To all of you who don't know what's going on in my latest Tournament release, I plan to fill you in. However, if you haven't read these special Games and would like to see this for yourself and/or add yourself to the list of Tributes (we haven't even finished Training yet) you can go to this site:

JER's Tournament

To recap what has happened so far:

Act 3: The Parade

Primrose1444 (an honorary Tribute) asks Brony12 and TotalDramaRox97 to ally with her for the Games. However, they both say that they will ally with her only if she acquires a Training Score of 80 out of 96 (equivalent to a 10).

Mockingjay5 and Firecatcher3 gossip about a conspiracy that every Espinoza Tribute, except for JERealize, is in on.

Typingwestern015 and Regel Torrance plan to ally with each other to defend themselves against the gang leader Tributes out to get Typingwestern015, and Seder Torrance from Newfoundland and Labrador, who's out to get Regel Torrance.

Anthony Gonzales spies on a meeting of the Californian Tributes, and even hacks into RueRose's account just to mess with them... but it all backfires when the real RueRose steps in.

Act 4: The Training

The Wisconsin Mentor asks Franco Toledo to mentor energetic maniac and fellow Tribute Sedra Alsypse, and even goes to the point where the mentor commands Franco to learn from her and act like her.

Madge Undersee (yes, you've heard it right) is given a new persona called Dark Matter, and has even decided to battle Sedra Alsypse in a swordfight.

... and more!

We add new info daily, so always tune in for the latest details. If you want to comment, all comments must be redirected to the Tournament page, unless you really want to comment on this page. Thank you for considering this tournament to watch. We hope to start the Games soon.

Julian Espinoza 23:23, May 22, 2011 (UTC)

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