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  • JERealize

    You ready? It's New Year's Day 2014, and as a result, I have the first part of JER's Tournament: The Compressed Edition.

    The final check-ups were finished. The machine was ready.

    "Everyone, take your positions," Yesare ordered. "We're about to begin."

    All the workers in the lab were at their stations, starting the multiple programs necessary to activate the machine. Numerous acts of start-up noises were uttered by the machine, culminating in an array of transmitters sending off light-beams into a steel doorway. Atop the steel doorway, a light turned green.

    "We have contact," one of the workers confirmed.

    "Our destination?" Yesare asked.

    "Alternate Universe 2680," another added. "Earth, equivalent to ours from AD 2015."

    "Good," Yesare answered. "W…

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  • JERealize

    My Hopeful Return

    December 6, 2013 by JERealize

    Hello, everyone. I have returned. For those of you that may not know me, I am JERealize, and I used to be on this wiki, between March 2011 and late 2012. I also managed the THG Role Playing Wiki for a while in the bulk of 2012. So, the reason I returned here is twofold. First, I left the last wiki I've been to (which will not be named), due to excessive spoiling and unrealistic qualities of the television series it represented. Second, I have plans for a new Games: "JER's Tournament: The Compressed Edition."

    My original JER's Tournament was a fatal bust, so I've decided to reduce the roster to 48 (from North America, like last time), to allow better arc flow between characters. Yesare will still play a part, but none of the canon THG indivi…

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  • JERealize

    Finn and Jake in Panem

    August 12, 2012 by JERealize

    It's JER again. This time, I've decided on a crossover based on an idea for the Hunger Games timeline. You see, I've decided to add the idea that after the wars ended and Panem was formed in North America, the events of Adventure Time proceeded in Europe. It isn't completely accurate, but I'm working to see if this story can base them on the same timeline. Let's give it a go...

    It all started so simply, really. Finn and Jake were hiking through the hills, Finn holding up a titanium-edged sword in defense, and Jake glimpsing at a severed right arm made entirely of crystal that he held in his hands. Jake started poking the limb, causing drops of water to fall out the severed end.

    Jake, marveling at this, remarked, "I guess that even Crystal Menace…

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  • JERealize

    Okay, so I set up this blog to talk about similarities between something in the Hunger Games and something outside the Hunger Games. It's basically an inspiration from what TDR97's username inspired him from (you don't really need me to say what television series that came from, right?), and since I watched the series (okay, maybe only Seasons 1 and 4), I'd say, for some inexplicable reason (so what if I'm the most random at the ball?), that Izzy really reminds me of Foxface. I'd ezplain more, but this is not a molopolized section. What similarities do you find between something in the Hunger Games and something outside it's sphere (besides the whole Battle Royale thing, please don't start this argument again).

    List of silarities:

    • THG to Bat…
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  • JERealize

    Hello, everyone. If you have not known yet, my name is Julian Espinoza (aka JERealize; thanks a lot for not letting me use my username, Facebook), and I am admin and bureaucrat of the Hunger Games Role Playing Wiki. Now, as some of you know, on May 15, 2011, Steamygoreng founded the wiki under approval of TagAlongPam to serve as a gathering place of Hunger Games fan-fiction, and encouraged everyone to rebase their Games for the good of this wiki. I was among the first to move to the wiki for a permanent stay, and my Games stayed there, as well. The wiki had a good run, but when users, including Steamygoreng, started leaving, I had to take over as admin, and I had to preserve it with my life.

    It's been nearly a year since the wiki has started,…

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