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  • I live in New Zealand
  • I was born on January 19
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am (a really awesome) Male
  • JWW


    December 21, 2012 by JWW

    Hey guys. My time has come. As much as I hate to say this, I'm leaving the wiki soon. I just don't have enough time for it, I just got a facebook and I'm more on that than anything else. I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time here, entering tributes and creating games. Chat was really fun too. When I first came to this wiki, I knew nothing and I created my first games with no knowledge of what to do. But, it turned out to be a success! Caleb Stoll was the winner. Everyone said that they were excellently written. My second games have so far taken 7 months, and are nearly but not quite finished. When they are I'm outta here. My third game, joint with Flynn77 were a big fat fail. I never even got the tribute chart finished as …

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  • JWW

    Hi! This is Flynn77 and JWW here. We're making a games together and we hope you like it! It's gonna be awesome. And PLEASE read the rules first.

    • Maximum 3 tributes per person.
    • NO swearing, or cursing other users. And especially don't insult our writing. That will result in your tribute being deleted.
    • There are sponsors. Just ask if you can send something to your tribute. We'll decide if it's allowed.

    The arena was made by Flynn, it's pretty awesome, huh?

    Green= Hills

    Yellow= Wheatfield

    Blue= Water

    Brown= Dirt

    Gold= Cornucopia

    Tribute Name User Age Weapon Skills Weaknesses Personality Alliance Token
    D1M Blaize King Bryn1999 15 Anything Being on his own, hand-to-hand, strength, lie detecting Lying, climbing, running Sweet, kind, REALLY ruthless when …

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  • JWW

    Hello there, fellow gamemakers! Here we will plan the victor games. It should be great! I want to have maybe 3-4 mutts and a cool arena with different terrains. Here is a link to the games we are planning:

    O.K, arena one got the most votes so thats the one we are doing. I made some changes from the original plan.

    Interviews are a pain to write. That's why I want some help. Don't worry, I WILL do some though.

    Interview Written By
    D1M Wyatt Barnett

    D1F Misty Bull ViniciusDeAssis1999
    D2M Hudson Reboni

    D2F Melissa Riche

    D3M Bentley Emerson-Odair JWW
    D3F Aria Cammelliston

    D4M Nicholas Davenport Jsm13athome
    D4F Alanis Press Jsm13athome
    D5M Flame Powers

    D5F Camilla Averson JWW
    D6M Benjamin Woodrew

    D6F Kacey Anderson

    D7M Steven Huddleston Jsm13athome
    D7F Thorna Green Jsm13athom…

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  • JWW

    The Victor Games

    July 2, 2012 by JWW

    Hi I am JWW and I am making my second games. Up to 10 people per user. Victors only sorry! When you submit a tribute you must provide a link to the games you won as proof. If you haven't got a victor tribute to submit then you can submit a Stylist, Gamemaker, Escort, Mentor, or Sponsor (10 of any combination is the limit). Before you submit anyone though you have to read the application information. Happy Hunger Games! :D For those of you who don't know what Lunaii is, I mean if you live under a rock, it's what everyone uses to design their tributes appearance. Go here: Gamemakers blog is also here:

    Only Victors can be t…

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  • JWW

    JWW's First Hunger Games

    June 9, 2012 by JWW

    Finished! Hi I am JWW and i am hosting my first games. Its my first one so let me know if I have done anything wrong or if it is bad or boring. Good Luck!

    If your tributes name is in bold italics, they are dead.

    Name Age District Gender User
    James Will 12 1 Male JWW
    Katelyn Snow 16 1 Female Katelyn.danita
    Tybalt Hoffman 17 2 Male Whatrbooks
    Aria Camelliston 16 2 Female Katelyn.danita
    Josef Wright 16 3 Male Tammydaisy
    May Laria 14 3 Female AWESOMENESS
    Nicholas Davenport 17 4 Male FinnickForever
    Clear Waters 16 4 Female Whatrbooks
    Russel Murphy 14 5 Male SkyTimeGirl
    Raine Winters 15 5 Female Ms.finnickodair
    Seth Barbarossa 12 6 Male Ms.finnickodair
    Tamora Summers 18 6 Female AshtonMoioLover
    Harr 18 7 Male Mrweare121
    Tara Godin 17 7 Female CadaverYourBig
    Corey Hicks 18 8 Male Bobloblaw
    Luna Snare 15 8 Female Justafox
    Caleb S…

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