I was thinking of auctioning Games ideas to the highest bidder, but I found that there was nothing to bid with. That's when I thought of a new currency that would already be available in every blog post and Hunger Game here: comments.Basically, the owner of a specific blog post or Hunger Game in this wiki or the Roleplay wiki would gain this currency each time anyone commented on a blog post. All you have to do is wait on a popular blog post, let people comment, and get rich. Other people's comments mainly count, but you can add your comments if they aren't too excessive (maintaining a large percentage). Only the comments on your pages can be yours.Just add up the comments in each and every single page you have, and you get your number, which increases each day when more comments are added by others. Many people will covet the 4-digit space, since not many comments circulate. Who knows, comments will be used to buy Games ideas someday!

Current investors (by wealth):

This October (will be updated on November 1; please send us your comment total then)

  1. Tiki tooki: 1398 comments
  2. JERealize
    1. THG: 1 (this page) + 32 (Story Idea) + 67 (Convention) + 2 (Advertisement) + 3 (Arena Idea) + 5 (List Launch) + 2 (Update 7/4) + 9 (HG World Announced) + 33 (Top 10) + 59 (Skype) + 14 (FaveTribute Tourney) + 19 (Summer of EPICNESS) + 30 (Beyond Panem) + 2 (Update 5/22) + 7 (Games For Sale) + 7 (Roleplay Status) + 12 (Notice) + 215 (Tournie Link) = 519
    2. Roleplay Wiki: 650 (Tournament) + 12 (Fan-Made List) = 662
    3. 519 + 662 = 1181 comments!
  3. EffieLuna: 761
  4. Jabberjay78: 548
  5. Necterine411: 298
  6. Foxface911: 49

Just comment and update (and make me rich) here!

JERealize 00:24, October 12, 2011 (UTC)

P.S. Will talk page subpages count?

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