aka Jesse Stech

  • I live in Mahnomen MN
  • I was born on September 14
  • My occupation is TBD
  • I am Male
  • JStech18

    well its time to start a new

    Its a quarter quell and this one is one that was made over a cup of coffee and a couple of doughnuts... mmmmm doughnuts... anayways time for decription and arena

    there will be 48 tributes description is based on district, name, age, weapons of choice, apperance(if you like it don't matter to me because i'm no good with the whole picture thing), history, fears, family and friends, and district token is optional.

    the arena is soemthing i tested myself and it works well. a maze that covers a size roughly 300 miles all around and the walls are interchangeing so it changes every 12 hours cornucopia is as always in the middle. mutts are gonna be some mythalogical with some of my favorite 2 mutts in the book muwhahahahah…

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  • JStech18

    50th hunger games

    January 16, 2011 by JStech18


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  • JStech18

    25th hunger game

    December 24, 2010 by JStech18

    its a quarter quell and this year there are triple the tributes! 72 tributes enter only one can be victor

    arena is very large and consist of 6 areas cornucopia is in the middle of a desert with some areas as quicksand so watch your step. To the north is a large forset area with some brutal mutts that'll kill them quick and painless or kill the slow and painful plenty of game as well and its mostly edible also there is a lake in the middle of the forest. to the east is rolling hills and plains with cheetah/lion mutts that hunt in packs from 8 to 24 and move fast there also groups of horses moveing about so keep an eye out and there is a river that goes through part of it. to the south is the mountain area with two ways up and hudereds of way…

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