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Top 10 Hunger Games of ALL TIME!!! (created by THG Wiki users)

I have decided to open up an epic new poll, and ask you all what the best Games of all time are. Please give me links and descriptions of all the Games you have liked, and once I have posted them on this page, you can vote for them here, using the vote system from the Summer of EPICNESS:

  • 1 = Worthless
  • 2 = Terrible
  • 3 = Pointless
  • 4 = Boring
  • 5 = Okay
  • 6 = Special
  • 7 = Popular
  • 8 = Major
  • 9 = Awesome
  • 10 = EPIC

Top 10 So Far:

Games #1:


Games #2:


Games #3:


Games #4:


Games #5:


Games #6:


Games #7:


Games #8:


Games #9:


Games #10:


Yet to be voted on...

JERealize's Tournament

  • Votes:
    • Anon....: 9
    • InsertRandomnessHere: 9.5
    • SerpentKing999: 9.5
    • Earth12: 9.5
    • Imawesomedude: 9

Anon..../Fiction Hunger Games

  • Votes:
    • Sparrow Hazelthorn: 8
    • Earth12: 9
    • Brony12: 9

Rosella6/The Super Games

  • Votes:
    • Brony12: 10

Rating Rules

If you want to vote, follow these rules:

  • You must provide your name and the page you're rating on the comment page.
  • You're not allowed to vote for your own Games.
  • You can only give one vote for each Games you can vote for.
  • Each rating must range from 1-10.
  • You are allowed to rate using either a whole number or half number, but no others. (e.g. 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, etc.)

None of these votes will be locked in their places, so their places will keep shifting over time.

Also, add as many Games as you remember; even if they're from over a year ago, you can ask for me to put them up if they had good reviews.

To all of you, I wish you the best of luck!

JERealize (Viewers like me...) 06:47, June 27, 2011 (UTC)

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