Finished! Hi I am JWW and i am hosting my first games. Its my first one so let me know if I have done anything wrong or if it is bad or boring. Good Luck!

The Tributes

If your tributes name is in bold italics, they are dead.

Name Age District Gender User
James Will 12 1 Male JWW
Katelyn Snow 16 1 Female Katelyn.danita
Tybalt Hoffman 17 2 Male Whatrbooks
Aria Camelliston 16 2 Female Katelyn.danita
Josef Wright 16 3 Male Tammydaisy
May Laria 14 3 Female AWESOMENESS
Nicholas Davenport 17 4 Male FinnickForever
Clear Waters 16 4 Female Whatrbooks
Russel Murphy 14 5 Male SkyTimeGirl
Raine Winters 15 5 Female Ms.finnickodair
Seth Barbarossa 12 6 Male Ms.finnickodair
Tamora Summers 18 6 Female AshtonMoioLover
Harr 18 7 Male Mrweare121
Tara Godin 17 7 Female CadaverYourBig
Corey Hicks 18 8 Male Bobloblaw
Luna Snare 15 8 Female Justafox
Caleb Stoll the Victor 12 9 Male A Wikia Contributer
Sasha Selenta 17 9 Female Tobi99
Connor Blue 17 10 Male Eleni12
Mistia Blossom 15 10 Female Readwritelivenikki
Quincy Williams 17 11 Male 2legit2quit
Allie Cumberland 14 11 Female AshtonMoioLover
Royce Deneath 16 12 Male JWW
Wendy 15 12 Female Mrweare121


Do you like it? Its a MASSIVE snow-covered mountain and at the top is the

JWW arena key

1=Supply Pyramid 2=Volcanoes 3=Snow-Covered Mountain 4=Cournicopia 5=Mist/Fog 6=Paths 7=Caves 8=Plates

cornucopia and a supply pyramid (similar to the one the careers used to store their supplies in the 74th hunger games) and where the tributes start. There are a few pre-built paths down the mountain with caves in various places. There is a mist/fog at the bottom of the mountain that is impossible to see through. All around the mountain are active volcanoes with acidic lava streams running around them. It takes at least three days to trek up the mountain.

JWW arena


Career Pack: Aria (D2)

Alliance 1: Caleb (D9)

Let me know if you do or don't want to be in an alliance!

The Reapings

District 1: My hands are shaking with fright. Its my first reaping. What if my name is pulled out? I can't bear to even think about it. Yes, although I am from District 1 I am not going to volunteer. I do not want to be a tribute. The escort is up on stage already."Ladies first!" A girls name is pulled out and Katelyn Snow, a popular girl at my school, eagerly volunteers. She is called to the stage and the escort dips their hand into the boys names. "James Will" My heart stops. No! It can't be me! I wait for someone to volunteer for me but no-one does. I am dragged to the stage and shake hands with Katelyn. I am thrusted into the justice building feeling as if I am in a nightmare.

District 2: I am in the roped off area standing with my fellow 16-year-olds. District 2's escort likes a quick reaping, so she sharply pulls up a girls name. "Aria Camelliston" I walk to the stage and before I know it my classmate, Tybalt is called to the stage. "Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you the tributes of District 2!" the escort calls. Tybalt leads me into the justice building, and I feel a strange sense of security and belonging to him.

District 3: I am silently cursing the Capitol in my mind. What, exactly, is the point of these games? I have already lost both of my lovely sisters and my brother to the games and now there's just me. But today I will volunteer for them and win the games, for them. I will make them proud. The escort strolls up to the stage and pulls out "May Laria". She seems to be struggling to take in the news, in a state of shock. And then he pulls out the boys name -"I volunteer as a tribute!" I'm up on the stage and the escort asks me, "Whats your name, boy?" "I am Josef Wright" I say. The escort replies, "Well done Josef, your sisters and brother died in earlier games didn't they?" "Yes they did, and now I'm going to win. For them." I declare.

District 4: I know my plan today. When our escort pulls out the boys name, Nicholas Davenport (me) will volunteer for the games and make my family proud by coming home with the winning title. I wait in the roped off area and when the escort pulls out the boys name, "I volunteer as a tribute!" I proudly go to the stage and Clear Waters, a girl I never knew existed, volunteers as well. Suddenly, I find a metal object in my pocket and take it out. It is a piece of solid gold with a snake engraved into it. I look up and my friend Tom, from the career training academy, winks at me and I know it was from him. I feel lucky now.

District 5: Will I get picked? I will know in 1 second. "Russel Murphy" Oh, no! The sheer horror sinks in and as I am taken up to the stage I begin to doubt if I will ever come home again. My friend Raine Winters is also reaped and I can tell by the look on her face she has the same thoughts as me. We shake hands, and are taken away.

District 6: This is my final reaping, and if I don't get picked I can finally have the nightmare of being in the hunger games taken off my shoulders. I have my fingers crossed behind my back and so do all my friends. Our male escort picks out the boys name. "Seth Barbarossa" and then, "Tamora Summers" I look around, hoping with all my heart that there is another girl somewhere with the same name as me, but I know that there is no-one else. With a heavy heart I drag myself up to the stage. I shake hands with Seth and a peacekeeper jabs me in the back. I hurry into the justice building and think, "Why me?"

District 7: I am looking up at the escort with hatred running through my mind. I do not like these games. Not one bit. And I do not want to get picked either. I glance to my right and see the 17-year-old girls. One particuarly stands out to me. She has red hair with blue stripes. I turn my attention back to the escort. He has pulled out the girls name. "Tara Godin" I do not know that person. I face back to the girl but she has disappeared. Oh, now I can see her. Shoe is up on stage! And I have been reaped! As I walk to the stage I hear the occasional murmur of, "Not Harr" and, "OMG! Harr?" I shake hands with Tara and we walk together into the Justice Building.

District 8: Today is the day. The day I will make my parents proud. The day all my training will finally pay off! I am so excited time passes in a blur. "Luna Snare" and then "Corey Hicks" Wow. I was going to volunteer, but now I don't even have to! What luck! Luna shakes my hand. Its over. The first part of my dream is over, now I need to complete it by winning.

District 9: I seriously doubt I will get picked, as my name is only in the reaping ball once. But if I do, luckily I have my years of training with me. And I have my strategy. I will appear all weak, small and frail. That way I will get left til last. Then I show my true colours, viciously killing and slaughtering. "Ladies first" the escort trills. Its "Sasha Selenta". Time to put my strategy to the test. I gasp. No! "Someone please volunteer for me!" I sob, half meaning it and half not. No-one does and I cry myself up to the stage. "No! No!" I scream. I have to say, I think I am doing a great performance. "Caleb Stoll" A small scruffy boy staggers up to the stage. I continue to cry hard and I see for the first time the looks of sympathy on everyones faces.

District 10: "Connor Blue" I panic. What if I'm next? I need something to calm me down. I, Mistia Blossom will not get reaped. I, Mistia Blossom will not get reaped. This sentence continues to play in my mind. They are the only words that calm me. But now it's no use saying it to myself anymore, because the words are no longer true.

District 11: It's hard to say how I'm feeling right now. Am I anxious, scared, or excited? I notice the escort pulling up the boys name. Is it me? "Quincy Williams" Yes it is. I'm in shock. I look at my family. Some of them are crying. I can't let my emotions show. I put on a brave face and walk with my head held high onto the stage. Then "Allie Cumberland" is picked and she staggers up the stairs leading to the stage. She is crying. I shake her hand but she doesn't seem to notice. I then get the cue to leave and I enter the Justice Building.

District 12: The odds are not in my favour today. Not at all. My family is probably the poorest in District 12, so my name has been entered into the reaping ball eighty-two times. The only good thing is: my family probably have enough grain and tesserae to last them about a million years. "Ladies first!" the escort trills excitedly. She dips her hand in and sharply snatches the slip. Its Wendy, a girl at my school. She gets up on stage and, "Royce Deneath" is reaped. Hang on a minute, thats me! I am called to the stage, shake hands with Wendy and force my feet into the Justice Building.

Training Session

Caleb: I have just been ushered inside the training centre with Sasha by our escort. We are the first ones here. We both make a beeline to the edible plants station. I figure that will help me to survive. The instructor at that station teaches us about heaps of plants that live in cold habitats. This gives me a small clue about the arena. Snow? Ice? Just then the District 1 tributes walk into the centre.

Katelyn: The Distrct 9 tributes are already here. There's the boy called Caleb and the pussy (I think she's the one that actually cried at the reaping!) I go to the archery station while James goes to the spears. I shoot all the dummies, and it's clear that it's too easy for me. So I join James at the spears. Like me, he has speared all the dummies so we go to the knot station and make traps.

Tybalt: In I go with Aria and I head straight to the axe station. First I want to focus on my strengths. But to be honest really, I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing that much. I'm too busy watching Aria. She's on the high ropes course. She looks a bit scared up there. I remember on the train ride when she told me about her strong fear of heights. I wave to her and she gives me a kind, warm smile. She's not that bad really. I wouldn't mind being her friend. Or maybe more...

Allie: I am the last one in the training centre. I follow Quincy into the building and start on the firemaking station. There's three others there. Nicholas from District 4, Corey from 8, and Sasha from 9. Nicholas and Corey have done a pretty good job, making a fire from just a block of wood, a shred of rubber and a soggy match. Sasha keeps bursting into tears because she can't make a fire. She's no good at anything. Corey and Sasha then leave and me and Nick work together. We make a great team, and I accept when he asks if we want to be allies in the arena.

Training Scores

Name District Score What they did
James 1 9 Hit all dummies with spear, breaks record by completing high ropes course in fastest time
Katelyn 1 11 Shocked the gamemakers by shooting down a net on the high ropes course with an arrow
Tybalt 2 8 Chops down a fake tree with an axe on the firemaking station and also does some snares
Aria 2 8 Shoots some arrows, hits all targets and ties some impressive knots.
Josef 3 7 Chops a dummies limbs off with a mace and then attacks another with an axe.
May 3 10 Makes the shape of a perfect circle by throwing knives at a dummie
Nick 4 10 Identifies all edible plants and insects correctly and throws some tridents
Clear 4 8 Tackles a senior assistant helper to the ground after an impressive fight
Russel 5 6 Throws knives at dummies but misses most of them and does some failed hammock making
Raine 5 6 Shoots twelve arrows at dummies but only correctly hits four
Seth 6 5 Tries to make a homemade slingshot but fails and screams when he hits himself in the eye
Tamora 6 9 Hits all targets right with a knife and a bow and correctly identifies some edible plants
Harr 7 8 Knocks a dummies head off with a hammer and lifts a 50kg weight
Tara 7 9 Brings a tree to splinters with a mace and camouflages herself really well
Corey 8 10 Does some cool sword tricks and completes high ropes in a really fast time and lifts 60kg
Luna 8 3 Can't find a blowgun which is her weapon so tries to camouflauge but runs out of time
Caleb 9 10 Does some really cool stuff with an axe and beats a champion black belt karate master
Sasha 9 10 Camouflages herself inside a bush so well that the gamemakers think she is not there
Connor 10 2 Tries to do some tricks with a sword but fails big time and cuts his hand off accidently
Misty 10 7 Sets some challenging and hard to do traps and hits dummies with spears and knives
Quincy 11 11 Chops down a tree and then carves little replicas of his family with a sword
Allie 11 8 Hits targets with arrows and sets some hard traps and makes a fire with wet materials
Royce 12 7

Fashions a hammock and shoots stones at certain targets with a slingshot

Wendy 12 5 Cuts a dummies head off with a sword and throws objects such as a brick and a weight

Death Chart

Placing Name District Reason/Cause of Death

Connor Blue

10 Blown up after dropping glove


7 Speared with a trident by Nick

Seth Barbarossa

6 Tracker jacker stings

Tamora Summers

6 Shot by Raine with an arrow

Raine Winters

5 Tracker jacker stings

Clear Waters

4 Machete in skull by Tara

Corey Hicks

8 Killed in avalanche by Royce

May Laria

3 Killed in avalanche by Royce

Russel Murphy

5 Killed in avalanche by Royce

Allie Cumberland

11 Killed in avalanche by Royce


12 Killed in avalanche by Royce

Luna Snare

8 Stabbed by Katelyn while hunting

Josef Wright

3 Killed in a volcano eruption

Tara Godin

7 Burned to death

James Will

1 Beaten to death by Caleb

Katelyn Snow

1 Skull smashed on a rock by Caleb

Quincy Williams

11 Shot by Aria with an arrow

Royce Deneath

12 Shot with his slingshot by Sasha

Tybalt Hoffman

2 Speared with a trident by Nick

Nicholas Davenport

4 Bled to Death

Mistia Blossom

10 Burned by a Firestag

Sasha Selenta

9 Aftermath of Burns

Aria Cammelliston

2 Killed my the Nickmutt

Caleb Stoll

9 Victor!


Some mutts that tributes may encounter in the arena...

Patterfoot: This big beast is a yeti kind of thing. It is white, hairy and huge. It's called a patterfoot because its feet make a a patting sound when it walks. It also has big feet. It's harmless really, it just looks and sounds scary so that's why tributes alway run away whenever they see one.

Firestag: The name says it all, its a really dumb man made of fire! It lives in volcanoes and has an aggressive nature. If it sees a tribute, the firestag will do whatever it can to hunt them down and kill them. It can shoot fireballs and control flame too. Its only weakness is snow, so a if a tribute sees one their best bet is to head towards the mountain.

Nicholas Davenport: User FinnickForever's wish from Katelyn,danita's talk page has been granted! This mutt has returned to get revenge on Aria. It will savagly and painfully kill Aria and if possible help the other tributes.


The Firestag




Nicholas Davenport Mutt


60,59,58... Wendy: I could die in less than one minute! I think to myself as I rise up from the tube. No. Don't even go there, I'm not going to die. I am fully in the arena now, and I see why I am in warm clothes. Directly in front of me is the golden cornucopia, with a pyramid of multicoloured backpacks all different shapes and sizes right at the mouth.

50,49,48... Clear: The first thought that comes to my mind is: COLD!!! We seem to be on top of a mountain and the ground is covered in snow. I desperately look around for a weapon, especially a dagger or two. But there are no weapons in sight, so are they in the bags maybe?

40,39,38... Josef: I clutch my locket in my hands and think of home, where my family is. Well, what's left of them anyway. I need to come home. For them. I glance around hoping to see a mace, or at least a sword, but there are only backpacks all stacked in a pyramid at the mouth of the cornucopia.

30,29,28... Luna: My strategy is to run, grab a pack, and race down the mountain as fast as I can go. Unfortunately, that's probably everyone elses strategy too. I need a blowgun. Is there one inside a pack? Maybe I should get two packs. Or three. Heck with it! I'll grab as many as I can carry!

20,19,18... Misty: I see Connor two plates away. I need him. He's my allie. We catch each others eye. He nods. I guess that means he'll come with me. It's bittely cold. These gloves are too big! I mouth these words to Connor, and he just smiles and starts to play with his glove.

10,9,8... Connor: Misty and I are an alliance. I'll go to her when I get a pack. She mouths to me something about her gloves, and I smile at her. I fiddle around with mine, to see what she means about them. Since I chopped off my hand accidently in training, I only have one glove. Uh-oh! My glove slips off my hand. It seems to take forever to reach the ground, and when it does, there's an almighty BANG! I am blown to bits.


3,2,1.... GO!! Nick: The gong has already sounded but no-one has stepped off their plates yet, except for me. Everyone else was too distracted by Connor's explosive death. Already I am at the supply pyramid ripping open a small-ish pink bag. I need a weapon. But all there is in the bag are matches, some paper and a small amount of kindling wood. Not going to help right now. I chuck it aside and grab a long yellow pack. A trident! perfect! I instantly turn around and kill the boy from 7. Blood splatters everywhere and he falls to the ground, lifeless.

Sasha: I run towards the pyramid, and stop when I see Harr get killed. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes, I think frightfully to myself. I do some more crying for the cameras, and I scan the landscape to see where Caleb is. He's having an epic hand to hand fight with Nick. I yell and scream hysterically for him just to end the fight and run off with me to safety, but he is too engaged in his fight. Suddenly Nick strikes out and Caleb falls to the snowy ground. "NO!!" I scream. Nick draws back his trident, and spears him in the eye. I gasp with horror. I then quickly scoop him up in my arms, grab a pack, and scurry off down the mountain as fast as my little legs will go.

Seth: Everyone has either grabbed a pack and gone or fighting to the death. I have just gotten to the supply pyramid. The one question that runs in my mind is: What if there is something hidden inside the pyramid? A valuable item? A special weapon? I dive into the mass of bags and dig my way into the centre. I was correct! There is something inside but it is nothing good. A deadly humming buzz fills my ears and a tracker jacker nest suddenly breaks out and swarms me. There must be at least a thousand in there! about roughly half of them start to sting me and the others make their targets other tributes. Oh, the pain! Make it stop! The tracker jackers inject their stingers into me and death takes my soul.

Katelyn: Most people have left the bloodbath with a bag and without a fight. Those who left with nothing were Luna, Wendy and Royce. Huh. They won't last long. And the District 9 boy, Caleb. His eye is gone. He'll probably die from pain. Me, James, Aria, Tybalt and Clear are fighting Tamora, Quincy, and Misty. They're all from different districts but for some reason they allied. Nick, May and Tara are fighting Raine. The rest of the tributes have grabbed a pack and left. Quincy suddenly jabs James in the stomach with his sword. He screams, and collapses to the ground with pain. He's in agony. Pure agony. I can tell that much. Tamora then strikes out with her knife at Aria but Tybalt blocks it. "Thanks" says Aria with a blush. "Its nothing" replies Tybalt. He smiles at her in a loving way. Hmm. There seems to be something going on between them. Then Seth yells out. Oh no! Tracker jackers! Everyone sprints off in opposite directions, desperate to get away from the hazardous insects.

Raine: I run like I have never run before. I load an arrow at Tamora and it hits her in the bum. I load another, and it hits her in the shoulder. She dies. Thats when the tracker jackers catch up with me. Katelyn, Nicholas and Clear are stung by a few each, but a whole crowd covers my body and sting me. "AAHHHHHHH" I scream. I know I will die. Even if I do get away from this swarm, I'll surely die from the after-effects. I.... slowly.... die....


Day 1

Caleb: Pain. Pain. Pain. PAIN! It's the only thing I feel right now. Sasha half-dragged half-carried me down a path on the mountain and into a cave. Inside the one pack she grabbed was a first aid kit, with just about everything in it. Blood is pouring out of my eye and making red snow on the floor of the cave. Words cannot describe the blinding pain I am in right now. "Lie down" Sasha instructs. I do, and this helps because it stops the bloodflow a little bit. Sasha dabs my eye with some cream on a cotton bud, and gives me some pain relief and sleep syrup. I see her bandage up my eye just as the syrup pulls me under.

Allie: I feel betrayed. By Nick. He was supposed to be my allie! I am angry. He ran off with the careers. Will he come back to me? I am walking down the mountain examining the contents of my pack. There are basic survival essentials. A packet of plain crackers and salami strips. A small sleeping bag. I doubt I will even fit inside that. A fluffy hat that covers my ears. But the best thing of all is a strange drink bottle that has a boiler at the bottom so water can be heated inside it. I find a cave and go inside. I snuggle down inside my sleeping bag on the cave floor and get myself stuck inside it. It's too tight! I can't get out!

James: Me, Katelyn, Aria and Tybalt are in a cave. We lost the rest of the careers after the tracker jacker nest broke out and stung a few of us. Katelyn is dressing my stomach wound and applying leaves to her stings while Aria and Tybalt search through our bags and packs. The first one has matches, paper and some light wood. The second has 4 sleeping bags. The third one has an amount of food in it that will last us a few days. The fourth bag has a first aid kit. And the last one has two sets of skis and two snowboards. We make a fire and eat some roast pork from the third bag. I wince in pain as I thank Katelyn for the help. We lay down to sleep and Aria and Tybalt keep watch together. I see them hold hands before I fall asleep.

Day 2

Tara: I laugh in delight as I race down the snowy ground on the pair of skis I had in my bag. Its taken two days to get here, I'm probably the furtherest down the mountain. I haven't stopped to sleep or rest. I'm going really fast, and before I know it I am at the bottom. But I cannot see a thing. The air is filled with blinding fog. It is impossible to see through it. I pack up my skis in by bag. Even that was hard because I couldn't see what I was doing. I continue to walk in the direction I was going and after about 20 minutes, I'm out the other side. What I see before me is incredible. A gigantic volcano nearly as big as the mountain stands before me, with hot glowing lava bubbling and streaming in rivers all around me. It's also very hot. That was the second thing I noticed. I suddenly spin around after hearing a noise. The careers back from their tracker jacker attack? No, its just Clear by herself. She raises her dagger. I pull my machete out of my bag. She lunges foward at me, and I quickly sidestep, causing her to miss her target. I swing back my machete over my shoulder and bring it down on her skull. She sidesteps as well, but I catch her foot. The spikes wedge into her ankle flesh and she gives a shrill cry of pain. I yank the machete out as Clear digs both her daggers into my right arm. My reply is another hit with the machete on her skull. *BOOM*

Quincy: Misty and I sit on the ground scoffing down some bread from our bags. We then make our way up the mountain. We talk as we go up about training and other tributes. "How did you get that eleven anyway?" asks Misty. "Well, all I can say is that I think I shocked the gamemakers" I reply. Misty asks what I think about Sasha, the crybaby from 9. "I'm not going to bother going for her" I admit. Suddenly we hear a noise. Luna from 8 staggers into our arms singing a song about bees. She's gone mad! We sit down and feed Luna some food and water. We warm her up as well. After she clears her head a little bit Misty and I hear about how she attempted to grab as many packs as she could but she was chased off by Nick. She got lost and developed hypothermia. She also went mad from thirst and hunger. After some persuading of Luna we continue our way up the mountain.

Royce: My bag is too heavy. It weighs more than I do! It is crammed with food and weapons of no use to me. I am lost as well. Right now I wish I had an allie. I stop at the sound of footsteps and see the sight of Quincy from 11, Misty from 10, and Luna from 8 hiking up the mountain. I step out of my hiding place and ask if I can join them. They accept. We eventually arrive at the top of the mountain and to our surprise see that there is about 20 packs left. We open one and find food. Another contains toboggans, but the one that takes us by surprise is the pack full of dynamite. We discuss why it is in there and after my brilliant brainwave we hide at the mouth of the cornucopia and set the dynamite off, creating an avalanche that is sure to wipe out more than a few tributes.

Day 3

Corey: Boom.., baboom.. The sound of thunderous snow tumbling down the mountain slope fills my ears. One word comes to my mind: AVALANCHE! I jump up and look towards the top of the mountain. Snow, racing towards me in balls and fog. I run as fast as I can. I am well fed and have good health, with all that food I took at the bloodbath. My heart skips a beat when I see snowballs whizz past my head. The tremendous noise of the snow is extremely loud now. Suddenly the wind is knocked out of me as a bit of snow thumps me in the back. I struggle for breath and snow encases me. I am buried alive! But that doesn't really matter, because now I am wheezing and gasping for air. I suffocate. *BOOM*

Russel: I turn around and what I see behind me is heart-stopping. Snow, travelling at a speed too fast to tell, coming at me. I am terrified. And so is the girl with the scared face, May from 3, I think. She is sprinting as fast as she can away from the avalanche. But she trips and lands headfirst into the fluffy snow. She gets up only to get mummified in the white icy substance. *BOOM* And so am I, I am lying in snow for several hours before I die from the cold. *BOOM*

Sasha: Uhh... This is so gross and disgusting! I don't tell Caleb, of course. With a pair of tweezers I pluck out the remains of his dry, bloody eye while giving him strong painkillers. He screams with pain but he lies still. "There" I tell him. "It's all gone" I cover up his empty eye socket with a pad as we both hear rumbles and booms. The mouth of our cave is blocks up with snow and I realise with horror that we are trapped. I give Caleb a dose of sleep syrup and dig at the snow. After an hour, I've barely made any progress. I hear a groan and it's Caleb coming round. I go over to him and he peers around the roomy cavern. "We're snowed in" I say to him. "Oh" He replies. He gets up and wanders towards the end of the cave. We haven't fully explored the back yet. It's too dark and scary. I follow him and shout at him to come back. He doesn't care. He just keeps on walking. With a sigh I pick up all our belongings and follow him. Who knows? There might be something interesting down there. My heart skips a beat when I hear: *BOOM*BOOM*

Day 4

Tybalt: We caught up with the rest of the careers yesterday. Nick's in a bad way. His tracker jacker stings haven't been treated yet, because the special leaves you're supposed to put on them were wiped away by the avalanche along with the rest of our supplies, weapons and food. He looks a bit freakish to be honest. A big bloated face, shouting out at random intervals. It'll be the hallucinations. I snap back to my senses when Aria takes my hand. "Come" She says. We walk outside the cave for a while and sit down to talk. We kiss for a long time until Aria breks away. "I don't think Nicks going to last" She tells me. "Oh, well, its one tribute down" I reply. Aria doesn't answer. "Lets just put him out of his misery, we'll kill him tonight. He's practically dead anyway. He doesn't know anyone's there" I tell her. "O.K" she agrees. A scream breaks out. *BOOM* Aria and I race back to the cave. Luna from 8 lies dead, at Katelyns feet. Katelyn pulls out a knife from her bloody throat. "What's in her pack?" James asks. Katelyn rumages through it. "Leaves!" she exclaims. Oh no. Those are the exact same leaves used to heal tracker jacker stings. Soon, Nick is covered in them and pus oozes out onto the snowy cave floor. Me and Aria exchange nervous looks.

Josef: I sit on an ash covered rock next to one of the many volcanoes there are surrounding the mountain. Once again I clutch my locket and think of home. My parents will be watching me. And so will my brothers and sisters. From above. I will win. For them. Meanwhile, I practise tricks with the mace I was lucky to pick up at the bloodbath. My main strategy has been: stick to the volcanes, that's where it's warm. I give a sigh and look into my only pack. It had a 2 litre bottle filled with water; a packet of 5 processed cheese slices; a bag of 20 carrots; a cheap quality sleeping bag; and a fluffy hat. Now it has an empty 2 litre bottle; 1 processed cheese slice; 2 1/2 carrots; the shredded remains of what was a sleeping bag, and no fluffy hat. (it got blown off my head by the wind) I think I am lucky to be alive. There hasn't been much blood lately. The gamemakers will drive us together soon. I know that much. As if they read my mind, the volcano behind me suddenly shakes violently and erupts, spitting red-hot lava into the sky. Run. That is the first thing I do.

Tara: I look up from where I am resting on a rock and see a horrible sight. Lava shooting up into the air with smoke billowing out of a volcano. Eruption. I'd better get out of here. FAST! I pick up my bag and swing it over my shoulder. Too late. Lava drops onto my head. It hisses and I feel a blinding pain. "YOUCH!" *BOOM* Is the cannon for me? No, I am still alive, luckily. A bucketful of lava unexpectedly lands on my bag. It burns up with the contents and another bucketful lands on the back of my neck. It burns into my flesh. *BOOM* I am gone.

Day 5

Nick: It's strange. Aria and Tybalt keep avoiding me. My stings aren't much better, I still hallucinate and there are no leaves left. I couldn't get to sleep last night either, and I was tossing and turning. I noticed Aria kept glancing my way. When I finally got to sleep I woke up with a cut on my arm. I look around, Katelyn is stitching up James' stomach wound and Aria and Tybalt are kissing. Who would want to kill me? I wonder. A guest enters the cave and eveyone raises their weapons. It's not a tribute, it looks like a monster. With white fur and a scary face. It roars a loud roar and we all bolt. Running down the never-ending cave.

Misty: Last night we saw Luna's face in the sky. It came to us as a pretty big shock. When we heard cannons yesterday we never thought it was for Luna. She was just out hunting. Oh well. I guess we have to move on. Royces idea of an avalanche was great though. 5 kills! It's a pity there's no more dynamite, otherwise we could make another one! Quincy opens another backpack on the never-ending pile of them. It has a loaf of bread from each district. Royce, Quincy and I sit down and eat the loaves from our own districts. It's been pretty quiet recently for us. Just sitting at the top of the mountain in safety. No doubt the gamemakers will herd us up like sheep for a violent fight soon.

Caleb: Sasha and I have been wandering through caves that run through the mountain for days now. Hopelessly lost. Sasha is crying. For real. She's not faking for the cameras or anything. I feel like crying too but Sasha is too dependent on me for trust and hope. My eye is gone now but it doesn't hurt anymore. We stop when we hear noise. Screaming and running. I shine my torch into the darkness. It's the careers. They stop when they see us. Sasha backs away, frightened of them and losing her strategy by blowing her cover. It's up to me. I don't have an axe, but I'm pretty good at karate, even if I do say so myself. James lunges foward, and grabs my throat. I try to pull away but he's too strong. He squeezes tighter and tigher with his iron grip. I lash out and kick him in the groin. "Oooo...." he groans. I waste no time. James is taken by surprise when I jump on his shoulders from behind. My fingers scratch his face and pinch his cheeks. Sasha whoops from behind. Unexpectedly James throws me off his back. I hit the floor with a massive WHACK! On the head. Ooh.. Ouch... I pull myself up and take hold of his collar, and hit him repeatedly on the face. His limbs go limp and he falls to the ground. *BOOM*

Day 6

Katelyn: I've been in hand to hand combat for 3 hours now. Caleb punches me in the face and I fall back. A waterfall of blood streams from my nose and I think it's broken.My hand comes up to my face and I move my painful shnozz back to its original position. And only just in time too, for Caleb picks me up by the hair and spins me around, and around, and around, until I'm so dizzy I feel as if I will faint. Suddenly he lets go. I fly and smash my skull open on a rock. *BOOM*

Sasha: Caleb seems to have turned into this inner monster. He has already killed 2 careers, and he's onto his third when he lunges at Tybalt. Tybalt kicks him back and raises his fist. Caleb crawls over to me "Run" I whisper into his ear. "3...2...1..." He whispers back. "RUN!" I shriek. We pelt away from the careers but they don't follow us. Eventually we come out of a different cave. Or should I say, tunnel. "Down" I pant to him. He nods, and we run down the mountain. It's snowing. We reach the bottom and there is an unpenetratable fog. We can not see a thing. "Caleb, where are you?" I shout. Where is he? He must be lost like me. I stagger around for a bit and find my way out. No sight of Caleb. I stand amongst lava streams and rivers next to volcanoes, and feel a sense of lonliness and longing for Caleb.

Quincy: This morning we found a pack with a hammer (which I think is supposed to be a weapon), a pack with nails, and a long pack with perfect straight pieces of wood. You can easily guess what we did next. We made a giant sled with seats and room to put all our stuff. Royce finishes lifting the final bag onto the sled and Misty sits in the drivers seat. She's pretty clever because she was smart enough to make a steering wheel that can change the direction of the sled. Despite all the supplies we have, it's been extremely cold recently. And since we can see the whole arena from the summit of the mountain, we've decided to make for the volcanoes where it's warm. I give the sled a push and jump in the back. As we race down the mountain at speeds faster than 60 miles per hour Royce has his slingshot ready, he's on guard for anyone who tries to attack us. There's no need really, we're going too fast for anyone to shoot us or jump on. We pass a dark cave, and fear drives up my heart when I see an arrow fly my way. I hear Aria's cruel laugh as the arrow drives into my heart. *BOOM* I was mistaken. With someone as skillful with a bow and arrow as Aria, I guess she could hit a moving target.

Day 7

Aria: Quincy. My first kill. I'm over the moon! There's one thing I'm not happy about though. Nick volunteered to keep watch all night last night and he wouldn't let anyone take his place. He said "No, no, you two lovebirds can sleep together for once" I let him in the end partly because I didn't want him to think there was anything suspicious going on and partly because I wanted to sleep with Tybalt. Tybalt and I are growing really close. I can't bear to think that one of us is going to die. I think I want to start a future with him! But in my heavy heart I know it won't happen. "Me and Tybalt will keep watch tonight" I tell Nick. He nods. I want to spend some time alone with Tybalt and while Nick is sleeping I want to kill him.

Royce: I.. just.. can't believe it! Quincy was shot! Misty and I didn't even realise he was dead until we got past the fog. We had a minutes silence before we added wheels to the sled, which is now a kart, and sped off down the rocky road. In the distance we both see a figure. A strange one too because it has green hair with one blue eye and one green eye. I think it's Sasha from 8. She is the poorest, frailest girl I have ever seen. We catch up to her and discover she is empty-handed. Defenceless. She gives us a staring gaze that reminds me of a poor, helpless, animal. I point my slingshot at her, prepared to strike. But I can't do it. I just can't. Not her. Her sad eyes continue to stare into me. I lower my weapon. As quick as a cat, my slingshot is swiped by her tiny hands and my forehead is shot with a stone by my slingshot. *BOOM* The last thing I see is Misty running off in the distance.

Sasha: I watch Misty pelt off in the distance, leaving all her supplies behind. My strategy is no longer needed. Today I finally showed my true colours, I killed someone. I'm starving. I rip open the first bag I see on the kart and it has a container of macaroni cheese. I wolf it down, and find a knife in another bag. Perfect! Just what I need to defend myself. Opposite me is a volcano with a path leading to the top. I push the kart up for 3 hours until I can push no more. I'm at the top. Is this unwise? What if the volcano erupts? I can see heaps up here. Still no sign of Caleb. I was so dumb to lose him in that fog! But wait, is that Caleb over there? Coming out of the volcano? Nope. It's a man made of fire! I scream. It comes at me, shooting fireballs that whizz past my head. I jump in the kart and ride down the bumpy volcano surface. It is the most terrifying, terrible ride I have ever been on in my entire life. A fireball hits one of the back wheels and the flame slowly spreads. A bag catches on fire and I throw it off the kart, burning my hand in the process. I'm at the bottom when my clothes catch on fire. Oh, agony. Pure agony! The fire burns my flesh and soon I am covered in burns. I turn to what's left of the kart and watch the last of the backpacks go up in flames. Now there's nothing left. All I have is a knife in my burning clothes. I take them off and bend over, stark naked, looking for my precious knife. I wait for the cloth to completely burn up before I pick up my knife. It's red hot but I don't care. What bad luck! Clotheless and supplyless.

Day 8

Aria: It's 1'o'clock in the morning and I am awake. I said I will kill Nick tonight. "Are you awake, Tybalt?" I ask. "Yes" He replies. "Lets kill Nick now" I say back. A voice breaks the silence. "What do you mean, kill me?" Nick asks. He turns on a torch and shines it in our faces. He is furious. He pulls back his trident and stabs Tybalt in the heart with it. *BOOM* "NO!!!!" I scream. I see red. Fury rises up inside me and with a knife I stab Nick, over and over again. I want him to pay for Tybalts death! After a lot of painful screaming from Nick I stop stabbing him. He moans. Huh. Let him suffer pain. I burst into tears, devastated by Tybalt. Sobbing, I leave the cave, not regretting what I have done.

Misty: I yell. I am mad. Crazy from thirst. I am overheated, and extremely dehydrated. "Hee he hee" I laugh drunkly. I can't think straight. *BOOM* Who was that? My cannon will probably be next. I turn when I hear a noise. A person-shaped flame. And a fireball. Coming my way. It hits me and I burn up. *BOOM*

Caleb: If I hadn't found the pack that has kept me alive for the past few days, I would be dead. Some other tribute must have dropped it. It had a decent amount of food, water, and luckily for me an axe. I am excellent with an axe. I've been dying to get my hands on one since the games started. Right now I'm looking for Sasha though. Is that her, the burnt figure I see about a hundred yards away screaming "Help!"? I break into a run towards the person and who I see does no longer look like Sasha anymore. Sasha has burns all over her bodyand she looks like a red monster. "Oh, Caleb Caleb!" she sobs. "I got burned by a mutt and the burns got infected! I'm in so much pain right now, please help me!" She screams hysterically at me. "O.K, O.K!" I reply. I pick her up and carry her until we reach shade. To be honest, I don't think she will last for too much longer. She drifts in and out of consciousness while I hold her hand and sit beside her. She tells me, "I'm going to die. And my death wish is this: Caleb, you have to win. It will make me very happy if you do" I feel tears springing up in my eyes. "I will, Sasha. For you" She closes her eyes for the last time with a happy smile plastered across her face. *BOOM* I burst into tears. Not Sasha! "No, no, no!" I cry. To my right is a desert flower. I gently pluck it out of the ground and place it in Sasha's hands. Something to remember her by. "Bye Sasha" I turn and leave. I don't look back.

Day 9 - The Final Day

Aria: Last night a massive snowstorm started and I know for a fact that it was started by the gamemakers. There's just me and Caleb left, and I'm going to beat him. The snowstorm leads me to the bottom of the mountain where a fog so thick you cannot see through is. Still the snowstorm leads me on. Once I get out of the fog the snowstorm stops. Bow in hand, I stride past the hot volcanoes and lava rivers. Every now and then I think I can hear a noise. I look over my shoulder, and the creature is not quick enough to dive under the rock. I load an arrow at it. At first I think it's Nick, but that's before I see its wolf-like body. Razor-sharp claws, brown fur, and a face exactly like Nicholas Davenport. It's a Nickmutt. The Nickmutt growls, and flexes its claws. It comes at me, and I run like hell.

Caleb: Cripes. I never thought I'd make it this far. But now I am, I guess I'd better win. That was Sasha's death wish. I can't afford to break it. I think back and wonder how I got his far. Hiding in a cave, with one eye and Sasha. Where was the turning pont? Oh yeah, the avalanche that blocked our exit. And then the downfall of the careers. I killed two of them. Aria had better watch out. And then Sasha and I lost each other in the blinding fog. I hear screams. I run towards the sound and see a lovely sight. A wolf mutt that looks awfully like Nicholas Davenport is ripping Aria to shreds. "No, no! Please have mercy!" She cries. But the Nickmutt gets its sharp claws and rips Aria's throat off instead. *BOOM* Wow. I have won! Unbeleivable! I know Sasha will be smiling at me from up above. I granted her death wish. I can go home. I won! It's the best feeling in the world.

Congratuations to Caleb Stoll, the winner of JWW's First Hunger Games!

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