Since the last weekly update, more and more info has been added to the Tournament. I plan to cover this in this weekly update. However, if you want to come to my site and read the story yourself, or if you want to register your username for the Tournament yourself (we haven't even finished Training), just click this link: JER's Tournament

Now, on to recap what has happened so far:

Act 4: The Training (Day One)

Kentom Grentrom and his friends meet more potential allies, but one of them is on Stronton Melich's bad side.

Aden Belon and SerpentKing999 go into a one-on-one competition to see who can reach the top of a building first, but Fauve Allsworth decides to play along.

Endiah Jenae challenges Utiah Fakan to a swimming race, but everything changes when Utiah takes off his steel boots for the first time in months.

Moviepopcorn123 discusses a future alliance formation with four others.

Sidi Entel plans to ally with Typingwestern015, but the unwritten rule saying that New Yorkers can't ally with each other has no loophole.

Dehn Bohrman is fascinated about the sudden appearance of Dark Matter, but when he tries to find any information about her, he's left empty-handed.

Resen Havar's alliance with Cato and Clove is already lost at trying to persecute Dark Matter.

Ghen Indas notices that the Dark Matter-Sedra Alsypse rivalry is already the most talked-about subject of the night, and those two plan to face each other in an online battle.

Act 4: The Training (Day Two)

TotalDramaRox97 gets a first look at the new Training tools.

Haldy Snide goes into the Trials for her first time.

Yoselin Espinoza confronts Thomas Adamson and Elizabeth Coin.

Werebeast1 gets ambushed by Harry Fiderson.

Maria Aldaco almost dies.

...and more!

We add new info daily, so always tune in for the latest details. If you want to comment, all comments must be redirected to the Tournament page, unless you really want to comment on this page. Thank you for considering this tournament to watch. We hope to start the Games soon. Julian Espinoza 01:45, May 30, 2011 (UTC)

P.S. Want to see the THG Fan Fiction Summer of EPICNESS? Go here: The THG Fan Fiction Summer of EPICNESS!

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