What if Seneca Crane authorized the instant destruction of Katniss Everdeen once she pulled out the berries? What would Peeta feel when he realized that his love life was over? I plan to find out soon...

(I begin this page by recapping sone of the original book)

Chapter 1

All I wanted to do was to save Katniss. They ripped away one ticket to return home. Katniss must take the other. She pulls out an arrow and aims it at me. I hope she does what must be done, but she hesitated and dropped her weapon. Why?

"No. Do it." I managed to force her weapon back in her hand.

"I can't," I hear her say. "I won't."

"Do it," I persuade Katniss. "Before they send those mutts back or something." I look back at what happened to the last contender. "I don't want to die like Cato."

"Then you shoot me." She pushed the weapons back at me. "You shoot me and go home and live with it!" I cannot accept this. I cannot kill her.

"You know I can't," I say to her. The weapons drop to the floor. "Fine, I'll go first anyway." My bandage falls to the floor in a more dramatic fashion. My last defenses have been exhausted. Now, Katniss is trying frantically to delay the inevitable by recovering my wound.

"Katniss," I assured. "It's what I want."

"You're not leaving me here alone," she says. She is too brave to go through with this. I can tell. However, now's not her time to be a hero.

"Listen," I persuade to her, and pull her up. "We both know they have to have a victor. It can only be one of us. Please, take it. For me." I find everything I can to keep going on, about how I needed her, but then...

She pulled out a pouch. I knew about the berries.

"No, I won't let you." Those berries meant one thing: semi-instant death.

"Trust me," she whispered. She handed me some berries. We then proceeded to giving our message, that we have to go home, for our sake and our sanity. We inched the berries closer... one... two... three...

In a wild flash of consequences, a burst of smoke appears, and I drop the berries in shock, having to hold my breath against the smoke. After the explosion died down, I managed to hear a pack of mutts attack Katniss, this time running back after the cannon. I ran over to the aftermath, I saw Katniss, ripped to shreds, lying in a pool of blood. She lay motionless, as a statement that we can never win.

I fell to the floor in defeat, losing the will to live. They can't take me back now... I made sure that my bandage was off, hoping that I can escape with her...

Chapter 2

to be continued...

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