It's me, JERealize, here to set the score again and unite everyone under one blog post.

Okay, so everyone has their own created Tribute that they favor. For example, my favorite is Stronton Melich, a Tribute dedicated to keeping itself at his best in the Northwest Territories, and also one out to get revenge caused by two people who have rigged an all-important race so that he would lose..

Getting back to the importance of this blog: Everyone has a Tribute that they alone created and they favor the most. That's why we will have a special Tournament where everyone will face each other in a one-on-one battle to become champion. This is the Favorite Tribute Tournament!

In order to enter, just give me your favorite Tribute (it has to be your own original Tribute, and only one can be submitted from each user) and a link to his/her stats. I shall then have all the Tributes drawn randomly and start up the Tournament Brackets (how do you make stuff like those?), and I shall write stories of each battle and then, with a little randomness, we shall dectde the winner soon enough.

Deadline is Monday June 13, 2011, at 19:00 Coordinated Universal Time (3 PM Eastern, 12 PM Pacific). I hope to see all of your Tributes at the Favorite Tribute Tournament!

Julian Espinoza 05:07, June 2, 2011 (UTC)

Tributes entered so far:

  • Stronton Melich (JERealize)
  • Digit Starr (Anon...)
  • Dawn Woods (Mockingjay5)
  • Akuma Engel (InsertRandomnessHere)
  • Vanessa Jimenez (TotalDramaRox97)
  • Kipcha Pryor (Firecatcher3)
  • Ben Fisher (Panther12)
  • Fido Fiderson (Fidofiderson)
  • Elliot Helos (SerpentKing999)

Day 1: June 13, 2011

I have only received nine Tributes, so we will have to hold four triple-threat matches to determine who is the best. I will draw the order of competitors randomly, and you will receive your results tomorrow.

Tournament Brackets




1: ??? - 2: ??? - 3: ???

Primary Competitors:

1A: Ben Fisher - 1B: Akuma Engel - 1C: Kipcha Pryor

2A: Elliot Helos - 2B: Stronton Melich - 2C: Fido Fiderson

3A: Vanessa Jimenez - 3B: Digit Starr - 3C: Dawn Woods

(If you can create tournament brackets, please show me how.)

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