Okay, so I set up this blog to talk about similarities between something in the Hunger Games and something outside the Hunger Games. It's basically an inspiration from what TDR97's username inspired him from (you don't really need me to say what television series that came from, right?), and since I watched the series (okay, maybe only Seasons 1 and 4), I'd say, for some inexplicable reason (so what if I'm the most random at the ball?), that Izzy really reminds me of Foxface. I'd ezplain more, but this is not a molopolized section. What similarities do you find between something in the Hunger Games and something outside it's sphere (besides the whole Battle Royale thing, please don't start this argument again).

List of silarities:

  • THG to Battle Royale (well, it's obvious)
  • THG to The Condemned (as long as Tributes count as criminals, it's the same; I haven't watched it, though, since I don't have the movie, and I only heard about it since Stone Cold Steve Austin was in it; the winner's prize would also set you for life)
  • TBA (what else?)

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