Hi I am JWW and I am making my second games. Up to 10 people per user. Victors only sorry! When you submit a tribute you must provide a link to the games you won as proof. If you haven't got a victor tribute to submit then you can submit a Stylist, Gamemaker, Escort, Mentor, or Sponsor (10 of any combination is the limit). Before you submit anyone though you have to read the application information. Happy Hunger Games! :D For those of you who don't know what Lunaii is, I mean if you live under a rock, it's what everyone uses to design their tributes appearance. Go here: Gamemakers blog is also here:

Tribute Applications

Only Victors can be tributes. Your application must provide:










Appearance: Must Provide a Lunaii

Reaction when Reaped:

Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:

Feel free to copy and paste this into the comment box and just type in the information!

Stylist Applications

Stylists must design/create outfits for Chariot Rides and Interviews. Your application must provide:



Tribute You Want to Style:


Appearance: Must provide a Lunaii

Chariot Outfit: Must provide image

Interview Outfit: Must provide image

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Gamemaker Applications

Gamemakers will design and help co-write the games on a seperate blog.



Appearance: Must provide a Lunaii

Writing Experience:

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Escort Applications

Escorts will write reapings and help make the overall desicion of the interview angle based on both the tributes and escorts ideas.



District Escorting:


Appearance: Must provide a Lunaii

Interview Angle idea for tributes:

Feel free to copy and paste this into the comment box and just type in the information!

Mentor Applications

MENTOR APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED!You do not have to be a victor. There will be one mentor for each District, not the usual two. Mentors will decide the strategy for the tribute in the games based on both the mentors and tributes ideas. Mentors will also recieve the sponsor money and choose what to send their tribute(s). See below.



District Mentoring:


Appearance: Must provide a Lunaii

Bloodbath Strategy Idea:

Games Strategy Idea:

Feel free to copy and paste this into the comment box and just type in the information!

Okay, so how it works is this: Each user has one sponsor. Each sponsor has $1000. Sponsors will have a balance. They will choose how much money they want to give a tribute and pass it on to their mentor. The mentor will then either deposit the money into the tributes balance or choose something from the price list to send to the tribute.

User Balance
TheKatnissEverdeen $750
GrayNinja73 $1000.
Jsm13athome $1000.
ViniciusDeAssis1999 $1000.

The Arena

There were a total of 9 creative arena ideas submitted by the gamemakers on the gamemakers blog, and a poll determined which idea would be used. It was this one.


The Arena

The arena is multi-terrain. Wedge number 1 is a tall snowy mountain surrounded by snow. Wedge 2 is ruins of what once was a city. Wedge 3 is a forest/woods. (There are hundreds more trees than in the picture) Wedge 4 is a hard ice ground that needs a pickaxe or something to break through with an icy cold lake. Wedge 5 is a bog/swamp filled with mud and poisonous plants. Wedge 6 is a beach with sand and salt water. Wedge 7 is a jungle filled with palm trees and secrets... (There are hundreds more trees than in the picture) Wedge 8 is a lake surrounded by long tall grass. Wedge 9 is complete darkness. Wedge 10 is a beautiful meadow with flowers and light-coloured grass. Wedge 11 is a volcanic wasteland with an active volcano and lava streams and rivers. Wedge 12 is a scorching desert with a deep canyon running through the middle. The golden triangle in the middle is the cornucopia. Around the cornucopia are the 24 starting plates with two in the each wedge 10 metres to the cornucopia. Weapons and supplies are stored in backpacks surrounding the cornucopia.


Career Pack:Misty Bull (D1)

Loners: Ayleta Hier (D8)

Let me know if you do or don't want to be in an alliance!


  • Kacey Anderson
  • Alanis Press
  • Misty Bull
  • Lynette Filiana
  • Steven Huddleston
  • Sasha Selenta
  • Melissa Riche
  • Ridge Hillsong
  • Caleb Stoll
  • Analaya Sanders
  • Camilla Averson
  • Hudson Reboni
  • Priscilla Vireo
  • Ayleta Hier
  • Wyatt Barnett
  • Trey Hawthorne
  • Thorna Green
  • Nicholas Davenport
  • Aria Livingstone
  • Bentley Emerson-Odair
  • Flame Powers
District/Gender Name Age User Personality Weapon Skills Weaknesses Allies Token Reaction when Reaped Interview Angle Bloodbath Strategy Games Strategy Sponsor Balance

D1 Male

Wyatt Barnett 18 HKTLovesGlimmer Popular, talented, fierce Sword, knives, dagger Strong, hand to hand, killing, fast Climbing, swimming Careers Chain necklace Volunteer Cocky, ruthless, arrogant Team with careers Kill, sponsors, careers $000

D1 Female

Misty Bull 16 ViniciusDeAssis1999 Sweet/Cold Bow/Arrow Bow/Arrow, hair gets attention Spoilt, natural paisages Careers Heart on Collar Volunteer Sexy, Charming, Adorable Get supplies, kill Stick to careers, sponsors $250

D2 Male

Hudson Reboni 21 Cloveismywife Arrogant, bossy, cocky, unbearable Throwing knives Strong, aim Running, very clingy Careers Bracelet made by girlfriend Happy, excited Cocky, funny, attractive Kill as much as possible Careers, kill when low numbers $000

D2 Female

Melissa Riche 15 Katniss Jane Mellark Shy, Mysterious Katana Accurate, tree jumping, fast Snakes and spiders Careers Butterfly necklace dipped in gold Shocked, Enthusiastic Sweet, fierce, comedic Fight with careers Kill final 5 careers $000

D3 Male

Bentley Emerson-Odair 17 Katelyn.danita Nice, funny, thoughtful Mace, sword Swimming, fast, smart Fire, bad liar Careers, anyone willing A seashell necklace from his father Volunteered Sweet, calm, charming Get bag, kill or injure anyone if they get in way Steal, kill allies at night, WIN WIN WIN $000

D3 Female

Aria Livingstone nee Cammelliston 16 Aria Cammelliston/


Sweet, fun, humourous/rude, angry Bow/Arrow Great arm, flexible, swimming, bow/arrows Heights, claustrophobic, family hurt Careers Small blue ribbon Shocked, angry at Capitol Strong, brave, smart, cute Get to cornucopia -injures or kills anyone in way Betray careers, kill 1 in sleep, cut $000

D4 Male

Nicholas Davenport 17 FinnickForever Ruthless Mace, sword, trident Edible & poisonous plants, fast, climbing Short tempered Careers A piece of gold with a carved snake from friend Tom Happy Cocky Grab weapon(s) and kill Stick to careers, kill the weak $000

D4 Female

Alanis Press 15 Jsm13athome Funny/Serious Dagger Swimming Edible food and plants Careers Small orb with water in it Excited, nervous Comedic Get weapon and kill Stick to careers $000

D5 Male

Flame Powers 15 Dedejacob Weird, awkward Bow/Arrow Bow/Arrow Underestimates himself User needs to add None Stunned, tears up in Justice Building Smarty Pants, shouts out to twin Flaire Get unwanted object and run Stay with allies and leave them at end $5000

D5 Female

Camilla Averson 19 Cloveismywife Mean, assertive, aggressive Sword Sword, killing, tough Slow, too aggressive D3, D5, D6 and D7 Necklace from her mother Angry Intimidating, fiery Get weapon and run Kill, desert allie if needed $1100

D6 Male

Benjamin Woodrew 21 KWELBEN Charming, nice, friendly, but ruthless Axe, hammer Sword, throwing knives, edible food Heights Anyone but careers A book of insects and plants Volunteered and happy Charming, nice, friendly Kill with weapon and steal dead tributes supplies Johanna Mason style $000

D6 Female

Kacey Anderson 26 Madgeical Shy, quiet, scared Spear Stealth, agility, climbing Scared, unstable Lynette None Screams, forced on stage,faints Talks why victors die Run to woods wait for Lynette Hides, outlives $000

D7 Male

Steven Huddleston 18 Jsm13athome Happy, kind, holds grudges Sword, axe Tree climbing Swimming None Leaf with sunset picture Angry at Capitol Serious Don't go anywhere near it Kill anyone he runs into $250

D7 Female

Thorna Green 27 Nate777 Nice Axe, bow/arrow Hunting, running, climbing Hand to hand combat, swimming None Her sisters lucky necklace Sad Smart and strong Get little from cornucopia Move spots, stay with axe, kill $250

D8 Male

Caleb Yates 16 Caleb Yates Kind, nice, ladies man Knives Climbing, fast, stealth Weak D8, D9, D10, D11, D12 Chain necklace with 2 sword cross on shield Surprised, scared User needs to add Outskirt, get gear and run Stay with allie(s) $200

D8 Female

Ayleta Hier 16 Thena.airice14 Shy, quiet, kind Mace Hiding, agility, speed Weak, can't kill Small anti-careers group A scrap from her 1st dress Surprised, unready, dread Humble, try not be afraid Flee unless pack is close Hide with allie, be secure $200

D9 Male

Caleb Stoll 13 A (Awesome) Wikia Contributor Brave, strong, nice Axe, throwing knives Speed, hand to hand combat Heights, remembering old games Sasha, Kacey, Lynette Bracelet with picture of his dog Calm Determined Flee with bag and allie(s) Hide, kill if opportunity comes $2000

D9 Female

Sasha Selenta 21 Tobi99 Sweet, innocent Bow/arrow, knives Camouflage, jumping, edible food Swimming, firemaking, strength Caleb, Kacey, Lynette Silver Bangle Surprised, Unstable Sweet, Weak, Harmless Outskirts, leaves with bag Lie low, Foxface style $1000

D10 Male

Micheal Gray 17 District3 luv Emotionless, smart, ruthless, love for girlfriend All Strong, being hungry, edible food Deadly allergy of nuts, overprotective of girlfriend Careers None Pretends to be happy Seductive, ruthless Kill anyone Kill anyone $000

D10 Female

Anaylia Sanders 15 ms.finnickodair Beautiful, fun Knives Knives Emotional None Ring User needs to add User needs to add Grab closest thing and run User needs to add $000

D11 Male

Trey Hawthorne 18 Bryn1999 Silent, calm, loyal Scythe, sword, bow His weapons, plants, running, climbing Killing his idols D11, D12 A picture of his brother and girlfriend Calm, accepting Strong, brave, ready to win Get bag/weapon, kill, find allie Stay with allie, try to kill opposition

D11 Female

Lynette Filiana 34 Madgeical Sweet, Caring Throwing Knives Stealth, agility, climbing Strength Kacey Grass bracelet Calm, hugs daughter Questions legality of games Grab far pack, run for woods Go with Kacey, outlive $000

D12 Male

Ridge Hillsong 15 Tiki tooki Cheerful/mute Any User needs to add User needs to add Reliable person None User needs to add User needs to add Get weapon and cover Allie, kill careers $000

D12 Female

Priscilla Vireo 20 Cloveismywife Quiet, brave, determined Spear Spear, running, making friends Too loyal, climbing D10, D11, D12 Locket with parents picture Sad Shy, timid, cute Get small pack and run Hide, allie $000


  • Shaggy Brunol
  • Chong Wein
  • Millie Male
  • Jerri Hefer
  • Brianna Agile
  • Ruby Iulius
  • Lola Arphaelago
  • Sarpe Serpensorca
  • Strawberry Lavone
  • Siobhan Snella
  • Shane Snella
  • Rosa Evergreen
  • Tundra Block
  • Shaun Grade
  • Tiffany Terrace
  • Lila Shayde
  • Peter Apple
  • Tyler Blue
  • River Ann
  • Orano Lutezu
  • Tammy Daisy
  • Brian Capthorn
Name Age User Person Styling
Strawberry Lavone 25 JWW Wyatt Barnett
Shaggy Brunol 23 JWW Misty Bull
Siobhan Snella 32 JWW Hudson Reboni
Shane Snella 32 JWW Melissa Riche
Rosa Evergreen 37 JWW D3 Male
Tundra Block 17 JWW Aria Livingstone
Millie Male 40 JWW Nicholas Davenport
Shaun Grade 49 JWW Alanis Press
Ruby Iulius 35 Thena.airice14 Flame Powers
Sarpe Serpensorca 41 Thena.airice14 Camilla Averson
Orano Lutezu 42 Thena.airice14 Benjamin Woodrew
Tiffany Terrace 26 Katniss Jane Mellark Kacey Anderson
Tammy Daisy 26 JWW Steven Huddleston
River Ann 30 Maxoconnelll Thorna Green
Brian Capthorn 22 JWW Caleb Yates
Titus Aldjoy 33 HKTLovesGlimmer Ayleta Hier
Brianna Agile 35 JWW Caleb Stoll
Jerri Hefer 37 Nate777 Sasha Selenta
Tyler Blue 41 JWW Micheal Gray
Lola Arphaelago 26 Jenniferdavario Anaylia Sanders
Lila Shayde 20 Bryn1999 Trey Hawthorne
Peter Apple 23 Bryn1999 Lynette Filiana
Chong Wein 35 JWW Ridge Hillsong
Aurelia Cantalupa 29 Thena.airice14 Priscilla Vireo


Gamemakers will help design and create the games on a seperate blog.

  • Diamond Leafby
  • Eel Striker (Head Gamemaker)
  • Jennifer Elly
  • Justin Salem
  • Jeffery O'Donner
Name Age User
Eel Striker (Head Gamemaker) 50 JWW
Diamond Leafby (Co-Head) 28 Readwritelivenikki
Ayden Monarcha (Co-Head) 39 Tiki tooki
Jennifer Elly (Co-Head) 23 TheKatnissEverdeen
Justin Salem (Co-Gamemaker) 23 Jsm13athome
Magic Jabber (Co-Gamemaker) 34 2legit2quit
Jeffery O'Donner (Co-Gamemaker) 33 A (Awesome) Wikia Contributor


  • Glace Icecel
  • Livia Loveheart
  • Peach Grace
  • Grayson Tech
  • Schuyler Trinket
  • Aqua Shades
  • Cruella Curt
  • Ken Goldman
Name Age User District Escorting
Glace Icecel 19 JWW 1
Degaiph Rendoal 23 Nate777 2
Grayson Tech 45 Bryn1999 3
Aqua Shayde 28 Bryn1999 4
Luna Lux 37 Thena.airice14 5
Cruella Curt 40 JWW 6
Nina Nope 21 Jsm13athome 7
Ken Goldman 32 HKTLovesGlimmer 8
Livia Loveheart 24 JWW 9
Nadia Loveytron 21 Jenniferdavario 10
Peach Grace 24 Bryn1999 11
Schuyler Trinket 20 Bryn1999 12


  • Roslynn Davis
  • Arianna Andersonntor_1.png|Tanya Elmrose
  • Rita Roller
  • Corey Ventura
  • Maria Bentole
  • Rainie Della
  • Ariel Mainhart
  • Cassy Lakely
  • David Goutis
  • Sierra Goulding
  • Peyton Whitley
  • Tanya Elmrose
Name Age User District Mentoring Bloodbath Strategy Idea Games Strategy Idea
Corey Ventura 20 Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay 1 Kill and participate Stay with the careers
Maria Bentole 17 Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay 2 Kill more than allies Stay with careers kill final 6
Rainie Della 23 Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay 3 Grab outskirt bag and run Hide, don't betray allies
Rita Roller 69 Jsm13athome 4 Grab any weapon and kill Ally with careers, lie low
Ariel Mainhart 27 Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay 5 Run away Hide, stay away from people
Arianna Anderson 57 Madgeical 6 Run away fast Hide and survive
Cassy Lakely 17 Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay 7 Grab something and find allie Don't kill unless needed
David Goutis 32 Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay 8 Run away, find edible food and water Hide
Tanya Elmrose 37 Tobi99 9 Outskirt, grab bag and run Lie low, fight at the end
Peyton Whitley 25 Captainsv 10 Grab bag, avoid battles, kill Be ruthless, kill careers
Roslynn Davis 54 Madgeical 11 Grab bag and run Hide and survive
Sierra Goulding 24 Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay 12 Run, don't participate Act weak and then win

Price List

Some prices may increase over time.


Item Price
Axe $300
Spear $500
Trident $600
Blowgun $400
Slingshot $200
Knife $400
Dagger $300
Machete $400
Sheath of 12 arrows $350
Bow $500
Sword $400


Item Price
Tessare Pack (includes food for 4 days) $900
Bag of 10 apples $100
Bag of 10 carrots $100
Loaf of bread with cheese (bread is from own district) $75
Bag of dried fruit $50
Pack of salami strips $50
1 litre of boiling hot water $100
2 litre filled drink bottle with water and 5 iodine tablets $200
Hotpot (warm with mixed meat and vegetables) $300
Whole cooked chicken $400
Whole cooked rabbit $350

First Aid

Item Price
Band-aid/plaster $10
Sleeping Bag $500
5 inch gauze/pad $30
Bandage roll $45
Painkiller drug $50
First aid kit $700
Sleep syrup $125
Medicine cream $125
Pair of crutches $250
Cotton bud $5

The Reapings

Escorts will write as soon as possible. e.g NOW!!! :) Also, reapings must be INTERESTING and from the escorts point of view.

District 1: I am especially excited for the games this year and I can't wait to be back at my favourite district. I wonder if people will still volunteer for a victor games? I take a deep breath before opening the doors of the train and the camera's flash. The Justice Building is looking as welcoming as ever, and after the mayor's speech and the video the stage has two volunteered tributes. Wyatt Barnett and Misty Bull are both proud to be entered in the games again. I pity them. The reaping is over and my thin cold icicle fingers guide them away.

District 2: I get out of the train and there is a crowd as always waving and cheering my name. I sign some autographs and shake some hands. I then go to the Justice building to get ready. When it’s time to begin the Reaping I open the door to the Justice building along with the Mayor and Maria Bentole, this year’s mentor. They both take their seats and I walk over to the microphone. "Who's ready to get this party started!!??" I yell and hold the microphone to the crowd. All of District 2 starts to cheer and laugh. "I can't here you!!" I yell even louder. The crowd responds with cheer that half made me deaf. "Ok let us start with our annual video!" The video starts and I take my seat. After the Mayor reads the Treaty of Treason and all the victors of District 2. Finally he finishes and I walk over to the female tribute glass bowl. I dig into the bowl and let the cool slips glide into my hand. I excitedly walk over to the microphone and read: "And the moment we've been waiting for. Our female tribute from District 2 that will yet again return to the Arena is......... Melissa Riche!!!" They find her in the crowd with a shocked smile. She walks up the step for the second time in her life and stands in the center of the stage with a big smile. I walk to the male tribute bowl and come back with a slip. "And our Male victor that will represent District 2 yet again........ Hudson Reboni!" They find him in the crowd and he is pumped and excited. He runs to the stage and shakes Melissa's hand.

District 3: Well, here I am again, 25 years later. Yeah, I reaped the people for the last Quarter Quell. I think.... Anyway, here I am again, literally blending in with the scenery in District 3. Yes, I am grey... Yes, Grayson is my name... Don't laugh or I'll come to your house and cut you. Anyways, I tap the microphone and people are trying to look for me. My golden eyes flash and every eye in the District is glued on the freaking floating eyes. They're attatched to my body, but you can't see my body, as I have stated, I am blending in. "Welcome people of Distritc Three, to another, amazing Hunger Games!" I hear some murmurs of disconsent and grumble, "If only you stupid people would realize it..." I walk to the female's reaping bowl and pluck out a name. "Aria Livingstne.... Sorry, Aria Livingstone. My apologies, miss." Aria glares at me as she stomps onstage and I pluck a boy's name. I don't recognize it, so maybe it was the one that I had reaped the night of that party. Let me tell you, we Capitol people really know how to party! Wait, you wern't supposed to know that. Well, let's hope that by the end of these Hunger Games I'll still be alive... so, Toodles!!!!!

District 4: I can't wait for the reapings this year... I mean, District 4 is BEE-UU-TI-FUL!!!!! I just can't wait to see my friends again! At least, I think they're my friends..... Anyways, I walk up again to my stand, and I give a squeal and so does the microphone. "Hello, dearest friends!!!! I am happy to be hear and I see that you are too!!! Now, on to the reapings where at least one of you will die and I will be devastated!" I pounce on the reaping ball and pull a slip out. "My friend Alanis Press!" Alanis walks onstage and I give her a big hug! She glares at me and I smile back. "Nicholas!! Nicholas Davenport!" Nicholas is hesitant, but the grin on his face was unmistakable. He joins Alanis and they smile at each other like they want to be there. "Ladies and Gentlemen, your Tributes! Hehehe!" The roar is deafening and I drag the tributes in. They stare at me as I take on my normally serious tone. I only kept the sweet and bubbly tone for the reapings and appearances. "Now," I say. "Lets find out a way to keep you alive."

District 5: Back to District 5 for the annual reapings! This year it is even more exciting as victors will be drawn to go into the arena again! Oh I just cannot wait! The mayor introduces me, and i walk up to the stage, looking out on all the...well, unhappy faces. Really, how can they not be excited! Even if I am the only one excited, I'd better be a bit toned down, if I want the tributes to like me! "Thank you mayor! Welcome to the very special Victor Games! I know we are all very excited to find out who will be going back to the arena!" Seeing the unchanged faces around me, I quickly get on. "So, we all have to wait a little bit longer, to watch the film, courtesy of the Capitol, then we will find out who are the lucky two!" The film plays, and the smile does not leave my face. "What a great film!" I say after the end of the clip. Swiftly I move to the reaping balls. I dig my hand into the ladies ball, as is common courtesy. "And our lucky female tribute is...Camilla Averson!" "No!" I hear her shout out. She stalks up to the stage, arms crossed, head down. I look across to her, and our eyes meet, her eyes blazing. "Well, good luck Camilla! Now to our boys! And he is.....Flame Powers! Congratulations!" The boy walks up and stands next to Camilla, stunned. Seeing the look on Camilla's face, I'd better hurry. "Well, thank you district 5, and Happy Hunger Games!" But I am not prepared for what happens in the Justice Building. Flame is tearing up. Oh no.

District 6: My stuck-up nose and my snobbish attitude may be the reason no-one is smiling or paying attention to the video. I don't think anyone likes me that much. I might as well just get this over and done with. I gently pluck out the males name. I read it out but I am interrupted by "I volunteer!!" A good-looking boy marches up to the stage, a big smile plastered across his face. "I'm Benjamin Woodrew" He says into the microphone. "Well done! You must be very brave!" I tell him. I wonder if the female will do the same. "Kacey Anderson!" I call out. But this young woman is a completely different story. She is screaming her head off and has to be forced on stage by who looks like her brother. "Shake hands, tributes of District 6!" Benjamin holds out his hand, but Kacey doesn't. I look around for her, and spot her on the floor. Oh dear.

District 7: All of the victors of previous Hunger Games gathered around as I made the same speech I do every year. "What a joy it must be to go into the Hunger Games once again! Now for our lucky woman, who will come into the arena once again, we have Thorna Green!" She was reaped on my first year, so I remember her well. She looked scared. I wonder why. "And our young man will be Steven Huddleston!" Steven slowly walked towards the stage, and gave Thorna a look of desperateness. "The tributes of District 7 for the Victor Games!" For some reason, no one clapped.

District 8: I walk slowly on stage as all the victors eyes follow my every step. "Welcome to the annual District 8 reaping for The Victor Games." I say in a very sarcastic voice, cause honestly I'm not very excited to reap two victors so they can fight to the death after they already won! I walk slowly to the ladies bowl and swipe my hand over a bunch of them and I end up picking one at the top. "Ayleta Heir"... She is very surprised and I can tell she never expected this. No! I remember her, she is one of the most memorable vicors of all time. At this point I just want to get this over with and I pick a slip from the male bowl. "Caleb Yates"... I remember him too as I give him some help up the steps cause he is very unstable. Both of the tributes are very talented. Caleb is great at climbing and throwing knives and Ayleta is amazing with a mace, but I know only one of them can come out alive. The shake hands with sad faces and I give them a shove into the Justice Building. Both of the tributes take one last look at District 8... cause they might not ever see it again.

District 9: I stylishly step out of the train and smile at all the awing faces. My necklace jingles and my wavy purple hair shimmers. I enter the back of the Justice Building and exit through the other side onto the stage. The two reaping balls are there and I take my seat while the mayor addresses the Victors with his speech. When he finishes I take over the microphone and give a most beaming smile. But no-one smiles back. "Welcome, welcome to the Victor Games!" I trill. "I hope you are all very well, and as usual, we have a very special video for you all to watch!" Still no smiles. When the video finishes my deep purple high heels stomp to the girls reaping ball. My pale violet hand reaches deep into the few paper slips there are and sharply snatches one up. "The female tribute representing District 9 in the Victor games is............ Sasha Selenta!" The girl who won a few years back, now 21, is in a state of shock as she walks up the steps to the stage. Fishing around in the slightly lesser filled boys ball, I finally grasp a slip and pull it out. "Caleb Stoll! Where are you Caleb? Up you come!" The boy seems strangely calm. This is the second year in a row that he has walked up these steps. "Shake hands" I instruct. Sasha and Caleb do, and I notice a faint smile appearing on both of their lips. "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the tributes of District 9!!"

District 10: I walk out of the train and make my way to the stage and sit down. I see all of the people getting their fingers pricked and talking to their friend happily. The mayor makes his speech about the Hunger Games like every year.Finally, he calls me up to the stage and sits. I say my line. "Welcome, citizens of District 10 to the reaping of The Victor Games. We will do ladies first!" I pause. "Anaylia Sanders" A young victor comes to the stage very suprised. "Now for the males" I say. "Micheal Gray". A male victor walks to the stage proud to go to the games again. At least, I think. The tributes go off to the goodbye room and the catch the train to The Capitol.

District 11: I walk up onto the stage and I feel all of the Victor's eyes on me. This was only my 5th Year Escorting tributes, but I had watched a few of these tribues be reaped when I was in training with Cherry, so I am devastated to be here again. Tapping the microphone, I take a deep breath. "Welcome, Welcome, to the Victor Games!!! I hope that everyone remembers the speech, because I totally forgot it!!" A few chuckles here and there, but that was it. I clear my throat and proceed warily to the ladie's reaping ball. "And the lucky lady is..... Lynette Filiana!" A girl screams and immediately hugs the lady I presume is Lynette. No, no.... No little girl should have to see her mother killed. Lynette whispers something in the girl's ear, then gives her a huge hug, walking up to the stage. I nod at her as she fought back the tears. I didn't reap Lynette, she was before I was being trained. I pass her to get to the reaping bowl of men, I feel for the right one, then gasp silently as I read the name to myself.... "Trey Hawthorne...." Trey, no, not Trey.... He was the first boy that I'd reaped, at 13... he still couldn't get over Eemit's death... He looks at me and nods, his crystal blue eyes accepting that he might die. "Ladies and genlemen... Your tributes of District 11." We walk inside, and as soon as I am inside, I find myself not willing to let these tributes go outside of my hug.

District 12: I yawn as I step up to the stand and smile. "Hey, District 12. I'm Schyler! That's Spelled S-C-H-U-Y-l-E-R, and I am pretty sure you know my mom, Effie!" A few people are smiling as they remember my crazy mother. "This is my first year and I am ready to see you personally!" "GET ON WITH IT!" I glare at the person who shouted that. "Oh, shut up, Haymitch, you old cootie! You are so old and drunk, you don't even know what's going on!" I smile at the tribute that shouted it and go to the ladies reaping bowl. "The lucky lady is... Priscilla Viero!" Pricilla looks at me as if in a trance and steps onto the stage. I pat her back carefully, as if she were made of glass. "And the lucky man is.... Ridge Hillsong!" Ridge walks up to the stand and his emotion is very well masked... He puts his arm around Priscilla and comforts her as she crys. I smile at them and shout "Your Tributes for the Victor Games!"

Train Rides to the Capitol

Wyatt Barnett D1: I still feel confident about volunteering. I'm glad I did it. I glance over at the girl sitting on the couch opposite me. Her name is Misty Bull and she is very pretty. There hasn't been much interaction between us yet. "So what's your weapon?" I ask her. "I'm good with bows," She replies. "Did you ever go to a career training centre, Wyatt?" "Yes, I did!" I excitedly tell her. Then I get a little carried away and tell her about how I was the best student there, and how I am probably the most talented with a sword in all of Panem. I can't wait for the games to start.

Melissa Riche D2: Hudson Reboni is officially the most annoying little nit I have ever had the misfortune to meet. We've barely been on the train an hour and already he has complained about how I eat and drink too loud, told me off for accidentally spilling Degaiph's coffee, and tripped me up in the hallway. I just feel like throwing him on the train tracks and letting the train slice through him. I enter the library carriage and select a book from one of the shelves. '101 ways to Kill Someone'. I flick through the pages while scheming of ways to kill Hudson.

Bentley Emerson-Odair D3: I turn my seashell necklace over in my hand and hold it tightly to my bare chest. I had an emotional goodbye but I assured my parents that I would come home. Aria Cammelliston, the female who dissed the Capitol when she was reaped, stares at herself in the mirror hanging on the wall with no emotion. "You ok?" I ask her. "Fine." She mutters back. She turns and leaves my bedroom. In my opinion, she's reluctant and unwilling to get close to anyone. That's fine by me. These games I hope to get a spot with the careers again. And sponsors. I would have never survived my last games if it hadn't been for them. And this year I will do anything to win.

Alanis Press D4: I am excited yet nervous to be in another games. I just hope that my lack of knowledge about edible plants won't be too costly like last time. Just then Nicholas Davenport, the District 4 male, walks into the dining room where I am staring out of the window. I glance over at him and he seats himself right next to me. "How are you?" He asks. "Fine. Not too relaxed though." I reply. "What's the matter?" He questions me. "Last time I ate a plant that I thought was edible but wasn't. I nearly died." I tell him. "That's not to worry, I'm excellent with those!" He assures. And for the next hour or two Nick becomes my plant tutor. I'm really glad I got reaped with him.

Flame Powers D5: Camilla Averson is probably at the height of her disgust. I definitely am making her uncomfortable. I think I am back to my usual self after the shock of being reaped. I was a bit stunned at first, and saying goodbye to my twin Flaire was almost unbearable. But I've accepted my fate now and there's no going back. I may as well make the most of what little and uneasy life I have left to live. I stick my tongue out at Camilla and scoot off, but not before she yells out, "Stop being so weird Flame! You're creeping me out!" Later, at dinnertime, I slurp my soup and become ravenous when it comes to the roast chicken. "I've got the chickens' bottom!" I announce loudly. Finally, Camilla has had enough. She leaps out of her chair, her hands clawed like a tigers'. She pins me to the floor. "Cut it out. Now!" She growls. What a temper!

Kacey Anderson D6: Tears fall into the sink and I look at myself in the mirror. Face it Kacey, you're not cut out for another games, I tell myself. Another sob escapes my lips. "Kacey, what's wrong?" In the reflection of the mirror, I see good-looking Benjamin Woodrew. "Nothing." I tell him as I wipe away my tears. "There is." He replies. "I'm just angry at the Capitol, them forcing victors into another games." I confess. "Then make yourself heard. Speak out. At the interviews." He says. "You're right," I agree. Maybe these games won't be so bad after all. Sueing the Capitol sounds like a good idea.

Steven Huddleston D7: Little beads of sweat are appearing on my forehead. Fury is rising up inside of me and I let out a scream of rage. The Capitol! Why, why do they have to do this to me? I spit out every single foul word I know. Suddenly the Capitol looms up in front of me through the window. I have never seen such an unwelcome place. An adult enters the room. I expect it to be Nina, River, Tammy or Cassy but it is actually Thorna, who was reaped alongside me. Her expression plainly says one thing: I am really depressed right now. The Capitol is coming nearer. "I know how you feel." Thorna says.

Ayleta Hier D8: I'm not ready for this. Another games is just too much for me. My District partner, Caleb, is thinking along the same lines as me. I guess our escort, Ken, felt sorry for us so he put on a video for us to watch. It is of past games that have victors that have been reaped for the current games in them so we can look at how they roll. I see the tape from last year, when Caleb Stoll won. He lost an eye that must have been reconstructed in the Capitol. I look to my right, and see Caleb Yates biting his lip in a nervous way. "I'm not ready for this, Ayleta." He whispers. "Neither." I reply.

Caleb Stoll D9: Sasha and I are having a real good laugh together. Sitting next to each other, making jokes and telling stories. We really enjoy being around one another. She was in last years games, the ones that I won. We were allies together. Back then we were really good friends. But for some strange reason I feel something different towards her. Something..... else. Then Sasha says something out of the blue that makes my heart leap for joy. "I love you, Caleb." "I think I love you too." I tell her. Then we lean in for a kiss...

Anaylia Sanders D10: Crap! He's gonna die! Micheal Gray, the District 10 guy, accidentally ate a peanut thinking it was a popcorn! Terrible rasping and choking sounds are coming out of his throat. I swear under my breath. Nadia and Peyton rush into the room. "WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!?" They both scream at the same time. Micheal is going purple. He gives a final choke and he falls down in my arms. Gone.

Trey Hawthorne D11: I can't imagine the pain Lynette is going through right now. She has a whole family to look after and now she has been reaped. I couldn't bear to leave my daughter behind if I had one. She's trying to hide it. 19 years older than me, but Lynette looks like she would't boo at a goose. I can't kill her. I can't kill anyone.

Priscilla Vireo D12: The Capitol slowly comes into view through the window. Schuyler, Sierra, Ridge and I stand tall and prepare for the paparazzi. The train abruptly comes to a stop. No going back now. The train doors open. I step out, and I am swarmed by a sea of flashing cameras.

Chariot Rides

I did the scores based on the outfits that were submitted, and how well they suited each District. The prizes are: 1st- $1000 sponsor money each 2nd- $500 sponsor money each 3rd- $250 sponsor money each

District Placing
1 11th
2 10th
3 12th
4 9th
5 2nd
6 6th
7 3rd
8 7th
9 1st
10 5th
11 4th
12 8th

Training Sessions

Nicholas Davenport POV Alanis and I cautiously enter the Training Centre. But to our relief there is no-one there yet. Being a career, I want to show off to the other non-career tributes. I pick up a trident and spear a dummy with it. Then I do the same with a spear. The door suddenly opens and the District 10 tributes walk in. One of them is Anaylia Sanders, who won the games the year before me. The guy is looking red and flustered, probably because he nearly died after accidentally eating a peanut on the train. I later join Alanis at the plant station, after 8 more tributes come along.

Sasha Selenta POV Holding hands with Caleb, I giggle as we open the doors of the Training Centre. We had a fantastic time last night in my room... But the smiles on our faces soon drop. Aria Cammelliston and Nicholas Davenport. In the games that Caleb won they were both his arch rivals. Until Aria killed Nick and Nick killed Aria. As a mutt...Long Story! Anyway, Caleb doesn't look too happy too see them. I make a start at my weak points, by going to the firemaking station. There I meet two girls called Kacey and Lynette from District 6 and District 11. They are talking about possible strategies to use in the bloodbath. But I am taken by surprise when they ask me if I want to join their alliance. I call over Caleb and ask his permission. "O.K!" He says.

Ridge Hillsong POV I am not doing anything but watching the other tributes train. I am watching Misty Bull because her hair stands out. She picks up a bow and a sheath of arrows and shoots a target. It isn't a bullseye, but it's close. On the next attempt it's more successful. A perfect shot. Then I look over at Camilla Averson, who is doing sword tricks. She accidentally drops it so she picks it up again and continues her tricks. After dropping it a second and third time, she loses her temper. After about a minute, all that is left of the tree she took it out on is a pile of splinters. I wouldn't want to cross her line.

Training Scores

The users who are following got high scores. The (awesome) Wikia Contributor who created Caleb Stoll did the odds of winning, so all credit goes to him.

Tribute Score Odds of Winning
Wyatt Barnett 7 8-1
Misty Bull 10 10-1
Hudson Reboni 9 7-1
Melissa Riche 6 6-1
Bentley Emerson-Odair 0 100-1
Aria Cammelliston 9 22-1
Nicholas Davenport 9 11-1
Alanis Press 10 14-1
Flame Powers 9 17-1
Camilla Averson 8 6-1
Benjamin Woodrew 6 23-1
Kacey Anderson 8 27-1
Steven Huddleston 8 21-1
Thorna Green 7 11-1
Caleb Yates 7 13-1
Ayleta Heir 9 23-1
Caleb Stoll 11 4-1
Sasha Selenta 11 7-1
Micheal Gray 8 25-1
Anaylia Sanders 6 12-1
Trey Hawthorne 7 17-1
Lynette Filiana 8 17-1
Ridge Hillsong 5 19-1
Priscilla Vireo 9 14-1


Wyatt Barnett:

Caesar: Hello Wyatt! How are you?

Wyatt: I'm absolutely fine. In less than 48 hours i will be shipped off to a hellhouse where I will have maniac equals try to kill me.

Caesar: Well...

Wyatt: And it's because of people like you that this happens!

Caesar: Come on Wyatt, you're a career! You should be able to defeat the others, shouldn't you?

Wyatt: Like I said before, they're all equals. Each and every tribute deserved to win. No-one wins by mistake.

Caesar: Thank you for sharing that with us Wyatt!


Misty Bull:

Caesar: Hey, Misty...

Misty: Shut up, Caesar!

She starts to strip with her dress in the middle of the stage

Caesar: Misty...

Misty: I said 'Shut up, Caesar'!

Continues with her strip


Misty: Bye Caesar.

Hudson Reboni:

Caesar: Hi Hudson!

Hudson: Hi Caesar!

Caesar: Tell me, are you excited for this year's hunger games?

Hudson: Yes, yes I am.

Caesar: And I heard that you were nearly murdered on the train ride to the Capitol by none other than dear young Melissa!

Hudson: Yeah, she chucked me on the railway tracks...


Melissa Riche:

Caesar: Hi Melissa! So, what was that all about, the murder attempt on Hudson?

Melissa: He's lying of course!

Caesar: Really?

Melissa: Yeah, he was probably just trying to get attention to himself and a few more sponsors.

Caesar: Looks like we have a debate there citizens...


Bentley Emerson-Odair:

Bentley: Hi everyone!

Cheers from audience

Caesar: Welcome back to the Capitol, Bentley.

Bentley: Thank you Caesar. I'm enjoying my stay here.

Caesar: Do you think you can win these games Bentley?

Bentley: Certainly. I have lots of skill with the mace, so anyone who attempts to attack me beware!

Caesar: And what do you feel about Aria, your District partner?

Bentley: Well, she's o.k I guess... Blushes

Audience oohs


Aria Cammelliston:

Caesar: Welcome to the Capitol Aria!

Aria: Hello again, Caesar.

Caesar: So do you have any friends these games?

Aria: Well, I guess so yeah.

Caesar: Any guy friends?

Aria: Sighs I guess I should've known this was coming. And no, Bentley isn't my boyfriend.

Caesar: It's a pity. He likes you. And you two make such a nice couple!


Nicholas Davenport:

Caesar: Good evening, Nick. Nice seeing you again.

Nicholas: Good seeing you too, Caesar.

Caesar: Tell me, how do you feel about re-entering the Games?

Nicholas: It's a pleasure, really. I get to go to the Capitol and see everyone, and flirt with some ladies.

Cheers and whistles from the women

Caesar: Well, I'm not too bad-looking either.

More cheers and whistles

Nicholas: Whatever you say Caesar!


Alanis Press

Caesar: Hey Alanis, it's great seeing you again!

Alanis: Thank you Caesar!

Caesar: So what is the best part of going into these Games again?

Alanis: Well, to be the first two-time victor, of course!

Caesar: I'm glad to hear that. Where do your biggest strengths lie?

Alanis: You saw the Games!

Caesar: And who do you think the biggest competition is?

Alanis: Probably my fellow Careers. They almost killed me last time.

Caesar: Is there anyone you want to say something to before you leave?

Alanis: Well, I hope to see you Mom, Dad, and Merridy! And Merridy, you know how it is, so sponsor! That includes all y'all too! I wanna live!

Cheers from the audience


Caesar: Okay Alanis, thank you for your time!

Alanis: It's a pleasure!

Flame Powers:

Caesar: And here is Flame Powers for his third interview!

Flame: And I hope I will have a fourth, my post games interview! That is, if I survive...

Audience laughs

Caesar: So you hope that you can win, do you?

Flame: I certainly hope so. After all, that's what everyone else wants too.

Caesar: So is there anyone back home you'd like to say hello to?

Flame: Yes! I'd like to shout out to my twin sister, Flaire!

Back in District 5 Flaire waves to the screen

Caesar: And I hear that you had a little squabble with Camilla.

Flame: In my opinion, she's sick in the head. He twirls one finger around his ear

Audience laughs again


Camilla Averson:

Caesar: How are you, Camilla?

Camilla: I'm fine thank you. Except for my IDIOT of a District partner.

Caesar: How do you mean?

Camilla: Well, he is INCREDIBLY rude to start with. At dinner on the train, he announced: "I've got the chickens' bottom!"

Audience laughs

Camilla: It's not funny, you know!

Audience laughs again

Caesar: Never mind that. Do you think you can win?

Camilla: Will I stand a chance against the mass killers?


Benjamin Woodrew:

Caesar: Hi there Ben!

Ben: Hello Caesar.

Caesar: So you volunteered this year, huh?

Ben: Yes I did. And I don't regret it either.

Caesar: You're confident you can win the games then?

Ben: It would be TOTALLY AWESOME to be the victor of all victors!

Caesar: I'm sure it would.


Kacey Anderson:

Caesar: Oh dear, you don't look so well there, Kacey!

Kacey: Sniff sniff

Caesar: What's wrong?

Kacey: Sobs, I'm just not cut out for another games.

Caesar: How do you mean?

Kacey: I-I-I thought I was free, Sobs and then I find myself being reaped again!

Caesar: Well, if you win then it'll be fine.

Kacey: Well I'm not going to win! What do you think about victors being reaped?

Caesar: Shifts uncomfortably in his seat Well...

Kacey: Answer me!


Steven Huddleston:

Steven: Hey Caesar!

Caesar: It's so nice to see you again! Now tell me, if you could bring back a tribute from your Games to help you out here, who would it be?

Steven: Well, probably Thalia. She was the hardest to kill, and we had our differences, but she's still extremely strong.

Caesar: I see. So what is the hardest thing about this 'Victor Games'?

Steven: Well, I'm going in against 23 others, all of whom have won a Hunger Games, so there is no weak competition.

Caesar: What is your favorite food in the Capitol?

Steven: Umm... Maybe the avocado salad.

Laughs from the audience


Caesar: Well good luck Steve and fight as hard as you can!

Steven: Thank you Caesar. I hope to come back as a victor again.

Thorna Green:

Thorna: Hey there, Caesar!

Caesar: Hi Thorna! It's lovely to see you.

Thorna: Good to see you too. Looks like you've had a little trouble with a few tributes...

Caesar: Oh it's nothing.

Thorna: So you're just going to put it down to pre-game jitters?

Caesar: Yes. Anyway, back to the topic.

Thorna: Before you ask, no I didn't like being reaped, nothing interesting happened on the train ride here, I am happy with my training score, and I feel prepared for the games ahead of me.


Caleb Yates:

Caleb: Caesar.

Caesar: Caleb. How are you?

Caleb: Very well. At least, I think.

Caesar: Laughs So what is your main strategy?

Caleb: I can't really say.

Caesar: Why not?

Caleb: Well duh, then other tributes will know.

Caesar: And who are you allying with?

Caleb: Ben from 6, Ayleta from 8, and Trey from 11.

Caesar: And why did you choose to ally with them?

Caleb: Because I think I can trust them.


Ayleta Hier:

Ayleta: Hi.

Caesar: Welcome, welcome Ayleta!

Ayleta: Reluctantly It's great to be back in the Capitol again.

Caesar: And it's great to see you again!

Ayleta: So are you gonna get on with the questions, or what?

Caesar: Yes. It was a very impressive score that you got in private training!

Ayleta: Yeah, I got a 9.

Caesar: Do you think you could slip us a tiny bit of information about what you did in there?

Ayleta: I'm not allowed.


Caleb Stoll:

Caesar: Next up we have Caleb Stoll from District 9!

Caleb: Hi Caesar!

Caesar: So Caleb, do you think you can win these games?

Caleb: Definitely! I have my alliance, my training score was one of the highest and I'm not the 12 year old I used to be.

Caesar: Also who is your alliance?

Caleb: My alliance includes Sasha from 9, Kacey from 6, and Lynette from 11.

Caesar: Very good choices. And next what do you think of the careers?

Caleb: They won't last more than a week.

Caesar: Why is that?

Caleb: Because they may have won once but I beat them last year, should be no different from this year.


Caesar: That was Caleb Stoll!

Sasha Selenta:

Caesar: Next up is Sasha from District 9!

Sasha: Hi Caesar!

Caesar: So do you think you can make it through the bloodbath?

Sasha: I hope so.

Caesar: Also your training score was very nice! How did you get it?

Sasha: Well, I can't really say I'm not allowed.

Caesar: O.K. How about the train ride here?

Sasha: Nothing major really, I just watched past hunger games and talked with Caleb.

Caesar: Ah, yes! And Caleb what do you think of him?

Sasha: Well he's very nice and strong I'm glad I have him for an ally.


Caesar: And that was Sasha from District 9!

Micheal Gray:

Caesar: By the skin of your teeth, Micheal.

Micheal: How do you mean?

Caesar: Sarcastically Well, you ONLY just escaped death by a few millimeters.

Micheal: Oh, that.

Caesar: Hopefully your peanut allergy won't claim your life this time round, eh?

Micheal: To be honest, I prefer not to talk about what happened on the train. Sorry about that.

Caesar: Well, why don't we talk about something else then?

Micheal: I got an 8 in training?

Caesar: Yes that was...


Anaylia Sanders:

Caesar: Hi Anaylia.

Anaylia: How are you Caesar?

Caesar: Shouldn't I be asking you that?

Anaylia: No. Tonight YOU'RE the interviewee.

Audience laughs

Caesar: O.K then. Off you go.

Anaylia: What was your last meal?

Audience laughs again

Caesar: A tropical salad.

Anaylia: Oh, that! It's delicious!

Caesar: And I thoroughly agree with you, Anaylia!

Anaylia: Next question. Who do you want to win?

Audience oohs

Caesar: Erm...

Anaylia: Not me?

Caesar: Erm...


Trey Hawthorne:

Caesar: Are you ready to win, Trey?

Trey: As ready as I'll ever be.

Caesar: That's fantastic!

Trey: I need to go into the arena with a positive attitude.

Caesar: A lot of people have already said the same thing, Trey.

Trey: So what are you suggesting?

Caesar: Shouldn't you be at least a little bit worried?

Trey: Why should I be? I've won a games before.

Caesar: There is such a thing as being too confident, Trey. I should watch out is I were you.


Lynette Filiana:

Caesar: It's nearing the start of the games Lynette.

Lynette: The games? The games?

Caesar: Yes Lynette. What's wrong?

Lynette: Good thing we have interviews. I am here to question the legality of what you call "The annual hunger games". I mean, it's ridiculous! And brutal! It's when kids kill each other.

Caesar: You know there's nothing I can do to change this, Lynette.

Lynette: I think you can.

Caesar: Turns awkwardly to face the audience Who here thinks I have been placed well out of my comfort zone tonight?

About half the audience raise their hands

Lynette: I refuse to participate!

Caesar: You can't do that, Lynette.

Lynette: I can and I will.


Ridge Hillsong:

Caesar: Please don't say anything drastic.

Ridge: I wasn't going to. How are you, Caesar?

Caesar: Wipes his brow Whew. I'm good, thank you. Do you think you can win theses games?

Ridge: Of course I can! I've won a games once, and I'm prepared to do it twice.

Caesar: That's an excellent attitude Ridge, just remember not to be too confident as it is very dangerous to do so.

Ridge: I'm a very careful person, Caesar.

Caesar: Smiles That's what I like to hear.


Priscilla Vireo:

Caesar: At last, our final interviewee!

Priscilla: Less than 24 hours to go. I'm getting the jitters.

Caesar: It's nothing to worry about, everyone's feeling the exact same I'm sure.

Priscilla: You know, it's strange. I've never really thought much about what's ahead of me. But you know, it's actually happening!

Caesar: Well, you've been through this before. You can do this again.


Priscilla gives a final desperate look at Caesar

Caesar: Good luck, Priscilla.

Death Chart

Name Placing Cause of Death
Benjamin Woodrew 24th Blown up after falling off starting plate
Ridge Hillsong 23rd Knife in back from Hudson Reboni
Anaylia Sanders 22nd Speared by Priscilla Vireo
Priscilla Vireo 21st Arrow in throat by Thorna Green
Bentley Emerson-Odair 20th Beheaded by Wyatt
Thorna Green 19th Stabbed to death by Caleb Yates
Caleb Yates 18th Stabbed to death by Wyatt Barnett
Micheal Gray 17th Peanut forced down throat by Misty Bull (deadly allergy)
Steven Huddleston 16th Ice on insides of lungs (this is deadly)
Sasha Selenta 15th Stabbed in back by Aria Camelliston
Nicholas Davenport 14th Shot with an arrow by Aria Camelliston.
Flame Powers 13th Knifed in back by Camilla Averson
Camilla Averson 12th Bled to death from injuries in fight with Flame Powers
Melissa Riche 11th Shot with an arrow by Trey Hawthorne
Hudson Reboni 10th Skull smashed with a machete by Misty Bull
Kacey Anderson 9th Eaten by the Aria Camelliston zombie
Aria Livingstone 8th Caleb Stoll chopped off her head with an axe
Trey Hawthorne 7th Neck snapped by Wyatt Barnett
Alanis Press 6th Flying knife hit her throat
Lynette Filiana 5th Shot with an arrow by Wyatt Barnett
Wyatt Barnett 4th Shot with his own weapon by Caleb Stoll
Caleb Stoll 3rd Head hit with a machete

Ayleta Heir


Drowned my Misty Bull

The Games


59, 58, 57... Bentley POV It's happening. It's really happening! The victor games. I'm just gonna fight alongside the other careers, that's probably the best thing for me to do. I don't want to die! I look around, and the others seem to be thinking along the same lines as me. Then I notice the strange arena. It's multi-terrain.

49, 48, 47... Melissa POV

Surrounding me is sand. And behind me a beach, to the left a jungle, right a swamp and in front the golden cornucopia. Less than 3 meters from my starting plate is a katana. Perfect! Just what I need.

39, 38, 37... Benjamin POV

I'm standing in pitch darkness, but I can hear Claudius Templesmith calling out the 60 seconds. I wonder what the arena is. Will it light up? I will never know. Being in here is like trying to stand on a beam with your eyes closed. Suddenly my body sways, and I fall to the hard ground where the mines blow me up.

29, 28, 27... Thorna POV

Pretty flowers and warm sun hypnotize me. So beautiful! I am in a meadow and I have to keep reminding myself that if I run into it before the 60 seconds is up then I will get blown to tiny bits that will be scraped off the ground later. Then I turn my attention to the cornucopia, and search desperately for an axe. But there is none. Hopefully there will be one inside a bag.

19, 18, 17... Anaylia POV

Just grab the closest thing and run, I tell myself. And try not to skid on the ice. Another shiver runs up my spine, as I hug myself in search for warmth. But not to worry. The arena has other warm places. A volcanic wedge, a jungle, and a sunny meadow.

9, 8, 7... Ridge POV

Less than 10 seconds to go! Crap, I don't have a plan. What do I do? I don't have an ally and I doubt I can take down the careers on my own. I get into a starting position and hear "GO!" I race forward and grab a small pack, taking my time to open it. Suddenly red patches appear on the pack in front of my eyes. I'm coughing blood! I die.

Priscilla POV

The victor games have officially started. It's real, no going back now. My legs plunge through a foul bog and I pluck a spear off the ground. I stab the nearest person to me without knowing who it is, and discover it's Anaylia from 10. Taking the spear from her body, I gasp as an arrow lands in my shoulder. I get another one in the arm, and another in my stomach. They damage my organs and a vomit everywhere. This gives my attacker a chance to get another arrow into me. I feel a sharp point pierce my throat. I'm dead instantly.

Aria POV

The sword seems to move in slow-motion as Wyatt beheads my boyfriend. The two parts of his body fall to the ground. Bentley's dead! Oh no! I sob. Why did he have to die? I snogged him the night before but that's all I get. Fury rises up inside of me and I charge at his killer. I tackle Wyatt to the ground, before shaking him furiously. "Why did you kill him?!" I scream. "Because I had to." He gasps. "He was in our alliance!" I shriek at him before picking a knife up off the ground. I raise it up, and ask him, "Got any last words?" But before I can stab him a brick ploughs into my side, knocking me off him. Wheezing and struggling for breath, I see another brick get hurled at me.

Sasha POV

That bastard Nick took out Caleb's eye again*. As I clean it up for the second time in a tree with Kacey and Lynette, I keep watch in a tree near the Cornucopia. Thorna Green was killed by Caleb Yates, who then was killed by Wyatt Barnett. Micheal Gray died after Misty Bull forced a peanut down his throat. Not a pretty sight. Caleb's been knocked out by some sleep syrup. I can't wait to get my revenge on Nick.

  • Nick speared Caleb's eye out in JWW's First Hunger Games


Day 1

Wyatt POV

I don't even know why I let Aria live. She cared too much about Bentley. Our Career pack is located in a forest wedge. Misty caught a rat and is roasting it on a fire. "Anyone care for rat-on-a-stick?" She asks. No-one answers because everyone is occupied with something. Hudson is rummaging through the packs, Melissa is making excreting sounds a few meters away, Nick is making a fire, and Alanis is helping Hudson with the packs. Aria split from us after the bloodbath. Serves her right, I don't want her as an ally.

Lynette POV

Caleb is wearing an eye-patch and is funny-looking. We're in a cave on a mountain in the snow wedge. It's pretty boring to be honest. There's nothing to do. And Kacey is a nervous wreck. "Why did Benjamin have to die?" She asks no-one in particular. "Because it's the bloody hunger games, that's why." I tell her. I look around for Sasha and Caleb. They are supposed to be keeping watch at the mouth of the cave but they are making out instead. "Oi, you two!" I yell at them. "You're supposed to be keeping watch! What use are we if someone tries to kill us and we don't have a warning?" They both look sheepishly at each other. But 5 minutes later they're at it again.

Ayleta POV

"No, Trey! Are you crazy? I will NOT go out there! Do you actually want to risk getting killed?" I scream at him. He wants to go out and kill people because he says he feels 'lucky'. "Fine then. I'll go alone," He scowls. I don't really care to be honest. He turns and leaves. Well, there's my alliance gone. Ben died, then Caleb, and now Trey has gone off and ditched me. Great. Just great!

Day 2

Flame POV

"AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" I scream. Blood continues to pour down my leg from where it was stabbed by Camilla just a few minutes ago. Ugh, just thinking about her makes me want to puke. I am in the rubble wedge, on top of what used to be a tall building. I find a hatch which leads down into the building, and lower myself into it with difficulty. I lose my footing and fall, and make a big racket which echos around the old building. Careful I don't want to let Camilla find me. But to my horror, she appears in front of my eyes and screams, "You're not dead yet! I'll kill you!"

Steven POV

I am in the ice wedge. It's bitterly cold. I am fishing with a rod for the silver glints in the water. It's pretty quiet, actually. Splash! Not any more. I think I have caught a big fish! I attempt to reel it in, but it pulls back. We have a game of tug-of-war until it unexpectedly yanks me into the water. It is worse than being burned, it's so cold! Then I make the mistake of gulping in the water. I swim back up to the surface, and breathe in. The cold water and the air combined make a layer of frost on the insides of my lungs. I die. *BOOM*

Caleb POV

Sasha and I are keeping watch again at night while Kacey and Lynette sleep. We're not doing a very good job though. I leap on top of her, and then she giggles and sticks her tongue into my mouth. *BOOM* I wonder who died, but I don't really care. We make out until I realise something is wrong. "Sasha?" I ask. No answer. Her body is all cold and clammy, like a dead person. I feel blood on my hand that is on Sasha's back. My hand explores a bit more. Crap! There is a knife in her back. A torch lights up, and I see the face of Sasha's killer. It's Aria Camelliston.

Day 3

Melissa POV

Our career pack sprints as hard and fast as we can after Trey, from 11. He just tried to ambush us and he stabbed Alanis' arm. We can see the fear in his face when we start to close in on him, in the desert wedge. Perfect. We can push him into the canyon. "Let me push him, he stabbed me." Alanis says. "Go for it." I tell her. She's about to push Trey in when, *BOOM* Nick suddenly slumps forward dead with an arrow in his back. "Wha...who?" I gasp. My eyesight answers for me when I see Aria Camelliston run away into the bushes. After the shock wears off, I realise something strange. Aria's walking with a limp. How did that encounter?

Kacey POV

I can't believe I'm still alive. I should have died in that bloodbath. And I should have just died then if Caleb hadn't saved me. Aria killed Sasha because Caleb was too busy snogging her! She was about to kill him but then Caleb disarmed her and threw her off a cliff. But she miraculously survived. Since then Caleb has just been staring into space. "I have to win. For Sasha." He utters. I can't imagine the pain he's in right now. Sasha must have been the person he cared about most in the world.

Camilla POV

Thick, red blood pours out of my ear and I turn to face Flame. He's at the end of a corridor, about to escape. "No!" I gasp. I throw a knife at him, spinning through the air it wedges into his back. *BOOM!* "Yes!" I cry. I've finally done it, after a long fight. A bad fight too, I feel giddy because I have lost too much blood. I faint. And then die too. *BOOM!* Oh well, at least I got a well earned kill. And someone who I needed out of my life too.

Day 4

Trey POV

As I close in on the career pack in the beach wedge, I start to wonder if this was really such a good idea. I only just escaped from them by milimetres. Ayleta is all safe and sound, while I face a group of trained professionals sitting around a campfire. I raise my bow up, aimed at Wyatt. Pulling the arrow back, I hear a crashing noise behind me and it distracts me and I hit Melissa instead. *BOOM!* Yes! Suddenly, Misty screams. "It's her, Melissa!" Uh oh. Time to run. I whirl around, and come face to face with Nicholas Davenport. But that's impossible, he's dead.

Ayleta POV

I sit in the foul-smelling mud in the bog wedge, and I wonder how Trey is doing. He will die sooner or later if I don't rescue him. Bored, bored bored. Nothing to do except stay here where no-one will dare enter for the poisonous and smelly plants. I freeze. A hissing snake slithers up my back. Will it bite? Is it poisonous? Help me! That's when it nips me.

Aria POV

I'm gonna die. From pain. I thought I would be alright after Caleb threw me off that cliff, but it turns out he did my back in. I can barely walk, let alone crawl. Death is near. I can sense it. Suddenly I am jumped on from behind and sharp claws dig into my shoulder. "Maybe you shouldn't have decided to kill me." A deep Nicholas-Davenport-like growl says. I roll onto my back so the creature is on top of me. I am shocked. The Nickmutt has returned.

Day 5

Alanis POV

We've got to stop letting people sneak up on us and killing us off, one by one. But soon our career pack will all kill each other. I can sense it. "It was probably Aria." Says Wyatt. "She did kill Nick, after all." There is silence. Then, suddenly, Wyatt grabs me by the throat and begins to strangle me. In the background I see Hudson and Misty finishing each other off.*BOOM!* Who was that? I find the strength to shove Wyatt off me and he thuds into a tree, splittig his head open. Then I turn to see who died, and I recoil in shock. Hudson's brains are driven into the ground, with a bloody machete sticking into his skull. And Misty. She may be alive, but she looks alot worse. Alot.

Caleb POV

Stumbling blindly, I crash through some tall grass in the meadow wedge. I can't take it any more. I want to kill myself. I cannot live without Sasha anymore. But, up ahead, I can see someone being mauled by a wolf. I keep on running. Who is it? I stop for a second. I can see a silver parachute dropping iut of the sky. I catch it, and open it. It's a belt with an array of axes! I put it on, and there are lots of different sized ones. On further inspection, I find an envelope. I open it and discover a note. It says: Caleb you can win this we believe. We're sorry about Sasha. Love from your Family. Now I have to win. For Sasha. Then I hear a scream. The wolf is the Nickmutt. And it's mauling Aria Camelliston.

Lynette POV

Caleb has disappeared. Kacey and I are sick with worry, searching for him in the jungle wedge. "I don't think he's here," I tell Kacey. "No. He's got to be here somewhere," She replies. After a while, we give up so we use our compass to get to the next wedge. Its a field with a giant lake in the middle. Water! Kacey and I dive in and swim in it and we eventually forget about Caleb, as it's so peaceful swimming here in the calm waters. Then out of the corner of my eye I see a movement. "Kacey!" I call out in a wobbly voice. "Yeah?" With a shaking arm I point out to the edge of the lake. Kacey sees the zombie creature. And screams.

Day 6

Ayleta POV

For the umpteenth time I curse the poisonous snake that caused the gigantic green swelling lump on my neck. I am in agony, pure agony it's so painful. "GRAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" I shreik. I find a knife and I hack off the lump. And thousands of tiny writhing hissing snakes pour out with the blood.

Aria POV

Hungrryyyyyy........ I see fresh blood. In the lake...... I splash in. The Nickmutt has turned me into a zombie. I swim out so fast because I am so thirsty and hungry for flesh. I reach them. I rip off the screaming girls arm. She can't get away. Then the leggsssss.......... And the rest. *BOOM!* BURP! No! the other has gotten away! She is being helped by Sasha's boyfriend. I loathe him. No. There's an axe heading my way. It cuts off my bloody head. *BOOM* This is the last time an Aria Camelliston dies in a HGW Games. Her last act was a gasp of horror.

Misty POV

Here I am, curled up in a pit in the volcano wedge left here to die. The extent of my injuries is tremendous. I haven't got a left leg, or 3 fingers on my right hand, and an ear. The bleeding has long since stopped, but not the pain. Suddenly the anthem plays and Claudius Templesmith's voice breaks out. 

===Feast Announcement' ===

Greetings, tributes! Congratulations on making it this far. Each of you have seemed to unfortunately ran into bad luck, and need something desperately. Come to the cornucopia at the crack of dawn to receive your well-needed gift. Those with sponsor money will have extra value added to their gift. That is all. Goodnight tributes, and good luck!

Day 7

Trey POV

The Nickmutt has helped me alot. Finding food, water, as long as I kept the price of helping with the search for Aria  Camelliston. It worked. But when Aria was mauled, he left. I'm still going to the feast though. I'm on my way there, from the meadow wedge. I plan to hide in the tall grass, run for it, grab my pack and continue on to the wedge opposite, the iceland.

Ayleta POV

Concealed in the mouth of the cornucopia, I lie stealthly in wait for the feast gifts. I seek a bandage and medicine for my shoulder. And then they rise out of the ground. A long sleek table, with seven varied packs lined up on it. You can distinguish them because they have faces on them. My face is on the middle pack. Perfect. 3, 2, 1, GO! I race out of the cornucopia, only to collide with another figure. It's Trey! We fall to the ground, and both scrabble for our packs, and-- *BOOM!* Trey knocks me over angain, except it's his dead body this time. I coil in shock. Wyatt snapped Trey's neck, and now he's coming for me. But I am saved by Nicholas Davenport who ploughs into Wyatt knocking him aside. Wait, Nick's dead isn't he? I don't have time to worry. I take my pack and leave.

Caleb POV

"Are you alright Lynette?" I ask. "I'm fine. Let's get to the feast or we'll be late!" She seems to be a bit shaken since Kacey's death. I saved her because no child should have to see their mother get eaten alive by a zombie, in  particular, Aria Cammeliston. Boy, I felt good when my axe sliced off her head. "Look!" Lynette points at a golden horn in the distance. The cornucopia! We hurry some more but at a closer view we see that It's turned into a total bloodbath, and we hear the familiar *BOOM!* of the cannon. We witness the District 4 girl, Alanis, get hit in the throat by a flying knife. I can see the dead body of Trey, from 11 by the mouth of the cornucopia. Lynette seems shocked. Well, of course she would be after all Trey was from her District. Then again, *BOOM!* This time it's Lynette. I am overwhelmed with shock and fury. I charge at Wyatt, Lynette's killer. He aims the weapon used to kill Lynette Filiana at me, but he is too slow and I tear it out of his hands and shoot an arrow from it at his head. *BOOM!* There. I don't quite get the same pleasure from when I killed Aria, but it's nice to get back after what he did. I am alone. I think I have won this post-bloodbath. Whoop whoop! I take the rest of the bags and leave, with the table empty. But I do not see Misty Bull creep up from behind. *BOOM!*

Day 8 -The Final Day

Ayleta POV

I'm in the final two! I never thought I would make it this far. But now I am, I think I will try as hard as I can. To win. I am in the beach wedge. I hear a rustle from the jungle wedge behind me. Crap! It's Misty! I dive into the salty water, desperate to get away from her. But I haven't rested in a long time and this slows me down. Behind I see Misty trying as hard as she can to get me even with her injuries. I watch helplessly as she closes in on me.

Misty POV

I am hurting so bad, words can not describe it. But from within me I feel motivation and desperation the strongest I have ever felt and it still powers me on. In the middle of the small sea, I finally am close enough to reach Ayleta and I grab her thrashing foot. Yes! I painfully manage to get on top of her and I push her under, much to her dismay. But I am faced with a challenge as Ayleta thrashes even harder. I lose my grip and tumble into the water, giving Ayleta enough time to gasp some air. But I don't give up. I shove her under for the last time, and she stays there until I feel her body go limp and I swim to the side, and the voice of Claudius Templesmith breaks out. "Congratulations, Misty Bull from District 1! The winner of the Victor Games!" I won! Oh my gosh! It's the best feeling in the world.

Congratulations to VinciusDeAssis1999 and Misty Bull for being the Victor of all Victors!

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