Primrose1444 was an innocent user with a compelling story on her blog (over 100 KB long). She was a leader and trendsetter with lots of fans to back her up throughout the writing of the story... until she lost all but 37 KB of it. Heartbroken, she left the wiki forever.

Hello. I'm JERealize, and I know what it's like to lose valuable blog information. I was a victim, too. I had a blog post with KBs of valuable information... and lost all but over 37 KB of it, and I say, this has to stop!

If you have valuable information on a blog post, like a compelling story or such, it shouldn't be erased without a copy of the info. In fact, it shouldn't be erased AT ALL! Blogs keep the livelyhood of our wiki up, and help us connect with stuff like personal Hunger Games and other important stories. Where else do we have to put it?

From now on, there has to be a way to protect valuable Hunger Games stories like Primrose1444's. Please, consider this and stop messing with other people's stories without fair warning.

Your messenger,


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