its a quarter quell and this year there are triple the tributes! 72 tributes enter only one can be victor

arena is very large and consist of 6 areas cornucopia is in the middle of a desert with some areas as quicksand so watch your step. To the north is a large forset area with some brutal mutts that'll kill them quick and painless or kill the slow and painful plenty of game as well and its mostly edible also there is a lake in the middle of the forest. to the east is rolling hills and plains with cheetah/lion mutts that hunt in packs from 8 to 24 and move fast there also groups of horses moveing about so keep an eye out and there is a river that goes through part of it. to the south is the mountain area with two ways up and hudereds of ways down, hawk-owl-eagle mutts that'll pick of any unlucky tribute to cross them there are a series of small caves that go through the mountains and in some of the caves there are some brutal pitfalls into who knows what. to the west is a small village but are there people in them or is it something entirely cruel to get you traped unkown large beast mutt in the area killed 30 peace keepers well being transported to the area when it broke free of its restraints it travels between each area. and finally in the southwest area is an ocean with two large islands and three samll islands arround both of them, fish is edible and there sharks with piranah extincts so be careful aboiut the wounds you get. I have more tricks to play but you'll find out during the game.....

Sponsorship will be between $10-$5000 depends on what you want to send them( no firearms!!!)

mention skills age name personality history and family and friends. No chariot rides but maybe bext time

scores will be next to the name and age of tribute. there is no career pack

District 1

Male: Gleaming Glitter-16-8

Male: Kronos Jackson-17-9

Male: Anubis Mortis-18-9-$800

Female: Lady Crazy Gaga-18-9

Female: Ceranus Blue-14-8

Female: Isis Cruoris-12-6

District 2-$1000

Male: Ernie Sassaot-18-7

Male: Zeus Bloodingtononlymbusbatmanmchabadoo jr.-12-11

Male: James Bond-18-10

Female: Lucy "Dumb Blonde" Fighter-18-5

Female Lucy Fighterd-14-12

Female: Kracken Kills-16-8

District 3-$1000

Male: Adonitus Veta-13-6

Male: Iroh Ragnorok-18-9

Male: Denyon Pierce-16-8

Female: Adaquo Anima-15-7

Female: Florence Syren-16-8

Female: Emily Veela-12-5

District 4-$1300

Male: Splash Blue-16-11 Victor

Male:Blood Murder-16-4-$650

Male: Murder Blood-17-5

Female: Waterlilly Wave-16-11 Victor

Female: Miss Watson-13-2

Female: Mister Watson-12-4

District 5-$1600

Male: Jayfeather 16-9

Male: Fall Leaves-17-10

Male: Fido Fiderson-16-12

Female:Dove Sage-15-9

Female: Ivy Fire-14-8

Female: Mary "Jumpy" Bloodbath-16-9

District 6$1500

Male: Balor Avone-17-9

Male: Thaiton Kastor-15-12

Male: Dytpn October-17-8

Female: Island Serage-14-11

Female: Ashley Daston-12-7

Female: Minala Inkal-17-8

District 7-$1500

Male: Blaze Stone-15-9

Male: Thorn Spruce-17-10

Male:Aaron Follows-16-7

Female: Dawn Shadows-15-8

Female: Storm Ash-12-7

Female: Willow Embers-14-7

District 8-$2400

Male: Fienso Jarvis-16-12

Male:Damien Gray-18-9

Male: Necro Manchester-17-11

Female: Cecila Adams-12-4

Female: Winter Sensa-16-7

Female: Ellora Lassor-17-8

District 9-$2400

Male: Xander Carrow-18-12

Male: Fin Sorygia-18-10

Male: Kiba Lycan-17-9

Female: Gemma Revlis-16-10

Female:Nyx Ryuu-16-9

Female: Blue Tobee-16-11

District 10

Male: Daniel Freeman-16-8

Male: Dameon Marsh-17-8-$900

Male: Luke Creaustian-18-7

Female: Sharon Kane-13-5

Female: Rose Jeinsien-17-8

Female: Sybella Creaustian-18-8

District 11-$1200

male: Lightning Tree-17-12

Male: Ted Pine-17-8

Male: Paul Apple-15-8

Female: Krystal Glass-16-10

Female: Tecy Pine-14-7

Female: Holly Honey-12-7

District 12

Male: Rick Coal-18-12

Male: Carl Calrson-17-10-$1600

Male: Vaperay Bats-15-8

Female: Carla Carlson-12-9

Female: Rena Gems-14-7

Female: Elly Jentle-15-7-$900

Day One: Swalloed by Death

As the tributtes begin to rise around the corucopia some think this is my last day alive others think I'll be the one to dominate this games and become the victor. the stand around for 60 seconds when this is going threw their minds that some forgot about the sound of the gong to get moveing.

Ernie and James are the firs to get to the corucopia and start grabing weapons when Ernie seeing James start sinking into the sand lost forever as he turns and flees towards the north with his cat claws and a couple backpacks. Then Adontis, Iroh, Denyon, Adaqua, Florence, and Emily arrive right before the district 4 tributes arrive shortly followed by the rest of district 1 thats when all out hell breaks loose, Mister and Miss Watson attack lucy, lucy and kracken before they could react. Kracken takes a spear through the eye and Lucy Fighter breaks Miss's arm and then snaps her neck like its nothing. thats when the Carlsons and Rick arrive and charge into the frey. Mister then stabs Lucy Fighterd in the neck and she falls to the ground limp when he felt something go through his chest as he looks down he mutters lucky son of a... as his body hits the ground Rick charges zeus who has ignited a sword into flames beheads rick before he could reach him. Splash and Waterlily get there hands on a couple tridents, a net, and couple packs and head towards the west. Blood And murder attack district 1 stabing and slashing like its a childs game gleaming is stabed in the head six times and in the chest 12 times fast as Lady crazy starts to fight the carlsons one on one when carla sinks into the sand swallowed by death and carl starts to go beserk and presses the attack and litterlay ripes off lady crazy's left arm and beats her to death with it. then the other district arrive and arrows start flying in the frey of battleing tributes as lucy and zeus head north where the seen Ernie ran too. Kronos and Isis take six arrows to the upper body and two then killing them instantley. Iroh is fighting with carl when carl tackles him to the ground and snaps his neck so he is looking behind him. The district 8 and 9 team up and head west with 4 bows and with over a hundred arrows 12 packs three spears, two swords and a dozen knives. District 11 gang attacks Adonitus, aduaqa, and florence killing them as emily watched and cried in horror as Denyon carries her towrads the east with a knife and a sword and a pack as 11 head west with three spears, a mace, and a bow and arrow. Ceranus and Anubis are running southwest when ceranus sinks into a pit of quicksand. Carl regains control of his anger and flees towards the east with a double sided axe and a pack. Blood and Murder are starting to head north towards the forest when an arrow erupys through the left eye of murder and falls dead and blood swears vengeance. Districts 6 and 7 team up and head east. district 5,10 and 12 are left and fighting it out for whatever is left to take from the supplies. as they begin to cahrge towards the eachother, Jayfeather, Ivy, Daniel, Luke, Sybella, Dameon, Vaperay, and rena all sink into the sand being lost forever. the others stop and they all make an uneasy alliance with eachother that could crumble at anytime.

Day Two The Plan. No Deaths Today

As ditrict 8 and 9 arrive into the town it appears deserted when all of the district 8 tributes recieve a weapons cache and they smile. President Cornholio is talking with a large group of peace keppers numbering around

a 150 to head west and take down the beast before it discovers the groups of tributes that arrive there to take shelter in the the ghost town, the leader of this group is head peace keeper Alfred. The district 8 and 9 tributes head towards the center of town adn into the underground tunnels to make camp. Hours later the district 11 tributes have taken in Waterlilly and Splash since they need some help. The district two trio enter the forest and find a nice tree and make shelter. Carl recieves a flameing mace and a whicked grin come acdross his face and he heads towards the little river. District 6 and 7 reach the large plains and head into a large grass area that comes up to there shoulders and they take in Denyon and emily who at the sametime recieve Knives.

Blood wanders into the heart of the forest knowing that there are eyes watching him. Anubis makes camp at the beach before he decides to swim towards the islands. The ragtag team of districts 5,10, and 12 decide to make fido there leader and shortly after recieve leggings with spikes

Day Three defeat and the retreat

Xander's POV

As we are heading into the caverns we are stoped by a large number of peace keepers and told to head north or east or else. Everyone else agrees to go but first i wanna get some answers about why we got to leave a good hideout. Before I can even ask the questions we hear a bone-chilling roar and I figure thats why they are here and tell everyone else to start runing north as fast as they can. When we reach the outskirts we hear the sound of automatic weapons going off then a large explosion and we a couple of blood curling screams.

Lightning's POV

We are being escorted tiwards the east when the big guy in the middle stops and speaks into a headpeice he looks at his team tells us to continue east then they turn and head back to the town to the tell tale of automatic weapons and explosives. As soon as they are out of earshot and sight of us we begin to head north since it might offer the most cover from what ever that beast is.

Head peacekeeper Alfred's POV

As my troops scramble about gathering the wounded and the dead to move to another hold out spot but the creatures hide is to tought for are weapons so we just open up on it with artillery barrage after artillery barrage rain down like rain on the creature just barley slowing it down but i have a feeling am not leaveing here alive. I ask for a head count on the alive and wounded. I'm told there are 50 of us still alive so we lost a hundred good men and women so fast I plan to ask for more aid but i'm not sure if i should...

Blood's point of view

I've been chased by these weird creatures for hours before i actually see one run infront of me it looks like a cross between a man and a chameleon it blended in so well i barley had time to doge those pointy fingers. I just wonder how long i can keep running until they catch me.....

Zeus's Point of View

We have set up camp and Ernie has been giving lucy this evil eye for sometime now and i may have to keep in eye on the two of them to make sure they don't get into trouble. Then i hear a noise behind me and i turn and see the a tribute that i thinks is Blood rite before a long and pointy finger erupts from his belly and drags him into the darkness i yell at the others that we got to get out of here they ask why when the creature jumps out at us and i stab it in the eye and kill and we run. I don't hear the cannon of the tribute go off so i wonder what kind of pain he is in.

end of Day three

Late Night on Day three.......

Head peace Keepers Alfred's POV

I sit there thinking of what the doctors told me about the ghost town and what happens at night to those who are there so i begin to ponder this when i hear a screech outside. I burst out the command tent and see those we thought dead getting up and walking towards us knocking men down and devouring their flesh. I yell to the men to take up arms put i know this to be a futile attempt. These were created by chemicals in our labs and we can't destroy them without fire the one thing we don't have on us rite know. As the last of men start to fall and I'm left shooting at the wandering who is the poor SOB sent in after i'm eaten by my fallen soldiers.

Day Four The Sacrifice

Splash's POV

I wake up thankful that me and Waterlily made a allies with the district 11 tributes to team up and help each other. Its the start of day four and i wake to find Waterlily lying in my arms and kiss her gentle on the forehead so i don't wake her and i sit there wondering if there will be a change of rules to see who can win or if its a grand prize....

Waterlily's POV

I wake to find myself still cradled in the arms of splash who is awake and looking around. He must be thinking to himself again. He looks down at me and i lean in and kiss him and we get up to go check on the others so we can get up and start moving..

Anubis's POV

I wake with an electrical spear and think screw the island i'm heading towards the mountains but before i go i gotta fresh up and dive into the water and I notice a shadow out of the corner of my eye and swim hastily back to shore but before i can make it i feel something bite through my leg as i crawl onto land mortally injured. I grab my electrical spear and think its time for vengeance.. I stick it into the water and smash the spear and the lake lights up like the capitol at night and dead fish begin to rise and a shark rises up with my leg still in it mouth and i'l losing blood and I think to not have killed many to be killed by a big fish... His cannon fires later

Ernie's POV

I wake to find Zeus awake before me keeping a glaring eye on me and i say i'm not going to kill her and i say silently to myself yet anyways. So we get back to moving knowing that we have yet to make it safe ground and zeus can tell when those things are after us, He is young but pays close attention to details. We get a couple of yards from camp when he shouts for me to duck and i listen just to see a long pointy finger rite where my shoulder would've been. so again we get into these fights with these chameleons men things and we begin to push them back again when i feel something bump into me and i turn to see Lucy with two fingers in both her shoulders and she mouths sorry about what i've done to you and she is pulled into the surrounding trees never to be seen again... Zeus can tell i feel bad about what happen and we make a plan to try to rescue Lucy and that kid from four

Carl's POV

I wake ready to start burning things... yes BURN BABY BURN BWHAHAHAHAHAHA. runs into the field chasing more scared animals away when he is attacked by a prowl of mutts. he thinks 8 on 1 fair odds and he charges into the fray and starts killing and burning them.

Denyon's POV

We are walking in the plains when we notice this wall of fire moving in a south on the plains. We look and see carl Carlson attacking a group of mutts that don't seem to end so we decide to sit there and watch the outcome in good cover. It goes on all day and into the night. I think wow he has the urge to keep killing those things into the night and into the day....

End Of Day four

Day Five The Announcment

Claduis templsmith stated that if the tributes that win are from the smae district they can all win.

Blood's POV

I wake up and my body is on fire i know when i'm screwed but i wonder why these things didn't kill me yet only the capitol can imagine of something like this and i hope i die soon i can't stand it then i blackout.... I wake again to the sounds of those creatures and they bring in the girl from district 2 so i wonder what is to become of me then the creatures walk up and start to look at me before tearing my limbs off slowly and very painfuly and i can't help but feel consernd for the girls well being before they snap neck around and pull my head off...

Lucy's POV

I see them shred the boy from 4's body and his cannon goes i wonder why they kept him alive and i hope someone comes for me...

Kiba's POV

We are walking through the woods when th anoucment was made and we made are seperate ways just to be jumped by the tributes from district 11 and we battle for awhile i manage to hit one of the boys in the heart and a girl who i beleave is his sister runs to his body in tears to be impaled on a spear. We also lose Fin and Nyx in the battle but the managed to seriously wound the big guy who's name i heard to be Lightning and they carry him off and we shoot the girl in the back of the head and her cannon goes off. we get further away when two more cannons sound and i think the big guy died but whose is the second....

Krystal's POV

We are half way away when Lighning collapsed and died in our hands i told paul that we are gonna get vengence if its tha last thing we do.

Sharon's POV

When we are told to seperate i quickly stab Elly in the heart and slash at Marry and Fido when fido Begins to take me on in a fight i say what are gonna do dance me to death and he does start danceing and i laugh and i ready to stab him when he lashes out with a vicious kick to my arm and i can feel it snap and then i feel the spikes enter my head..

Fido's POV

The fool Sharon thought she could win and she lost her fight because she got to arrogant and her cannon fires shortly after and i decide to finish off the rest of them and tell mary, dove, and fall and we attack the last two district 10 tributes killing them both by execution and their cannons fire.

Carl's POV

I get another mace on fire and i think wow double the fire double the killing and i see the district 5 tributes running away and i'm done killing these mutts they are to easy so i give chase

End of day 5

Day 6 Trial By fire

Waterlily's POV

I wake to the news of the day before and me and Splash make our way towards the southwest

to get some food that we know how to make and we beleave its a good idea and we walk hand and hand knowing that we are gonna make it.

Blaze's POV

We make our way towards the south to mountans and we are attacked by the district 8 tributes and we have a brief skirmish and we lose Willow and Aaron. they lost three people as they retreated towards they southwest and we know we are gonna fight someone else again

Cecilia's POV

We lost Fienso, Neco, and Ellora to those district 7 tributes as we flee southwest i make a mental note that we are gonna fight again and the outcome will be different but we are all badley injured and we decide to make camp

Balor's POV

we make our way on the plains and we make a horrible encounter with the only District 12 tribute and he is the carzy one and he charges us and we aren't even aware of it until we hear the massive crunch and see Carl standing over Dyton and he rushes towards Ashley and thaiton and smashes their skulls in and there cannons fire and we make a hasty retreat deeper into the avoid the crazy guy,

Later in the day....

The feast in announced, The feast will be held on the ninth day and there'll be weapons and supplies for each district and there will be no killing if you kill you'll be killed as well.

end of day 6

Day 7 the rescue and the trap and Carl

Ernie's POV

I wake in the early morning and zeus tells me were close those creatures might still be asleep. So we sneak up to the nest and look in and theres Lucy siting there injured and alive so we move in and slowly begin to move her and we are out of the nest when we hear those creatures scream in anger. we are out of the woods and we recive a gift and its poison for lucy. she has a plan we gather material and she makes a blowgun and darts out of what we bring her. Miracle worker only if she can make food out of thin air....

Splash's POV

We see the district 8 tributes and the don't know that we are there and fully fed and ready. Early in the night we set up a couple of traps along the front of the beach knowing they would walk into the net fall and we'll get them. And the plan works they are traped and helpless so we walk up and kill them with our tridents and there cannons bring a feeling that we are getting closer and closer to home...

Carl's POV

As i make my around to the front of the sleeping tributes who are crazy enough to sleep this late so I use little bit of the oil i got poor it on them and light with my Mace.I manage to burn three of them to death and the one they call Fido ran for it in a random diretcion as his team burned to death. I love the smell of smoke in the afternoon...

Minala's POV

We see the smoke in the distance and realized that could'be been us if we didn't wake up so early and gotta a move on rite away. We hide out in the cornucopia for the day.

Day 7 anouncement the feast will be held at the town in the west and guarded well.

end of day 7

Day 8 endless dreams for the future no deaths today

Waterlily's POV

I wake to the strong arms of Splash and we sit there planning for tommorow if we should bring our weapons just in case. We come up with a plan and I kiss him and we towards the town once again.

Carl's POV


Island's POV

We had the wrong idea where to be so we head west and start to formulate a plan on the way there

President Cornholio's POV

I sit here telling this larger group that i don't want no failure or this will be dasterious. My right hand man Gavin will be in charge of this operation everyone dismissed.

end of day 8

Day 9 the feast or beast

Waterlily's POV

As we arrive to the town we see dozens and dozens of peace keepers surrounding the area to make sure it goes right. We make our way to the boxes that say district 4 on it and collect our weapons and food and we also get to full body armor. they get 4 light-weight tridents and two heavy tridents and 6 nets and plenty of food. before we can leave they tell us to go to another area and wait there.

Carl's POV

I get to the town and i find my box loaded with fire weapons and i ask can i test these and they all point guns at me. I say just kidding gosh. i get 6 daggers that can be lit from a power cell in the knives that makes them burn hotter then 650o degrees. fire proof body armor. and then i'm sent to and area dor further instructions.

Gavin's POV

As the rest of the tributes make their way in i begin to question if this plan is going to work with three hundred men and two gunships loaded for heavy attack i don't think its wise to keep them bunched up that long with those two who like starting fire's in the same area with the gasoling tanks better have them moved towards water barrels maybe that'll keep them out of trouble. but its too late to start the scouts report the creature is at the outskirts of town i tell them to begin their attack.

4 hours later and a hundred troops and a helicopter later

Some of those tributes are a little scared others want to kill it two want to burn it. as we begin the final assault we begin to wound the creature whe the one named zeus asks if we can dump a large amount of oil on it i say sure and we do.

Zeus's POV

they oil the beast to the point where it slides around and me and carl take steady aim with our bows and fire arrow and then we shoot at the creature. SWOOSH!! it goes up in flames and howls in pain. It stomps around for hours until it dies in all thats left is a smoldering corpse of a feared monster called the juggernaut.

Annoucnement ignore the do not kill part you may begin your killing of eachother

Splash's POV

As usual the capitol screws us all over and me and Waterlily are already attacking other tributes and we kill the district three tributes by throwing are lighter tridents into their necks and there cannons fire and we begin to battle with the district 11 tributes

Fido's POV

I see the one who killed my fellow tributes and i charge him and we begin to fight/dance each other that goes on and i hear a couple more cannons go off and wonder who that was but i get the upper hand but then i feel a sharp pain in my neck as i reach up to pul it out i see a light and beleave i'm going home..

Lucy's POV

I just killed the boy from 5 and i'm about to finish the boy from 12 when he rushes over before i could react but zeus jumps out in front of me duel weilding two flameing swords against two flameing maces the fight last awhile before the 12 tributes smasheszeus's arms and then smashes in his skulls and his cannon fires.

Ernie's POV

I see the district 11 tributes go down and the district 3 and 5 go down as well so i rush to lucy telling her we got to go and then she kisses me and i feel a spray of blood on my face and see the flameing mace sticking out of her head and her cannon fires. and i see the district 12 tributes run east and the district 4 tributes run southwest. i vow to kill carl and i persue him east.

Dawn's POV

As isee thorn and storm get impalled by the district 9 tributes me and Blaze ar fighting the district 6 tributes. We get the upperhand by killing the male and one of the females the other female lashes out at us and cuts Blaze in the neck but its not a fatal wound and he kills her with a stab in the heart. and her cannon fires

Blue's POV

As we begin to head east is see the arrows go through the heads of Xander and Gemma and they fall as the district 7 tributes head north we persue wanting revenge.

End of the feast and day 9

Days 10 1and 11 pass by with nothing happening and thentributes recieve there sponsor gifts and note

Day 12 Closer To Home

Ernie's POV

I'm a little pissed about not killing the district 12 tribute so i head north and see the district 7 and 9 tributes fighting and running so i decide to follow behind them quietly and I ready my cat claws and i give chase.

Blue's POV

We catch up to them and we fire arrow hitting both and hear a cannon so one most be dead then another cannon goes off both dead i say outloud and i hear nope that last one was your friend here. I turn and ready and arrow but i feel myself get tackled to the ground and my body is clawed apart. I see a bright light and I see my friends waiting for me and i go with them in this new world of ours.

Dawn's POV

I roll on the ground in pain and fell something behind me and look and see its the district 2 boy and he's telling me sorry about my friend and he says my wound is too serious to heal and i agree the arrow is deep in there i think i'm going to bleed to death and he takes my hand and comforts me in my last seconds alive....

Carl's POV

I see the punk id who was chaseing me go north into the woods so i follow close behind not being seen or heard which in my case is a good thing on my part that it is increaseing. and I spot him next to the girl from 7 when her cannon goes off and i say hi ernie hows it going and he jumps up ready for a fight and we have our showdown. minutes later ernie is covered in Burn marks and laying on the ground and i say nice try ernie boy but better luck next to never and his cannon fires

Waterlily's POV

I hug and kiss Splash and I say one more to go and we are home safe and sound. We think off what we are gonna do once we get home and we plan out every detail. We both know who is left to fight. Car Carlson.

End of day 12

Announcment the final fight will be in the plains and a area secured for the final fight

Day 15 Hell's end and the devil's replacement.

Head Gamemaker POV

I stand there among the peace keepers ready to accept the cahmpion in the final hours of the games. Will it be District 4 or District 12 I'll stay true to my words but first some tea to drink.

Waterlil'y POV

I stand here and now with Splash ready to kill Carl. He stands their smileing and he waves at us and we charge each other right away and i make it to him before splash can and i fight him for a bit and i feel a sharp blow to the neck and i fall to the ground dazed and confused.

Splash's POV

I see waterlily go down and no cannon goes off and i tackle carlson down and we have a fist fight.

Carl's POV

This guy can fight pretty good i think as he gets the upper hand and i feel a sharp pain go through my back and through mu belly and I turn and see the girl from 4 with her trident in hand. I say good fight you two have fun in your paradise....

Head gamemakers POV

I see the District 12 boy go down and cannons fire. I wait for thee trumpets and i wonder where they are i tell the peace keepers to get that rescue chopter down here and let's get these victors home.

President Cornholio's POV

I call the head gamemaker here and he knows i'm angry as hell why would he terminate all communications in and out of my office. he looks up at me and i say bring in his clone he says what clone and i shoot him in the head with my revolver and end his rebelious ways and prepare for the next games. I sit there thinking how lucky are the two fo these tributes. no mistakes next time i say.

end of the first quarter quell.

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