Hey guys. My time has come. As much as I hate to say this, I'm leaving the wiki soon. I just don't have enough time for it, I just got a facebook and I'm more on that than anything else. I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time here, entering tributes and creating games. Chat was really fun too. When I first came to this wiki, I knew nothing and I created my first games with no knowledge of what to do. But, it turned out to be a success! Caleb Stoll was the winner. Everyone said that they were excellently written. My second games have so far taken 7 months, and are nearly but not quite finished. When they are I'm outta here. My third game, joint with Flynn77 were a big fat fail. I never even got the tribute chart finished as Flynn told me he couldn't be effed with the wiki anymore and I needed to devote all my time to my Victor Games. And finally, I was the won who brought Tobi99 back to the wiki. Tobi99fb.jpg

I would like to also acknowledge all the users who stood out to me and I will miss. 

  • First, Caleb Stoll/The awesome wikia contributer, he was really cool and my best friend on the wiki, he always gave me praise and support for my games.
  • Tobi99 She left the wiki for a while, but when she was here she also praised my writing and her tribute, Sasha was  in both my games.
  • Katelyn.danita, When she announced that she was leaving i was disappointed. Her tribute Aria was in both my games and quite significant. We occasionally talked on chat and I am still awaiting your following accept on twitter. 
  • FinnickForever Again, also left, but he was great fun to talk to and Nicholas Davenport was in both my games and part of the significant 'square' between Nick[mutt], Aria, Caleb and Sasha.
  • Thena.airice14 was really friendly to me and I will miss her, thank you for always following my games.
  • XxKaitlinxX Thank you for creating my siggie, even though it doesn't show up!

And so many more who I will remember:

  • VinciusDeAssis1999
  • Pop~Tart I still know you as Jsm13athome though!
  • Readwritelivenikki
  • Tothedoom
  • Whatrbooks AKA GrimReaper8080
  • HKTLovesGlimmer
  • Dedejacob
  • Flynn77 (even though I saw him yesterday)
  • Eleni12
  • Msfinnickodair
  • Bryn1999

And so many others who if aren't on here I still remember you :)

Goodbye, and just remember I may still come on chat occasionally maybe once a week, this is not goodbye I may get bored and miss you guys and come back full time!

~ BowB4Me 00:03, December 22, 2012 (UTC)

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