My username is JERealize, and I'd like to welcome you to the Games that you voted for: The Multiversal Games. In these Games, you must choose a boy and girl (preferrably around the teenage years) from one specific reality. This reality can be an alternate timeline, or a realm introduced in a book, on television, or in a movie. If the characters are from a reality made in popular media, it's suggested to add a link to their Wikia page. I've decided to enter Tributes as well, to give examples (and maybe a hard time).

Tribute List

Choose your Tributes and their reality. You shall be their ambassador, who guides them to their potential victory.

Reality Male Female Ambassador
Battle Royale universe Kazuo Kiriyama Mitsuko Souma JERealize
Percy Jackson universe Luke Castellan Clarisse La Rue Necterine411
Harry Potter universe Harry Potter Hermione Granger Iluvgale
Gone universe Sam Temple Lana Arwen Fazar Moon Beam
Twilight universe Emmett Cullen Alice Cullen ~ilovepeeta~
Ranger's Apprentice universe Will Treaty Alyss Mainwaring MnkyGrlsj
Inheritance universe Eragon Shadeslayer Arya MnkyGrlsj
Divergent universe Four Beatrice Prior Team Peeta Anna
Pretty Little Liars universe Caleb Rivers Hanna Marin Team Peeta Anna
The Hunger Games universe Gale Hawthorne Katniss Everdeen Iluvgale
Maximum Ride universe Dylan Maximum Ride Clove1999
Vampire Knight universe Hanabusa Aido Yuki Kuran Kwankwan44
Detective Conan universe Jimmy Kudo Rachel Moore Super.cute.kitten
I Am Number Four universe Number Four Number Six Firecatcher3
Parallel Universe 1 Reclos Tremain Aios Skell JERealize
Naruto universe Naruto Uzumaki Sakura Haruno ALE Force
Total Drama Universe Duncan Heather Hungergamesrocks
Pokemon universe Ash Ketchum Dawn Kwankwan44
Durarara universe Masaomi Kida Anri Sonohara Moon Beam
Detective Conan universe (Magic Kaito) Kaito Kuroba Aoko Nakamori Super.cute.kitten
Last Airbender universe Zuko Toph Bei Fong Necterine411
Fire Emblem universe Ephraim Eirika Anon...
Golden Sun universe Matthew Steva Anon...
Spongebob universe Spongebob Squarepants Sandy Cheeks Moviepopcorn123
Wizards of Waverly Place universe Max Russo Alex Russo ~ilovepeeta~
Phineas and Ferb universe Phineas Flynn Candace Flynn ~ilovepeeta~
The Simpsons universe Bart Simpson Lisa Simpson Everdeen
The Last Survivors universe Alex Morales Miranda Evans Moviepopcorn123
Series of Unfortunate Events universe Count Olaf Violet Baudelaire Peetasucks
Percy Jackson universe Jason Grace Piper McLean Team Peeta Anna
Grim Hill universe Clive Caitlin Peters Team Peeta Anna
Parallel Universe 2 Reclos Tremain Aios Skell JERealize
Parallel Universe 3 Reclos Tremain Aios Skell JERealize
Super Mario Bros. universe Luigi Princess Peach ~ilovepeeta~
Glee universe Finn Hudson Quinn Fabray QuinnQuinn
Aaron Stone universe Aaron Stone Dark Tamara JERealize
Titanic universe Jack Dawson Rose DeWitt Bukater Super.cute.kitten
Yu-Gi-Oh! universe Flame Swordsman Dark Magician Girl JER and ALE

Don't forget to post links of your characters.

Parralel Universe Selection

These sections will explain which regions of the Multiverse these Tributes will have come from.

Parallel Universe 1

China had officially entered the Cold War in 1958, by launching the first artificial satellite of its kind, thus getting a lead on everyone else. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, when China heard of Cuba's plan, they aimed their nuclear stockpile at the U.S.S.R. in case the U.S. was annihilated as a result. However, a translation error caused the missiles in China to hit the Soviet Union, and Cuba launched their missiles at China. As a result, both China and the U.S.S.R. fell apart, while the U.S. remained intact. However, a nuclear winter came to be, and the world GDP fell. It took until 1997 for reparations to be made, and by then, technology was ten years behind our Earth.

Parallel Universe 2

On September 11, 2001, not only were the World Trade Center and the Pentagon under attack, but the fourth plane crashed into the Capitol, and a fifth plane attacked the U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles. During the war that followed, New York and the District of Columbia were reconstructed within 10 years, but Los Angeles hardly received any funding, and riots ensued due to higher taxes caused by the Mayor of Los Angeles. The riot opened eyes in California, suggesting that in order to get jobs done, they need their own force of power. An underground organization started building military equiment and aimed it at the East Coast, threatening to secede if treaties weren't meant, including an improptu demand for funding on a desalination project. As of 2012, plans on reconsidering California's demands have failed, and Californian military officers purged the streets of New York on February 17. War will result.

Parallel Universe 3

Adolf Hitler didn't know he had someone protecting Nazi Germany for the sake of it during the Liberation of Europe in 1945. He had set up forts all over Europe, which responded to the invasion and dwindled their numbers. After Hitler and his wife commited suicide, he ran for elections and won in November, after assassinating Japan's Head of State in June 1945, taking over Japan, and refusing to surrender after the bombings of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Kokura, and Niigata, and the carrying-out of Operation Downfall. However, when the war entered 1946 and millions more Axis soldiers were lost, he was overthrown from command of the Axis Powers and went rogue. Germany and Japan effectively surrendered in January 1946, but he smuggled a nuclear weapon from Germany's Cleansing Project in a Volkswagen, and detonated it once its cargo ship reached New York City.

Millions of American civilians were killed in the ensuing blast, and the OSS had discovered that he was an active member of an underground group called the Overseas Elite, an organization commited to causing terror in Allied countries in an effort to win the war. Thus, key members of the Overseas Elite overtook the remains of Germany and Japan and attempted to start the war again, beginning with another suicide nuclear bombing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pocket Coronets, as were called the small nuclear devices the Overseas Elite started manufacturing, were standard issue to suicide bombers of the OE, and whenever they reached a specific target, or whenever an Allied officer attempted to frisk them, they would detonate, killing over 300 million civilians on the first month. One failed suicide attempt, however, was key to giving the remaining Allies the upper hand, and sending a global beacon that detonated the rest of the Pocket Coronets.

However, even though the OE was exterminated completely due to the detonations (known to Americans as the Abort Mission Command), the world lost two-thirds their human population, and nuclear winter was prominent over the Earth's skies. Only 50 million of the former population remained as of 1950, and more died afterward due to cancer caused by the nuclear bombings. Most of the remaining population migrated to the United States, so they could get help from others and establish a new government with the remaining population. (The migration was called the Collection of Hope.) The Americans tried to stop the influx of immigrants, but eventually decided to let them through for the sake of humanity (through the Last Door Agreement, which decreed that if the world population fell drastically, everyone is ordered to migrate to a former government for shelter).

Nuclear winter ended in 1949, but the world temperature fell by 18 degrees Celsius, thus starting a new Ice Age. The United States moved south to where Mexico once stood, and formed the Central American Republic. The prospects of agriculture returned, and the Industrial Age began again in 1987. The Disposable Personal Income returned to post-WWI levels in 2006, and personal computers are expected to be manufactured by the end of 2014. Satellites have been launched in 2010 to show the remnants of Earth.

The Story Continued

To read the entire story as it develops, go here: JER's Multiversal Games

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