Since I haven't done a Weekly Update blog post in three weeks, I have decided to do one now:

Fifth Act: Second Day in Training

Kassandra Ekhart reveals the rivalries behind that night's Battles.

Sixth Act: Third Day in Training

Yesare Dernes looks back at the origin of Empartia and the Tournament.

Panther12 talks with Werebeast1 about the upcoming Training Score announcement.

Militica Xeve goes through an obstacle course... but things changed drastically for her.

Onden Sazen tries his best to gain new allies.

Javier Aldaco faces a course despite the shifting gravitational pull...

TheDarkness7 finds Anon... and RueRose chatting with each other in the Trial Arenas, but loyalties are rearranged...

Domique Welton tries to start a new Rivalry Battle for the night, but he ends up getting dragged into it.

Five U.N. agents plan to track down Empartia and liberate the Tributes.

After Seder Torrance had said that she wanted to mess with Regel Torrance, FableWarrior tries to, but things change rapidly for him...

The four Tributes from the Northwest Territories declare a Rivalry battle of their own.

The Training Scores are announced... and Sedra Alsypse receives a higher score than Dark Matter.

Eduardo Espinoza looks over the Rivalry Reasons behind the Battles, with some help from TotalDramaRox97 and Firecatcher3.

Alexis Espinoza allies with Bob Nixon.

Alexis Espinoza and Katniss Everdeen declare not only a Battle, but also raise the stakes.

Seventh Act: Interview Day

Vell Welmwood finds out that the training for the Interviews is on the same day as the Interviews themselves

Important Message:

We have transferred some Tournament information to separate pages, which are accessible from the Tournament page.

JER's Tournament

Don't forget to read it!

JERealize 05:11, June 27, 2011 (UTC)

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