Tell me, how many times have you heard something described as awesome? There's no denying you have heard it. However, on my scale, Awesome=9/10. What's bigger than awesome?

How about epic?

It's true; if it's better than awesome, it's epic, In fact, I rate epic as 10/10. Epic, right?

But let's cut to the chase:

We have some of the biggest and best fan fiction stories and Hunger Games special tournaments, but we never even bother to see their potential. That's why I'm starting up the THG Fan Fiction Summer of EPICNESS!

In this blog post, I ask for people to give me the links to their Hunger Games, Fan Fiction, etc. and once I post it on this blog, everyone can rate it from 1-10.

  • 1 = Worthless
  • 2 = Terrible
  • 3 = Pointless
  • 4 = Boring
  • 5 = Okay
  • 6 = Special
  • 7 = Popular
  • 8 = Major
  • 9 = Awesome
  • 10 = EPIC

The Chosen Selections

This is the part where I will add the links to your popular works. Please add a post (and a link) on my talk page if you want your fanon to come up. When it's up, other people can vote it as high as they want it.

Anon.../Fiction Hunger Games

Anon: I am doing a Fiction Hunger Games, which is a Hunger Games using fictional characters from other books. Currently I have Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. It is original (I think and hope!!) and I think it is epic.

Status: Incomplete (Training)


Sparrow Hazelthorn: 8/10 (Major)

Earth12: 9/10 (Awesome)

Sparrow Hazelthorn/The 36th Hunger Games

Sparrow Hazelthorn: A typical Hunger Games..... with some unexpected twists......

Status: Complete


Anon: 8/10 (Major)

InsertRandomnessHere: 9/10 (Awesome)

Earth12: 9.5/10 (Better than Awesome)

Julian Espinoza/21st Century "Hunger Games" Tournament

Julian Espinoza: In 2011, the first ever "Hunger Games"-based fight-to-the-death is introduced, and 380 Tributes from all over modern-day North America are reaped for this Tournament. However, a giant web of storylines forms among all of the Tributes, and everyone will take a part in the largest modern conspiracy known today.

Status: Incomplete (Interviews)


Anon: 9/10 (Awesome)

InsertRandomnessHere: 9.5/10 (Better than Awesome)

SerpentKing999: 9.5/10 (Better than Awesome)

Earth12: 9.5/10 (Better than Awesome)

Wolverine1717/Question Quell Season One

--Week One

--Week Two

Wolverine1717: yet to explain

Status: Incomplete (Games-Ongoing)


Anon: 10/10 (EPIC)

Ahalosniper/Fanfiction: The Last Arena

Ahalosniper: As the District Revolution begins, the Victors of the Hunger Games find themselves in a dangerous position. The Capitol is discreetly executing any who could support their enemies and sway public opinion, while District 13 has exactly the same policy. But the fight for survival is nothing new to a Victor. With the help of the only person ever to escape the Hunger Games, and a large amount of luck, they might just have a chance of making it out alive from this much larger game.

Status: Complete


Earth12: 9/10 (Awesome)

More to be added...

Rating Rules

If you want to vote, follow these rules:

  • You must provide your name and the page you're rating on the comment page.
  • You're not allowed to vote for your own fanon.
  • You can only rate once on each page.
  • Each rating must range from 1-10.
  • You are allowed to rate using either a whole number or half number, but no others. (e.g. 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, etc.)

To all of you there, I wish you the best in the THG Fan Fiction Summer of EPICNESS!

Julian Espinoza 16:46, May 29, 2011 (UTC); 9:46, May 29, 2011 (UTC-7; Pacific Daylight Time)

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