myself for my turn.

"The next tribute is Mark Bull the District 10 male tribute!"

I shake my hands and they turn back to the normal pale white they are supposed to be and I walk onto the stage. I smirk at the audience and they all applaud and cheer like they do for every tribute. Jim reaches out to shake my hand and I return it gripping strongly so his own hands turn red.

"That's quite a handshake there Mark…" he says laughing. "Take a seat."

I sit down on the sofa and lean back crossing my arms over my chest. I stare at Jim, waiting for my first question.

"So Mark, do you like the Capitol?"

"It's ok… quite interesting…"

"And what do you mean by that…"

"It just is, how different the people our compared to the districts."

"I think that is the most unique response to that question out of all the interviews…" I shrug at this, but secretly I am pleased that I have made a slight impression.

"So you got a seven in training, were you happy with that?"

"I guess…" I am actually pleased, but I'm not giving anything away throughout this interview, my competition is watching after all.

Jim carries on asking questions, trying to find one where I can't just answer minimally. He goes through training and home but he can't get a lot out of me. He asks about the reaping too, but I don't know how to explain that I thought the tribute was my dead brother. That makes me sound crazy.

"Last question, do you think you can win?"

"Hmm… do I think I can win? You'll just have to wait until the games to find out!"

The buzzer goes off and I can see Jim look relieved but also slightly annoyed for not getting any answers out of me. I can't let him know everything about me, can I?

Interviews: Asha Caprice's PoV

"Erm… Crizz?" I tug on my district partner's shirt trying to get his attention, "What are you looking at?" He stands facing away from me, looking at a blank space murmuring to himself. He sometimes does this, but I've never found out why.

He turns around out of his daze and looks down at me, "Oh… nothing…" he grunts. I turn away from him and walk off towards the edge of the stage. District 10 has nearly finished their interviews and then it will be my turn. I will admit I am nervous… actually I am very nervous. I am not exactly the most out going person, neither the loudest nor most talkative. Interviews are definitely not my thing.

I run my hands over the skirt of my dress. It is a long blue dress, and I'm also wearing some silver flats and my hair is straightened. It's the most expensive outfit I have ever worn in my life, and I feel extremely good because of it.

"Give it up, for the next tribute, Asha Caprice from District 11!"

I make my way up the stairs and begin to walk across the stage with a slight skip in my step. Everyone cheers and I wave sweetly back to them. I reach Jim and smile at him and he holds his hand to his heart and looks at the crowd like 'aw this is the cutest girl ever'. I giggle slightly at how he looks but he doesn't notice and then he gestures to the chair for me to take a seat.

"Welcome Asha, how are you feeling?"

"Nervous!" I splutter.

"Don't be, it'll be fine! I think we should start with that training score of yours; an eight! That's great for a girl of your age!" The crowd all cheer and I blush slightly at all the attention.

"Thank you, I was so happy when I found out…"

"Want to tell us what you did to get that score?" Jim says leaning in towards me.

"I don't think I can do that…" I say laughing, pushing him away jokingly.

"Fine, fine… but you must be good at some skills or you wouldn't have got that score…"

"Well yes I guess I am, but I'm not revealing anything!"

We carry on talking about the Capitol and other things about the games and then we get to the last questions.

"Do you have any family cheering you on at home Asha?"

"Yes, I have a rather normal actually… there's my parents, and I have two brothers and two sisters."

"Is there anything you would like to say to them if you could?"

"I think I would say, I love you all so much and I will try and get home to you soon… and," I look into the camera and stare directly down the camera lens showing a small smile, "Hayley, Kale, I know you were worried for me but don't I'll be fine, and don't miss me to much until I get home," I smile to myself, remembering the day of the reaping in the orchard, when I overheard my siblings conversations. "So… I'll see you then…" The buzzer sounds and I hear a few sniffles from the crowd at my message. I walk off the stage waving again at the cheering crowd and I give a quick smile at the camera for my family, so they know I am ok.

Interview: Crizz Chaster's PoV

I watch as Asha is being interviewed. She seems fine so there is no need for me to worry; I think she will be ok if she is by herself in the games, especially as she got a higher score than me.

I'm wearing a plain black shirt, black trousers and black shoes; I look so dark and plain compared to everyone else. I don't think this is a good situation, and I hate the idea of being asked questions about myself, personal or not. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Asha leave the stage, so I make my way over.

"The interviews will soon be over, but now we have Crizz Chaster, District 11's male tribute!"

I walk onto the stage, staring straight ahead not even acknowledging the crowd.

"Hello Crizz take a seat!" Jim reaches out to shake my hand but I just ignore him and sit down.

"Um… ok how are you feeling? Have you liked the Capitol?" I just stare ahead and don't answer. Jim smiles at me stupidly and I just look at him with disgust. How can he be so happy when most of us will be dead in a week?

"A bit nervous hey? What about your family, want to tell us about them?"

I look at him and I can almost feel the anger bubble up inside me. If he knew about my family, how they were killed by the people from this disgusting place, I don't think he would of asked that question. I can see Malaya sitting in the crowd, cradling Theo to her chest, but I shake my head because it hurts too much, to see her around these people.

"I did have family." I spit angrily.

"And what do you mean by that?" Jim says looking confused.

"They were killed. My parents, my girlfriend, my son… and do you know who by?" he stares at me so confused but I can't stop now, they need to know what they did. "They were killed by the Capitol… it could have been any of your relatives… ANY OF THEM! Or even you. And now your sending innocent children off to their deaths… what kind of sick creatures are you?" I shout towards the crowd, I have reached the peak of my anger now and I can't bear to look at them anymore. I don't know how much trouble I will be in, if I wasn't already being sent to my death I would be on my way to a severe punishment or even death. I kick my chair in frustration, and it slides across the stage. I storm off the stage where I see a peacekeeper waiting to control me and the audience and Jim just stare in shock. But is it because of my outburst, or because they have realised what monsters they really are?

Interview: Olivia Fire's PoV

I can't believe what I am watching. This guy is going to get in so much trouble, he is basically saying that the Capitol are all sick in the head, (which we are all thinking but we don't say it, we're not that stupid). I can't help but think how awkward it's going to be when I have to go on for my interview. Crizz storms off the stage and a peacekeeper takes him by his arm and drags him away.

"Well… I think we should just carry on, next is Olivia Fire District 12's Female tribute!"

I walk onto the stage, and smile at the cheering crowd, they are obviously happy to have a cheerful tribute now.

"Wow that dress is amazing!" Jim says.

I am wearing a long flowing green gown with fifteen silk layers, it is encrusted with diamonds, strapless and I wear white pumps with it too.

"Thanks Jim! You look pretty good yourself…" the audience laugh and Jim chuckles to himself.

"Olivia, you got a six in training, that's quite good right?"

"Yeah I guess, for me anyway…" I laugh and flash my winning smile again.

"And what is your favourite thing about the Capitol?"

"Will you judge me if I say the food?" The audiences are all in fits of laughter and I just laugh and shrug to them.

"No we won't it is delicious…"

We carry on talking for a while about the Capitol and I keep joking around to get laughs from the crowd.

"What about your family? Who's at home cheering you on?"

"Erm… my Mum and Brother Marcello… my father passed away so…" I look down awkwardly; I won't be mentioning the fact that he was killed going against the Capitol.

"Oh that's a shame… want to say anything to them?"

"Hi guys… I love you and I will try and get home soon… stay strong for me ok?" I smile into the camera and the buzzer sounds for me to leave. I walk off the stage, smiling at all the crowd again; I need them on my side if I want to win this after all.

Interviews: Mark Coal's PoV

"Our last tribute on the stage is Mark Coals from District 12!"

I stroll onto the stage, running my hand through my dusty blonde hair. I am wearing a black tuxedo, black shoes and my hair is combed back. The crowd cheers and I smile flirtatiously at the crowd, winking at a few girls. I reach the interview chair and sit down.

"Hi Mark, how are you feeling?"

"I'm great thanks, and yourself?"

"I am very good as well, how did you find training? You got a six?"

"Yes I did! I was very pleased with it, I've loved the training here it's been great being able to use the variety of weapons…" I'm trying to seem the least nervous as possible. Obviously I never really touched a weapon before in my life either, but they don't know that.

"Well its good you've made the most of it, how was life back at home?"

"I have a good life, I live in the richer part of District 12, and I am an only child with loving parents, I've had a pretty good life to be honest."

We talk about home and then about the Capitol, the crowd seem to like me too which I am pleased about.

"My last question is Mark; do you think you can win?"

"Yes, I'm definitely ready for the Hunger Games," The buzzer sounds and I stroll back off the stage away from the cheering the crowd.

As I leave, I look around at the other 23 tributes. I will be against them in just over a day's time, and that is crazy to think about. I don't know what it will be like in the arena, how everyone will react or cope. But I need to be ready for it, or I won't stand a chance.

The Night Before the Games

Night Before the Games: Arianna Mae's PoV

I lay in bed restless. How can I sleep when I need to be prepared for fighting tomorrow? I am ready, don't get me wrong, but I just feel that I need to be preparing instead of lying around not even getting any sleep. Bluebelle did say to get plenty of rest, but I'm not really tired am I? So what's really the point? I pull my duvet off me and slowly creep towards the door. I open it and walk out into the hallway, trying to shut it quietly behind me. I pad into the kitchen, and make myself some tea, and then I walk into the living area. To my surprise, Dasma is sitting on the sofa, also drinking some tea. He seems lost in thought and hasn't even noticed I have arrived in the room.

"Dasma?" I whisper. He is knocked out of his train of thought and looks over at me.

"Oh you scared me… can't sleep?" He asks, rubbing his own eyes tiredly.

"You could say that, you?" He nods in reply and I go over and sit on the other side of the sofa.

"Why can't you sleep?" I ask.

"I have… stuff on my mind…"

He goes back into a slight daze, just staring at the turned off television. Its not really like him, he's normally so full of himself, right now he should be saying how amazing he is going to be in the games. Maybe he is slightly worried too?

Night Before the Games: Dasma Rath's PoV

I don't know what to think anymore. I can't be distracted like this, but there is always that little note in the back of my mind that keeps making me think about it. I'm supposed to be a Career, a fighter, I need to win this! I can't let little distractions take over me. I want to win, and get back for Nari, she needs me, and she's only thirteen after all. I just want to get home overall… but maybe that's not an option anymore. Especially if it means…

"Dasma…hello?" Arianna waves her hands in front of my face and I am yet again snapped out my day dream.

"Yes Arianna?"

"I said, I am going to bed now, do you even know what time it is?" She walks off and into her room. I look at the time and see an hour has passed; time seems to be going very quickly while I have been here. I head into my own room, and turn off the lights so I am in complete darkness. I lie under the covers, and squeeze my eyes shut trying to fall asleep quickly. But I can't get that same face out of my mind. That beautiful face that if I want to win, they will have to die. I can't get the name out of my mind and as I finally drift off to sleep, I am left with it engraved there.


Night Before the Games: Becca Kenwell's PoV

I am ready. I have never been so ready in all of my life. I haven't been training, constantly and pushed to be the best for nothing… I want to get home to my siblings and Father. I want to prove to my step Mother I am worth something and her children are not the only great ones. I want to see her smug face drop, when she sees me return to the District and go to my house in the Victors Village. I want having to kill people to be worth something, not just for the fun of it. But most of all I want to win this. I need to win this. More for myself than anyone else.

Night Before the Games: Wren Hayes's PoV

I pace back and forth in my room, my mind whirring with different thoughts. In less than a day's time, I will be fighting to the death. This time tomorrow I could either be killing someone, fighting for my life or even in a coffin myself, being sent home to my family. I can't let them see me like that, my little brother and sister would have to see their older brother, the one they loved and cared for, cold and lifeless lying in a coffin. That's a terrible thing for an eight year old to see. I've been so lonely since I have been here, and I would give anything to see them again. I should be thinking of tac-tics, like how I will find my alliance. I am glad I have joint the careers, it will help me greatly. I decide I need my rest, seeing as I probably won't be getting to much in the arena, and I crawl under my covers and close my eyes, wishing I would wake up in my bed back at home.

Night Before the Games: Ruby Hyrglass's PoV

Walking out of my room, I make my way to the kitchen and open the fridge to see what I can find. I see some leftover ice cream from this evening's desert, and take it in one hand, closing the door with the other. I let out a small scream though, as I see my district partner Breeze appear from behind there.

"Breeze you scared me!" I say laughing slightly. I don't want to be horrible to him, and I would like someone to talk to on the last night.

"Sorry…" he says looking down, but sniggering to himself too.

"Don't laugh! Here take this…" I say shoving the ice cream in his hands and wandering off to grab two spoons.

We walk into the living area and sit on the sofa, eating the ice cream. I take my time, savouring each mouthful as I probably won't get it in a while. I suddenly hear a small whimper and look at Breeze who has a small tear running down his cheek.

"Hey… what's wrong?" I say smiling, wiping the tear from his cheek. He in someway reminds me of my brother Thomas, and I feel a slight sisterly instinct towards him at the moment.

"I'm just… worried you know? Every time I think about the games I feel sick…" I look down at him and he stares up at me with his big brown eyes, and I can't help but feel angry at the fact that he is only twelve, and he also has to fight to the death, and I realise now, how this situation is in some ways worse for other tributes than it is for me.

Night Before the Games: Breeze Mere's PoV

I look up at Ruby for some sort of advice… anything. I need my mind to be taken off of the games. I don't want to think about it… if I'm up against a stronger tribute, or even an older one, I am a goner. That's the problem with me I guess, I think too logically. Yes that could be a good thing in the games, but now for example, I am constantly contradicting myself on my plan for the games. If I should grab something or just run as far as possible away from it all.

"Breeze… don't worry about it… you're a smart kid, I believe in you," She smiles kindly at me and pulls me in for a hug. I let myself relax, and appreciate it; I won't be getting any hugs in the games; that's for sure. She then moves away and leaves the living room, saying a small goodbye before she leaves. I put the ice cream I have been eating back in the kitchen, and walk into my own room. I collapse onto the bed and curl up in a ball, wishing this was all just a horrible dream.

Night Before the Games: Imogene Odana's PoV

1, 2, 1, 2… I punch my pillow again and again, trying to gain some training from the little time I have left before the games. I am interrupted though by a small knock at my bedroom door. I walk over and open it slightly to see Antero standing outside, his eyes dark and tired.

"Can I come in? I can't sleep and I heard you move around so I guessed you were awake…" I nod to him and move to the side so he can walk in.

"Why can't you sleep?" I ask. I should really be sleeping myself, but I wanted to get some extra training, I find that is more important. I'm not nervous for the games either, so that wouldn't stop me from sleeping…

"I just keep thinking about the games, don't get me wrong I am far from nervous, I just keep wondering about what the arena is going to be like, don't you?"

To be honest, I haven't thought about it. I don't know what I want it to be like; I just hope it is more in my favour than others. I shake my head from side to side in response and he looks slightly shocked.

"I would have thought you would be thinking about everything… do you have any target people?" I shrug at this; I don't want to give anything away.

I have joint the Careers, which I am not sure was a good thing. I know that I can't kill Ant, for one he is my Ally, and two I kind of owe him. He saved my life after all… and I do believe in owing people and paying back your dues. It could cause some problems for me in the games, but then again, I can always change my mind.

Night Before the Games: Antero Lisin's PoV

I sit in Imogene's room talking to her. It literally is me talking to her, she barely says a word. I decide after a while that she obviously doesn't want to talk, and I kind of feel tired anyway. Truth is, I have been thinking a lot about the games. I've been deciding what I should do, how I should act with my alliance. Joining the careers was a great choice, but I feel like I have to prove myself to stay with them. Some of them have trained before after all, including Imogene. I want to get home, I want to win this. It's truly just a game to me, and with all games you have to be in it to win it. So I will do my best, even if I have to kill others which won't be the easiest thing, but I will because I have to win this thing.

Night Before the Games: Illuminate Sensorium's PoV

I can't sleep. However hard I try I really can't. It could be nerves, but I also want to slightly get into the arena already. Not that I want to fight to the death, but I want to get tomorrow over and done with, after all every day means one step closer to home. There's nothing more I want, than getting home. To see my family and especially Brynn, I miss her the most. We've spent all our lives being there for each other and I don't know how I have coped without her. I guess I have someone else to be there for me now. I am in an alliance with Myristal, and I'm really happy about it. I don't think I could have stayed alone in the arena, I need someone to talk to and someone who I can help and they help me. It's nice to have someone watching your back, and maybe until I get home, I can watch Myristal's back and she can watch mine, just how Brynn and I would.

Night Before the Games: Daniels Xena's PoV

I sit in my room, alone as usual. I like being alone, I think I would like someone to talk to, but people don't really like me because I am a bit too… honest. Being alone gives you time to think though, and I have been thinking about the arena and what I am going to do. I have decided I will try to get some good weapons and supplies and then take out as many people as possible; maybe that big alliance that has been formed. I could beat them with my eyes closed. They think they are great, but they haven't seen me fight, so they should watch their backs. I can't wait to win, and live in a big house with my Mother and Cloha. It will be great, I will have enough money to live on and my entire District will be jealous of my life. Everyone should watch out, because Daniels Xena is here and he is on his way to victory.

Night Before the Games: Amanda Hawks's PoV

I loosen my light blue ribbon which is my token out of my hair, and tie it in a pretty bow around my wrist. I won't be able to wear it in my hair in the arena, I doubt my hair is going to be nice and clean after one day. I feel sick at the thought of everything that will cover my skin and be in my hair – mud, leaves, twigs, dirt; maybe even dried blood. I hate to think that in a day's time I could look like that, someone who my parents won't even recognise as their quiet daughter who loves to sit and read books all day long. Then again, I think they would rather see me like that then in a coffin. I begin to feel sick thinking about me lying in a coffin, and I run to the bathroom to throw up the contents of my last meal. Once I am finished and I feel slightly better, I crawl under my covers and close my eyes tightly, wishing that I wasn't going into the Hunger Games tomorrow.

Night Before the Games: Amazon Purfum's PoV

After quietly creeping out of my room and down the hallway, I finally make it to the main lift. The doors slide open and I walk in, pressing down on the 'R' button for roof. I wait a few minutes and once I reach the top I walk out, opening a door which leads me to the top of the building. You can see the bright lights of the Capitol city gleaming and some noise from them too. They really do like to party. I spot Lilac, her red hair blowing wildly in the wind like flickering flames. I sneak up behind her and wrap my arms around her waist from behind. She flinches at first but then realises it is me and relaxes.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" she whispers sweetly, looking at me with her pale blue eyes.

"Yeah it is… shame it's filled with terrible people though…" I am sure there are cameras up here, listening in on our conversation, but when I came up here the previous night, I found out that the wind is so fierce you can hardly hear anything, so I don't need to worry.

"Are you scared Amazon… for tomorrow?" she looks at me with worry, and I can tell she is scared herself.

"I guess who wouldn't be?" She nods, feeling slightly better that she is not the only one. I turn her round and pull her closer towards me, wrapping her in my arms.

We stand for a while like this, and I finally break the silence.

"Can I tell you something?" She nods and I continue, "I don't think I could have coped… if I didn't have you with me here... I mean, I obviously don't want you to be in this situation… but we would of never have met otherwise and…"

She stops my nervous ranting and takes my face in her hands. She smiles and stands on her tip-toes, quickly pressing her soft lips against mine. I return the kiss, but she soon pulls away smiling shyly.

"Sorry… I just wanted too… you know because…"

I pull her back close and kiss her again not letting her finish her sentence either.

Night Before the Games: Yesina Root's PoV

I roll around in bed restlessly, not being able to get any sleep. I really need to; I doubt I will get much in the arena, you never know who is going to stab you in the back; literally. Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly glad I have made an alliance, and especially as there is three of us now. Of what I know, we are the next biggest alliance after the careers; that's got to be in our favour somehow. Three against two is definitely better than one against two. The only downside is that if I want to live, they have to die; but I have tried not to think about it too much. It will definitely be the hardest game I have ever played, its not just physical strength after all, you have to be mentally ready. You have to know what you are going to do next and how you are going to do it, but also, you have to deal with the consequences. No one, is going to be completely fine after killing someone, and you will have to have killed someone if you win, or want to, it would be basically impossible to not. I have tried to process in my mind, the thought of myself killing someone, and sometimes I can deal with it, others not. But I will have to, like I said, you will have to have killed someone if you want to win.

Night Before the Games: Quin Ley's PoV

What will have happened in three days time…? Would the games be over? Would I even be alive? I'm sure I would be… I hope I would be. I can't even think of how my Mother would be, if she saw me lying in a dark coffin. She would see so many people lying in that coffin, my Father, my Brother and my Uncle. She has been through enough as it is, and adding to that pain would kill her inside, and I'd hate to think how she would probably end her own life. She doesn't deserve that pain, she has never done anything wrong, and she has always been kind and helpful to others. The Capitol has done this to her and me, bringing pain down on us in different ways. I want to avenge them, my lost family members, my Mother; but most of all I want to avenge myself. For the pain and troubles they will bring me the next couple of days, so I can show them that they can't break me like they will break others.

Night Before the Games: Samara Emett's PoV

Josh and I sit together on the living room sofa. My head is rested comfortably on his shoulder and I am curled up next to him. We've been talking about things like our homes and our families… well my family… he doesn't seem to like talking about his; I still haven't got to asking him about that, but in his interview he did say his situation wasn't very good, so maybe its best not to. Its weird thinking we met the day of the reaping, and if neither of us had been reaped I doubt we would have seen each other again. Its weird how this situation has brought us together, and how I can picture us in 5 years time, happy back in our district most likely dating still, and I would be so happy. But that can't happen, both of us can't win, and that's the terrible part. I really like him… and maybe even… Anyway, I guess if he wins, I would want him to find someone else… I expect he could, he's probably had a lot of girlfriends before; he is very handsome after all.

"Samara… I need to tell you something…" he says, sitting up on the sofa and facing me. I sit up too and face him, what could he need to tell me?

Night Before the Games: Josh Eagleye's PoV

I stare into Samara's eyes, my stomach is in my knots and I am rather nervous, but I need to tell her, I might not get to after this. I've never dated anyone before… if you could call this dating… so I've never experienced any of this.

"I…I… I think I… I think I love you," I blurt out the last bit of the sentence, and she just stares at me with slight shock. I don't know what to do, so I lean in and kiss her. She is shocked at first and I think she is going to pull away, but then she kisses me back. We finally pull away and she bites her lip shyly.

"I think I love you too," she says giggling. We both begin to laugh and I wrap her in my arms tightly not wanting to let her go. "I really hate this… the situation we are in…" she mumbles into my shirt.

"I know… but I will protect you don't worry…"

"What?" she says looking up at me.

"I'll help you… I'll kill other tributes if I have to… just to keep you safe…" she smiles sweetly at me and presses her lips against mine again.

We sit for a while, in silence, just thinking, and as I begin to fall asleep with Samara wrapped in my arms, I whisper in her ear, "I promise Samara, I will."

Night Before the Games: Lilac Infinity's PoV

I sit next to Amazon on the roof, and we just stare out at the bright lights and vast buildings. I can't help but wonder, if I had lived in the Capitol how my life would be different. I wouldn't be in this situation, I would be rich, I would have probably not been abused, and I would have a good life. I wouldn't have met Amazon though, and that would be the down side. I wished we lived in the same District, and maybe we would have met before all of this and it could be different in some ways. I believe that things happen in your life by the different choices you make, but then again we didn't choose to get reaped and be sent to our deaths. And we didn't get a choice in where we were born or grew up.

I decide its time to leave; I need to sleep if I want to live after all. I kiss Amazon on the cheek and make my way to the lift. I press the nine button and let the lift take me down to my floor. I make my way to my room and climb in bed, and suddenly tears begin to fill my eyes. I don't want to cry, I try not to because I want to be strong, but sometimes being strong just isn't enough.

Night Before the Games: Henry Ricktor's PoV

I'm so scared. I'm so scared. I'm going to die… I don't want to die. I shake in my bed, tears flowing down my face. I am having a complete break down at the moment, and I don't care. Anyone should have a breakdown if they are being sent off to their deaths. I should be worried; if I am up against them strong careers I am dead. All I can do is hide, so I will. I will run as fast as I can and hide in a group of trees somewhere. I have hid for years now; I think I can do it for a few more days. If I can just get away from the beginning fight, I could maybe survive. I finally begin to calm down and my eyes flutter shut to a world where I don't have to hide.

Night Before the Games: Myristal Haze's PoV

It's been a tiring few days, all the training and then the interviews. I should be falling asleep instantly, but I can't. It's worrying that's what it is. My mind is over thinking things, trying to figure out what I should do. The problem is no one knows what to expect in the arena, we are the first to experience all of this. We can't get any advice from people, because what would anyone else know that we don't already. I hope for the next group of tributes after us, and the ones after them and so on, get help from the winners. I hate seeing the little kids here, they haven't even grown up yet, they haven't experienced things that they should have. Neither have I to be honest, if I don't win, I will never get married; I will never have children, I will never get to do what other people will. I know our lives are restricted at the moment as it is, but I hope that changes too one day. But I will win. I want all these things so I will try my hardest and I will win this. I want a lot of things to change and happen, but winning this game is my main priority at the moment.

Night Before the Games: Mark Bull's PoV

Pacing back and forth in my room, my mind spins with so many thoughts. This whole thing is a joke, the way everyone is probably wide awake and can't sleep because they are so nervous about this whole thing. I believe I can win this; I have the skills to, especially when I am… not myself. I don't think the other tributes truly know what I am like, so if I don't let them find out till we are in the actual games, I will have the advantage. I want to get home to Claude, he's done so much for me and I don't want to leave him alone. I have no allies to bring me down, I have no attachments to anyone in the games, and so as long as I keep my guard up, I can do this. I finally stop pacing and climb into my bed, tired from the days of training. I close my eyes and fall into a calm sleep, with no worry in my mind.

Night Before the Games: Asha Caprice's PoV

Many people don't know me back in my district. Obviously they know me, having seen me around the orchards, but no-one actually knows who I am. I am only thirteen; I should have my whole life ahead of me, but right now I am not worrying about that and the only thing I am concentrating on is the Hunger Games. I want to win this… I need to win this. My life shouldn't be over yet, I don't want it to be either. I gained a good training score, which means I could get sponsors, I would appreciate them greatly. Who knows what the arena will be like… it could be an ice landscape and the only thing I need to survive is warmth, I won't be able to find that anywhere in ice. It's all about where we are put and what it is like. And then after that it is based on instinct. I feel everyone just thinks you have to be strong and skilled, but there is always a chance, that you will need brains as well; and that's where others will fall.

Night Before the Games: Crizz Chaster's PoV

I sit on the edge of my bed, staring at the wall. It feels like how I was back at home, just sitting there. I've had an interesting past few days… but my interview just topped it. You could say… some people didn't really like my interview… I was too… rebellious for them. I don't care. Why should I care about what they think about me? They have killed everyone I love, leaving me with nothing. They have their fancy clothes, and rich houses and I have nothing. Why should I show them respect and tell them about me, when all I can tell them is that they are all murderers. Overall, I don't care what I do anymore. I have nothing to lose, so why bother caring?

Night Before the Games: Olivia Fire's PoV

I lay in bed, trying to block out the worry for tomorrow. I don't want it to happen; I would rather do more interviews and training for the rest of my life then be sent into the games. Everything is filling my mind now, what I should do, where should I go. I can't really determine anything until I know what the arena is like… but I still don't know whether I should run or not. Could I really beat one of the careers? Or even another tribute? I haven't made an alliance, but watching others in training I have noticed a few have. I have a sort of strategy I guess… so I have somewhat planned. But it is not like we have any idea what it will be like because of previous games… seeing as we are the first ones! I just hope that I can understand quickly… because I am guessing we won't have long to get ready…

Night Before the Games: Mark Coal's PoV

Less than a day. I have less than a day before I go into the Hunger Games. It's only hit me now, how worried I actually am. How can you plan for something like this? I doubt anyone has said 'I'm going to make a complete fool proof plan that will help me win the fight to the death I am being sent into,' no that's ridiculous. I think it would have been easier in years to come, when you have an idea of what the games are like. But we have no help at all… not even a clue about what it is about. These Gamemakers really want to watch us suffer don't they? No-one knows how things will pan out tomorrow… how could they? Not even the Gamemakers know who will die, but I guess that is the exciting part for them. It's the terrible part for us, not knowing if we are going to be alive or dead tomorrow. But that's what's so fun about these games for them. They will always win.

Hunger Games: Day 1


Bloodbath: Myristal Haze's PoV

I stand in a small room, nervously waiting for when I am sent into the arena. My stylist stands in front of me, sorting out my outfit. I wear a sort of all in one suit, which is black, and apparently water proof. I also wear a black waterproof jacket and some black running shoes. I'm not sure why we are dressed like this, but it must be to do with the arena. My stylist has put my hair into two braids so it is out of my face, and now she has to explain some rules to me.

"Ok Myristal, this is what is going to happen. You will go into that tube like structure there and be brought up to the arena. You will surround a structure which is called a cornucopia, and it will be filled and surrounded with supplies and weapons. You will be standing on a metal plate, whatever you do, don't step off of it until the 60 second countdown is over, there are mines underneath the plate that will explode if you step off. I can't tell you anything else, but I wish you luck," they wrap me into a hug and then lead me over to the tube.

I stand inside and some glass doors slam in front of me. I begin to panic slightly, not liking being in such an enclosed space. I press my hands against the glass, trying to get out, but then I feel myself begin to move upwards. I am brought out onto a large field, surrounded by clusters of trees. I look around and realise you can't actually see beyond the trees; it will be a guess from now on of where we will be heading to.

All the tributes are now surrounding the 'cornucopia' which looks like a giant golden horn. I can see it is filled with backpacks and weapons and it is also surrounded with them too. By the look of things, the further away the objects the better they are. Therefore, if you want something good, you have to fight your way through.

"Welcome tributes to the 1st Annual Hunger Games, may the odds be ever in your favour!" A voice booms around us and we all jump in shock. "60, 59, 58, 57…"

The countdown begins and I get into a running stance, readying myself for the fight to come.

Bloodbath: Becca Kenwell's PoV

The countdown starts and I get ready for the up coming fight. Looking around, I know that I can easily get a lot of weapons from the cornucopia. It won't be hard, looking around at the other tributes. They all look so nervous and scared, except the careers of course and maybe a few others. I spot the other careers spread around the circle, all staring determined to also get some supplies. The arena is a mystery to me, you can't see what it is even like, seeing as we are surrounded by tall trees that hide whatever is behind them. I will have to look around after this.

"10, 9, 8, 7…"

I stare in front of me, getting ready to dash off of my plate as soon as possible.

"3, 2, 1…" The gong sounds and I leap off of the plate.

I run towards the cornucopia, the wind rushing against my face. I see my favourite weapon, a bow and arrow lying near the entrance, and sweep it up quickly. I swing my head round, watching my back, but everyone is in a pit of chaos. Weapons fly around, some tributes hide, others flee. I spot the two from eight holding hands, running through the trees, carrying a few bags and a knife each. I am surprised to be fair, they were pretty quick. I then see the District 9 boy, flailing round trying to find something. He is so scared and tears fly down his face already. I can't help but feel bad for the kid, and if we weren't against each other, I would want to help him. Deciding it's the best thing to do, I lift my bow and arrow, pull back the string and release, letting the arrow fly through the air and land straight into his skull. He falls to the floor in a heap, his head flooding out with blood. I look away and search through the cornucopia, finding some more good supplies, and sorting them all out. I'm sure the other careers can deal with the fighting… and killing.

Bloodbath: Breeze Mere's PoV

I jump off of my plate and run forwards towards some items lying on the floor. I grab some wire and a back pack lying on the floor, obviously no one else wanted them. I make my way through the fight, staying unnoticed by others. I pick up a few supplies on the way and make my way into the cornucopia. I duck down behind some crates and stuff all of my supplies into one backpack. All of a sudden, I hear footsteps. I peer over and see the girl from 2 holding a bow and arrow, shooting at someone. She is finished quickly and turns her back to me, looking through weapons and other items. I feel my heart beating faster, not realising how scared I was of her. I take a chance, and run out again, not wanting to face her. Luckily she doesn't turn around, and I escape. I run round the back, trying to move quickly, but I run into a tall boy, and we slam together and I fall to the floor. He looks over me, his eyes dark and quite angry at me disrupting him, and I then realise it is Antero from District 4. In someway, he seems to look at me with pity, but I know he has to do what he will do next, its part of the game. He takes his scythe in his hand, and swipes it over my stomach. The pain is incredible, and I cling onto my stomach in agony. My hands become covered in blood, and I stare at them with horror, as tears begin to fill my eyes.

"Sorry kid…" he mumbles, as he swipes the scythe again across my throat.

I begin to choke, coughing up bright red blood. My sight begins to fade, and I reach around for anything that could help me; even though I know nothing could. I take one last deep breath, before my world turns black and I am silenced for forever.

Bloodbath: Imogene Odana's PoV

I run into the cornucopia, nodding to Becca as I enter. I pick up some supplies, such as a large backpack filled with food, a bottle of water, medical equipment and some rope. I also find a sleeping bag and stuff it inside, fitting everything securely in. I then find a few small throwing knives and put them into the bag and I grip a large knife in my hand. With the backpack on my shoulders tightly, I run out of the cornucopia.

"What are you doing?" Becca asks just before I leave.

"Oh, just being prepared, I'm going to go check out beyond the trees and I'll be back soon" I say smiling. She nods and turns back to whatever she was doing.

I sprint back over to the direction of where my plate first stood, and as I am running I spot another knife on the floor. I don't see why I couldn't use another one. As I reach down to grab it, someone runs into me, obviously not looking where they are going, and causes me to be knocked to the ground, with them joining me. I sit up rapidly and throw myself onto the tribute.

"What do you think your doing?" I hiss, staring down at the boy I now recognise as the District 12 male, Mark. He stares up at me, smirking slightly, his blonde hair hanging over his eyes.

"I don't know, what do you want me to have been doing?" Is he seriously flirting with me?

He smiles seductively and I stare down at him confused. He takes this to his advantage and kicks his legs up, hitting me in the stomach and making me fall back. He jumps up and runs towards the trees, but I am too quick for him. I take my knife and throw it through the air. It whizzes towards him and lands directly in his back where the spine is. He falls to the floor face first, and I run over to him. I pull the knife out, spin him over on his back and he winces in pain. I take the same knife and stab him in the stomach, twisting it round and round. He cries out in pain, but it gets caught in his throat, and suddenly his head rolls back, his eyes following. I take the knife, wiping the blood on my trousers, and then step over him. I run off into the trees, until I see what I have been looking for.

The water crashes against the edge of land in waves of crystal blue. It feels like home, just standing here. I secure my bag tightly, making sure no water will get in, and I dive straight through the water. It feels good on my skin, and I push myself through until I make it to the other side. I know what you think; she's part of an alliance, why is she going by herself. To be honest, I decided this when I was on my plate. I have never been 100% with the careers, and when I was standing on my plate and could hear the sound of water crashing, I knew I had to go here. I doubt anyone else can swim, except for Ant, and he wouldn't try to kill me; I guess its District loyalty. So anyway, I will prefer being by myself; I just feel bad I guess, not warning Ant. But he will be fine, if he's smart, he will know where I have gone.

I turn away from the water, and the fight beyond the trees, and take off through the calm meadow alone.

Bloodbath: Olivia Fire's PoV

As the gong sounds, signalling for us to begin, I leap off of my plate and run forward, snatching up a medium sized backpack. I look around quickly, and spot some wire a few metres away. I sprint over and pick it up, stuffing it inside my pack. Everyone around me is either deep into battle, or taking something and getting away as fast as they can. I carry on sprinting toward the cornucopia, and lean against the cool metal on the side. Looking around, you can hardly tell who anyone is anymore. Most tributes are injured, and some even lying on the floor dead, already defeated. I spot the District 7 two, heading off in different directions. The girl runs in the direction behind me to the right, while the boy runs to the front of me to the right. I wonder what is behind the trees. It must be different scenery in certain areas… I suddenly realise where I actually am and the fact I should be trying to get more supplies and getting out of here. I spot a normal looking knife, which seems easy to use, and I think I could use it pretty good. I sprint over and just as I go to pick it up, I feel a sharp sting in my arm. I look down to see a small knife sticking out of it. I grimace at the blood pouring out and at the pain that has now appeared, but then look around angrily, realising someone must have aimed it at me. As I look up, I feel something move near my feet and when I look down the knife has gone. I look in front of me and see the District 3 girl running off, the knife in her hand. I pull the knife out of my arm which hurts incredibly, and then run at her, throwing the knife. She turns round hearing me coming, and the knife slices her forehead, leaving a deep gash which is already bleeding and the blood is falling into her eyes. She stares at me angrily and runs straight at me, knocking me back. She swings her knife at me and it slices across my face, making it sting. I put my hand to my cheek in shock and it is covered in bright red blood. I get back up and run at her, kicking the base of my foot into her shins. She falls to the floor and I jump on top of her pinning her down. I take the knife I threw at her off the floor and make a cut in her leg. She screams out in pain, but punches me round the face making me fall off of her. She jumps up and grabs the backpack she had and the knife she took, and runs off slowly into the trees, because of her injured leg. I get up myself, pick up my own backpack and knife and take off into the trees myself, and then soon find myself in a jungle landscape.

Bloodbath: Daniels Xena's PoV

I run off my plate, heading straight for the cornucopia, that's obviously where all the best supplies are. I make my way nearer, stumbling a few times, but I suddenly see the career girl from two run inside it. Soon after I see an arrow fly out and hit the scared boy from nine straight in the head. I decide not to go there yet, as much as I could beat her, she's armed, so she would have an unfair advantage. I look around for a weapon and find a puny knife lying on the floor; I guess it's better than nothing. I suddenly spot Lilac, the girl from nine, running towards a backpack with a large dagger. The dagger looks so much better than this knife. I decide to act on my decisions, and run at her, my knife held out in front of me. I reach her and she spins round, her eyes wide. I knock her down and she falls to the floor because of the impact, her head hitting the ground. I lift the knife above my head to strike down, and she tries to move away.

"Amazon!" she shouts, with what seems all the energy she has.

No-one seems to come and I let the knife drive itself towards her stomach. Suddenly, I feel a sharp pain in my arm, and blood splatters all over Lilac's face. I look confused, and then I see my arm lying on the floor.

"What…what… what did you do?" I shout at her. I fall to the side and lie on the grass, the flesh where my arm used to be now bleeding non-stop. A giant puddle of red lies net to me, and I feel myself grow dizzy.

"Come on Amazon let's go!" I hear a voice say, I look to the side to see Amazon, the boy from six running over to her.

"I…I can't…" she mutters her eyes rolling slightly.

"Yes you can!" he says. She suddenly doesn't move, but I can tell she is alive by the rise and fall of her chest. Amazon then picks up his supplies and stuffs them into his backpack quickly, throwing it on his back. He takes Amazon's dagger, tucking them into the belt of his trousers. He scoops Lilac into his arms, and begins to run off towards the trees. In a last attempt to get my revenge, I use my good arm to throw my knife. It implants itself in his leg and I hear him cry out. He limps off into the trees, still holding on to Lilac.

I feel myself begin to grow dizzy and my vision becoming blurred. As I drift off into another place, I still can't believe that I lost the fight.

Bloodbath: Dasma Rath's PoV

I jog round the grass area, looking for a suitable weapon. I soon find a long, sharp sword which is a favourite weapon of mine. The Careers are all doing their own thing, and we are then going to meet up in the cornucopia after. I stand in what I resemble to a battle field, and look around to see any tributes I could 'remove' from the competition. I suddenly see Myristal out of the corner of my eye gathering supplies, and I feel the need to protect her. It can't happen right now though; I have to be loyal to my alliance. I see something else though again, but this time not good. I see Ant standing around looking bored like he needs to do something. I feel the need to shout in protest as I see him spot Myristal and grip his scythe tighter as if he is going to use it. I feel panic run through me at the prospect of her being slaughtered and lying on the ground bleeding to death. I need to find something to block the weapon.

I see the girl from six, Amanda, sprinting to get to the other side of the 'battlefield'. In a last minute decision, I throw my sword in her direction and all I can say is thank god for my great aim. It lands in the side of her head, and I wince slightly as I see the point come out the other side. She stumbles back just as the scythe is thrown into the air, and the scythe lands into her body, which blocks it from hitting Myristal. Myristal looks at Amanda wide eyed, and then looks up at me in shock. I mouth 'GO!' to her and she gains sense, running into the trees with Illuminate, her ally, and their supplies.

Ant looks confused at the whole situation, but doesn't realise I meant to block his attack. I gesture over for him to join me but he is soon distracted by something else going on.

Bloodbath: Crizz Chaster's PoV

Bounding off of my plate, the first thing I look for is Asha. I soon spot her, blending in and collecting supplies staying unnoticed. I decide to do this myself, I might not stay unnoticed; it's hard to do that when you're the tallest here, but I can try and collect some good supplies before I head off. I jog round for a bit, it's not the best of experiences, it being like a Bloodbath and all; and I'm not exaggerating, I have other people's blood already all over my shoes. I gain a knife and a backpack, until I catch sight of something going on. Asha is trying to pull out a weapon from the ground, and it seems to be stuck. That isn't what catches my eye as much, some metres away I see that evil girl Arianna who was scaring Asha in training, holding a large, sharp spear in her hand. She looks at me and smirks, as she gets into a throwing stance. I know what she is doing; she doesn't want to kill Asha, no, she wants to hurt me, she wants me to feel pain by losing someone I wanted to protect. That's happened to me many times in my life already, and I can't let it happen again.

I run as fast as my legs can take me; my lungs are on fire because of the deep breaths I am taking to help me go further. Asha is still unaware of what is going on, but as loud as I shout, she still can't hear me over the commotion of other fights.

"ASHA!" I shout with all the air I have left.

She looks up, wide eyed and sees Arianna throw the spear. She stands frozen like she can't move, and I keep on shouting for her to run. I do what my instincts tell me, so when I make it to her and the spear is so close I can hear the whizzing sound it makes in the air, I push her out of the way and let the spear sink deep into my chest. I fall to the floor and look to the side to see Asha getting up from the floor and running over.

"Crizz!" she says gripping my hand, tears streaming down her face.

"It's ok… it's ok, you need to run now, as far as you can, go!" I say with all the strength I have left, she shakes her head in protest.

"I can't leave you…you…you saved me!" she says sobbing now.

"I'll be fine…" I whisper, "You need to go, because Arianna…will be over soon and… I don't want you to die too…" I take deep breaths trying to get my last words out. I take the knife I still grip in my hand and press it in hers. She looks at it and gives a small smile.

"Thank you Crizz… I'll never forget what you did for me…" she kisses me lightly on the cheek and then wipes the tears away from her eyes. She gets up grabbing her supplies and the knife and takes off towards the trees, where I can no longer see her.

I let my head fall back, my breaths are beginning to slow down and I know it will soon be my time to go. I hear footsteps by my head and I open my eyes to see Arianna looking down at me grinning.

"Aw poor Crizz-y, saving little Asha there… I would have rather killed you anyway…" she pulls out her spear and begins to walk away.

"Thank you… Arianna…" I say taking a wheezing breath. I look to the other side of me and smile.

She turns round and looks at me confused, "What?"

"Thank you…" I feel myself drifting away, and I smile again at what stands next to me.

My parents, Malaya and Theo all stand smiling back at me. Malaya offers an outstretched hand, and I take it. After years of unhappiness, and what should be the worst part of my short life, I smile at the chance I have been given. The chance to be with my family again.

Post-Bloodbath: Wren Hayes's PoV

All the tributes have left the field, and now the only ones left are us careers. We have decided to make camp in the cornucopia for the night, and then after we will start looking for tributes. I volunteered to do the final rounds, which is basically collecting the last of the weapons and supplies that are around the cornucopia. The bodies of fallen tributes are still lying lifeless around me; most of them were killed by my own alliance. I hate seeing the younger tributes the most, like the male district three kid or the boy from nine. I guess they wouldn't of survived long, being against stronger tributes, but it's sad that they had to die so early in life. Once I have filled the small bag I hold, I walk over to the edge of the cornucopia to find the other one I left there.

I crouch down to pick it up, but I suddenly feel a pushing force against my head and it smashes against the metal. Before I can even see who did it, I feel a sharp blade slice my neck. Blood fills my mouth and I start to choke coughing up red liquid. I begin to struggle trying to get away, but my attacker keeps me held by the throat. I kick against the cornucopia, making loud sounds so it echoes through and would make my alliance come to see what is happening. I move my head back and head butt the attacker, but he just groans in slight pain and annoyance. He then brings a sharp dagger round the front of me and stabs it in my stomach.

"Wren, are you ok?" I hear Becca's voice call out. I let out a gargled cry and I hear her begin to run.

The attacker drops me and I lean against the cornucopia, still coughing up blood. I open my eyes slightly to see Mark Bull, the crazy boy from ten, who I remember having the outburst in training, running off into the trees. Just as he is no longer in sight, Dasma, Arianna, Becca and Ant all come round the side of the cornucopia. They all gasp in shock and I turn away ashamed.

"Wren… what happened?" Becca says, falling down to her knees and gripping my hand tightly. I just shake my head in reply, I feel to sick to talk my head is spinning.

"That's it!" Arianna shouts, slamming her hand into the wall of the cornucopia. "No-one hurts a career and gets away with it!" Dasma and Ant nod in agreement, but we all know I'm not just hurt.

"Wren… you're going to be fine…" Becca says squeezing my hand. I try to stay strong, more for my family than anything; I don't want them to see me in pain.

I feel my eyes drift shut, and I see all the careers look at me. I look at Becca last, and I see her face turn from calm to anger. Just as I take my last breath, I hear her mutter Arianna's previous words.

"No-one kills a career…" She looks up angrily at the rest of the alliance, her eyes dark. "So… Let the games begin…"

The Fallen

Henry Ricktor, District 9- Killed by Becca Kenwell.

Breeze Mere, District 3- Killed by Antero Lisin.

Mark Coal, District 12- Killed by Imogene Odana.

Daniels Xena, District 5- Killed by Amazon Purfum.

Amanda Hawks, District 6- Killed by Dasma Rath.

Crizz, District 11- Killed by Arianna Mae.

Wren Hayes, District 2- Killed by Mark Bull.

Post-Bloodbath: Arianna Mae's PoV

Dasma, Becca, Antero and I all sit together in the cornucopia. We have made a fire to keep warm, and we are eating some bird which had landed on one of the bodies earlier and I had killed it with my knife. We are all chatting amongst ourselves but there is an awkward tension in the air, after what happened to Wren. Suddenly we begin to hear loud noises. We all get into action, thinking that someone is attacking, but Dasma soon realises what it is.

"It's only the cannons…" he says, "The ones they sound to let you know a tribute has died." We all nod in understanding, remembering our escorts all telling us.

All together, I count seven cannons, which means there were seven deaths. Only sixteen more until there is a winner.

"Look!" Becca says, pointing outside. We all turn to look and watch as hovercrafts come to collect the bodies. One by one each body is sucked up into the hovercraft and then taken away.

"Becca… when did Imogene say she would be back?" Ant asks.

"She… she didn't, she just said she was going to check out beyond the trees and then she would be back soon," we all look at each other, all realising the same thing.

"It seems to me that Imogene isn't coming back Becca…" I say, rubbing my already tired eyes. The alliance is already falling apart, and I can't help but feel angry at the fact that Imogene has just got up and left, who does she think she is? Becca nods in agreement and we all stay silent for a bit. "In the morning…" I begin, "once we are all fed and rested, we can look around, see what is beyond the trees, maybe even find ourselves a tribute or two…"

Everyone agrees and Dasma volunteers to be on watch first. As I am drifting off to a well needed sleep, I am awoken by the loud Capitol Anthem.

Post-Bloodbath: Ruby Hyrglass's PoV

I limp through the trees and find myself becoming colder as I near the edge. I make my way through, having to stop every so often because of the horrible pain in my leg. I'm sure I can hear echoing footsteps, which makes me not want to stop for longer than a minute. I finally reach the landscape I have been heading too, and find myself in a snow and ice covered ground. I zip my jacket up to my chin and pull over my hood to keep me warm, and it slightly helps. It begins to snow, and I decide to try and find some sort of cover. I spot an igloo in the distance and once I reach it, I crawl inside. It is incredibly warmer inside, but there is still a chill to the air. Before I rest, I look through my backpack and find some bandages and some matches. I use the matches to melt some ice, and I drink some, and use the rest to clean the wounds on my leg and head. After, I wrap a bandage round both cuts to stop them from bleeding and getting infected.

After failing to fall asleep, in worry that someone will find me, I sit up and try to find any food that could be in my bag. All I find is some dried fruit, so I eat a few pieces but leave the rest for another time; who knows when I could get any more food. I am soon distracted, by cannons firing. I hear seven, which means seven tributes have died. Soon after, the Capitol anthem is played around the arena, and I peer out of the igloo to see what it is all about.

Up in the sky, appears the words 'The Fallen Tributes' and soon after faces begin to appear. First it is the District nine boy he was obviously the first to die. The second face makes me gasp, as Breeze's face appears, him smiling sweetly. I feel sick at the thought of him, the boy who I comforted on the last night, and the boy who reminded me of my younger brother, dead. Having been murdered probably by one of those terrible careers, my own run in with the District twelve girl could have caused that to happen to me, but I guess I was luckier. I can't bear to look anymore; I don't want to look at dead kids any longer. I crawl back into the igloo and pull out the sleeping bag I collected. I curl into a ball inside to keep warm, and pray that no-one came to the same place. I don't have an Ally to watch out for me after all.

Post-Bloodbath Illuminate Sensorium's PoV

Myristal and I run through the trees, trying to find a suitable camp for the night. We don't know whether to stay on the ground for a quick get away but it would be less safe, or take to the trees which are safer but easier for us to be targeted. We finally find a tree which has thick branches that could easily hold our weight. Myristal climbs first, easily scaling the tree, knowing where to put each hand and foot. She gets to the first set of branches and waits for me to begin to climb. I look up at her, but then look down embarrassed. The truth is I'm not exactly the best tree climber; I've actually never climbed a tree. I know, I know, I should have said something, but I didn't want to drag Myristal down. She looks down at me and she automatically understands.

"Put your right foot there, then your right hand there, then your left foot…" She begins to explain and soon I am at the same level in the tree as her. We both give a small cheer in success, and then carry on climbing. We end up quite high in the tree, and we begin to look through our bags.

"Oh I have a sleeping bag," she says happily. She pulls it out and unravels it and begins to climb in, "I think both of us could fit in it actually."

I climb in with her and we both sit comfortably inside. It just feels like how two sisters or best friends would be, even though we haven't known each other that long I guess I would call her a close friend; if we weren't in this situation I feel we could have been best friends, but I guess that's just wishful thinking.

Soon after we relax and begin eating some dried fruit from my pack, the Capitol anthem plays and in the sky faces begin to appear. The face I notice in particular is my district partner Daniels. I know I should feel slight grief, but all that boy ever was to me was rude. I always try to find the good side in things, but he was just too negative.

Once the faces have been shown, I relax my head against the tree to keep watch, while Myristal gets some rest. After what feels like a while, I suddenly hear footsteps crunching against leaves below me. I crane my head to the side to see what it is, hoping it is just an animal. Again wishful thinking, leaning against the tree we are sitting in, is Myristal's district partner Mark Bull. I gasp slightly, but then cover my mouth realising how stupid that was. Luckily, we must be high up enough for him to not hear. I shake Myristal's arm to wake her up, and she begins to mumble and yawn, but I quickly cover my hand over her mouth, widening my eyes to tell her to stop. Once she realises, I move my hand away slowly and point down to the ground. She looks over, and then looks back at me, with slight worry on her face. She presses her lips together deep in thought, and then sits up slightly as if she has an idea. She quietly shuffles out of the sleeping bag and climbs up the tree higher.

"What are you doing?" I whisper, trying to get her to come back down.

"You'll see…" she replies as she makes her way higher.

She reaches a high branch and above her is a smaller one, which she breaks off. She twists her arm across her body, and then swings it out letting the branch fly through the air and land in a cluster of bushes a few metres away. Mark tenses, hearing the noise, and begins to run towards where it came from, he must think it was another tribute. Once he has disappeared, Myristal climbs back down but stays out of the sleeping bag, deciding it is her turn to take watch. I let myself get comfortable; as comfortable you can get on a tree branch, and let my eyes drift closed, feeling much safer with Myristal around.

Post-Bloodbath: Amazon Purfum's PoV

My heart beats wildly in my chest as struggle to run through the trees, Lilac lying limp in my arms. It doesn't help, that the little cocky tribute from five threw a knife at my leg. Yeah I know, I did slice his arm off, but it was to protect Lilac, and I would have done anything. As I reach the clearing, I find myself standing in front of a huge desert. Around me stands broken ruins, some in ok condition, others just bits of rubble. I walk a bit further trying to find a good place to rest, and I soon find some parts of rubble which have fallen so there is a roof type structure over other parts. I fall onto my knees and place Lilac under the shade, and then crawl in myself, pulling the pack off of my back and beginning to look through it. I find an average sized bottle of water, and begin to pour some in her mouth to stop the dryness, and then splash some over her face, trying to wake her up. She doesn't even stir; she just lies silently, not moving an inch. I feel panic run through me at the aspect of her not waking up and me having to spend more than a day without her in these terrible games.

"Come on Lilac please… please wake up…" my face falls onto her stomach and I feel tears spring into my eyes. "Lilac… Lilac!" I begin to shout hysterically, shaking her shoulders to make her wake.

She stays silent for a while and I sit silently myself, just staring at her, waiting… willing for her to wake up. I take a sip of water myself, feeling the heat get to me, but I keep giving her some, hoping it will help her.

After what feels like an eternity of waiting, her eyes begin to flicker and she looks up at me dreamingly. She lifts her hand to my face softly; her cold fingertips making shivers run through me. I lean down to her and kiss her lightly, hoping that being under the ruins will hide us from the cameras; I'd rather them not use her against me even more after seeing that we are not just an alliance. I help her sit up, and push back her red hair behind her ear, keeping it out of her eyes. I give her more water to drink and she takes it gratefully. After gaining some energy back, she finally says something.

"Amazon your hurt!" she drifts her hand over the stab wound in my leg and I flinch slightly. "Here let me clean the wound, you could get blood poisoning if you're not careful!"

Opening the backpack again, she reaches in the bottom to find a medical kit. She zips it open and finds some bandages. She uses some water to clean the wound and then wraps the bandage round my leg tightly to stop the blood flow.

"What would I do without you…?" I say squeezing her hand comfortingly.

"What would we do without each other?" she whispers as I wrap her in my arms.

Post-Bloodbath: Quin Ley's PoV

After running quickly through the tree area, I found myself walking through a jungle area. The floor beneath me is a dark green with tints of light green in it, and there are trees around me with vines and some bushes which you could forage berries from. I have spotted some different plants too, but I wouldn't trust myself to pick some of them, most of them are foreign to me. Sadly, I only came out of the bloodbath with nothing more than a large backpack. I'll just have to rely on sponsors from now on I guess.

I decide to climb a tree with sort of a canopy over it made of leaves, and the branches are quite thick and stable. Once comfortably on one, I rest my backpack in front of me and begin to look through it. I find a sleeping bag which I am happy about, a bottle of water, some dried beef strips, dried pieces of fruit, some rope and a sheet of plastic. I think I got some good supplies, but I think I would have rather got an axe or any weapon instead. I guess I can survive though, if I don't get attacked by another tribute that has a weapon that is.

I know I would be terrible in one, but an alliance sounds good at the moment. If I was in one, they may have got a weapon, which would mean I would have some sort of protection. It's a hard decision to make, I think anyway, if you should make an alliance or not. There are so many things you have to consider. For example, what if it ended up you had to fight each other, someone who you have gotten to know over the few days that you have been fighting for your life, and you might have to watch the light in their eyes slowly fade away, as you pull out the bright red knife you had just attacked them with. I don't know about you, but I think that would slowly drive someone into insanity.

As I lie in my sleeping bag on a high branch in the tree, I look out into the sky which is beginning to darken, and my eyes begin to drift shut. I am suddenly awoken by the loud Capitol anthem, and the 'fallen' tributes start to appear one by one in the sky. I am surprised by the last face to show in the sky, which is the district two male tribute. I thought he was part of that super alliance or something… I bet they're planning revenge on whoever did it… unless they don't know who did. I feel bad for whoever did… it's definitely not a good situation for them, being out numbered and all.

See… this is why I don't get involved in or with alliances.

Post-Bloodbath: Yesina Root's PoV

After waiting out in a tree for my alliance to find me, I begin to worry at where they could have got to. The three of us agreed that we would get as many supplies in the bloodbath as we could and then meet somewhere near. Seeing as the forest area was the nearest part, I guessed that was going to be the spot. Making me nearly fall out of the tree, a group of cannons begin to go off and then soon after the Capitol anthem begins to play. In the darkening sky, the words 'fallen tributes' show. My heart begins to beat fast, realising what 'fallen tributes' meant. The first two tributes were kind of expected, but the third one makes me gasp. Mark Coal's face smiles down at me and I can't seem to process the fact that one of my allies is already dead. There is another tribute that shows and then I let out another gasp as my other ally Amanda, also smiles down at me. I cover my mouth in shock, at the realisation that in fact I am now by myself. I don't have an alliance now. I don't have anyone to watch out for me or someone to help me anymore. Wanting to get away, even though you can't exactly run away from the sky, I jump down from the tree I am in and head out through the clearing.

The blue water in front of me reflects the fake stars of the arena sky, and I bite my lip as I try to think of a way to get across. This is why are clothes are waterproof; the Gamemakers obviously want some of us to make it across, so maybe there is something good there. I kneel down on the leaf covered floor and open up my pack. Searching through there is nothing that could help me get across. Now is the time I wish I was from District four.

After thinking for a few minutes, I give up putting my head in my hands. Then to make things better, it begins to rain. I have a feeling the Gamemakers just wanted a few laughs because looking back into the trees there is no rain in sight. I let out a huff and hold my backpack above my head to stop the rain from soaking me. Suddenly, having a slight brainwave I put down the backpack and put my head back in my hands. I let out cries and whimpers, which if I was watching I would feel sorry for myself. This poor, little, twelve year old girl crying in the rain after losing both her allies; I know I'm clever right? Like I expected, seconds later a parachute floats down next to me. I try to act surprised, as I reach over and take it in my hands. Reading the note attached it reads Good job, Yesina.I smile at the message from my escort; she's not as stupid as I thought. Inside the small container is some folded up plastic. As I unfold it, I realise it is in fact a float of some sort. I turn it over and press a button which is placed on it. The float soon inflates and becomes a sort of small boat; I have to admit the Capitol do have some interesting inventions. I secure my backpack on my shoulders and then climb into the boat. I feel slightly strange being in it, but I decide it's better than nothing and begin to move forward, using my small axe as a paddle. When I finally reach the other side where it is, may I add, not raining… I climb out of the boat and press the button again letting it deflate. I stuff it inside my bag deciding it could become useful and I walk into what seems a calm meadow. I find a place deep in the wheat stalks where I am unseen and let myself drift off to sleep after an eventful day.

I guess I was wrong; I can cope without an alliance.

Post-Bloodbath: Josh Eagleye's PoV

Gripping a knife in one hand and Samara's hand in the other, I run through the forest section and soon find myself in a Jungle. I pull her through the trees as I keep on running, but she soon tires and wants to stop.

"Please…Josh lets just stop for a second I… I can't breathe!" she leans over and takes deep breaths. I also am panting out of breath but I know we need to carry on.

"Ok… but we need to carry on soon…" she nods and we both lean against a tree. After a few minutes of resting we carry on alternating between running and resting so we don't get too tired.

Once I have decided that we have run quite far into the arena, and judging by the now setting sun, I swerve to the side and go behind a group of berry bushes where I lay sprawled out on the floor. Samara inspects the berries and quickly pops one in her mouth. She hands me some and I begin to eat them too, trusting her quick instincts. I put a few in my mouth, savouring the taste.

"We can't live on berries for good you know?" I say laughing.

"I know, I know… we can go hunting tomorrow if you want."

I nod in reply and lay back again resting my head on my hands. I feel my eyes slowly closing when I am sure I can hear the rushing of water. I sit up looking around and see Samara is curled up in a ball sleeping. I shuffle over and lightly tap her shoulder, she flinches but once she realises it is me she relaxes.

"Samara can you hear that?" I say, putting my fingers to my lips for her to be quiet and listen. She sits still but then shakes her head.

"I can't hear anything…"

I stand up and walk through some trees, following the sound of the water. I soon find myself standing in front of a rushing waterfall. I lean down and cup some in my hands, bringing it towards my lips. I then run back through the trees towards our 'camp' and take Samara by the hand to come take a look.

"Wow…" she says staring at the magnificent waterfall. "Is it safe to drink?"

"I just had some, and I feel fine…we could really use a bottle though…"

We both fall to our knees and begin to cup water in our hands and drink it, realising how thirsty we actually are. Soon after, I see something fall from the sky out of the corner of my eye. I walk over to it and bring it back to where we are sitting. As I open it, I see two water canteens inside. I show them to Samara who smiles at our first sponsor gift, and we both begin to fill them up.

After we have settled back in our camp, I rest on the ground using some leaves as a pillow and Samara lays curled up next to me using my chest as a pillow. It feels nice having the warmth of her body next to me, and knowing that she is still safe. I link my hand with hers and as my eyes begin to drift close, I am glad I have her as my ally.

Post-Bloodbath: Mark Bull's PoV

Trekking through the forest section of the arena, I look for a good place to camp. I find a group of tightly packed trees which form sort of a circle. I sit in the middle and lean against a tree, letting out a sigh of relief. I have made it out of the bloodbath alive, even though…even though I took another's life. I don't know what came over me; maybe it was the pressure of not getting killed, or the adrenaline coursing through my body. Either way, I really hope the careers don't know it was me, even when I'm 'not myself', I doubt I could win a fight against them when I'm overly out numbered. I hate this feeling, like I have changed from how I used to be, the boy who would never kill another, knowing the pain that their families would feel from his own experience. I feel the previous events soon tire me, and my eyes begin to close.

I am later awoken by the Capitol anthem. I look up in the sky but it seems that was the signal that something had finished. Great…I missed something already.

Deciding that I can't just sit around and mope, I stand up and begin to walk around the forest, looking for things that I could do, like searching for food… or getting rid of the competition. After killing someone once, I don't think it matters how many more I do kill… does it? I walk through, gripping the blood covered dagger for protection, but I only find some berries and some unusual plants. I lean against a tree for another rest, when I suddenly hear some movement in some bushes near me. I run over expecting to find a tribute, but all I find is a cluster of bushes. I swing my arm angrily at the leaves next to me and they fall to the ground. I do this repeatedly, angry at my optimism. I stab at near by tree trunks, slicing through branches and other plants, but to my own dismay, the blade of my dagger gets stuck in one branch, too thick for its strength, and it becomes detached from the handle. I kick the ground in anger and fall to the floor.

Great Mark, now you have no weapon, good job. Can't you do anything right?

I punch the ground and soon regret it at the throbbing of my hand. I grip it tightly, but soon am distracted as I see something fall from the sky. I walk over to it and read the note on top.

Stop acting stupid… now here is a real weapon. Do your job. Elaine.

I open the container which is attached to a parachute my escort has obviously sent. Inside is some bandage for my injured hand, and then underneath is a large axe with a very sharp blade. I grin at the weapon and grip it in my hand, swinging it through the air to practise with it; I am not used to using one after all. Once I am finished I wrap my hand in the bandage and then pack away the blade of the dagger, deciding it could come in handy. I then take my new weapon and walk off into the night, slightly hoping to be confronted by a career.

That little alliance can't stop me now.

Post-Bloodbath: Asha Caprice's PoV

I don't know what to do. Is this real? Am I just in some terrible messed up dream? A dream where 23 children have to die so I can live? One of them being Crizz…

Why? Why did he do that… why did he save me? We were never that close, yes he was slightly protective of me but I just thought that was district loyalty, not a risk your own life for the other kind of relationship. My head is spinning at the moment, and it doesn't help in the running for your life situation. I can't get my head around it all though… District 11 must be going crazy at the moment, with the whole situation. My family must have been so worried, how did I not even see the spear aimed at me? I need to be more careful from now on, if I want to get home that is.

The only thing that truly worries me at this moment is the thought of the career alliance finding me, or any alliance really. What would happen to me if they did find me? I feel sick just thinking about it, so I shake my head trying to get away these thoughts. It's just strange to think if he hadn't jumped in front of that spear, I would probably be in a coffin right now. And the weirdest part of it all is that I have left the fight unharmed.

I am pulled out of these thoughts as I find myself at the end of the forest, and I push through some branches to find myself in a jungle. I look around carefully, and there doesn't seem to be anyone is sight. I walk down a small path which is really just some dried ground, but I feel it could lead somewhere, seeing as all around it is luscious green grass. I just keep walking, taking in my surroundings and looking to see if I can spot any plants or berries I could eat. I pick a few berries that I know are safe and put them in a pocket of my bag to keep them safe. I finally reach what I think is the end of the path, and I find an amazing waterfall, which falls down in crashing waves of bright blue water. I kneel down and open my pack to find the water bottle I had collected from around the cornucopia. I don't have much more, except for a medical kit, some string, some matches-which all came inside the backpack and a sleeping bag. I guess I did ok, seeing as some tributes must have come away with nothing.

I drink some of the water from the bottle and then re-fill it. I sitting calmly by the waterfall, just watching the water fall, but I am soon distracted by the sound of movement from behind me. I jump up and run into the trees, taking all my supplies with me. I scale a tree nearby, but it is only when I reach a high branch, that I look down and realise that I am above another tributes camp. I gasp realising that the sound I heard must have been whoever camp this is is. I try and look around to see what I could do, but the loud Capitol anthem plays out, averting my gaze to the sky.

The fallen tributes faces begin to show and I know what is coming next. Crizz's face, looking the same as always, alone and angry, stares down at me. I stare up at him and all I can do is whisper 'thank you'. I am shocked by the next face as the boy from two appears. That means the careers have lost a member, and they are probably distracted in trying to find the killer instead of finding me. I sigh in relief and lean against the trunk of the tree.

After a little while, the two from eight return to their camp. I had completely forgotten this arising problem and I hold my breath so they don't hear me. I almost feel bad once I see them together, they try to sleep, and she is curled up next to him. This can't be nice for them; they are obviously in love with each other. I can't hurt or even kill one of them, its just wrong in some way at the moment. I decide to leave it and crawl into my sleeping bag to rest; in someway already defeated by one alliance.

Post-Bloodbath: Olivia Fire's PoV

I run dizzily through what I think is a jungle, I need to find somewhere to rest and where I won't be found. My arm feels numb from the stab wound that little psycho from three gave me. Ok… maybe she isn't a psycho… but I still don't like her anyway. My face is also dripping with blood, it fills my mouth when I try to breathe and I've thrown up a few times because of it. I'd say I'm not in the best state, but at least I am alive.

When I can't move anymore I fall into some vines and to the floor. I sit up and realise I am circled by long vines so I am out of a direct view. I open my back pack and find a medical kit. I use some disinfectant on my arm and face which stings badly and makes me cry out. I then wrap my arm in a bandage to stop it from bleeding and put some plasters on my face to try and stop the bleeding. I know it won't stop bleeding on either injury though, they are pretty bad wounds. This is when I wish I had an ally. They could help me get better, find me food and water so I had a better chance of surviving, and overall help me live another day.

But on the other hand, alliances just cause trouble; they won't work out in the end. If you both protect each other so well that you survive until say the top 3, there is a high chance that you could be in the final two with them, and I think that would be an incredibly tough decision, A- whether to kill your only friend for the past week and go home where it will probably haunt you for the rest of your life, or B- Die. That's literally the only other option. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to have to choose.

I suddenly feel a wave of dizziness fall over me, probably because of the blood loss, and I fall back onto the floor. As I fall into a confused state, I hear the Capitol anthem play, but I am sure I'm not missing anything that would mean too much to me, after all, there is no one here I truly care about.

Day Two: Full of Pain

Day Two: Asha Caprice's PoV

I stumble down a long winding path, large stooping trees stand over me almost like intimidating bullies. The edge of my vision is blurred, and all I can see is directly in front of me. Something doesn't feel right, like the sky is just too dark, or the air is just too quiet. I suddenly see a small figure in the distance, and as I near it, the figure gets bigger, and takes the identity of Crizz Chaster, who is… I mean was my district partner. I feel my throat become dry, and tears begin to fill my eyes. Crizz had saved my life, but how can he be standing in front of me? "Crizz!" I cry, starting to run towards him. My lungs feel on fire and my body aches, but I keep running, needing to get to him, needing to thank him for saving my life, a debt I will never be able to pay back. It feels like I will never get to him, but when I reach him I gasp, his eyes are blood red and his clothes and skin are covered with a red gooey substance. "C…C…Crizz?" I mumble, tears streaming down my face. I can't breathe, and I fall to the floor clutching my small throat. I look up at him, and he stares straight ahead. He is gripping a spear which is lodged into his stomach, and his mouth and eyes are wide open; blood dripping out of both. A little scream gets caught in my throat, and I cover my mouth before it can come out. "Run." Brock says his mouth not even moving. Suddenly echoes begin to sound around me, run, run, run… I look around panicked to see where it is coming from, and surrounding me in a circle, are all the tributes, both dead and alive. The alive glow golden, with gold eyes, lips, skin, hair and clothes; so beautiful it is terrifying, while the dead glow red with bright red eyes, dirt covered skin and hair, clothes that look tattered and worn and are covered in blood… just like Crizz. They all slowly walk towards me, the alive looking deadly, and the dead looking… well… dead. They all keep chanting, run, run, run. I hug my knees close, choking on my tears and my body aching. I try to move my limbs but they hurt too much. And where would I go? I'm surrounded after all. I lay on the floor in a ball, the other tributes getting closer and closer. I feel a sudden breath on my neck and I turn my head to see Arianna crouched like an animal staring at me, and behind her are the other careers. She is golden, and her now piercing gold eyes look over me like lasers. She smirks at me and then snarls, revealing razor sharp teeth, something you would see on a ravenous animal. She leans in towards me and in what seems like a mixture of a growl and a whisper says, "You're next Asha…" I jolt up right and nearly fall out of the tree I'm sitting in. My palms are damp and sweat runs in streaks over my forehead. My heart is racing and I pant in what I think is some sort of relief. It was just a dream… all just a dream… but what did it mean? Am I in danger? I mean… of course I am, I'm in the Hunger Games… but still… I lean slightly over the branch I'm on, and peer down at the ground. The owners of the camp I 'intruded' on still lay silently on the jungle floor. I still feel incredibly bad for them, being in some sort of relationship and in this situation, knowing only one of them can live. I decide I need to get out of here before they see me, or it could end badly; if they each want the other to survive they're not going to let me get away unharmed. I pull the straps of my backpack over my shoulders, tuck my knife in my belt pocket and then begin to quietly climb down the tree keeping a secure grip on the branches not wanting to fall. I reach the floor and take a small jump down and then I run in the opposite direction of the District 8 tributes. I pick a few berries on the way to nowhere in particular, and begin to eat them slowly, savouring the sweet taste. I should really try to catch and cook a real animal, but I don't want to show myself by lighting a fire. As I walk through the vines and trees of the jungle, I can't help but shudder at my earlier dream. Everyone surrounding me, Arianna's razor sharp teeth, the careers prowling like a lion pack, it's like I am trying to tell myself to stay away from other tributes, to hide, to… run. That's what they kept saying, run, run, run… is that what I should do? Run away from the fights and the danger and just wait for everyone to die before I come out and fight. I don't know what has happened to me. I thought I was on the edge of confident going into these games, now I'm just plain worried because of a stupid dream. Or maybe it's because of what happened at the Bloodbath. Crizz.I really can't stop thinking about it. Even when I was asleep I thought about it. I can't help but feel responsible for his death in some way. I know Arianna killed him, but she meant to kill me right? I should have been more careful, I should have watched my back, I should have moved when he told me too. I know I can't change it now, it was the past, but the problem is it could happen in the future. This is what these games are all about right, making you choose between your own life or another. Even though I didn't kill him, it makes me feel like a killer, and I am dreading the point in these games when I will be put in the situation to have to kill somebody. I don't know if I could take the guilt, or seeing the light drift out of their eyes. It would break me I think, I wouldn't be the same little Asha Caprice from District 11; I would be the killer Asha Caprice from the 1st Annual Hunger Games. Others might not think about me like that, but I would, and what you think of yourself is more important than what others think about you. I pull through another set of vines and come across a cluster of large trees, with canopies of large green leaves hanging above which let the sun shine through. I find it hard to believe how a place filled with such evil can actually look so amazing. I stand in the middle of the trees just staring around to decide where to go. After a few minutes I decide to go to the left, but as I take a step forward, I feel a sharp pain on the back of my head. I lift my hand to the area of pain and when I pull it back I find it covered in red sticky blood. I feel a wave of nausea come over me and I fall to the floor, my backpack cushioning the fall. I suddenly realise something, someone must have hit me… but who? I feel my head again and I start to feel sick. My vision is how it was like in my dream, blurred around the edges. After a few seconds of confusion, a face comes into view. He has shaggy blonde hair which falls over his face and bright green eyes, which stare at me with what I think is a pained look. I try and focus my vision well enough on him to figure out who he is, and I realise it is the tribute from District 7, Quin. "I'm… sorry…" He whispers, before he tightly clamps his large muscular hands around my throat. I choke and splutter, trying to wriggle out of his grip, but he has me securely pushed to the ground. Tears begin to fill my eyes and sobs get caught in the rapid breaths I am trying to take. I try everything, kicking, punching, but my attempts are weakened by the blood loss from my head and the lack of oxygen being taken to my lungs. "P…P…Please…" I choke out, but he doesn't hear me, he is too busy trying to kill me. "Sorry, sorry, sorry…" he keeps mumbling, he obviously doesn't want to do this. He's strangling you… do something! As I feel myself begin to drift off into another place, I remember something incredibly important, the knife tucked into my belt. I move my hand towards it and slowly pull it out. I then bring it round the back of his body and slam it with all the strength I have left, deep in between his shoulder blades. He cries out and releases the grip on my neck. He starts to fall back, so I quickly pull the knife out of his back. I move onto my knees panting, trying to get as much air as possible into my lungs, and it feels so good to be able to breathe again. I move forward and find Quin lying on the floor in pain. I bite my lip trying to make a decision, and then I make a move quickly before I can regret my actions. I stab the knife straight through his heart, and I see my worst nightmare, his head rolling back, the light going out in his eyes. I take the knife and throw it into the trees, not wanting to see the disgusting weapon. Just after, a cannon fires, and I suddenly realise it was Quin's. I cover my mouth in shock, gasping in horrible sobs. I try and wipe away the tears with my hands, but they are covered in blood and just smear red all over my face; which makes me cry in disgust even more. I'm a killer. A real killer. What I dreaded the most has come true. I feel sick with horror and disgust. I use all my strength to pull myself into a crawl position, and I start to move across what seems like a miles distance, but is probably only a few steps. My throat feels like someone has lit a thousand matches inside of it, and I resist the urge to just stay where I am. After what feels like an eternity, I find myself in between a group of bright green bushes covered in pink and purple berries. I pick some off and check them over to make sure there not deadly, and then I squeeze the berries so the juice runs down my burning throat. After it cools down, the realisation of the last five minutes hits me like a ton of bricks. I curl into a ball and hug my knees, letting all the pain come out in my tears. I think I've never cried so much in my life, even after Crizz died. I can't believe I killed somebody, an innocent boy just like me, who didn't want to kill me, but it was what he had to do. I'm no longer little Asha Caprice from District 11. I am Asha Caprice the killer from the 1st Annual Hunger Games; and I hate myself for it.

The Fallen

Henry Ricktor, District 9- Killed by Becca Kenwell.

Breeze Mere, District 3- Killed by Antero Lisin.

Mark Coal, District 12- Killed by Imogene Odana.

Daniels Xena, District 5- Killed by Amazon Purfum.

Amanda Hawks, District 6- Killed by Dasma Rath.

Crizz Chaster, District 11- Killed by Arianna Mae.

Wren Hayes, District 2- Killed by Mark Bull.

Quin Ley, Distrct 7- Killed by Asha Caprice

Day Two: They Won't See this Coming

Day Two: Olivia Fire's PoV

The sound of a loud cannon makes my eyes snap open in alert. What happened to me? What time is it? Where am I? Questions fill my head and I try to answer them one by one.

I am in fact, in the Hunger Games; a rather unlucky situation if you ask me. I guess a part of me was hoping to wake up in my small but safe family home. I try to sit up, but a wave of dizziness comes over me and I decide to lie back down. I lift my hand to my face and feel the long wound on my cheek. When I pull my hand away it is red with blood, and when I look to the side I see the used plasters on the floor which obviously didn't work very well. Then everything comes flooding back to me.

The fight with Ruby, stumbling into the Jungle with a sliced face and wounded arm, trying to stay conscious while fixing the wounds, which I obviously didn't do very well and then collapsing on the floor, what an eventful first day I have had in hell.

I slowly try and sit up again, and this time I do much better. I lean against a nearby tree and begin to clean my wounds again. I look through my backpack and find the medical kit I already knew about, a bottle of water, the wire I picked up, a knife, some matches, a torch and some rope. Overall its basic survival equipment, I use a minimum amount of water to clean both wounds, which leaves half the small bottle left; I'll have to try and find water soon. I then put a clean bandage on my arm and use some more disinfectant on my face to try and heal it. I only have what I've been given to use after all.

After I am in a fit state to get up and move around, I find some plants and berries to curb my hunger. I notice a bright red-orange berry which I remember using at home in potions. I used to call them 'fire berries' because I would mix them with other ingredients for a certain potion, and then when combined with a lit match, the fire would be extraordinary. I only ever tried it once though, and luckily it was outside; I doubt my mother would have been pleased if I had tried it inside the house.

I collect a lot of these berries as they could come in handy, and I also pocket some other berries and plants to eat. I then put on my backpack and hold my knife in my hand, before I set off to find water. I walk at a steady pace; letting my mind relax so I can decide what I am going to do. If I want to win, I need to make a plan to get rid of the competition. So what am I good at? Traps I guess, potions, a small bit of fighting… but I guess I am probably better at letting a trap unfold in front of me while staying very…very far away. I tend to go for the more… extravagant pieces of work if I'm honest. As this runs round my brain, I realise I am standing right in front of a bush of 'fire berries'… What if, I could use my potions, added with loads of traps to make the ultimate trap… well that would be… exciting.

A wave of energy runs through me to start working on the 'ultimate trap', I ditch the idea of finding water and decide to start with a few experiments. I find the different plants and other things I need for the potion, and mix them up on a big leaf I found. I move a few steps away and light a match, and then throw it onto the leaf. Like I expected the leaf bursts into flames, the orange spikes reaching a few metres in the air. It reaches the ends of the leaf but doesn't travel any further; which means it easy to control where I want it to go. I collect some of the big leaves and put them in my backpack, and I also get some of the ingredients I need.

I decide to leave the fire as it is, it's most likely to burn out and extinguish its self. I then head off towards the middle of the Jungle, which is where I have chosen to begin my trap, and I also need to get away from the fire, standing there would just be like shouting "I'm over here, come and kill me!"

After I reach what seems like the centre of the Jungle, I begin to unravel the wire and then wind it round trees so it is a confusion of many lines crossing over each other. I soon use up all the wire, and I bite my lip in deep thought; how am I going to get wire now? Oh wait… what about…

"Hello? People in the sky," I wave my hands jokingly around up at the sky, trying to get the attention of any willing sponsors and maybe a few laughs too. "If you want this amazing plan to work, I will need some more wire…" I carry on looking upwards, but there are no signs that I will be getting a sponsor gift. I shrug my narrow shoulders and crouch on the ground, using my knife to draw out a rough plan. Just as I finish drawing, I see something fall out of the sky. I slowly walk over and pick up the package, turning it over in my hands carefully. I then open it, and sure enough, inside is a large coil of wire. I grin excitedly; it is more than enough. I move in a swift jog, towards the edge of the jungle, and I begin to wrap the wire round the trees on the edge, high enough so no one would walk into it, but low enough so it could be used well. It basically encircles the Jungle, and this takes me almost all the rest of day light to complete. By the end of my quiet building (I had to remember that I could be killed at any moment) I am ready to collapse on the ground in exhaustion. I make the decision to stop for now, hopefully no tributes will realise the trap, and will just casually travel into the Jungle or no one will move from their camps in the night.

Tomorrow, I will collect the final materials I need, and as soon as it becomes dark, I will travel round, placing the 'fire berries potion' around the Jungle. I will then make some more traps to make it interesting and then I will wait till dawn and add the … finishing touches. If it all goes well, this will be a very exciting part of the games. My aim is to kill tributes, but injury's will be just as nice. None of them will see what is coming, and if the Gamemakers are smart they will move the tributes towards the Jungle.

They wouldn't want them to miss out on all the fun now, would they?

Day 2 and 3: Mutations and Murders

Day 2: Antero Lisin's PoV

"And Ant, you can take watch tonight…" Arianna says in a high yet powerful voice.

I nod in agreement, there's no point arguing with her, she's too stubborn. I sit on the dirt floor, Becca sat to the right of me doodling on the floor with a small knife, and Arianna pacing back and forth in front of us. Dasma is somewhere in the trees; we've all been taking turns seeing what is beyond the trees. We split the circle of the part we are in into corners, and each of us has taken one. Arianna has discovered that one corner is an ice landscape, and Becca found a desert landscape in another. It is now coming to the end of Day 2, the girls looked around this morning, Dasma is looking now and I'm supposed to tonight. I have to admit I will be glad to get away for a few hours. After Wren died, everyone was on a slight edge, constantly watching out for his killer, and then we found out that Imogene had left the alliance… without actually telling us. The others were furious, I could tell. They tried to hide it, but they hated the fact they had been betrayed. They looked at me for answers, seeing as Imogene and I are district partners and we both joined the alliance together. 'Did she mention leaving? Did you know? Did she tell you anything about it?' They all had the same answer; no. It was starting to get incredibly distressing and I keep getting the feeling that I'm not as welcome as I used to be in this alliance. The only one that's been kind of decent is Becca, but then again she hasn't really said anything since Wren's death.

I rub my eyes tiredly, when did I last sleep? I tried to last night, but I felt uneasy. I thought if I fell asleep one of them would take a dagger and stab it straight in between my shoulder blades. I didn't think these games would make me so nervous; especially when I'm with my own alliance. I decide that a little rest wouldn't be too bad; I need to be wide awake for my adventuring later. I lie my head on a backpack and curl up into a ball, letting my eyes flutter shut.

I wake up to the sound of footsteps nearby. My eyes snap open and I see Dasma looking down at me.

"Get up, we're eating and then it's your turn to go."

I grunt in reply and sit up, my body throbbing from sleeping on the hard ground. We've received many sponsor gifts in the past few days, mostly food and water really, but we had enough weapons as it is, so there wasn't any real need for people to send them right now. Becca hands me a warm bowl of rice and beans and I shovel the food into my mouth. It heats my body and makes me feel so much better than I did a few minutes ago. This must be what it feels like to be from a poorer district. I finish my first bowl and then we each take another well needed helping. Once I am done, I drink some water and then head off into the cornucopia to get some supplies for myself for this evening. I pick up an empty backpack and fill it with two bottles of water, some packets of dried food, some matches, a medical kit, and some rope. I know it's a lot, but you never know what could happen. I then put in some small knives and one large dagger, and I also tuck a scythe into my belt and find the only trident that was placed around the cornucopia, which I was extremely happy about finding; seeing as it is my favourite weapon to use. I zip up the now full back pack, secure it on my shoulders and stroll out towards our camp.

"I guess I'll be heading off then…" I announce to the others.

"Ok, your section is there," Dasma says, pointing to the right behind me.

"Right then, I'll be back as soon as possible…" I start towards my section.

"Stay safe Antero," Becca calls towards me.

"Don't worry, I will…" I reply, as I turn away from the group.

As I reach the end of the forest section, I find myself standing in front of waves of rushing water. I breathe in the salty air, feeling at home. I look from side to side and realise there is no way around the water. I swing the backpack off my shoulders and throw it across easily. It lands safely on the side, and then I throw my trident over and it stabs into the ground, and then I swing my scythe and it lands deep into a nearby tree. I dive in quickly, letting my full body go under and swim across quickly so I am soon pulling myself up onto dry land. I shake the water out of my hair and then collect my things, so I am ready to carry on. I soon discover that I am standing in a meadow, wheat stalks reaching my ribs. On another tribute, it could cover them completely.

I should really head back now, I know what is here and I can easily report back to the others what I have seen, but do I really want to go back? Of course I will go back soon, but it's nice just being away for a little while. It couldn't hurt just going a little further… could it? I let my eagerness take over, so I walk on through the stalks, but all I can see is more wheat stalks. Suddenly, I'm sure I can hear rustling nearby. I swing my head from side to side, but there is no one in sight, or at least that I can see. Now I know why they put the stalks here, it would be pretty hard to find someone, and would take a lot of effort and would bring some excitement to viewers that are watching the chase. I hear the rustling again and I start to move faster, back the way I came. It's starting to get dark; this isn't the best place to be in the night.

I feel a tight grip on my legs and then something or someone pulls them. I lose my balance and fall to the ground, catching myself with my hands. I'm then pulled so I lay on my back, and someone's knees dig into my stomach so I can't move, a blade pinned onto the side of my neck. I wriggle to get them off me but they press the blade closer. I slowly move my gaze to the side and move my head slightly. I take in the appearance of the person in front of me. Beautiful Long wavy brown hair hanging over their face, Smooth, tanned skin. Familiar bright green eyes extremely common in District 4,


Day 2 and 3: Imogene Odana's PoV

"Antero?" I whisper, squinting my eyes at my victim. I slowly move my blade away from his neck, and I move off of him.

Why him? It had to be him that I found didn't it? After leaving the career alliance, killing someone and then making a camp here, all I have done is stalk through the meadow, hoping for someone to find and kill. And what happened? I found absolutely nothing. No-one, not even an animal to kill and pass the time, so after a long wait, I finally found someone. I saw them moving through, not quietly I may add, so I decided to pounce. I took my chance and it worked. But, now I am stuck in an awful situation, seeing as the person that I found is my District partner, part of my old alliance and also once saved my life. Yeah I know, pretty awkward. Maybe if he was just my district partner, I would have just slit his neck and got it over and done with. But something seems terribly wrong with murdering someone who saved my life.

Ant just stares at me in disbelief, blinking rapidly at me. I go to talk but he beats me to it.

"Why did you leave the careers?" He whispers.

"I couldn't stay, I saw my opportunity and took it…, and they weren't too bothered about me being there anyway. They would have most likely murdered me in my sleep…"

"I know what you mean, after you left, they thought I knew where you had gone, and maybe that we were planning something together to kill them, I thought they were all against me too..."

We both sit awkwardly for a few seconds and then he speaks up again.

"So… what do we do now?"

That's a good question, do I stay with him? Or just ditch him and say that it's better off if he goes back to the others and we avoid each other for now. It would be nice having some company for a while though, it has been quiet here and two tributes are better than one.

"Well… you can stay with me if you want… but as soon as there aren't many tributes left we split, do you understand?" I say seriously. He nods at me and smiles.

"Great, I would rather stay here with you than be with the others." I give a small grin back and then tuck my knife back in my belt. We yet again sit in quiet and then it is disturbed by the Capitol anthem. That could mean only one thing, the tributes that have died today. I avert my gaze to the sky, and find myself looking at the face of the District 7 boy; I think his name is Quin? Weird, I thought he would have lasted longer, I wonder who killed him? It seems he was the only death today, because the Capitol anthem is playing again. Ant looks as puzzled as I am at the death.

"Did the careers kill him?" I ask.

"No… I don't even know who did…" He shrugs and begins to lie down on the floor, resting his head on his bag.

"What are you doing?" I whisper.

"Sleeping? Don't you sleep?" He says laughing.

"Of course…. I just… don't worry…" I join him and rest on my own bag. I really am tired; some sleep wouldn't be too bad…

"Imogene! Wake up… Imogene!" I hear faint shouting, and I open my eyes. I fell asleep, I shouldn't have… I really shouldn't have.

"What's wrong…? Ant?" I sit up and look around. I get to my feet and peer over the stalks. I can see Ant's head bobbing up and down, his face looks wild and panicked. I grab my throwing knives from the floor and run towards him. I peer through the morning darkness and gasp. Standing in front of him, is a large, angry looking snake. It is covered in green, slimy scales and its mouth is filled with large white fangs which are covered in a black liquid, which looks a bit like oil. It is raised on its tail, equalling itself to Ant's height. I stand in shock but quickly take action and take one of my knifes and throw it at its head. If it was a normal snake, it would have been a great hit and killed it instantly, but this snake is no ordinary snake, it is a Capitol snake, something called a mutation. The Capitol used mutations during the rebellion, and I didn't know they would be used in the games. Their more dangerous, faster, stronger, smarter; they're made to win. So when I threw the knife, the snake already knew what was coming and dodged quickly out of the way. It hisses in anger and bares its fangs at Ant, and then turns to me and hisses again. I throw another knife, but it dodges again and the knife falls into the distance somewhere. I groan in annoyance and decide to get closer. I run towards Ant and squeeze his arm to let him know I'm there.

"We need to run…" he whispers.

"I know this thing is unnatural…" I look to both sides of me and all seems clear. "On the count of three, run as fast as you can to the left, ok?" He nods and I get myself ready. "3…2…1!"

I run to the right of me, and push through the stalks, my heart pounding wildly. I thought if we both run opposite ways, it wouldn't be able to chase both of us and might get lost. Yes I know, it could go after Ant instead of me, but I don't want him to die, I owe him for saving my life, and it would be terrible if he died because of me. Once I have gone far enough I head in a different direction, hoping to find Ant. I stop after a while, my hair sticks to my head with sweat and my breath is loud and unsteady. I look around for Ant but I can't see him. I hear something near me and I brace myself for the snake, but it is only Ant.

"Are you ok…?" He whispers.

"Yeah I'm fine, do you know where it is?"

"No…Maybe it's…"

"Imogene watch out!" He shouts. But I have no time to react, as he jumps towards me and pushes me out the way. I fall to the ground, but I sit up in time, to see those large white fangs snap down deep into his neck.

"Ant!" I scream, as I run towards him as the snake slithers away. I kneel down beside him as he shakes on the floor, his hands grip his neck but they are shaking and can hardly stay still. I move them away and put his arm down carefully beside him. All I can say is it is bad, really bad. His neck has two large bite marks imprinted into the side of his neck. It oozes with blood and also the black substance. I place my hand on top of the wound but quickly move it away, as it burns my hand like fire. The black liquid must be poison, if it hurts my hand, how must it be inside his body.

"It…it burns… h…h…help me…" he cries.

I look around helplessly, all the supplies are far away, and I wouldn't make it back in time. Could he really survive though? The poison is probably coursing through his veins right now; it would kill him, whether fast or slowly.

"Sshh, it's going to be ok…" I run my hands through his hair, pushing it out of his eyes. He's shaking worse now, his eyes keep rolling in the back of his head and his body is dripping with sweat.

"It…It's not…I'm…I'm not stupid…" he whispers dryly, "H…h…help…m…me…"

"I can't! The supplies are gone!" I cry, I feel tears stinging my eyes in frustration and I wipe them away furiously.

"You…can…" He slowly lifts his hand, and it falls on the knife in my belt.

"No… no Ant I can't do that, please don't make me do that…" I plead, but I know it would be the kindest thing to do.

"Thanks…f…for e…everything…" he whispers, and he closes his eyes quietly.

"Thank you for saving me…" I whisper, tears fall down my face now, but I don't care now, I really couldn't care. I take the knife from my belt tightly, my hands shaking, and I move it over his heart.

"I'm so sorry…" I whisper, as I plunge the knife deep into his chest. His body flinches, but then it relaxes. I fall onto his body, my own shaking, "thank you…thank you… thank you…" I whisper into chest. His cannon fires and I move away, as if something was going to happen. But nothing did, he just lies there coldly. I get up from the ground and wipe my eyes and dust off my clothes. I start to walk away my body still shaking, this time with anger.

They made me do this… them evil sick creatures made me kill him. He saved me…twice! And I killed him. Anyone else…anyone else would have been fine… but they made it him. I feel my hands curl into fist and I scream at the sky in anger, feeling my face turn red. I storm through the stalks menacingly, just wanting something to take my anger out on. They made me hurt someone I cared about… I need to win this, so I can tell them how much I hate them for being so cruel and disgusting.

I move on, but am stopped by a parachute falling to the ground. I open it up, and read the note inside. 'Do what you're supposed to do.' I rip open the package and find a belt, with ten holsters around it, filled with knives, all different sizes. I put the belt on and take a large knife out. I will get my vengeance, I will win this, and I will kill anyone that gets in my way.

I walk forward and find a large snake like the one before slithering towards me. It stand on its tail and nods in the opposite direction, like it is telling me to go somewhere. More slither forward, all standing in a line next to him making a wall, all pointing in the same direction. I walk forward and swing my knife, slicing the head off the first snake. I grin almost scarily and spin on my heels, heading in the direction they are pointing in.

Whatever is there, or whoever is there, they better watch out, because I'm angry, and if anyone gets in my way, all I can say is…

Good luck to them.

The Fallen

Henry Ricktor, District 9- Killed by Becca Kenwell.

Breeze Mere, District 3- Killed by Antero Lisin.

Mark Coal, District 12- Killed by Imogene Odana.

Daniels Xena, District 5- Killed by Amazon Purfum.

Amanda Hawks, District 6- Killed by Dasma Rath.

Crizz Chaster, District 11- Killed by Arianna Mae.

Wren Hayes, District 2- Killed by Mark Bull.

Quin Ley, Distrct 7- Killed by Asha Caprice

Antero Lisin, District 4- Killed by Imogene Odana

Day 3: Running and Relationships

Day 3: Samara Emett's PoV

It's the third day of the games now. I'm tired, hungry and overall fed up with this whole situation. All I want to do is go home; I miss my parents, my sister… what would she of done if I hadn't of volunteered? I know it's a terrible thought, but I think she would have joined the rest of them poor tributes that died at the beginning. This shouldn't be happening to kids, me included. We should all be living our lives, getting to go to school, making friends, meeting the one we love and growing old together. That's what life should be like, not murdering others and then being close to or being killed yourself.

I pull myself up into a sitting position and look next to me where Josh should be sleeping. And there he is, sleeping soundly like there is nothing going on around him, his shaggy brown hair hangs over his dirt covered forehead, and his chest rises and falls softly. I slowly move my hand to his face and brush his hair out of his eyes. His eyelids flutter open and that smile I adore appears on his face.

"Hey…" I whisper.

"Hey there…" He whispers back, he pulls himself into a sitting position too, leans over to me and kisses me softly. My mouth moves into a small grin and a little giggle bursts out. He pulls back and joins me in laughing. "What's so funny?" he asks.

"I don't know, maybe that I just woke up with my boyfriend in a jungle,"

"So I'm your boyfriend now am I?" he says, raising his right eyebrow comically. I feel my cheeks go red; did I really just call him my boyfriend? Well… I guess he is…I hope he wants to be…

"Um…I just assumed that…" I splutter, but I'm interrupted by another one of his amazing smiles and him wrapping his arms around me.

"Of course I am, I think of you as my girlfriend…" he says.

I let my body relax into his, and I can feel his calm heartbeat. He's just so chilled, like nothing could faze him. He's never nervous talking about relationships or love, at least I don't think he is, and he is good at talking to people, I'm ok I guess, I was very believable in my interview in being the nervous little kid. Oh how much fun that was. I'm sure all the other tributes besides Josh think I'm hiding under a rock somewhere praying for everyone to die before me.

"So… what's the plan of action today?" he asks.

That's a very good question. Seeing as we found a water supply on the first day, we decided to stay for a while, seeing as we wouldn't die of thirst and there was plants around we could eat. No-one has really passed by, not that we know of, so we've been relatively unnoticed. It's been a good place for us to camp, but I have a feeling the audience could be getting bored, which means the Gamemakers will be bored, and they'll make something … interesting happen. Which is why I think we should at least look around, move to a different location maybe, just to make sure we're what not targets of interest. I know, I know, I think about things a little too much.

"Josh, maybe we should move see what different places there are…" I look at him for a few seconds waiting for an answer.

"I was going to say the exact same thing," he replies. I let out a sigh of relief and head over to the waterfall and lake. I wash my hair and body, seeing as I am covered in mud and then I fill the bottles up with water so we have enough to drink. I then scavenge some plants and berries and walk back over to our camp. Josh has collected all our supplies up, and is wrapping up a dead bird in a large leaf and putting it in a backpack.

"I saw it just standing there, thought we could cook and eat it if we get hungry."

I nod happily and put my backpack on my shoulders, "Ready?" I ask.


We trek through a range of vines and trees for about an hour. It was, I must admit, very boring. I tried to pass the time with some quiet small talk, but it's hard when you're trying to stay unnoticed, so we just tended to stay quiet. It took us a while, but after only making a few stops, we reach the edge of the Jungle. It's as if the two sides blend in to each other, as the bright green grass we are standing on, slowly turns into golden sand. As I peer into the distance, it seems that it is a desert which stretches quite a while. All of a sudden, I see something moving towards us, I guard my eyes against the sunlight but I can't seem to make out what it is.

"Josh… look over there…" I say, pointing to where I had seen the 'something'… "What is it? I can't see…"

He also covers his eyes slightly to block the sun, and he looks over to where I pointed. His mouth turns into a rounded 'o' and my heartbeat starts to speed up. It's only now I realise how stupid I have been, it could be tributes coming after us! I part my lips to say something but I'm interrupted by some shouting and screaming…

"RUN!" I hear from the distance.

And that's when I noticed the female tribute from nine and the male tribute from six being chased by a monstrous looking tiger. And they were running our way.

Day 3: Lilac Infinity's PoV

I'm awoken by movement around me, and I open my eyes to see Amazon rummaging through the medical kit.

"What's up? Is your leg bad again?" I ask. He gives me a defeated look and I move over towards him. "Let me take a look…"

I unravel the bandage and inspect the stab wound on his leg. It has in fact gotten better since yesterday, but it does look slightly infected, maybe some sand got in it, and it must be causing some pain. I take the medical kit from him and look through it. We're almost out of clean bandages, and the disinfectant has run out quickly too. I'm sure I know a few plants I could use which would help the healing, but they would be found in the woods; not the desert.

"Have we got any water?" I say, Amazon takes out the bottle, which has only a little bit of water left inside. Being in the heat all the time makes you very thirsty, luckily we collected two decent sized bottles at the cornucopia, but with the need to clean wounds as well, the water has only just lasted us around two days, nearly three.

"We need more water…" he mutters as I poor most of the water onto his leg and then pass him the bottle for him to finish it. He pushes it away saying I should have it, but I am adamant that he should drink it, I don't need him getting de-hydrated. I clean the wound and it looks even better than before. I take a clean bandage and rip it in half, trying to use as little as possible so we have some left. I wrap it tightly round and tie the ends together in a knot.

"You're right, we need more water, and I need to get some things to make disinfectant for your leg… maybe we should head back towards the forest we came through?"

He judges this for a second and then nods, "We can't stay here forever, and we need more water too, so it sounds good to me." He smiles kindly and squeezes my hand comfortingly. I move into his arms and he holds me tightly. I really wish we could stay like this forever. And I'm not just saying that… I don't want to even think about the future… It's going to be horrible, but we both know what could happen, we just don't talk about it. Amazon isn't his normal self as it is, he's normally joking around and laughing, but I guess it's hard to do that when we're trying to stay alive.

I gather up all our supplies into the one backpack and close it securely. I then take the knife that Daniels threw at Amazon and tuck it into my belt, and give the dagger to Amazon who copies the action. I then crawl out from under the ruins and drag the bag with me, and Amazon follows. I put the bag on my back, wobble slightly from the heaviness, but then readjust, I'm not used to carrying heavy objects, and a few months ago this bag would have probably weighed more than me!

Amazon leans against the side of the ruin and hauls himself up. His face grimaces at the obvious pain in his leg, but as he tries to walk, he wobbles and falls back against it.

"I guess I haven't moved around a lot…" he says as he stands up again and hobbles over to me.

"I know, but your leg needed to rest."

I hook my arm around his back to hold him up, and we begin to move away from our camp. It's in some way ironic, how on the first day Amazon was holding me up and now I am holding him up. We're lucky we have each other I suppose. We move at a slow pace but at least we're moving, and after around an hour passes, I guess by the sun it is just after midday. I start to grow tired, but I keep going, knowing that the longer I move, the quicker we will reach our destination.

"Lilac, maybe we should stop for a bit, I can tell you're exhausted," he says, moving me off of him.

"No Amazon, we need to keep going…" I move towards him to hold him up, but I am stopped by a loud growl. I bite my lip so hard that I can taste blood, as I slowly turn around to where I heard the sound. Amazon turns with me and a gasp gets caught in my throat. In front of us is a snarling animal. It has the look of a tiger, standing on all fours, striped fur, but it is completely different in other aspects. It's huge, with paws the size of my head and it has long fangs hanging out of its mouth. Its eyes are blood red, and stare at us hungrily. I take hold of Amazon and pull him forward. I move as fast as I can, Amazon limping beside me. I want to run, we need to run, but I don't know if Amazon could do it.

"We need to run Amazon, do you think you can?"

"I'll try…" he replies, his voice slightly shaky.

I release him and grip hold of his hand tightly, and we both begin to run together. He does better than I expected, and we make good distance. I'm sure the animal could have caught us easily, but maybe it doesn't want to kill us yet, maybe it wants us to go somewhere, or to someone… it could be leading us to other tributes, but I would rather fight them than the tiger, I'm sure we would stand a better chance then.

We keep on running, our breaths wild and uncontrolled. I don't know how much further we could go, we might not find shelter for miles. It's only then, that I spot the trees in the distance.

"Look… over there, it … looks like… a jungle" I say taking in more breaths.

"Your right," Amazon replies, limping beside me.

We both must have got a surge of excitement, because it was if a wave of adrenaline kicked in. We both started to move faster and soon enough we were nearing the Jungle, the tiger close behind us. But as we get closer, I realise there are two other tributes standing on the edge of the two landscapes. Their hands are intertwined together, just like Amazon and I's. Then I figure out who it is, the two tributes from eight. I remember how they looked at each other back in the Capitol; you would most likely see them together whatever happened, training, interviews, anywhere. I felt like I could relate to them in some way, seeing as they are in a sort of relationship during the games, and so are Amazon and I. I never really thought about it, but I guess we are. And now we are heading towards them, they will now have to face this animal too. They don't seem to have realised what is happening yet… should I warn them? I would want someone to warn me… but this is a game after all. However, I don't think I could watch one of them lose the other… losing the one they love…

Before I can even stop myself, I take in a deep breath and scream…


They both look startled, and the boy takes the girls hand and starts to run. I follow with Amazon, hoping they know somewhere to hide and that they won't try to kill us. We all run through the trees, it's all so new to me, and it is almost refreshing, being in a sweltering desert for two days really takes the energy out of you. I push through leaves and vines so Amazon and I can get through easier, but after a while it gets into a mess of confusion. It all looks the same; we could easily be going in circles.

"Amazon, quick lets go this way…"

I tug on his arm and we both spin round, but we both crash into something and fall back. We both let out an annoyed groan, but my eyes widen when I realise it wasn't just us making the noise. I sit up and look in front of me, where the tributes from eight sit staring at us, rubbing the backs of their heads. Then, the boy speaks up,

"Well… this is awkward…"

Day 3: Samara Emett's PoV

I sit gripping onto Josh's hand tightly, as we both stare at the other two tributes. Josh is right, this is rather awkward. I exchange looks with the girl from nine, she doesn't really show any signs of injury, but the boy from six, he has a bandage round his leg, and it is stained with blood. A wound which they have obviously tried to heal, Lilac obviously sees me looking at him, because she moves over him protectively, like I was about to suddenly pounce at him.

"What do we do now?" Josh whispers to me.

"I don't know… do we fight them?" I reply confused myself of what we should do.

In this situation, the viewers of the games would obviously expect a full on fight, but do I want that? One, there both older, and even though Amazon is injured, he has a large dagger hooked into his belt, and I wouldn't want to face that. Two, I would feel terrible, they obviously have feelings for each other, you could tell by the way they held hands. They are in the same situation as Josh and I, and when I imagine what it would be like to lose Josh, I would hate to put them feelings on another, and that's what most likely they would feel. Therefore, I am stumped about what we should actually do. I guess we will just have to see what happens.

"I don't want to fight…" Lilac whispers, she must have heard what I said, I've never been the best at whispering. Her and Amazon now sit up together, his arm wrapped protectively round her shoulders. "Amazon is injured, as you've already seen…" she looks at me, and I look down guiltily, "He wouldn't be able to fight as well as he could, and anyway, I don't want to hurt you both… your… like us…" She squeezes Amazon's hand and I look at mine and Josh’s also locked hands.

"I know… I feel the same…" I reply, I look at Josh, but he nods, agreeing with me.

Josh goes to speak, but he is interrupted by a loud Growl nearby.

"We need to go…" Amazon announces more to Lilac than anyone.

"I was just about to say, that the animal should be here soon, and that we need to go…" Josh says, Amazon and him exchange respectful nods, like they both agree on the same thing.

"Where do we go?" I ask.

"We could climb a tree… I doubt it could climb? Even if it could, it's so big it would probably break the branches…" Josh says, I shudder at the images of the tiger finding us on the ground, and the idea of being high up seems so much better.

"Amazon can't climb, not with his leg…" Lilac says, Amazon looks down ashamed, his face red, either with embarrassment, or frustration.

"I could try?" Amazon adds, but she shakes her head.

"The first branch we would climb on is already high up, it would take a lot of strength, and I know you're strong, but not that strong…" She giggles and he returns a joking smile, flashing his small muscles. It's sweet how he can make her laugh in this tense situation.

"We'll help you," Josh says. I give him a small smile, glad he is happy to help.

Lilac stands up and walks over to the nearest tree. Together, Josh and I boost her up onto the first branch with our hands, and she makes it easily. Amazon is next, and he hobbles over towards us and puts his good leg onto our hands. We both boost him up, and Lilac grabs onto his arms and pulls him upwards. He lands on the branch safely too and we all sigh in relief. Seeing as the branches would only fit two people, Lilac climbs onto a higher thick branch, and again helps Amazon up with her. I jump and swing onto the branch and pull myself up, and Josh does the same. We all climb a little bit higher and finally we are high enough that we are safe, away from the tiger. Just as we make it, we hear the growl again, and the tiger comes into view. It prowls around the tree, looking up at us and snarling.

Amazon explains that it is actually a mutation. It's not a real animal, it is made by the Capitol, altered so it is stronger, or angrier, made to hunt us. Even though it should be trying to get to us, it soon stops prowling and runs off into the distance. We all stare out to where it has run, and it directs our attention to some smoke rising into the air, further away, but still in the jungle.

"I have a feeling… that it wanted us to come to the jungle… it was leading us to something…" Lilac whispers.

"Your right… something is going to happen very soon, I can just feel it," Josh replies.

We all keep staring at the smoke, but I decide to break the silence.

"So… when this 'something' happens, do we all split up? Or do we work together?"

Amazon and Lilac exchange looks, and then both nod at each other.

"I think we should work together… the four of us would be better together, especially if something was to happen… maybe you could help me find supplies to heal Amazon's leg, if you didn't mind, and in return we could help you… well … survive?"

We all nod, and exchange handshakes in a sort of deal. I like the sound of us working together for now. I couldn't kill one of them right now, and I would rather them not kill us, and if something is to happen, we could have a better chance of surviving… whatever it is.

That mutation wanted us to stay here for a reason; the Gamemakers wanted us to stay here for a reason. But our new alliance is strong, and the four of us will survive this.

I know we can.

Day 3: Trust and Terror

Day 3: Yesina Root's PoV

I'm tired. So, very tired. The last time I slept? I can't remember, that's how long ago it was. Since being in these games, I must have been asleep once. Once. It was when I made it to the meadow; I rested my head and fell asleep easily and I must of slept most of the night through, but I was awoken, by a terrible booming sound. It terrified me, at first I thought it was a gunshot, did they put a gun in the games? Has someone shot me? These questions bounced around my head, and my heart was pounding wildly, then I realised I was being stupid, and that it was only a cannon firing, signalling another death. I had heard this sound earlier, just before the fallen tributes were shown in the sky, including both members of my alliance. Oh how idiotic I felt, and to make it worse, the Capitol probably saw the terror in my face, but then again, they do think I'm a little cry baby twelve year old who bursts into tears when they can't cross some water. That was fun to act out, I have to admit.

So I was fine after the cannon, I walked around the meadow and ate some wheat, and I even found a rabbit which I killed and cooked. It was a productive second day, and I felt confident that I could win this thing. And then, reality hit me. As I lay to spend my second night in the arena, and to get another good night's rest, the Capitol anthem sounds. I had almost forgot, someone had died earlier today, I look up to the sky to see which unfortunate tribute it was, but a gasp got caught in my throat, as my district partner Quin appears above me. I let out a choked cough and sit up. How can this be? He was strong, brave; I thought he would get far; obviously he got on the wrong end of someone's knife. If he got killed so early in the games, that means anyone could.

And after realising that, I started to actually become worried. That night, I sat up, flinching at a slight sound, gripping my small axe tightly in my hand. I suddenly noticed so many things I didn't before, like anyone could sneak up on me in these tall wheat stalks and there not as safe as I thought, or that it is incredibly quieter at night, which makes me feel on edge like something is going to happen.

Since being here, I have noticed how much the games mess with your head. You can't trust anyone, you always have to watch your back, and you're being watched allthe time. I don't know what it would be like if Amanda and Mark were still alive, I might have got some sleep, but then again could I have trusted them to not kill me in my sleep. Amanda- Probably, Mark- I'm not too sure.

Anyway now I am sitting here, incredibly exhausted, because of all these problems in my head, I don't know what to do next, I've been using my fake weakness to earn myself some water in sponsor gifts, turns out the Capitol do have a little bit of heart somewhere deep inside them. I guess the next step, would be to head to a different part of the arena, but what if a tribute finds me? I used to be so much more confident than this… What has this place done to me, seriously?

I stand up weakly and walk over to an unpicked section of wheat. I eat a few pieces, but soon get sick of the dry, bland taste. I take my small bag; fill it with a few stalks and my filled water bottle. I then take my axe in my hand and begin to walk anywhere but here. Maybe if I get away from here and in a new environment, I could find a good place to stay and feel safer. It's worth the try.

I stroll through the meadow, pushing stalks out of my path and breathing in the morning air. The only death that has occurred recently is the one earlier this morning, but we won't find out who it was till later this evening. I just hope it was one of them careers, the quicker they go the easier it will be for me to win. That's the way it works, every time a tribute dies, the closer you get to victory. Believe me, I don't want to hurt anybody, it's not a good title- 'killer at twelve years old', but I know that at one point I will have to, it's the way the game is played.

After a while of walking, I stop at the edge of the forest I had come through in the beginning. I smile at the familiar place; I know that it circles the centre of the arena, so there must be other places outside of the forest in different areas of the arena. I carry on walking, a faster pace this time, until all of a sudden I hear a crack of a twig or branch nearby. I stop in my tracks and look around but I can't seem to see anyone. I turn to face the meadow but again no-one is near me. I was sure this was true, until I felt someone cover my face and drag me backwards. As everything around me goes dark, the last thing I hear are my own muffled screams.

Day 3: Ruby Hyrglass's PoV

I sit inside an igloo shivering, curled up in a tight ball trying to keep warm. My teeth are chattering wildly, and I am shivering from the freezing cold. It's been ok, the past few days, but suddenly the temperature dropped earlier this morning, and I feel like I am covered in ice. If I stay here any longer, I'm going to freeze to death, so I need to get out of here quickly. I collect up my backpack and knife, and crawl out of the igloo. Outside, the wind is blowing wildly, and snow blowing around everywhere, all most dragging me to the side. This explains why it is so cold. I wrap my arm around my body, keep my head down, and begin to move through the storm.

There something strange about this though. How the temperature suddenly dropped so I couldn't stay here anymore, and that the storm is almost pushing me in a certain direction. I have a strong feeling that the Gamemakers are leading me somewhere, or to someone. I quickly spin around and try walking against the storm, but my attempt fails and I end up going nowhere. I guess I'll have to risk it, so I carry on the way the storm wants me to go.

To my relief, I finally make it back into the forest section and I feel the sudden heat like I had been put in an oven. I rub my hands together to make them warm again and to lose the numbness and when I am satisfied that I am no longer frozen, I begin to walk through the forest. I decide I like it here, the smell of pine trees and flowers, it feels almost safe. I know it isn't, I'm in the hunger games, but still, it's nice to feel safe for a few seconds.

I carry on strolling through the trees, when suddenly I freeze in fear. A few metres in front of me, is the district 7 female, leant against a tree. I'm not sure whether she's unconscious or dead. I guess if she was dead a cannon would have fired, so I would bet on that she has just been knocked out cold. I peer through the trees, moving closer so I can get a better look. Her hands are tied behind her back, and her feet are also tied together. Who did this to her? Why wouldn't they just kill her? Is the person that did this nearby? Realising that they could be near, I spin round to run away from the scene. I take my first step, but my foot lands on a branch and I slip, falling to the floor, my ankle twisting. Great, I just healed my wounds from my first fight, and now I have a twisted ankle.

I push myself off the ground and try to limp away, but I feel someone grab the neck line of the jacket I am wearing. They wrap there large muscular arm around my neck and drag me backwards. I struggle and protest, kicking my legs around manically, but I can't free myself, however hard I try. After a few seconds, I am thrown down next to the seven tribute. I roll onto my front and begin to crawl away, but my attacker clamps their foot onto my back, so I yelp and curl into a protective ball. I hear them crouch down behind me, and they grab both my arms and pull them behind my back. My arms burn and feel like they have been ripped from their sockets. Some rope is tied around my wrists tightly, and I suddenly feel the urge to cry, but I won't give whoever it is the satisfaction. I am pulled into a sitting position, and they push me against a tree, but my head hits the trunk hard and I feel incredibly dizzy. I open my eyes slightly to see who it is, and I feel sick at the sight.

Standing in front of me, is a large muscular figure, holding a huge, sharp axe. I open my eyes a bit more, and I realise it is the district 10 male, Mark. He realises I am l