I've decided that I plan to add updates to all my pages so you can get to know what happens. Let's start with this:

JER's Tournament


Second Day of Training

Anon meets RueRose and finds out about her quest for revenge.

Razor Raptor and Digit Starr find Yoselin Espinoza in an underground city.

Ariana Espinoza keeps looking for a way out of her Trials, despite her severe injury.

Hawthorne Addams meets King for the first time, but ends up regretting it.

Birch Saunders starts a rivalry with Drent Helton.

Dobar Ineidas faces his biggest challenge after entering a building carved out of a mountain.

Amy Pond reveals the Nightly Rivalry Battles lineup

Dak Wunderson listens in on another conversation, but he notices that people are getting disconnected for no major reasons.

The THG Fan Fiction Summer of EPICNESS!

We still need more Games to register for this and more votes for each of them. Vote for your favorite Games and oher fanons for the Summer of EPICNESS!

Favorite Tribute Tournament!

Submit your favorite Tribute for a special championship that I'm hosting myself. For more details, click on the link above.

What lies beyond Panem?

What do you think happened to life outside Panem?

I'll be seeing you,

Julian Espinoza 03:57, June 6, 2011 (UTC)

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