Hello, everyone. I have returned. For those of you that may not know me, I am JERealize, and I used to be on this wiki, between March 2011 and late 2012. I also managed the THG Role Playing Wiki for a while in the bulk of 2012. So, the reason I returned here is twofold. First, I left the last wiki I've been to (which will not be named), due to excessive spoiling and unrealistic qualities of the television series it represented. Second, I have plans for a new Games: "JER's Tournament: The Compressed Edition."

My original JER's Tournament was a fatal bust, so I've decided to reduce the roster to 48 (from North America, like last time), to allow better arc flow between characters. Yesare will still play a part, but none of the canon THG individuals will be in this. Sorry. (None of them would win, though.) I will, though, throw in some characters from the original series, and after finishing this (I hope), I will move on to continuing (or remaking) JER's Multiversal Games.

Well, I hope you will have me here again. And don't worry --  I will release the first segment of the Compressed Edition by New Years' Day 2014.


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