It's JER again. This time, I've decided on a crossover based on an idea for the Hunger Games timeline. You see, I've decided to add the idea that after the wars ended and Panem was formed in North America, the events of Adventure Time proceeded in Europe. It isn't completely accurate, but I'm working to see if this story can base them on the same timeline. Let's give it a go...

Chapter 1: One Leftover Detail

It all started so simply, really. Finn and Jake were hiking through the hills, Finn holding up a titanium-edged sword in defense, and Jake glimpsing at a severed right arm made entirely of crystal that he held in his hands. Jake started poking the limb, causing drops of water to fall out the severed end.

Jake, marveling at this, remarked, "I guess that even Crystal Menaces need water to live." He collected some of the water in the palm of his hand and tossed it to Finn.

Finn reacted in disgust. "Man, that's messed up." He wiped it off his face with his shirt, then took the limb and swung it in Jake's direction, causing droplets to fall on Jake.

Jake simply replied, "You think I'd be scared of a little water?" He shook himself dry, while giving Finn some of it in the process, but before Finn could respond to that, the limb burst into a beam of light, and at the next moment, it was gone. (to be continued...)

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