Hi! This is Flynn77 and JWW here. We're making a games together and we hope you like it! It's gonna be awesome. And PLEASE read the rules first.


  • Maximum 3 tributes per person.
  • NO swearing, or cursing other users. And especially don't insult our writing. That will result in your tribute being deleted.
  • There are sponsors. Just ask if you can send something to your tribute. We'll decide if it's allowed.

The Arena

The arena was made by Flynn, it's pretty awesome, huh?

Green= Hills
Hunger Games Map

The Arena

Yellow= Wheatfield

Blue= Water

Brown= Dirt

Gold= Cornucopia

The Tributes!

Tribute Name User Age Weapon Skills Weaknesses Personality Alliance Token
D1M Blaize King Bryn1999 15 Anything Being on his own, hand-to-hand, strength, lie detecting Lying, climbing, running Sweet, kind, REALLY ruthless when he's mad Careers An earring
D1F Annette King Bryn1999 15 Throwing knives Lying, climbing, running Being on her own Sweet, kind, ruthless when she's mad Careers A ring
D2F Strawberry Lavone JWW 14 Bow/Arrow Sense of direction,Bow aim Not too strong,slow at running Trickster, naughty,fun Careers A ring with a ruby enthrusted into it
D3M Barar Struve A Wikia Contributer 13 Sickle, mines, throwing knives Works well with electronics Camouflage Smart, tactical District partner Sickle from Beetee
D4M Luke Odair Jack412 17 Trident, bow and arrow Swimming, running, climbing, fishing Sneaking, Layla getting hurt USER NEEDS TO ADD Careers, then join Layla USER NEEDS TO ADD
D4F Layla Mist Jack412 16 Knives, spears Swimming, quick at running Weak, claustrophobic USER NEEDS TO ADD Careers, then later join Luke USER NEEDS TO ADD
D5M Ronan Swift Flynn77 15 Knife and Snares

Fishing, swimming, knots, knife throwing, mechanics

Scared of fire, will not kill unless absolutely necessary Curious about other districts, family orientated, loving, Intelligent Any good swimmer but preferably from D4 or D5 Four pebbles which he took from his river, painted blue and attatched to the end of his leather necklace
D5F Tammy Daisy JWW 15 Blowgun Swimming, running, stealing Climbing, edible food and plants Sweet, loving District partner A golden headband from her late brother,Kai
D6M -
D7M Jomp Famplere Hungergamelover2121 15 Axe Axe Weak USER NEEDS TO ADD USER NEEDS TO ADD USER NEEDS TO ADD
D8M Konupy Lopperdale Hungergamelover2121 16 Sword Sword Blind USER NEEDS TO ADD USER NEEDS TO ADD USER NEEDS TO ADD
D9M Caleb Stoll

An (awesome) Wikia Contributer

12 Axe, throwing knives Speed, hand to hand combat Heights Brave, strong, nice Going solo Bracelet with a picture of his dog
D9F Eve Grace Flynn77 12 Sickle Weaving, hiding, stealthy, climbing Weak, inexperienced with weapons Shy, honest, careful A bulky, strong person who isn't a career A handful of wheat tied in a bow that she puts in her hair
D12M Royce Deneth JWW 13 Slingshot Climbing, being hungry, knotting Gullible, unstable Naughty, cheeky None - prefers to work alone A greenstone with his name carved in it
D12F Briar Fairbayne Bryn1999 14 Dagger Climbing, running, plants, swimming,stealth Sometimes toooooooo...... peppy Enthusiastic, peppy, energetic, impulsive Anyone willing A firey red necklace

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